West Seattle Crime Watch: Shooting investigation

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Police were in the 6500 block of 18th SW on Puget Ridge earlier tonight to investigate a shooting. It wasn’t the standard massive fire/police response because the shooting had happened sometime earlier and the victim was no longer at the house. We haven’t been able to obtain details yet, but emergency-radio discussions indicated they were following up on the case of a woman who was dropped off at Harborview Medical Center around 5:30 pm, reported to be suffering from a gunshot wound to the leg, and she has some association with the house where police was following up. We’ll update with anything more we find out, even if it’s not until tomorrow.

Overall, it’s been a busy night for police – two other sizable responses we’ve been asked about include one on 35th and Cloverdale, where police were investigating a report of someone screaming, and found a person having a mental-health crisis, and an investigation at a house near Delridge and 17th, with a report of items being carried out of what was described as a vacant house.

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  • Eric1 February 28, 2016 (9:22 pm)

    Hmm..    Full moon was last week, tomorrow is the leap-day.    I guess it must be something else.

  • Moose March 1, 2016 (10:41 am)

    WSB thank you for this report. Do you know of any updates? 

    • WSB March 1, 2016 (10:52 am)

      As usual, I have a request in with SPD for the report narrative. Soon as I get it – which might take a while – we’ll have an update. – TR

  • sam-c March 3, 2016 (7:55 am)

    Were there any updates on this?

    Apparently, there were more gunshots last night (I didn’t hear them but there were multiple people on the neighborhood email list who heard and reported them.  from the accounts it sounds like it was near 16th/ Myrtle. Did the police find anything last night and/or was the report on this released?

    Really don’t want this to be a common occurrence. I wish they would find these punks.

    • WSB March 3, 2016 (8:06 am)

      Re: last night, only one person mentioned possible gunshots to us and that was “heard in the distance.” The police log has it only as a “noise disturbance” which means unless someone has found something now that it’s light, no evidence of gunfire was found (no casings or damage). (We continue to appreciate texts or calls to 206-293-6302 – once 911 is called, of course.)

      The report on the incident in this story was not in when we asked but the preliminary classification was “domestic violence,” which means it vanishes from the public-facing system. – TR

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