West Seattle Crime Watch: Resident awakened by burglar; bicycle stolen from councilmember’s home; bike found; more

Four West Seattle Crime Watch reports to share:

OVERNIGHT BREAK-IN: Just received from Erik:

I live on 50th and Grayson and got a call from an elderly neighbor that someone broke in through her garage this morning at 1 am while she was sleeping. She woke up to them rummaging through her dresser drawers in the room she was sleeping in. She startled them and they ran out but they had some jewelry by then. She mentioned to the police how surprised she was, that she always has felt safe in our neighborhood and they responded that this is a new occurrence that has been moving in to the area and has been happening more frequently. The neighbor next door to her was prowled at 4 am the night before. In both cases they tried going through a garage or basement door that had cover from the street or light. Just wanted to bring this up to the neighborhood. Be safe!

BICYCLE STOLEN: Another reminder that crime can happen to anyone. Even a City Councilmember. West Seattle-residing at-large Councilmember Lorena González tweeted this last night:

Thanks to Joe Szilagyi for pointing out the tweet from González, who lives in The Junction.

BICYCLE FOUND: Thanks to “Northwest” for reporting this apparently dumped (which tends to mean “stolen”) bicycle on the Ferry Avenue slope:

NW says, “Discovered this bicycle while out for a walk along the top of the eastern-facing hillside about 20 feet down from the street on Ferry Ave SW. it is a mountain bike, the brand Mongoose.”

CAR PROWLED: Another one in the area between Morgan Junction and Lincoln Park:

The other day, you reported that a neighbor up the street (6300 block of 47th Pl SW) had their car windshield broken for the second time, unfortunately. We just noticed (Tuesday) night that my car had been rifled through; since it’s currently parked along the street instead of in its usual place by our driveway to allow access for some water repairs, we may not have noticed right away, so I don’t know which night it happened. I also don’t know how they got in, since the car had been locked and there was no sign of damage.

Of course as a diligent reader of WSB, I know not to leave anything of value in the car. I’m thinking of just taping a big sign inside the window: “Dear thief, please don’t waste your time breaking into this car. I’ve already taken everything of value out of it.”

Thanks for sharing Crime Watch reports to inform your neighbors across the peninsula via a website that’s accessible by all, since crime unfortunately knows no neighborhood bounds. If you ever have anything to report, tell the police first and then please e-mail us, editor@westseattleblog.com – or if it’s happening now, aka breaking news, please text/call 206-293-6302.

8 Replies to "West Seattle Crime Watch: Resident awakened by burglar; bicycle stolen from councilmember's home; bike found; more"

  • anonyme January 7, 2016 (10:38 am)

    For some reason, I hate thieves more than almost any other kind of criminal. There is something so sniveling, cowardly, and deceitful about a thief – not to mention lazy. They’re just vermin. If I were to catch one of these scumbags on my property, I’d have no problem at all executing a little rough justice.

  • Diane January 7, 2016 (12:54 pm)

    re LG stolen bicycle; I don’t use twitter anymore; but last night Lorena González posted this also on facebook; and one of the reasons I prefer fb, there were a lot more details; it’s her partner’s (Cameron) racing bike; she posted same photo on fb; I tagged you in a comment last night on her fb post to contact wsblog for this exact purpose, that you would likely include in a story

    • WSB January 7, 2016 (1:03 pm)

      Thanks, but she didn’t. FB tags are not always visible. When I saw her tweet after Joe’s note and retweeted it before publishing here, she did acknowledge it. Everybody has their fave social media, but the open web is best of all! IMO. – TR

  • pjmanley January 7, 2016 (2:25 pm)

    Where’s the obligatory “Well, what do you expect a person to do then they don’t have enough money for the bus(?)” comment? Usually rolls in before the thread hits 10 comments. Sorry for LG’s troubles, but now she and Cameron have felt the same sting of property crime so many others have felt, and which too many excuse and enable.

  • Diane January 7, 2016 (2:29 pm)

    “but the open web is best of all! IMO.”
    what does that mean?

  • lookingforlogic January 7, 2016 (5:21 pm)

    Theft of opportunity is not logical. Protecting ourselves from theft of any opportunity is logical. Empty your vehicle of everything, or clear out the garage and park it inside, which is very efficient except my garage is stuffed with ? Once a thief is successful they return to the neighborhood and endeavor to be successful. Any ideas on how to harness this ambition for success that doesn’t hurt consumers that work hard to earn their property?

  • Look here first January 7, 2016 (8:07 pm)

    Defeated people do desperate things. As a cyclist I encounter, on a daily basis, dozens of encampments of homeless. Guess what I see beyond crushing addiction and hopelessness? Loads of bicycles, shopping carts and piles of other property, that is mostly ripped off in desperation. I have sent countless emails to police and media. Mimi Jung did a story a couple years back. But typically no action. So if your bike is stolen, grab a back up bike and ride through the dozens of illegal encampments around, you will most likely find your bike in pieces.

  • AG January 8, 2016 (11:22 am)

    Where are your Neighborhood Watches?

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