West Seattle Crime Watch: Taggers; burglars; loot or not?

Once the weather calmed Monday night, graffiti vandals got busy. We noticed big tags on a vacant building along the Fauntleroy Way curve in Fairmount Springs; not far away, Chuck reports:

I was dismayed to find a spray-paint tag on my property on Graham St and 44th, just off California … I’ve not been tagged in the 20-plus years I’ve lived here, so it was startling.

Do report graffiti vandalism (and then paint it out as fast as you can) – you can even file an online report here.

Next, a burglary report, and the list of what’s been reported in the past week, since it’s been more than a week since our last trend check. Sheli e-mailed us that her home at Lander/Walnut was broken into around 3:30 pm Monday, adding, “3 witnesses saw 5 young boys looking suspicious. High school kids? Knocked in my whole door, stole iPads, before alarm was tripped.”
That’s one of 14 burglaries listed in police reports between last Tuesday (9/24) and this Monday (9/30):

From the SPD police-reports map, the others (where the icons on the map are “2” or “3” it does NOT mean two or three burglaries, the other incidents were different crime categories):

1400 block of Palm SW, Tuesday 9/24
5900 block of 38th SW, Tuesday 9/24
8800 block of 36th SW, Tuesday 9/24
8100 block of 9th SW, Tuesday 9/24
5900 block of Beach Drive, Wednesday 9/25
3300 block of SW 106th, Wednesday 9/25
3700 block of SW Cloverdale, Thursday 9/26
3500 block of SW 105th, Friday 9/27
8400 block of 30th SW, Saturday 9/28
7700 block of 12th SW, Sunday 9/29
8600 block of 13th SW, Sunday 9/29
3000 block of Admiral Way, Monday 9/30
8100 block of 14th SW, Monday 9/30
7200 block 17th SW, Monday 9/30

Next, a car prowl and a request that you be on the lookout for the loot:

Our car was broken into and my husband’s cell phone and all of his camping gear were stolen. They grabbed his entire backpack which had his tent, sleeping bag, pad, jacket and lots of other assorted backpacking gear. I realize we are partially to blame because he left it in the car. Lesson learned!

We just wanted to put or contact info here in case anyone happens to find a large lime green pack or other items tossed along the road or alleys, as thieves often dump things that are not an easy sell. Items were stolen from the Morgan junction/39th Ave area.

Please e-mail with any information. Thank you! Mhlogel@yahoo.com

Meantime, just in case this is loot – Michelle says a “bag of tools” was found today at 22nd/Roxbury. Anyone missing one? Post a comment.

Finally, an incident report:

This morning on my way to work my truck, was hit by flying lumber from an unsecured load. Delridge and Kenyon exactly at 9:30 AM. I pulled over and got out and the guy just kept driving south on Delridge. Didn’t even stop. Small-size white truck with the unsecured lumber wrong way in the back of the truck, with the boards sticking up over the cab.

4 Replies to "West Seattle Crime Watch: Taggers; burglars; loot or not?"

  • Rick October 2, 2013 (6:21 am)

    @Michele I had my work truck broken into early am on Sunday. Compressor and lots of finish carpentry tools, forstner bits, clamps, cabinet jacks, air hoses. If any of that’s are in bag they may be mine. 206-255-1712

  • DRW October 2, 2013 (9:57 am)

    I watched as SPD arrested 3 taggers. Highland Park has been hit with a lot gang tags lately. Three clean cut looking suspects. I wasnt sure why the police had them. At first I thought pkg theft or a break in. When the police pulled 2 cans of spray paint out their backpacks i figured it out.The look on their faces as they were Id’d was priceless. Nice to see taggers handcuffed and put in the back of a police car.

  • BlairJ October 2, 2013 (11:47 am)

    DRW, about what ages did the tagging suspects appear to be?

  • DRW October 3, 2013 (10:47 am)

    They looked 14-16ish. They didnt really look like tatted up gang members. Nice athletic shoes, backpacks, baseball hats. Just teenagers.

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