West Seattle Crime Watch: Mural vandalized; backpack stolen

Two West Seattle Crime Watch reports this afternoon:

(WSB photo – we’ve blurred the tag but you can still see how large it is)

MURAL VANDALIZED: One of West Seattle’s award-winning murals has been vandalized. While in The Junction at lunchtime, we noticed the tagging, in black paint, on the “First Duwamish Bridge” mural that covers the north side of the building south of the parking lot behind Northwest Art and Frame. While tagging/graffiti vandalism is rampant here and elsewhere, this is the first time we can recall seeing it actually done to one of the quarter-century-old murals around The Junction. We called Susan Melrose at the West Seattle Junction Association; she said that other murals have been tagged and the WSJA picks up the cost of paintovers – she’s contacting their preferred firm Goodbye Graffiti right now.

STOLEN BACKPACK SOUGHT: Ethan‘s car was hit by thieves overnight:

Ethan lives near Juneau/Fauntleroy and says, “The only thing that was taken was my school backpack. It’s a white and blue Dakine. My school work was only valuable to me and I’m hoping the folks that stole it may have thrown it out their window. Hoping West Seattle can help me track it down.”

17 Replies to "West Seattle Crime Watch: Mural vandalized; backpack stolen"

  • HelperMonkey February 19, 2016 (3:41 pm)

    just drove by Outwest and looks like the same vandal hit their building. :(

  • M February 19, 2016 (4:09 pm)

    Who does that? That is awful. 

  • Anna February 19, 2016 (4:10 pm)

    Hey just a heads up there are Seattle graffiti pages on Facebook and they post the pictures of their work, some actually go and claim their pieces. Too bad it’s blurred or I’d be happy to take a look around for its maker.

  • JayDee February 19, 2016 (4:12 pm)

    Do these jerks/asshats live around here? I know the N. Admiral and Alki Taggers–I am constantly covering their tags, and taking pictures in my area. I am concerned that I cannot just email the pictures to the officer in the SW precinct. Does WSB have an email for him?  SPD does not think he exists email wise.

  • Jim Clark February 19, 2016 (4:12 pm)

    The Church/School (old Safeway Store) on 35th and Roxbury is now getting tagged again 

  • JayDee February 19, 2016 (4:13 pm)

    I am also thinking the murals need some anti-graffiti protective covering; also, they are showing their age. (Midnight Callout being the worst).  Maybe there is a two-fer here.

  • Seattlite February 19, 2016 (4:14 pm)

    No accounting for the idiot criminals that destroy residential/commercial property let alone great street art work.

  • 2 Much Whine February 19, 2016 (4:16 pm)

    I don’t get it.  What is the thrill?  How is Trump going to put an end to this disgusting behavior and make America great  again?  More walls?  A boycott?

  • 2 Much Whine February 19, 2016 (4:18 pm)

    PLEASE don’t think (even for a nanosecond) that I think Trump can do anything or will have the opportunity to do so.  Just in case anyone was wondering.

  • Chuck February 19, 2016 (4:19 pm)

    People who will never add a thing to society have to destroy the art and beauty of those who do. Revolting. And beyond sad. Thieves and taggers. I can’t stand them. 

  • Casey February 19, 2016 (8:03 pm)

    person who did this needs to be high-fived, in the face, with a chair.
    But seriously this mural is one of my favorites, who knows an artist who
    can help us fix this? I got a hundred on it, who’s with me?

    • WSB February 19, 2016 (8:07 pm)

      Might take something heroic. I heard back from Susan at WSJA late today and she said it might not be something Goodbye Graffiti can handle after all.

  • RayWest February 20, 2016 (5:04 am)

    It’s unfortunate, but frankly, I am surprised that all the WS murals have, after so many years, not been more frequently vandalized.  I’ve always thought there should be some sort of protective barrier over them ( a plexiglass cover) but that would far too expensive. Casey, there are mural companies that can repair this.  

  • TheKing February 20, 2016 (6:42 am)

    Not a fan of graffiti myself, but a beloved community mural gets tagged and police are all over it. My neighbors fence gets tagged and car windows smashed, they get to file an online report?

    • WSB February 20, 2016 (7:18 am)

      No, police are not “all over it.” I asked the Junction Assoc. if it had been reported, they said yes, don’t know if by phone or online, they seemed to have just learned about it shortly before I contacted them (looking for information on who is responsible for the murals). We wrote about this because we noticed it, not because we found a police report, saw police, or even received a reader tip about it. We are in that lot at least every other day and when we pulled in at lunchtime yesterday, there it was. – TR

  • LC February 20, 2016 (7:33 am)

    Perhaps a creative outlet for these taggers is in order, something akin to “midnight basketball” from the Bill Clinton era.

  • Cid February 20, 2016 (7:43 am)

    I’m glad you blurred the tag in the picture! These self centered, insecure, misfits are screaming for attention. To destroy this mural shows what scum they are.  I would hope it can be repaired.

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