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WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Stabbing investigation

5:33 PM: Police are investigating a reported stabbing at Junction Plaza Park. They just got there after some location confusion and are telling dispatch that the victim is uncooperative and “walking away” (though the initial report was that they were stabbed “in the face”). Medics are just now being sent.

5:39 PM: Police say the victim is an “adult male.” No word of an arrest so far, nor have we heard a verified description.

5:50 PM: The SFD response closed quickly, indicating the victim was not seriously hurt (we’re following up to verify).

ADDED TUESDAY MORNING: Further details were not available last night, but today SPD has this brief summary:

(At 5:23 pm Monday), two subjects got in a disturbance that resulted in the victim getting stabbed in the face with a broken bottle. When police arrived, the victim was uncooperative. The victim declined any and all attempts to provide him with medical care and left the area under his own power. The suspect was gone. Unknown who the suspect is as well as the victim.

WEST SEATTLE WEATHER: Another heat alert

August 29, 2022 4:46 pm
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(Sunday night sunset, photographed by Mike Burns)

For the fifth time since late July, the National Weather Service has issued a “Heat Advisory” alert for our area. This time it’ll be in effect noon Tuesday through 9 pm Wednesday. Today we’re already into the mid-80s, and the next two days could be just a few degrees warmer, but nonetheless this is hotter than usual for this time of year – normal high is 76.

NEW PARENTS: Roots of Empathy looking for more West Seattle volunteers

One more back-to-school note: The Roots of Empathy program is looking for new parents in West Seattle with babies born this summer. Here’s what it’s about:

Do you have a baby who was born in July or August? Would you like to volunteer with your baby to help nurture empathy in children? Arbor Heights Elementary is looking for parents with infants who are between 2-4 months old in October to volunteer about once per month during the school year.

What is Roots of Empathy?
Roots of Empathy is an evidence-based classroom program that has shown significant effect in reducing levels of aggression among school children while raising social/emotional competence and increasing empathy. The program has been widely evaluated across three continents for two decades and is proven to result in improved empathy, increased emotional understanding, decreased aggression and bullying and improved pro-social behavior among participating students. Research also demonstrates that these improvements are sustained and even strengthened over time.

Above is a brief introductory video that explains how Roots of Empathy works and why a baby is such a powerful teacher of empathy. Roots of Empathy was also recently featured on NBC’s Today – you can view that segment here.

If you would like to volunteer as a Roots of Empathy Family, please contact the Roots of Empathy Program Manager, Suz Fix, at

BACK TO SCHOOL: More start dates for West Seattle and vicinity

(WSB file photo)

We’ve already mentioned the first local school to start the 2022-2023 year – Summit Atlas, the charter middle/high school, began classes on August 17th. For students at Kennedy Catholic High School in Burien, now the nearest parochial high school, last Thursday was Day 1. Then today, 1st through 12th graders in the Vashon Island School District – which has many students who ferry from West Seattle – started their school year. Here are the dates we found on other schools’/districts’ online calendars:

August 30 – Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic School
August 31 – Vashon Island School District
August 31 – Hope Lutheran School
September 1 – Highline Public Schools
(1st-12th grades)
September 6 – Holy Family Bilingual Catholic School
September 6 – Holy Rosary Catholic School
September 7 – Seattle Public Schools
(1st-12th grades)
September 7 – Highline Public Schools (kindergarteners)
September 7 – Tilden School
September 7 – West Seattle Montessori
September 7 – Westside School
September 7 – Explorer West Middle School
September 12 – Seattle Public Schools
September 26 – South Seattle College

(Anyone to add? Let us know – – thank you!)

FOLLOWUP: New sign for Louisa Boren STEM K-8 expected to be installed this fall

August 29, 2022 11:04 am
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(Rendering of new sign planned for Louisa Boren STEM K-8)

The new illuminated sign for Louisa Boren STEM K-8 (5950 Delridge Way SW) won’t be installed in time for the start of the new school year a week from Wednesday, but the district is hoping to have it in place later this fall. The land-use decision approving the new sign has been published, and that triggers an appeal window – the deadline for filing one is a week from tomorrow (this notice explains how). We previously reported on the sign plan back in May; the district says the illuminated messaging will only be displayed on days when school is in session, and only between 7 am and 7 pm.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Morgan Junction Starbucks closed after window-smashing rampage

8:48 AM: Thanks for the tips. Morgan Junction Starbucks is closed this morning for cleanup after a man went on a rampage inside the store and broke windows. Recorded police audio indicates the call came in around 5:30 am, that a man who had been in the area “talking to himself and following cars” had gone inside the store and started throwing items, smashing glass, and threatening people.

Police made an arrest shortly thereafter outside the Thriftway store across the street. No word so far of injuries; we’ll add anything more we find out.

12:20 PM: Just talked with a Starbucks spokesperson. They said the store was expected to reopen sometime today (we’re not able to go check right now to see if that’s happened yet). They also confirmed that no one was hurt and noted that their employees are trained in “de-escalation.” We also asked if counseling is offered given how traumatic the incident must have been; short answer, yes.

5:21 PM: The person arrested this morning is a 48-year-old man who spent 3 1/2 months in jail earlier this year after a burglary-related arrest. He’s likely to have a bail hearing in this case tomorrow.


6:01 AM: Good morning! Welcome to Monday, August 29th.


Sunny, breezy forecast, high in the upper 70s.


Ferries: WSF continues the 2-boat schedule for Fauntleroy-Vashon-Southworth. Check here for alerts/updates.

Metro buses are on their regular weekday schedules; watch @kcmetroalerts for trip cancellations/reroute alerts.

The West Seattle Water Taxi is on its regular schedule.


Bike-lane work is expected to continue along Andover/26th/28th/Yancy (Sunday photo above). Here’s the construction notice.


890th morning without the West Seattle Bridge. 20 days until the day SDOT expects to reopen it – September 18th. Here’s our report on another visit to the work zone last Thursday.

Low Bridge: Automated enforcement cameras remain in use until the high bridge reopens; restrictions are in effect 5 am-9 pm daily – except weekends; the bridge is open to all until 8 am Saturday and Sunday mornings. (Access applications are available here for some categories of drivers.)

1st Avenue South Bridge:

South Park Bridge:

The 5-way intersection (Spokane/West Marginal/Delridge/Chelan):

Are movable city bridges opening for vessels? Check the @SDOTBridges Twitter feed; 1st Ave. S. Bridge openings are tweeted by @wsdot_traffic.

All city traffic cams can be seen here, many with video options; West Seattle and vicinity-relevant cameras are also on this WSB page

Trouble on the roads/paths/water? Please text or call us (when you can do so safely) – 206-293-6302.

CORONAVIRUS: Last August look at local numbers

As the weekend ends, here’s our latest update on local COVID numbers via the Public Health – Seattle/King County dashboard:

*16 percent fewer cases reported countywide in the past week than the week before
*Currently averaging 403 new daily cases countywide (down from 472 a week ago)

*7 percent fewer hospitalizations countywide in the past week than the week before
*Currently averaging 13 new hospitalizations daily (up from 11 a week ago – with a caveat that some cases remain under review)

*20 percent fewer deaths countywide in the past two weeks than the two previous weeks (the dashboard doesn’t offer a one-week increment)
*Currently averaging 3 deaths daily (same as last week’s two-week average)

For West Seattle, we have two-week comparisons (the combined totals from two “health reporting areas,” labeled West Seattle and Delridge, together comprising the entire peninsula):
*338 cases between 8/8 and 8/22, down from 463 between 7/24 and 8/07
*6 hospitalizations between 8/8 and 8/22, down from 12 between 7/24 and 8/07
*4 deaths between 8/8 and 8/22, down from 7 between 7/24 and 8/07

VACCINATION: Checking vaccination rates:
*82.4 percent of all King County residents have completed the initial series (up .1% from a week ago)
*86.8 percent of all King County residents ages 5 and up have completed the initial series (up .1% from a week ago)
*52.3 percent of all King County residents have had the initial series plus a booster (up .1% from a week ago)

*In West Seattle, starting this week (so week-to-week comparisons resume next week), we’ll show the vaccination rates for all ages, by ZIP code (reminder, 98106 and 98146 are not wholly within WS):
98106 – 83.4% completed initial series, 52.6% have had a booster
98116 – 90% completed initial series, 65.3% have had a booster
98126 – 79.5% completed initial series, 54.5% have had a booster
98136 – 90.1% completed initial series, 67.8% have had a booster
98146 – 78.8% completed initial series, 47.5% have had a booster

GETTING VACCINATED: We’ve been mentioning an upcoming pop-up at Delridge Library. The date has changed, and several other pop-ups have been added, both at Delridge (5423 Delridge Way SW) and at Southwest Library (9010 35th SW), starting this Tuesday – here’s the list.

TESTING: If you want to get tested and don’t have – or want to get – a home kit, here’s info on West Seattle’s two public testing sites: The city-supported site at Nino Cantu Southwest Athletic Complex (2801 SW Thistle, 9 am-5:30 pm Monday-Saturday this week) and the Curative kiosk at Don Armeni Boat Ramp (1220 Harbor SW, 9 am-3 pm Monday-Friday this week). … To report self-test results, this page explains how (click “What should I do if my test is positive?”).

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Charges filed in burglary attempts days after suspect’s release from jail

The King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office has filed three felony charges against a man arrested just a few days after getting out of jail. Prosecutors summarize the case against 45-year-old Ioane Sua as follows:

The defendant was last released from King County Jail on August 17, 2022; these incidents happened three and five days later and both involve the defendant repeatedly returning to occupied, fenced homes. In the first incidents in time, the victim first saw him peering in her windows and entering her backyard before being scared off by her barking dog. He returned twice to come into her fenced yard; it is worth noting that he was contacted by police after both the first and second incidents. In the other incident, the defendant encountered a different victim while she was walking her dog and followed her, quickening his pace when she moved faster to get away from him. He then followed her home and she was able to get safely into her house. He then entered her fenced yard before attempting to get into her house. He was next seen pacing in front of her home; when officers responded, he had already left. He came back and was again pacing in front of her home; she again called police and that time he was arrested at the scene.

That incident happened in Upper Fauntleroy, while the other incidents happened during previous nights near Roxhill Park. The court documents say Sua was arrested in those incidents for criminal trespass but not booked into jail for unspecified reasons. Last Monday (August 22nd), the day he was finally booked, he had been due to report to start serving a residential Drug Offender Sentencing Alternative for a case involving a stolen car and other charges, but never showed. (The KCPAO says the DOSA sentence was the result of a case in which the victim did not want to see the defendant incarcerated.) Prosecutors asked that his bail for the new cases be set at $100,000; the jail roster shows that it was set at half that. Charging documents list his criminal history as dating back 22 years, mostly property crimes but also including harassment, malicious mischief, and fourth-degree assault.

‘Changing the narrative around gun violence’: Tuesday event at High Point Library

Another weekend with multiple shootings around the city. What will it take to break the pattern? An event Tuesday at High Point Library (3411 SW Raymond) seeks to broach that subject. All are welcome to attend – here’s the announcement, if you haven’t already seen it in the WSB West Seattle Event Calendar:

Join us for a panel presentation and conversation about changing the narrative around gun violence.

The impact of gun violence continues to be felt throughout the nation and in Seattle. The Office of Arts & Culture, in partnership with The Seattle Public Library, is organizing this speaker series to address and combat the effects of gun violence on our communities. This second event in the series will feature Rosette Royale, local journalist and editor, and a panel of local artists: Dalisha Phillips, Bruce Leroy, Chamel Simmons, and Rell Be Free.

The lecture series, comprised of performance, presentation, and discussion, will integrate arts and cultural elements to change the narrative around gun violence. Additional events in the series will be offered at locations across the city with different speakers and activities through October 2022.

Tuesday’s event, titled “Art, Artists, and the Narratives of Loss and Resiliency,” is set to start at 6 pm.

WEEKEND SCENE: Paws & Paint Karaoke with Furry Faces Foundation

August 28, 2022 4:39 pm
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If you’re anywhere near Beveridge Place Pub (6413 California SW), you have until 6 pm to go paint and sing with Furry Faces Foundation and your furry friend(s) – we got late word that today was the rescheduled date for the fun(draiser):

Get to Beveridge Place Pub to sing your heart out and paint with your pups suring Furry Faces Foundation’s Paws ‘n Paint Karaoke event from until 6 pm.

While here, take the time to meet Drew Bensen, owner of Close To Home Pet Services.

VIDEO: White Center Block Party

August 28, 2022 3:45 pm
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You have until 6 pm to get to downtown White Center for this year’s Block Party. Dozens of vendors and organizations are there. Kid activities, too, like the bouncy toys on 16th south of 98th:

The intersection of 98th/16th is where you’ll find the main stage:

South of 98th is also where you’ll find Lariat Bar‘s wrestling ring – we caught part of an early match, highlighted by the pre-match bluster:

The “Hammer Brothers” (Jack and Sledge) were so loud, we didn’t catch the names of their opponents. So go wander 16th between Roxbury and 100th until 6 pm, and look for the special wristbands you can buy for discounts and freebies at participating businesses! Proceeds this year benefit local nonprofits. (The event originated last year as a benefit for the businesses ravaged by a series of fires.)

VIDEO: West Seattle Nursery open house starts with pandemic-postponed party for owner Marcia Bruno

As featured in our daily preview list, West Seattle Nursery (5275 California SW) welcomes you to an open house this afternoon, with food, classes, and discounts, It began with a special celebration for owner Marcia Bruno (introduced in the clip by Bill Hibler), who took over the nursery almost three years ago but really hasn’t had a chance to properly celebrate. She shared some memories from starting there 21 years ago just to “get out of the house” while raising two small children, and working her way up to taking over after Mark Smith retired in fall 2019. (Along the way, she managed the expansion project that featured construction of a greenhouse/retail annex, designed and built by two WSB sponsors, LD Arch Design and Ventana Construction.) She expressed appreciation for her staff – who surprised her with a plaque – and customers, and enthused, “We have such a good time here.” The open house continues until 3 pm.

RECYCLE ROUNDUP: Fall dropoff event now less than 4 weeks away

(WSB photo, April 24)

If you’ve been piling up electronics and other non-curbside recyclables, waiting for Fauntleroy Church‘s next dropoff Recycle Roundup, you have less than four weeks left to wait. This time around, it’s on a Saturday, not Sunday – September 24th is the date, same time window as usual, 9 am-3 pm. Here’s the list of what the church’s Recycle Roundup partner, 1 Green Planet, will and won’t take this time. On September 24th, just drive/ride/walk into the church lot at 9140 California and drop off your recyclables. The service is free, though the Green Committee is always happy to accept cash donations to help cover its cost.


August 28, 2022 6:25 am
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(Echinacea, photographed by Arlene Rubin)

Mostly from the WSB West Seattle Event Calendar, here’s what’s happening today:

TRAFFIC ALERTS: Here’s what SDOT has scheduled:

While we remove the work platforms on the eastern span of the high bridge, people accessing Terminal 102 will be rerouted as a safety measure to avoid the work area. These traffic impacts will occur again today. Those traveling east and westbound on SW Spokane St will not be impacted. Detour signs will be in place for those traveling to and from Terminal 102.

As part of the Reconnect West Seattle project, we will be completing several projects.

-We’ll be paving California Ave SW between SW Walker St and SW Hill St again today. This work is anticipated to begin as early as 7 AM and conclude by 4 PM. There will be minor traffic impacts.
-We’ll be paving 35th Ave SW from SW Edmunds to SW Alaska St. Both directions of traffic will be maintained, but drivers can expect delays in the area. Work is anticipated to begin at 7 AM and conclude by 4 PM
-To improve visibility, our landscaping crews will be working on SW Roxbury St between 9th Ave SW and 14th Ave SW to clear vegetation. Work will begin as early as 7 AM and conclude by 3 PM. There will be minor traffic impacts, however you may experience delays while traveling through the area

As part of necessary maintenance work, we will be replacing concrete panels on 16th Ave SW and SW Webster St. This work is anticipated to begin as early as 7 AM and conclude by 4 PM. Traffic in all directions will be maintained, but drivers can expect delays in the area.

Also, WSDOT‘s “Revive I-5” work continues on southbound I-5 between I-90 and the West Seattle Bridge exit.

CHURCHES WITH ONLINE SERVICES: We’re continuing to list these – see today’s list here.

EASTRIDGE BARBECUE: Eastridge Church (4500 39th SW) invites you to the in-person 9:15 am service today with a barbecue afterward.

FOOD DRIVE: Donate non-perishable food at Admiral Church (4320 SW Hill) today, 10 am-12:30 pm.

WEST SEATTLE FARMERS’ MARKET: 10 am-2 pm, the market is open with peak summer produce as well as flowers, cheese, fish, meat, baked goods, condiments, prepared food, and more. Here’s today’s vendor list. California SW between Oregon and Alaska.

POTTERY SALE: 10 am-2 pm, “handmadw functional pottery” for sale at 4111 47th SW. See examples in our calendar listing.

NURSERY OWNERSHIP CELEBRATION & OPEN HOUSE: As previewed here, West Seattle Nursery (5275 California SW) has a big two-part event today – at 11:30 am, a celebration of Marcia Bruno‘s ownership (almost three years now, but no time to party until now), followed by a buffet lunch of local food and 12-3 pm, the return of WSN’s annual Open House, including free classes at 12:30 pm and 2 pm.

WHITE CENTER BLOCK PARTY: Noon-6 pm in the heart of White Center, the second annual street party brings out music, food, drink, fun. Get a wristband for discounts/freebies at participating businesses. Proceeds benefit WC nonprofits. P.S. Wrestling matches at Lariat Bar (on 16th south of 98th) at 1 and 3:30 pm!

WADING POOL/SPRAYPARK: With a warm, at-least-partly-sunny afternoon expected, the wading pools will likely be open – after 9 am, you can verify at 206-684-7796. In West Seattle, the only wading pool still in operation is in central upper Lincoln Park (8011 Fauntleroy Way SW), noon-7 pm. Regardless of the weather, Highland Park Spraypark will be open 11 am-8 pm (1100 SW Cloverdale).

COLMAN POOL: The outdoor pool on the Lincoln Park shore (8011 Fauntleroy Way SW) is back open to the public, noon-7 pm – daily through Labor Day, so time is running out.

LOG HOUSE MUSEUM: The Southwest Seattle Historical Society museum< is open on Alki, and you can visit noon-4 pm, (61st/Stevens)

ALKI POINT LIGHTHOUSE TOURS: The U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary volunteers are giving lighthouse tours today, first site entry 1 pm, last entry 3:45 pm; more info here. Second-to-last chance this year!

CLASSIC NOVELS (AND MOVIES) BOOK CLUB: Monthly meeting at C & P Coffee Company (5612 California SW; WSB sponsor), 3 pm. See our calendar listing for this month’s topic.

NEED FOOD? White Center Community Dinner Church serves a free meal (take-away available) at 5 pm Sundays at the Salvation Army Center in South Delridge (9050 16th SW).

MEDITATION AND MORE: Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Gong Bath at Solstice Park (7400 Fauntleroy Way SW) with Inner Alchemy. $35 class fee. 7-8:30 pm.

SUNDAY NIGHT JAZZ: Triangular Jazztet at The Alley (4509 California SW), 8 pm and 9 pm sets.

SUNDAY NIGHT KARAOKE: 9 pm to 1:30 am at Admiral Pub (2306 California SW).

Have an event to list for our calendar? Please email – thank you!

UPDATE: Crash blocking southbound Delridge at Alaska

(Texted photo)

1:43 AM: Thanks for the tip. Southbound Delridge Way is blocked by SW Alaska after a driver hit three parked cars. No injuries reported. It happened about half an hour ago but it’s been a busy early morning and police are just arriving at the scene.

2:53 AM: At last report, police were awaiting a tow truck.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Drive-by pellet gunfire

Police are investigating a report of drive-by pellet gunfire near Delridge/Thistle. They got a call from someone who was out walking their dog a short time ago when someone in a passing car fired what they believed to be a pellet gun. They weren’t hit, so no injuries. Officers told dispatch that the only description they have so far is a dark blue or black early-2000s Jeep Wrangler with three people inside, It was last seen headed southbound.

SUNDAY PREVIEW: West Seattle Nursery open house and owner celebration

August 27, 2022 9:42 pm
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One of our area’s most beloved business open houses is back – tomorrow (Sunday, August 28th) West Seattle Nursery throws the gates open for the return of its annual open house. And this one has a pre-funk of sorts – just before the open house begins, Marcia Bruno – the longtime manager who bought WSN almost three years ago but really hasn’t had a chance to celebrate – will be officially introduced as the nursery’s owner, and will offer some words on plans for its future. That’s at 11:30 am, followed by a lunch buffet with food from local businesses, including Tuxedos and Tennis Shoes Catering, Husky Deli, Flying Apron, and Baked. Then noon-3 pm, it’s open house time. That includes two free classes – at 12:30 pm, “How to Plant a Sedum Bowl,” and at 2 pm, “Building a Bouquet from Your Late Summer Garden.” The nursery’s summer clearance sale continues too. Haven’t been to WSN? It’s at 5275 California SW.

UTILITIES: Have you had CenturyLink trouble this week? (Tuesday update)

ORIGINAL SATURDAY REPORT: Unlike public utilities such as power and water, outages are hard to quantify with private utilities like cable internet/TV, due to the general lack of openly accessible outage maps. In recent days we’ve received several reports of CenturyLink internet trouble in West Seattle, with Chris emailing today, “My fiber Internet connection from CenturyLink has been down since Tuesday in the Alki area” and saying that CL has told him it’s an “area outage” while offering multiple estimates of “next day” restoration that so far haven’t borne out. So we’re wondering how widespread this is. If it’s happened to you too – a comment or email ( would be helpful as we try to sleuth.

TUESDAY UPDATE: After numerous reader comments of note below, we’ve been in contact with CenturyLink/Lumen, which at first claimed there was no outage, but finally just now acknowledged there’s a cut cable:

“We have a damaged fiber in the area affecting some customers. This service disruption is due to challenges in locating and repairing the cut. Our team must access several manholes on the side of the road where cars continue to park. We have displayed no parking signs and may have access to one manhole and then the 2nd is blocked by a car with no way to notify the owner to remove the vehicle.

“New signs have been placed tonight to be able to access the locations and begin repairing the damage. We know how important these services are and our team will work quickly to repair the fiber and restore service once they have access to the fiber in the ground.

“Please thank your readers for their patience and assistance to honor the no parking signs.”

FOLLOWUP: Amanda Winans completes Tacoma-to-West Seattle swim

Seated on the rocky shore at Point Williams in Lincoln Park, surrounded by supporters, that’s Amanda Winans, who successfully completed what’s known as the Bert Thomas Swim today – leaving the Old Town Tacoma dock early this morning and swimming up Colvos Passage along the west side of Vashon Island, before crossing Puget Sound to West Seattle. She finished earlier than expected, around 2:30 pm, and is the third known person to complete the swim, including its namesake (in 1959). Her unofficial time: 9:30:23. Three years ago, she did the Amy Hiland Swim, Bremerton to Alki Point. As noted here, the Northwest Open Water Swimming Association has two more members attempting marathon swims tomorrow, both set to finish at Alki Point.

VIDEO: First-ever Admiral Junction Funktion

For the first time ever – or at least the first time we can recall – you can wander California Avenue SW north of Admiral Way today, during the first-ever Admiral Junction Funktion, continuing until 9 pm. Local businesses welcome you to come shop, dine, drink, and play!

Face-painting, too:

And did we mention entertainment? Here’s the lineup. (Added) And here’s a short clip of one of the first bands, Princess Pulpit:

Businesses from beyond the immediate area have joined in, too – Alair Gift Shop brought some of its West Seattle-appreciation merch:

And if you live/work/study in Admiral, you’ll want to go meet your Admiral Neighborhood Association reps:

Today’s event also offers at least one chance to give back to your community – in front of Pizzeria 22 (4213 SW College) we found Anna collecting diapers for WestSide Baby:

While you’re there, look for beer gardens at Admiral Pub (2306 California SW), Mission Cantina (margarita garden – 2325 California SW), Arthur’s (2311 California SW), and Yen Wor Village (2300 California SW). Three of those venues – Admiral Pub, Mission, Yen Wor – are planning afterparties tonight too, along with the nearby Benbow Room (4210 SW Admiral Way).

WEST SEATTLE WEEKEND SCENE: 2nd annual Lowrider Block Party

SATURDAY, 2:04 PM: The cars are of course a big draw at the 2nd annual Lowrider Block Party, happening until 6 pm on 17th SW between Delridge and Roxbury – we spotted a two-wheeler too:

Art is a centerpiece as well, creating it as well as admiring it:

The custom cars are works of art in their own way:

Nearby Nepantla Cultural Arts Gallery is presenting the Lowrider Block Party again this year.

Along with cars and art, vendors and entertainment are part of the party too.

ADDED SUNDAY NIGHT: Thanks to Yma for sharing these photos with some of the cars’ intricate details:

A partner in the Lowrider Block Party was Eazy Duz It Car Club, seen on Alki last weekend.

VIDEO: Seattle Folklorico Festival at Westcrest Park

August 27, 2022 12:31 pm
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(WSB photo – Joyas Mestizas at Seattle Folklorico Festival)

Dance and music isn’t all you’ll see at the Seattle Folklorico Festival, happening at Westcrest Park (9000 8th SW) until 4 pm.

As noted in our calendar listing, you can shop and snack too.

Local organizations are there too – from the Highland Park Improvement Club to the Seattle Emergency Communication Hubs, whose booth offers this info for the youngest members of the family too:

The Seattle Folklorico Festival is coordinated and presented by the youth folkloric-dance group Joyas Mestizas (who are scheduled to perform again at 2:30 pm). Performances are for and by all ages!