WEST SEATTLE SCENE: SPD Mounted Patrol at Westwood Village

Thanks to the texter who sent the photo – a Seattle Police Mounted Patrol sighting at Westwood Village. They’re seen around West Seattle on occasion, as they’re based here, at Westcrest Park (as shown in this WSB story from last year); SPD has told us in the past that this is one of the places they go to get acclimatized to being around people and traffic. Community interaction is the unit’s main job, aka “relational policing” –

7 Replies to "WEST SEATTLE SCENE: SPD Mounted Patrol at Westwood Village"

  • Rhonda May 13, 2024 (2:00 pm)

    SPDs mounted unit is a gem. More departments should have these.

  • Sillygoose May 13, 2024 (2:10 pm)

    The best  I just cringe at the thought of those horses galloping on asphalt!  Be safe out there officers and horses!

    • Seattlite May 13, 2024 (5:12 pm)

      This is the 21st Century.  Horses have ground-controlled-horseshoes for pavement, concrete that prevents slipping.

  • Seattlite May 13, 2024 (5:10 pm)

    I love SPD’s mounted unit.

  • Delridge Neighbor May 13, 2024 (7:19 pm)

    One of the horses is named McLovin. 

  • Alki resident May 13, 2024 (7:57 pm)

    They walked by me yesterday at the Mariners game. They’re so beautiful. We’re so fortunate to have them in our city. 

  • Sunnymind May 14, 2024 (10:18 am)


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