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TONIGHT’S LIGHTS: Starry, starry sight

We have a fondness for balcony Christmas lights, with childhood memories from apartment living. So we had to grab a photo of this one when we spotted it tonight – a charming configuration on a balcony in North Admiral, west side of California, just south of Atlantic. (Got lights to suggest, yours or someone else’s? westseattleblog@gmail.com – thank you!)

TONIGHT’S LIGHTS: Corner house on a ‘festive’ block

December 12, 2019 5:38 pm
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Though West Seattle Lights is no more, the neighborhood near that show’s former site is still full of holiday spirit – including Wyatt‘s house at 40th and Charlestown. Wyatt notes, “Our whole block is also very festive again this year.” Thanks for sending the photo! More tips – with or without photos – appreciate at westseattleblog@gmail.com; you can scroll through our archive of Christmas-lights coverage by going here.

TONIGHT’S LIGHTS: Shining on Manning

(WSB photos)

For tonight’s West Seattle Christmas lights spotlight, we head back to the north half of the peninsula – Doug and Diane Hintz sent word of their display at 3403 SW Manning.

They’re on a corner, which means multiple sides to admire!

We’ll keep featuring lights nightly through Christmas – now just two weeks away – if you have a suggestion, whether your own display or one you’ve seen, let us know – westseattleblog@gmail.com – thank you! (Our archive of previously shown lights is here.)

TONIGHT’S LIGHTS: SW Holly jolly Christmas

Tonight’s featured West Seattle Christmas lights are on SW Holly – appropriately enough – between Sylvan and 31st. We got two tips about the block.

Thanks to Lina, and to Erin, who wrote, “Our whole block has been working hard to ‘up our Christmas light game’ this year.”

Got lights to let us know about, whether yours or someone else’s? Email westseattleblog@gmail.com – and see past spotlighted lights by scrolling through this WSB archive.


December 9, 2019 7:47 pm
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As we continue featuring West Seattle Christmas lights nightly through the season, thanks to Sonia for the photo: “An annual favorite of ours.” It’s at 3431 48th SW (also featured previously – here’s a 2012 photo courtesy of the display’s creators, the McKean Family). We appreciate tips, with or without photos – here’s how to reach us. And here’s our archive of past featured lights.

CHRISTMAS LIGHTS: Peace-ful scene

As we do most years, we are continuing to feature West Seattle Christmas lights as we see them or hear about them. Spotted this display on the west side of the 6000 block of 42nd SW – the peace sign and Santa holding up lights are nice touches. Got something to suggest? Let us know! See what we’ve shown (in previous years, too) by scrolling through this WSB archive.

CHRISTMAS LIGHTS: Music-synched West Seattle Yuletide is back!

December 6, 2019 8:58 pm
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From the lights-and-lightings section of the WSB West Seattle Holiday Guide: East of The Junction, music-synched West Seattle Yuletide is bigger and brighter this year.

” rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”>As explained here, the show will run Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night, 5-9 pm, until December 20th, when it’ll go nightly. You can find West Seattle Yuletide on the east side of 38th SW between Genesee and Dakota; the soundtrack, audible if you’re on the sidewalk, is broadcast on 101.9 FM if you’re in your car.

CONTINUING FRIDAY: Lafayette Elementary’s Winter Lights Festival

Grab your minions and get to Lafayette Elementary (California/Lander) before 7 pm to enjoy the first night of the Winter Lights Festival!

Cute outdoor displays include this pathway lined in lights:

It’ll be open Friday night, 5-7 pm, too. Cookies, cocoa, coffee available too!

P.S. And note that Friday night at Lafayette, you’ll also be able to shop the Craft Fair and Book Fair.

West Seattle Christmas lights: Festive in Fauntlee Hills

Three weeks until Christmas Eve – so it’s time to start highlighting West Seattle displays! We appreciate your tips every year. First tip we received this season was from Jim, advising us to check out his brother Ken‘s display at 39th SW and SW Trenton in Fauntlee Hills. So we went by tonight.

Fauntlee Hills is known for more than a few extra-bright displays, but this one truly shines. No way to capture all its characters in one photo, so we recorded a video walk-by too:

Got lights we should feature, whether yours or someone else’s? Tell us where! All our contact options are here. Thank you!

VIDEO: Lights on! Menashe Family launches 2019 West Seattle display

6:07 PM: As previewed on Monday and noted in today’s daily-highlights list, this is the first night you can go see West Seattle’s brightest Christmas lights, the Menashe Family‘s display at 5605 Beach Drive SW [map]. Above, the big tree’s candy-cane pattern of red and white lights is part of what’s new; below, the front-door reindeer who has joined the assortment of inflatables:

When we visited at dusk, the bucket truck was still in use as some final touches were being worked on; our photographer has gone back for a few more views we’ll add later.

6:57 PM: The wide view:

A video walkthrough:

The train is a favorite sight:

One more reminder that this year’s visit by Santa – free photos; bring donations for the West Seattle Food Bank – is 6-10 pm on Saturday, December 14th.

HOLIDAYS: Days away from 2019 debut of Menashe Family Lights

Before the weather turned stormy late this afternoon, we checked out the setup under way for West Seattle’s brightest Christmas display – the Menashe Family Lights.

You’ll see some additions this year, including that reindeer by the front door. Josh Menashe told us the family is hoping to turn the lights on this Wednesday, Thanksgiving Eve. If you’re new – 5605 Beach Drive SW is where you’ll find it.

P.S. This year’s special night with Santa photos and a food drive for the West Seattle Food Bank is Saturday, December 14th, 6 pm-10 pm. (See the full list of West Seattle Santa photo ops in our Holiday Guide!)

HOLIDAYS: Farewell and thanks from West Seattle Lights’ creator

(WSB file photo from West Seattle Lights)

While working on the just-launched 2019 WSB West Seattle Holiday Guide, we discovered the website for a seasonal favorite, music-synched West Seattle Lights, had gone dormant. Its creator Jim Winder confirms that’s because the show is done after a decade. His message for you:

It is with deep sadness that I must inform the West Seattle Community that West Seattle Lights will not be up and running this year. Over the past few years it has become more and more difficult to try to run and maintain West Seattle Lights from my home in Maple Valley.

Growing up, Christmas Lights has always been a big part of my life…especially since my Grandmother only lived one block away from the Gais’ house in West Seattle. I do hope West Seattle Lights has also brought some great memories for you and your family. I especially want to thank the Helmstetler Family for allowing me to take over their home for two months out of the year … but most of all I want to thank you, the West Seattle Community for your generosity and your giving to our two main charities and the Very Special Charities we collected donations for. The West Seattle Food Bank and Northwest Parkinson’s Foundation have greatly appreciated your generous giving over the last ten years….so please remember them and any other charities this holiday season.

If you do get a need for a Sir Charles fix, feel free to come visit us out at Maple Valley Lights!! Again, thanks to you all for a great ten years!!

Jim’s show in Maple Valley is at 22629 SE 263rd Place [map]. We first featured his WS show in November 2009.

GRATITUDE: West Seattle Lights recap

Now that the holidays are over, so is the 10th season of West Seattle Lights. Received tonight from the music-synched light show’s creator Jim Winder:

I would just like to thank everyone in and around the West Seattle area for coming to see West Seattle Lights and for donating to our two charities, The West Seattle Food Bank and Northwest Parkinson Foundation. Because of your generosity, we were able to deliver to the West Seattle Food Bank over 300 660 pounds in foodstuffs along with $402 and another $402 to NW Parkinson Foundation!! Thank You! Thank You!! Thank You!!! for a great holiday season!!!!

(If you enjoyed WSL this year, you can still donate to its charities online.)

The West Seattle Lights display (which we showcased on Christmas Eve this year) is at a home where friends of Jim’s live. He also now runs a show in Maple Valley.

Tonight’s lights: Where else?

Of course our Christmas Day lights spotlight would be West Seattle’s brightest display. Thanks to Robert Spears for sharing these photos of the Menashe Family Lights from earlier this season. You’ll find them at 5605 Beach Drive SW as the holiday season continues.

You can see all the lights we’ve showcased this year by scrolling through this WSB archive (and prior years if you keep scrolling!).

Tonight’s lights: West Seattle Lights, year 10

December 24, 2018 11:21 pm
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For tonight’s Christmas-lights spotlight, we visited West Seattle Lights, the music-synched display that’s in its 10th year at 3908 SW Charlestown. Since Jim Winder created West Seattle Lights in 2009, it’s inspire thousands of dollars (and thousands of pounds of food) in donations, plus it has a spinoff in Maple Valley. Since it’s Christmas Eve, the show’s running until midnight tonight (tomorrow too) – here’s the schedule. (To see other lights we’ve spotlighted, scroll through this WSB archive category.)

Tonight’s lights: On the corner, up the hill

Maybe you’ve seen this house, driving SW Morgan from Morgan Junction to High Point? It’s on the southeast corner of 37th/Morgan. As usual, the photo captures just part of the spirit … the star is animated, and both street-facing sides of this corner house are brightly lit. Scroll through this WSB archive category to see what we have featured – and check the WSB West Seattle Holiday Guide for ongoing light shows like West Seattle Lights – running until midnight on Christmas Eve!

Tonight’s lights: Three-story tree

December 22, 2018 8:39 pm
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This year, we are particularly susceptible to charming outdoor trees and stars in light displays … and this house in Gatewood has both. It’s one of several nice displays you’ll see on SW Portland; this one is on the south side of the street, west of 41st SW. Still a few nights until Christmas, so we appreciate suggestions – westseattleblog@gmail.com – and you can see what we’ve featured so far by scrolling through this WSB archive category.

Tonight’s lights: A winning display

December 21, 2018 7:59 pm
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Photos can’t adequately capture the brightness of Wyatt‘s display on the northwest corner of 40th and Charlestown – two sides, with the Seahawks tribute (and some moving lights) on the south-facing side, and traditional Christmas symbols (including trees and Santas) out front:

Wyatt is just a few doors west of West Seattle Lights (the music-synched show at 3908 SW Charlestown), and some neighbors on 40th are well-lit too, so if you’re out to see a lot of lights without going to multiple streets, this is a good spot. Thanks to Wyatt for emailing us! See the lights we’ve already featured by scrolling through this WSB archive.

Tonight’s lights: Tree with character(s)

December 20, 2018 9:30 pm
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We haven’t shown this yard in a couple years, but it was suggested for a spotlight as we continue showing West Seattle Christmas lights: This tree is in what you might know as the “Skeleton Theatre” yard, site of an amazing animatronic show every Halloween, on the southwest corner of 36th and Hanford. It’s decked with illuminated holiday characters. Thanks for the suggestions; more lights tomorrow, and you can browse the ones we’ve featured before by going here!

Tonight’s lights: Super-sized Santa hat

We have featured this display at 36th/Roxbury a few times in the past, but the photo and note from Megan were a reminder that it’s the season to see everything through fresh eyes – she and her family are new arrivals and this caught their attention while they were out looking at lights the other night. So thanks for the suggestions (with or without photos) – westseattleblog@gmail.com – one week until Christmas Eve! (See what we’ve shown previously by scrolling through this WSB archive section.)

Tonight’s lights: Illuminated greenery on 44th

December 16, 2018 7:30 pm
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Continuing to spotlight local lights of note: We noticed this house, on the west side of 44th SW between Lander and Stevens, when visiting the nearby Lafayette Elementary display last night. The green-lit greenery is especially eye-catching. Several other houses on the block, including one right next door, are worth a look too.

Got lights to suggest? westseattleblog@gmail.com – thanks! See what we’ve shown already by scrolling through this WSB archive section.

West Seattle holiday scene: First year for Lafayette’s lights

Despite some damage from Friday night’s windstorm, Lafayette Elementary‘s first-ever Winter Festival of Lights was a success. We stopped by last night and parent volunteer Sarah Whitehead, who came up with the idea, gave us a tour.

The rainbow walkway, built by SODO Makerspace, was a highlight – we recorded some video of the moving lights:

Sarah said her family was outside the area checking out displays like the Bellevue Botanical Garden d’Lites when she thought it would be great for West Seattleites to have more to see closer to home. So over the past year, they planned, got donations from community businesses, sponsorships, and the show was a go! “Definitely a community effort,” she told us. The displays Friday and Saturday nights included some inflatable characters, too – we stopped to admire this one:

The wind took out some planned outdoor features such as an “alley of light” leading north to Wiseman’s Appliance, but it was splendid just the same, with a few indoor features including lanterns made by Lafayette classes:

Watch for Year 2 next year!

HAPPENING NOW: Santa photo night @ Menashe Family Lights

Just about every night of the season, the Menashe Family Lights (5605 Beach Drive SW) draw a crowd. Tonight, an extra reason to visit – it’s the one night of the year that you’ll find Santa there for photos.

Until 10 pm, bring nonperishable food for the West Seattle Food Bank, and get your Santa photo with a bedazzling backdrop – one that impresses all ages:

With Christmas less than a week and a half away, your Santa photo ops are dwindling – he has to get back to the North Pole sometime, after all – but we can tell you he’ll be on the Santa Bus in The Junction 10 am-2 pm tomorrow, too.