West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day 2019 Online Map

Below is the clickable/zoomable map, with map-using tips below it. (The downloadable/printable list is HERE – 16 pages, PDF.) … Check back here for updates as Sale Day approaches including last-minute changes … Scroll past the map for tips on using it. … LISTS: Fundraiser sales, listed here … Browse our WSCGSD coverage archive for more lists and other previews (next one coming up Friday afternoon) … Here’s our updated list of who’s taking donated items post-sale!

*All 300 of this year’s sales are in the list at right – use the scroll bar to see them all.

*Like a Google Map, you can “grab” the map and move it around. You can also use the zoom-in, zoom-out controls at lower right to get closer or further away – helpful especially in sale-dense neighborhoods.

*Click any marker to open an info-bubble showing the sale’s #, address, description. You can use the zoom icon in the info-bubble to get the map closer to that sale, and there’s also a link in the info-bubble to calculate directions to/from that sale, coupled with any address you specify.

*Click any sale in the list on the right side of the map to open its info-bubble on the map.

SEARCHING: Click the search icon at upper right on the map. If you are looking for a mention of a specific item, for example, click the window that defaults to “name” and drop down to choose “description,” then put your search term in the search field. The resulting map will list, on the right, only the sales mentioning that term. Click on any sale to open its bubble – address and description – on the map. (Remember descriptions are simple – so try a single word like tools or baby or clothes.)

MOBILE OPTION: This link should bring up a phone-friendly version of the map. Once you have it, click the “list” icon to see the list of sale numbers/addresses, each individually clickable (for directions, etc.), and “map” will take you back to the map.

Questions? E-mail westseattleblog@gmail.com

THANKS! – Tracy and Patrick (WSB co-publishers, WSCGSD coordinators)