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CORONAVIRUS: Friday 10/30 roundup

35 weeks ago tonight, King County announced its first case of COVID-19. Here’s where we are now:

NEWEST KING COUNTY NUMBERS: From the Public Health daily summary:

*27,423 people have tested positive, 385 more than yesterday’s total [118 of them in Seattle]

*804 people have died, 1 more than yesterday’s total

*2,573 people have been hospitalized, 8 more than yesterday’s total

*537,331 people have been tested, 3,781 more than yesterday’s total

One week ago, those totals were 25,969/789/2,525/523.267.


…WITH AN UNPLEASANT MILESTONE: The state Health Department reports, “Today, Washington state reported 1,047 new COVID cases in a single day. Today’s number is a new daily high since mid-July.”

WORLDWIDE NUMBERS: 45.5 million cases, 1,188,000+ deaths – see the nation-by-nation numbers here.

STORE CLOSURE: Menashe & Sons Jewelers announced today it’s closing until November 9th after a staff member’s positive test.

NEED TESTING? Our weekly reminder – the city-operated testing site in West Seattle – south side of the Southwest Athletic Complex parking lot (2801 SW Thistle) – is open Saturdays (as well as weekdays). Go here to choose an appointment time before you go.

SAFER HALLOWEEN: Just want to get out and see decorations? The list in our West Seattle Halloween Guide (many with photos) will show you where. Or, maybe you’re hoping for no-contact trick-or-treating? Many neighborhoods have innovative plans like taping treats to fences or “candy chutes” like this one:

Thanks to Rod for the photo. Trick-or-treat events – and some that are also decoration locations – are in the guide too.

GOT INFO OR PHOTOS? or text/voice 206-293-6302 – thank you!

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Gunfire investigation

10:01 PM: We didn’t hear an initial dispatch on this, so details are few, but police have SW Holden closed right now at 26th Place SW [map] for a gunfire investigation. They’ve told dispatch that they’ve found multiple shell casings of different calibers, stretching several blocks westward. A witness is reported to have told police someone was shooting out of a westbound vehicle’s window. No report of injuries.

10:29 PM: Per radio exchange, they’re reopening Holden. They’ve also heard from someone who lives elsewhere in West Seattle and says their vehicle was shot at and has bullet holes.

ELECTION 2020: Voting countdown, and Tuesday plans, as city prepares for ‘wide range of scenarios’

(WSB photo: West Seattle Junction ballot drop box)

As of tonight, almost 72 percent of Seattle voters have turned in their ballots. If you’re not among them, you have exactly four more days to vote. Because of the tense times in recent months, people are bracing for Election Day/Night on Tuesday in ways we haven’t seen before, and tonight we have a few notes to share:

EARLY CLOSURES TUESDAY: We’re starting to hear about some of these – for example, port terminals are closing early, along with other West Coast ports, according to the ILWU, to ensure everyone has time to get their ballots in. Here are the adjusted schedules for terminals in the Northwest Seaport Alliance (Seattle and Tacoma), including Harbor Island’s Terminal 18.

Some businesses are closing early; we noticed a sign on the Chase Bank branch in The Junction mentioning an early closure on Tuesday. If your business is closing early, let us know.

CITY PREPS: We asked the mayor’s office about city plans for possible election reaction (whether it be protests or celebrations). They indicated they’re planning a briefing on Monday, but gave us this statement:

For the last month, the Mayor’s Office has been closely coordinating with the Governor, County Executive, and City departments for a safe and secure Election Day and preparing for a range of scenarios. Our goal in the City is to ensure that all residents and business know that we will protect their sacred right to vote and ensure their vote is counted. The City’s Office of Emergency Management has been coordinating with agencies across Washington state to ensure Election Day – and potentially the days and weeks following – proceeds as smoothly as possible. At this time, OEM and City departments will be on standby should the need arise and are prepared for real-time coordination of any response with internal and external partners throughout the week of the election and beyond if needed.

As of this writing, the Seattle Police Department and partner law enforcement agencies do not have any intelligence to indicate that there any threats for Election Day or the days following. Our partners at King County Elections have not reported any threats or security issues at any ballot boxes. As such, the Seattle Police Department, Seattle Fire Department, and other law enforcement agencies have been planning for contingency purposes only in order to be prepared for a wide range of scenarios.

We will provide small business owners and residents information on how to prepare and secure their employees and customers as well as their property in recent months for any demonstrations. We will also remind property owners to be mindful of their dumpsters and carts.

‘ROCK THE BLOCK’: If you want to have a Stay Healthy Block (no through traffic) on your non-arterial street on Election Day/Night, the city is offering free permits for residents to “Rock the Block.”

DROP BOX TRAFFIC TUESDAY: We looked at this back in early October. With so many early ballot returns, this might not be as much of an issue as usual, but the county does plan to have personnel out helping ensure traffic by the drop boxes (all listed/mapped here) moves smoothly.

WATCHING THE RETURNS: If you’re planning to track the national election, the website FiveThirtyEight has a complete guide to what time voting ends in every state, and how long it might take to get full results.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Stolen blue Wrangler; car break-in/theft attempt

Two more West Seattle Crime Watch reader reports:

STOLEN JEEP WRANGLER: Layne‘s blue Jeep Wrangler was stolen near 34th/Thistle sometime late last night or early this morning.

Its plates read BMODE24. If you see it, call 911.

CAR BREAK-IN/THEFT ATTEMPT: Not far from the pickup-truck theft reported earlier today, this happened to Kristi‘s car: “I wanted to alert neighbors that my vehicle was broken into this morning, probably around 12:30 am. I called the police and described what was done to my Honda, and they suspect it was a theft that got interrupted for some reason. The area is SW Portland and 41st. … I park my car on the street right in front of our house.”

FOLLOWUP: West Seattle Water Taxi will resume Monday after dock repairs

October 30, 2020 4:59 pm
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Thanks to Carolyn Newman for that photo from repair work at Seacrest today, two days after the West Seattle Water Taxi route went out of service because of dock trouble. Metro says the run will be back in service Monday:

We are pleased to report that the West Seattle Water Taxi will be back in service Monday morning, Nov. 2. The marine crew is reinstalling the dock-to-shore ramp at Seacrest Dock that was removed for repairs, resulting in cancellation of West Seattle service Thursday and Friday. The damaged hinge and attachment mechanism (pin) have since been replaced.

Metro says the downtime also enabled them to put a new non-skid surface on the boarding ramp in time for rainy weather, to give the vessels extra deep cleaning, and to run “training exercises and emergency drills for crew members.”

BIZNOTE: Menashe & Sons Jewelers closed temporarily after COVID-19 diagnosis

Thanks for the tip. Menashe & Sons Jewelers in The Junction has announced via social media that it’s closed until November 9th because of a COVID-19 diagnosis. From the post:

Dear Menashe & Sons customers, friends, family,

It is with a heavy heart that we inform you that one of our employees has tested positive for COVID-19. We immediately closed the store and have done a deep clean, and everyone is isolating.

Due to this, we will remain closed until Monday, November 9th so we can take extra precautions and our employees may get tested and self-quarantine at home.

Since this diagnosis, the building has been repeatedly sanitized and disinfected following state and federal guidelines.

We are working with the King County Department of Health to ensure that everything possible is being done to keep you and our employees and families safe.

The safety and wellbeing of our team, their families, and you, who we also consider family, are the utmost importance.

As we reported in July, businesses are not required to disclose COVID-19 cases, so announcements like this are entirely voluntary.

WHALES: Orcas in view off West Seattle again (and the sea lions who watched them)

2:27 PM: Orcas are in the area again! The photo is from Elton, taken from Alki, and arrived in the WSB inbox just as we got a text from Kersti Muul of Salish Wildlife Watch that the whales were in the area – she says they are now southbound off Alki Point. Donna Sandstrom of The Whale Trail just called with the news too. Let us know if you see them!

2:47 PM: These orcas are moving fast – Kersti says they’ve already passed Me-Kwa-Mooks/Emma Schmitz Overlook (4500 block of Beach Drive SW), still southbound.

3:08 PM: Now approaching Vashon, per comment/text updates. (Thanks again!)

8:07 PM: David Hutchinson sends this photo:

These visitors were transient orcas (Bigg’s Killer Whales), not the Southern Residents. The big difference: Transients eat other marine mammals, not just fish. David also sent this photo of sea lions staying, warily, close to shore:

They were seen off Constellation Park, south of Alki Point.

Another scooter-share provider launching in West Seattle: LINK

(Photo courtesy LINK)

The city’s scooter-share pilot program is allowing up to three providers, and another one just announced that it’s launching service, with its first batch of e-scooters being deployed in West Seattle. LINK says its first 150 deployed e-scooters will be in High Point, Roxhill, South Delridge, and South Park, with deployment starting this afternoon. From the announcement:

The LINK fleet will grow to more than 500 in the next four days, and soon, with city approval, grow to more than 1,000. LINK scooters are equipped with a proprietary Vehicle Intelligence System–onboard self-protection technology that monitors the entire vehicle and resolves potential issues in real-time to protect riders and pedestrians alike.

LINK plans a launch party tomorrow (Saturday, October 31st) noon-2 pm at Seacrest Park : “LINK staff and community partners will be on hand to provide free Bern brand helmets and fittings, educate riders about safe riding techniques, discount ride coupons, and provide e-scooter demonstrations and test rides.” LINK says the aforementioned “issues” are handled because the scooters’ system “continually monitors more than 140 sensors and self-detects vehicle problems like a loose cable or a faulty brake, correcting issues remotely or autonomously removing unsafe devices from service. (Also) On-board geofence technology that enhances real-time compliance with regulations such as speed limits and no-ride zones.” As with other such services, this one requires an app download to use.

West Seattle Pilates: Welcome, new WSB sponsor!

Today, we welcome West Seattle Pilates as our newest sponsor. New WSB sponsors get a chance to tell you what they do, so here’s what West Seattle Pilates would like you to know:

West Seattle Pilates is owned and operated by Jenny Melville and located in the ActivSpace building on Harbor Avenue. She has lived in West Seattle for the past decade and taught Pilates all over the Seattle area for 9 years. Pilates helps lengthen and strengthen the muscles in your body. It is great as a practice on its own or can be added to other fitness modalities for conditioning. West Seattle Pilates opened in March of 2018 and offers small-mat Pilates classes and private lessons.

West Seattle Pilates takes pride in maintaining long-term clients. Jenny creates a safe environment that welcomes people no matter their fitness level and body type. She is able to work with clients who have chronic injuries and different pathologies. Jenny is creative in her approach and up to the task of helping someone move and feel better. After a Pilates session, people leave feeling energized and mindful of the smaller muscle groups they worked. Clients notice better posture, stronger core, and an overall feeling of greater mobility in their bodies.

West Seattle Pilates has volunteered their services including to West Seattle High School to introduce Pilates to freshman students. Jenny is very willing to give back to the community and has donated several gift certificates to various events/auctions over the past couple years.

It is important to keep your body moving during this pandemic, especially if you are working from home. WSP offers classes on Zoom and private lessons on Zoom or in the studio. If you’ve ever wanted to try Pilates and the apparatus(reformer, tower, chair) there is a one-time Private Lesson Intro Pack of 3 lessons for $180 (+ tax). Feel free to give us a call at 206-822-5844 or send email to

We thank West Seattle Pilates for sponsoring independent, community-collaborative neighborhood news via WSB; find our current sponsor team listed in directory format here, and find info on joining the team by going here.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Stolen blue Silverado pickup truck

From Mel:

We live on Portland & 39th and early this morning (12:40 a.m.) our truck was stolen. It’s a 1998 blue Chevy Silverado with a 6-inch lift on it. There’s a decal on the back left corner of the cab window that says “Sanchos Tacos.” The rims are very distinct as they have skulls in the center of them. Per our night-vision cameras, we could only tell that the thief was male and wearing a high-visibility vest, light-colored pants, and dark sneakers with a little white on them. He had his hood up to conceal his identity.

(Added: Plate – WA B55189Y.) Call 911 if you see it.

WEST SEATTLE FRIDAY: Here’s what’s happening on Halloween eve!

October 30, 2020 10:39 am
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(Fall crocuses amid fallen leaves, photographed by Dan Ciske)

Notes for the rest of your Friday:

VOTE! 5th-to-last day to get your ballot in. Best way to do that is via a King County Elections drop box – there are three in West Seattle, in The Junction on the south side of SW Alaska between California and 44th, outside High Point Library (3411 SW Raymond), and in front of the South Seattle College administration building (6000 16th SW; WSB sponsor). For the county’s other ~70 drop boxes, including nearby White Center and South Park, see this list/map.

NUTMOBILE: It’s visiting The Sanctuary at Admiral today, after its attention-getting Junction stop on Wednesday. Scheduled there until 2 pm. (2656 42nd SW)

(Added: WSB photo)

SPECIAL PRE-HALLOWEEN SCHOOL LUNCH: As previewed last night, the team at the Denny International Middle School has “spooky fun” during lunch and weekend-food distribution today, 11 am-1:15 pm. Food is available to all students/families at no charge. (2601 SW Kenyon)

ANTI-RACISM VIGIL: As announced by organizer Nancy:

I hope you’ll join us as we take a public stand against racism and for police accountability. If you are Black, you are three times more likely to be shot by police than will I, a White woman.

This week, I’ll be remembering:
Mr. Walter Wallace, Jr., Ms. Tafara Williams, and Mr. Marcellis Stinnette

What: Delridge weekly anti-racism vigil
When: Friday, October 30th, from 5:30-6:30 pm
Where: Pedestrian overpass on Delridge at the Delridge Community Center/Youngstown Cultural Arts Center.

Please remember to wear your masks! If you can’t come in person, please consider passing on the info to your networks.

HALLOWEEN EARLY TRICK-OR-TREATING & DISPLAYS: We’re still adding decoration locations and no-contact trick-or-treat (etc.) events to the WSB Halloween page.

LAST CALL: Still time to join the virtual West Seattle Monster Dash

As mentioned earlier this fall, the West Seattle Monster Dash is virtual this year – and it’s not too late to be part of it! Organizers sent photos and this reminder:

We are heading into the final weekend of the Virtual Monster Dash to benefit South Seattle Cooperative Preschools. We will be accepting registrations and donations all the way through the end of the day on November 1st. More than 250 people have signed up to run, walk, and be active with us this year. We have raised just over $6.000 of our $10,000 goal, and for fall quarter, we were able to award $4,500 in scholarships to families in need. We anticipate needs to be just as high during winter and spring. Thank you all for your continued support! >/blockquote>

Go here to be part of it!

ROAD WORK, TRANSIT, TRAFFIC: Friday 10/30 watch

6:07 AM: Welcome to Friday – the 221st morning without the West Seattle Bridge.


Saturday – Halloween. Be careful! Also take note of Trick or Street Block closures.

Sunday – Daylight Saving Time ends at 2 am, when we’ll “fall back” an hour.


No West Seattle service again today because of a dock problem that needs repairs. We’ll update separately on Monday when there’s a confirmation of service status on Monday. P.S. The shuttles ARE running.


Tunnel closure: Highway 99 tunnel is scheduled to close in both directions overnight, 9 pm tonight until 6 am Saturday.

Delridge project: SW Alaska was scheduled to remain closed east of Delridge all week. Here are this week’s other details; the weekly update is due out later today.


New cameras! In addition to the West Marginal Way/Highland Park Way cameras we mentioned last week, there’s now a Highland Park Way/Holden camera too – see it here:

Meantime – here’s the 5-way intersection camera (Spokane/West Marginal/Delridge/Chelan):

Here’s the restricted-daytime-access (open to all 9 pm-5 am) low bridge:

The main detour route across the Duwamish River is the 1st Avenue South Bridge (map) . Here are two cameras:

The other major bridge across the river is the South Park Bridge (map). Here’s the nearest camera:

Going through South Park? Don’t speed. (Same goes for the other detour-route neighborhoods, like Highland Park, Riverview, and South Delridge.)

Check the @SDOTBridges Twitter feed for info about any of those bridges opening for marine traffic.

You can see all local traffic cams here; locally relevant cameras are also shown on this WSB page.


MetroFare collection has resumed.

Trouble on the roads/paths/water? Let us know – text (but not if you’re driving!) 206-293-6302.