VOTING: King County Elections’ drop-box plan for procrastinating voters

(WSB file photo, Junction dropbox)

One week from today, on Thursday, October 15th, voting begins – as ballots start arriving the day after King County Elections sends out ballots. That’s also when King County opens its ballot drop boxes. The earlier you vote, the better – among other reasons, early voting means your vote will be part of that first count made public on Election Night (Tuesday, November 3rd). But we know that despite exhortations and plans, many people still vote in the final hours/days. That’s why KC Elections has traffic plans for “every single drop box,” says spokesperson Halei Watkins. We checked on those plans after learning the West Seattle Junction Association had been notified of plans for staffing and traffic control at its drop box (SW Alaska, south side, between California and 44th). That ballot dropbox is one of three in West Seattle, along with South Seattle College (WSB sponsor) on Puget Ridge and the High Point Library. Watkins says the plans will vary by location and typical or projected volume “but the main goal for every single one is to make it accessible and keep traffic moving as much as possible. Every single drop box will also be staffed on the Monday and Tuesday of Election Week by King County Elections staff to help ensure that boxes don’t fill up and there’s someone there who can assist voters as needed. On Monday (11/2), that staffing will largely take place during the day and on Tuesday (11/3) we’ll have someone there all day until boxes close at 8 p.m. sharp.”

While awaiting your ballot, you can preview candidates and ballot measures here.

3 Replies to "VOTING: King County Elections' drop-box plan for procrastinating voters"

  • KT October 9, 2020 (3:45 am)

    there is also a ballot drop box at the White Center King County Library.

    • WSB October 9, 2020 (10:26 am)

      Thanks, we mention that often as well as South Park, and will do so again once voting begins. In this particular case – as this isn’t about ‘where to go right now,’ we just mentioned that WS has three.

  • Lola October 9, 2020 (1:04 pm)

    I like the one up by Highpoint as it is easy to be able to park & get out and put your envelope in.  The one on Alaska St.  you either have to have two people in the car or you have to Park in the Parking lot next to it, good luck with that.  It is just not that easy to stop at or get out right on Alaska St. as Cars are coming at you or buses are turning into you.  I also pass by the White Center Library and that one looks easy to be able to park and put your envelope into.  I like that they will be having someone at the boxes just before the election. 

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