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West Seattle Crime Watch: Stolen blue Focus; mail theft

Two reader reports in West Seattle Crime Watch, and a reminder:

STOLEN CAR: The 2012 Ford Focus, license BFH4131, in the photo above “was stolen from 38th Ave between Hanford and Stevens some time between Wednesday evening 1/9 and Friday afternoon 1/11.” If you see it, call 911.

STOLEN MAIL, FOUND: From DeAnna: “FYI: A pile of mail was found in our yard on the 9400 block of 5th Ave SW on Friday morning – several addresses – some of the envelopes had been opened and contents removed. We reported it to non-emergency police number and were told they’d come check it out when they could. It was still here this morning so I bundled it, put a note on it for USPS, and put it in our outgoing mailbox.”

REMINDER: Got a question/concern for police? Your next chance to ask them face-to-face is Tuesday night, 7 pm, when the West Seattle Crime Prevention Council meets at the Southwest Precinct (2300 SW Webster).

UPDATE: Police investigation at Hamilton Viewpoint Park

7:36 PM: Police are at Hamilton Viewpoint Park, reportedly closing it off while they investigate an incident. We’re on our way to find out more but we’ve heard via radio communication so far includes that an injured man is getting treatment, and that police are looking for a vehicle last seen heading downhill northbound from the park, possibly a white Dodge SUV. The injured man will be taken to Harborview Medical Center. Just as we published this, the incident was described by the dispatcher as an assault. More when we get it.

8:05 PM: Police haven’t been available to talk with us so far but firefighters tell us the injured person was a man in his 20s who likely had been hit with some sort of blunt object.

ADDED 9:59 PM: The only additional detail we were able to get from police is that the initial report is that someone saw a man down on the ground, being hit by someone. We’ll see if we’re able to get the report on Monday.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Hit-and-run; followups on Roxbury Safeway deputy assault, High Point gunfire cases

In West Seattle Crime Watch, one new incident plus two followups:

HIT-RUN DRIVER DAMAGES 2 CARS: P reports this happened on Halleck SW:

Yesterday morning, Thursday, January 10, approximately 615 AM, an off white Jeep Wrangler, probably in the early 2000s era, with hardtop and KC off-road lights mounted on top, smashed mine and my neighbor’s cars while apparently trying to navigate getting out of a parallel park situation. My neighbor heard the sounds and was able to make it outside to see the end of the incident, but was unable to get a license number because of darkness and rain. The driver of the Jeep sped off erratically. Drunk/drug induced driving is suspected because this was no small bumping of cars. My back left quarter panel and bumper is bent in, my fender was completely ripped off, my exhaust was bent entirely vertically down, and my back left wheel is bent in, most likely making the entire rear suspension out of alignment and rendering the car un-drivable. My neighbor’s car was also damaged in a similar way, with easily 1k in damage. A police report was filed yesterday afternoon.

Any help identifying the car/driver would be most appreciated! Most likely the Jeep will have damage to its front, probably more specifically the front right.

We have asked for the police report # and will add it when available. (UPDATE: 19-012991) Now, the followups:

(WSB photo, Monday)

ROXBURY SAFEWAY SUSPECT CHARGED: Charges are now filed against 18-year-old Khalia I. Wimberly, who as reported last night has been arrested in connection with Monday’s incident that sent a King County Sheriff’s Office deputy to the hospital. She is charged with first-degree robbery, second-degree assault, and hit-and-run. Bail on these charges is set at $300,000. The court documents include this:

(Wimberly) committed this offense while on a deferred disposition in Juvenile Court for charges of Taking Motor Vehicle Without Permission in the Second Degree and Trafficking Stolen Property in the Second Degree … Based on the probable cause certification for that case, the defendant and three other females approached a 72-year-old, 5’3’’, 130-pound victim in a Kirkland library parking garage. Without provocation, they attacked the victim, throwing her to the ground at least twice and causing injuries to the victim’s face, arms, and hands. The females then robbed the victim of her car, and also stole her purse, cell phone, and financial documents. According to the Victim Impact Statement, the victim’s daughter and grandchildren were in a car just feet away when the victim was attacked. Originally charged as Attempted Robbery 1, the defendant entered into a deferred disposition to the reduced charges. The defendant has done poorly while on the deferred disposition. The defendant was ordered to participate in “Restorative Mediation,” but repeatedly failed to do so.

The charging papers say Wimberly also has a juvenile conviction for car prowling.

HIGH POINT GUNFIRE SUSPECT’S BAIL SET: The 37-year-old man arrested on Wednesday remains in King County Jail in lieu of $150,000 bail. Probable-cause documents quote a witness as saying he was targeted along with friends for unspecified reasons while they were in a car in the Walgreens parking lot at 35th/Morgan. The suspect is alleged to have fired the gun at them, from inside the car, through its windshield/window, after screaming threats.

(WSB photo, Wednesday)

Police found casings inside the damaged car, which belongs to a family member who lives where it was found near 31st/Bataan, but the suspect doesn’t live there. He was arrested after another family member reached him by phone in South Seattle and talked him into giving up. The probable-cause documents also say he is facing an unlawful-gun possession charge for two reasons – one, he is a convicted felon, having been found guilty of assault in 2016, and two, he is the subject of a protection order that bars him from gun possession.

UPDATE: Police search ends quickly in Arbor Heights, after unfounded report

1:16 PM: Police are arriving in Arbor Heights for a search centered at 39th SW and SW 105th. Details to come.

1:19 PM: This was an apparently unfounded report of burglars. A neighbor tells police that the people reported as potential burglars were house cleaners who had a key to enter the house. They’ve just confirmed with the homeowner by phone – per the scanner – that she was expecting new house cleaners today. They’re now making contact with the people in the house.

1:25 PM: Per scanner, confirmed, they’re cleaners. Equipment and all.

FOLLOWUP: One suspect in Roxbury Safeway incident has turned herself in

Just in from the King County Sheriff’s Office, word that one of the suspects in Monday’s Roxbury Safeway incident has turned herself in. Khalia Wimberly is being booked into jail, according to KCSO. She is one of two people sought after a deputy responding to a shoplifting report was hit by a car fleeing the scene. (That car, which investigators say Wimberly was driving, has already been found, too.) KCSO spokesperson Sgt. Ryan Abbott says that the deputy has a broken leg and is “resting at home comfortably.”

West Seattle Crime Watch: 1 arrested after High Point gunfire

FIRST REPORT, 4:29 PM: Not long after multiple people called 911 to report hearing gunfire in the High Point area, police got a report of a damaged vehicle near 31st and Bataan. They’re investigating, but there’s no report of any injuries so far. Updates to come.

4:36 PM: Photos added. And our crew says the helicopter in the area is just TV.

5:37 PM: Per scanner, police are looking for a suspect, and the search has blocked some parts of the area.

5:54 PM: Also per scanner, a suspect is in custody, after an arrest outside West Seattle.

11:52 PM: The jail register shows the suspect, a 37-year-old man, was booked for investigation of drive-by shooting, unlawful gun possession, and assault.

ADDED THURSDAY: The incident was written up today on SPD Blotter.

FRIDAY NOTE: The suspect remains in jail, bail set at $150,000. We’ll be checking later today on whether he is charged.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Shot-up sign; package thief on video; talk with police Tuesday

SHOT-UP SIGN: Vlad sent the photo after spotting the bullet holes in that stop sign at 37th & Ida Thistle in Gatewood. “It appears that there are still bullets lodged in the center section where the pole is located behind.” No way to know how recently this happened – he spotted it while walking on a street that’s not his regular route – but he reported it to police.

PACKAGE TAKEN: This security video is from the front porch of a house in the 3800 block of SW Graham last Friday night:

While it might look as if the person in the video dropped something off while picking up the package that was taken, the sender says nothing was actually left behind.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME PREVENTION COUNCIL: The community groups that regularly meet at the Southwest Precinct are emerging from holiday hiatus, starting with the West Seattle Crime Prevention Council, next Tuesday (January 15th) at 7 pm. It’s your chance to bring neighborhood crime/safety concerns directly to local police. The precinct is at 2300 SW Webster

West Seattle Crime Watch: Two bicycles found, dumped and likely stolen

January 8, 2019 1:24 pm
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First – Todd just found this bicycle in Riverview:

Second – A texter found this one on a trail in Roxhill Park “behind the ballfield”:

If you recognize either, please let us know and we’ll connect you with the finder. Also a note – another reader asked us to remind bicycle owners to register with Bike Index (it’s free) as another way of increasing the chance of a reunion if yours is ever taken.

UPDATE: 2 sought after deputy hit by fleeing suspects’ car at Roxbury Safeway

4:41 PM: Thanks for the tips about the police response at Roxbury Safeway. King County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Sgt. Ryan Abbott says it started as a shoplifting incident and a suspect who was being sought hit a deputy with (updated) her car. Non-life-threatening injuries. More to come.

P.S. Those are TV helicopters.

4:59 PM: More info from KCSO: “1 female suspect in custody, another female suspect intentionally struck deputy with vehicle and fled at high rate of speed.” No description yet of the vehicle/suspect they’re seeking.

10:48 PM: Just in from KCSO, here’s who they are seeking:

The King County Sheriff’s Office has PC [probable cause] to Arrest KHALIA WIMBERLY for Assault 1 and Robbery 1. There is a temporary warrant in the system for Wimberly’s arrest.

The evening of 1/7/19, Wimberly, her boyfriend Davevion Irving, and another associate did a shoplift at the Safeway in White Center. Law Enforcement was called and arrived on scene as they were exiting the store being chased by loss prevention. Wimberly and Irving ran past a Deputy that was on foot and in full uniform, got into a black 1996 Lexus LS 4 door. Wimberly, now the driver of the Lexus, struck the Deputy head-on causing serious/ non-life threatening injuries. The associate was arrested on scene but Wimberly and Irving escaped.

There is NO PC or temporary warrant for Irving but he does have an active felony warrant and misdemeanor warrant for his arrest.

Wimberly and Irving are dating and said to be couch surfing, possibly in the Tacoma area.

Please call 911 if you know where either Wimberly or Irving is or the King County Sheriff’s Office at 206/296-3311.

11:12 PM: A little more information: First, we asked Sgt. Abbott a followup on how the deputy’s doing. Still in the hospital, but in stable condition. Regarding the suspects – Wimberly is 18 years old, 5’3,” 180 pounds, last known address in Top Hat; Irving is 19 years old, 5’10”, 150 pounds, last known address in Kent. The car’s plate is BJX9158.

West Seattle Crime Watch: RV theft and home burglary

Seen that 24-foot Fleetwood Jamboree motorhome? It was stolen within the past few days from the 3700 block of 38th SW, with its owner’s house broken into at the same time. The plates are Washington ARF9265; SPD incident # 2019-007891. Call 911 if you see it.

SCAM ALERT: Utility-bill phone callers at it again

Another West Seattle business got the utility-bill scam phone call today and wanted to share the alert. Sleepers in Seattle in The Junction tells WSB they got one of those calls where the claim is made that a utility bill has gone unpaid and cutoff is looming unless payment is made immediately. All local utilities have issued repeated reminders that they don’t do business this way – here’s the City Light scam-alert page, for example.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Another stolen green CR-V

Sam has been visiting our area for the holidays – and unfortunately this happened:

My green 1999 Honda CR-V was stolen on Christmas Eve from the street on the 5600 block of Fauntleroy Way SW. It has Oregon plates (872KGL).

Call 911 if you see it.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Burglar steals 84-year-old woman’s bicycle, leaves watch behind; Westwood Village police response

5:16 PM: From Michelle: A break-in early (updated) today at her condo in the 1600 block of Harbor SW, which has been hit before. Above is a security-camera screengrab of the suspect. Michelle says they’ve been hit before, and this time:

We were lucky that they only got one bike. They left several behind, including a new electric that they clearly couldn’t figure out. He did leave behind a watch that I have included. I would love it if people would keep an eye out for this really unique bike! It is going to cost $600 plus to replace and it is my 84-year-old mother’s bike. Grrrrrrrr.

She adds that “we bought it for Mom after she had her hips replaced so that she could just step over it.” The police incident # is 19-1618; if you find the bike, or know anything about the watch, also please let us know.

ADDED 7:04 PM: Thanks for the tips on a big police response near Westwood Village earlier this evening. Though it had dissipated by the time we got there, we were able to ask Southwest Precinct Lt. Steve Strand about it just now at the SW District Council meeting. He said police were after a suspected auto thief. The teenage suspect was caught. The car belonged to his parents, whose custody he’s expected to be released into.

West Seattle Crime Watch: 2 thefts – green CR-V, red purse

Two reader reports in West Seattle Crime Watch tonight:

STOLEN CR-V: From Rich:

2 men entered the garage at 5001 California Ave SW at 11:46 on Dec. 31st.

They attempted to steal a van by breaking the ignition lock but only managed to steal the handicap hang tag.

They checked out a few other vehicles before settling on a green 1998 Honda CR-V (WA License 220VQN). They backed the Honda into the vehicle that was blocking it in order to gain room to maneuver out of the parking space.

If you see the car, call 911.


Last night on NYE, somebody stole my red Kate Spade purse at a party on Beach Drive. In it was a matching red Kate Spade wallet, two pairs of Ray Bans, my car keys, house key, and some other important items.

If you happened to spot it discarded or otherwise, we can connect you. We’ll also add the police report # as soon as we get it.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Stolen gray Leaf (found)

10:53 AM: Out of the WSB inbox, from Mark: “I am hoping to warn readers as well as get some community help to find my stolen car. My 2017 Nissan Leaf (Gray) was stolen on Christmas Eve in my parking lot: WA PLATE #BFC2811.” We’re following up to get theft-location information and will add when that’s available.

1:24 PM: 36th SW between Hanford and Hinds.

8:49 PM: Mark says his car’s been found, parked in front of a fire hydrant a few miles away, and he has it back.

UPDATE: DUI suspected in 2-car collision on Sylvan Way

8:07 AM: Seattle Fire and Police are at the scene of a crash in the 6700 block of 30th SW [map] in High Point. SFD says two people need to be extricated. Three medic units have been dispatched. More shortly.

8:18 AM: Metro has sent an alert that Route 128 is routed off Sylvan because of the crash. Per scanner, the Traffic Collision Investigation Squad is responding to this, which means the scene will be closed for a few hours.

8:21 AM: Per scanner, two people are being taken to Harborview. Metro has routed Route 128 off Sylvan Way.

8:27 AM: Photo added – this is a two-car collision on Sylvan Way. Our crew was told a third person was taken to a hospital via private ambulance, and has confirmed that TCI is responding.

10:37 AM: The street shouldn’t be closed too much longer – per scanner, we just heard that the tow trucks have arrived and SDOT’s Incident Response Team is being requested to return for scene cleanup.

11:58 AM: Just confirmed firsthand that Sylvan has reopened and tge 128 is back on its regular route.

2:10 PM: As noted in comments and now confirmed by this SPD Blotter update, DUI is suspected; police arrested the 33-year-old woman driving the silver car.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Mail theft on video

Don’t leave anything out — except the milk and cookies for Santa! Mail and package thieves are also busy (minus reindeer) as the holiday season continues, this reader-recorded security video reminds us. The mail thief appears midway through the one-minute clip; this happened just after 4 am Saturday morning near 39th/Dakota. Info? Location: Near the intersection of 39th Ave. S.W. and S.W. Dakota. Info? Refer to SPD incident # 18-479040.

FOLLOWUP: Keelan Malone found competent to stand trial in West Seattle sexual assault/burglary

Another suspect in a high-profile West Seattle case has been found competent to stand trial after treatment at Western State Hospital. That was the ruling in a hearing Thursday for 26-year-old Keelan T. Malone, charged with indecent liberties and burglary with sexual motivation in last June’s 13th/Roxbury break-in. He was found incompetent back in September and ordered sent to WSH. He is now back in King County Jail, held in lieu of $500,000 bail. The next hearing in his case is scheduled for January 9th.

Prayer vigil at Hope Lutheran on Sunday for 14-year-old murder victim Natalie Gulizia

You might have heard about the murder of 14-year-old Natalie Gulizia in regional news; her mother is charged with shooting her while Natalie was calling 911. Though it happened in Renton, Natalie has links to West Seattle, where a prayer vigil is planned tomorrow. The announcement from Hope Lutheran (which provided the photo):

Last Tuesday, former Hope School student Natalie Gulizia passed away in a tragic situation. Natalie graduated from Hope in 2016 and was attending Kennedy Catholic High School. As our community grieves, we would like to invite you to join us for a Prayer Vigil for her on Sunday, December 23, at noon in the Hope Church sanctuary. All are welcome.

The church is in The Junction, at 4456 42nd SW. A post on the Hope website describes Natalie as “a bright, talented, and extremely well-loved young lady.”

West Seattle Crime Watch: Handmade items stolen from van; police on package-theft patrol

In West Seattle Crime Watch:

HANDMADE ITEMS STOLEN FROM VAN: Above and below are photos showing some of what was stolen from a van parked in West Seattle, sent by Sydney:

I wish to report items stolen from my boyfriend Victor’s van between 10:30 pm and 430 am (Thursday night) on 47th SW. The culprits busted out the lock on the back doors (the end of the vehicle facing the street) and stole a large plastic bin which contained several custom handmade leather witch and pirate hats (aka tri-corners), 4 large handmade, hard-cover leathe= bound books, as well as a red roll around duffel bag which contained a generous variety of hand made pewter cloak clasps and other brooches and pins. When Victor left the house to search the neighborhood, he found the plastic bin abandoned on the side of the street south of our house, but they left nothing else.

We’ll add the police report number when it’s available. If you have any information on items like these having been dumped and/or offered for sale, we can in the meantime connect you with Sydney.

POLICE PATROL FOR PACKAGE THIEVES: From the Southwest Precinct Anti-Crime Team:

Seattle PD Southwest Anti-Crime Team has been running a special program this holiday season to make sure all the boys and girls on the “Nice List” receive their presents.

A special bonus related to this program is the chance for package thieves on the “naughty list” to spend Christmas in jail.

See something/someone suspicious? Call 911.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Highland Park arrests; Beach Drive burglar on the run

Two West Seattle Crime Watch reports:

HIGHLAND PARK ARRESTS: An SPD Blotter post explains why we couldn’t find an incident number to follow up on questions about what police were doing outside Highland Park’s Morningstar Deli on Wednesday: It was an Anti-Crime Team arrest rather than the result of a 911 call. The post says the officers were …
“responding to community complaints of auto thefts and abandoned stolen cars in the area” when this happened:

Around 4:30 Wednesday, ACT members were in the 8800 block of 9th Avenue SW when they spotted a reported stolen truck parked in a business lot. Officers watched the female driver walk away from the truck while another woman remained in the passenger seat. Plainclothes officers followed the suspect until uniformed officers arrived and took her into custody. The passenger was also detained and it was determined she had an outstanding misdemeanor warrant. During a search of the suspects, police recovered numerous stolen credit and debit cards, which had been reported stolen during multiple car prowls and burglaries in and around Seattle.

While officers were arresting the two women, a man, who was known to officers to have an outstanding warrant, inserted himself into the situation. Officers recognized the man as someone who had recently fled from patrol officers. He was immediately arrested on his outstanding warrant. The three suspects were later booked into jail.

The driver is a 28-year-old woman whose bail was set this afternoon at $46,000, most of that related to a warrant in a case in which she is charged with trafficking in stolen property. We looked up the case; it involved purse thefts two years ago from the elementary school where her child was a student, followed by fraudulent use of cards from the purses, and pawning or selling other items found in them. We haven’t determined the passenger’s status; the man is 31 years old and being held in lieu of $15,000 – the warrant was for an assault case.


Just wanted to report a crime on Beach Drive this morning.

We are having construction done on our house and this morning, shortly after the contractor arrived, this truck drove up and a man in a camouflage hoody wearing a knit cap hopped out, ran inside and stole the contractor’s computer and printer. The truck is pretty unique with white wheel wells and a large white metal grate over the front grill. There is also a dark scratch/dent on the driver’s door.

If anyone knows who this is, please contact me. It was obvious he was casing the house and knew the contractor’s schedule. A police report has been filed.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Hit-and-run on camera; dumped blue-and-green bicycle

Two West Seattle Crime Watch reader reports this morning:

HIT-AND-RUN: The photo, report, and video clips were sent this morning by Kendra:

My Jeep was hit hard by a navy blue Jeep (or ?) just before 8 am this morning. Hit so hard it jumped my Jeep onto the curb and grass. Our neighbor witnessed it and they backed up and sped off turning right on Erskine. She said she wasn’t sure how they were driving as they were pretty damaged as well. Called in police report. Be on the lookout of a crashed-in Navy Blue Jeep (or ?).

The crash/vehicle was caught on two security-video views nearby:

Police report # is 18-473833.

BIKE FOUND, LIKELY STOLEN/DUMPED: The photo is from Sean, who says it was found “in the woods”:

If you recognize it, let us know.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Two arrested after late-night locker-room theft

Just in via SPD Blotter – two arrests resulting from a late-night police call at what the address indicates would have been the Westwood Village 24-Hour Fitness:

Officers were called to a gym in the 2600 block of Southwest Barton Street just after midnight Tuesday morning for a report of a theft.

Police arrived and contacted the 51-year-old victim, who said he was relaxing in the sauna when he heard the beeping of an alarm. He went to investigate and saw four people taking belongings from his locker. The victim tried to stop them but the suspects fled out various exits. The victim chased two of the suspects as they attempted to get into a car that was parked in a spot reserved for disabled parking. The two suspects were unsuccessful and continued to flee but were taken into custody by responding officers.

Police recovered the victim’s car keys and wallet, the only things missing from the theft. Officers checked the car the suspects were attempting to enter and discovered it was stolen from an address in Renton.

Officers booked the 18-year-old suspect into King County Jail for theft and released the 16-year-old suspect to his parents after the Youth Services Center refused to book the juvenile for the theft charge. Detectives will continue their work in hopes of identifying the other two suspects.