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WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Street attack; stolen vehicle; charges filed in three cases

Four notes in West Seattle Crime Watch today:

STREET ATTACK: According to a brief summary from Seattle Police, a person was walking in the 5000 block of California SW, south of The Junction, around 6 am Thursday, when he was attacked. The report says a person described only as male approached him, demanded money, and hit him in the jaw, then striking him with a baseball bat, knocking him out. The victim regained consciousness and walked home, then notifying authorities. SFD responded to treat him, and then he was taken to the hospital via private ambulance. The victim told police nothing was stolen because he wasn’t carrying any cash.

(added 8:41 pm) STOLEN VEHICLE: From Michael:

My nephew’s car was stolen early this morning, 9000 block 18th SW. Toyota RAV4, black with front and back bumper damage, UW Huskies special “Purple” license plate #32334B. Please call 206.406.2147 if you see it anywhere.

Also tonight, we have documents from charges filed recently in three West Seattle cases:

SCHOOL BURGLARIES: Back at the start of the year, we reported on two potentially linked school burglaries, with the suspect arrested at South Seattle College (WSB sponsor) and found with a stolen vehicle containing instruments suspected to have been taken in a burglary at Pathfinder K-8. The suspect was released from jail after a day and a half and is finally now charged. The King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office has charged 28-year-old Jeremy S. Fredrickson with second-degree burglary, possession of a stolen vehicle, and possession of stolen property. The charging documents say the car, stolen in Renton a week earlier, contained “numerous band instruments having “Seattle Public Schools” stickers, power tools, axes, machetes, a bucket full of keys, and several burglary tools.” The inventory in the charging documents lists more than 20 instruments with a value totaling up to $24,000. Fredrickson, whose record included firearms convictions more than a decade ago, has been arrested twice – each time jailed for just a day – since the burglary arrest, but is not currently in custody.

HOME BURGLARY: The KCPAO charged 29-year-old Joshua I. Millar with one count of residential burglary for a break-in last week in the 5600 block of 25th SW. The charging documents say he was found in the house after tripping an alarm by entering through a window after removing its molding to gain access; neighbors held him until police arrived. Millar had two warrants at the time and has been in jail since the arrest on June 9th, with bail set at $10,000.

STOLEN CAR: The KCPAO has charged 25-year-old Jesus E. Rodriguez-Ramirez with possession of a stolen vehicle. Around 4:30 am on June 10th, police found him asleep in a stolen 2000 Ford Ranger, spray-painted black, parked along the 7100 block of Detroit SW, in what the charging documents describe as “an area well-known for the presence of stolen vehicles.” The truck had been stolen one week earlier from what prosecutors describe only as “an apartment complex south of Seattle.” They note that Rodriguez-Ramirez has a prior conviction for the same crime, and that damage to the truck’s ignition, as well as the hasty paint job, left the victim with a bill for at least $3,000. The defendant remains in jail, with bail set at $5,000.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Attempted vehicle theft

The photo and report are from Al:

Attempted vehicle theft 48th & Graham. This morning (6/14), discovered that at some point since last Tuesday night, someone forced open the passenger-side lock (destroying it in the process) and removed the ignition housing. There are plier marks on the ignition switch but apparently they couldn’t start the vehicle. The ignition housing is gone, as is any other trace of their existence; however, all my personal items (none of value) remain untouched. The vehicle starts and runs just as if nothing happened, thank goodness, but now I’ve got to shell out some $$ to rectify that jerk’s actions!

CRIME WATCH FOLLOWUP: Suspect arrested, charged in West Marginal carjacking

A short police summary from the weekend noted that, at 2 pm Saturday, “officers were searching for a suspect wanted for armed carjacking and eluding police … located the man mowing his lawn outside of his home and took him into custody.” Pursuing further information, we learned that the suspect was wanted for the May 12th shot-fired carjacking incident on West Marginal Way. 28-year-old James C. French was charged three weeks ago with first-degree robbery, and that’s why police had a warrant to arrest him on Saturday.

(WSB photo, May 12th)

The charging documents say French first caught police’s attention May 12th near 40th/Dakota, as what turned out to be a stolen vehicle was being loaded onto a trailer. Police caught up with the Ford Expedition towing the trailer under the West Seattle Bridge and tried to pull it over; the driver, believed to be French, didn’t comply. Police did not pursue but shortly thereafter happened onto a collision involving the Expedition and trailer (above) and another vehicle. French and others were photographed walking away from the scene toward a nearby gas station, where French is accused of stealing another vehicle at gunpoint, firing a shot in the process. Police found that stolen vehicle near 21st and Holly. The charging documents say that’s near French’s house, though police didn’t yet know that he was the suspect. They did find his ex-girlfriend, who said the Expedition was hers and that she already knew about it because someone had shown her, the charging document says, “a photo of her crashed white Expedition on the West Seattle Blog.” The investigation continued, and within a few days, police say, the carjacking victim identified French’s photo from a montage. He was charged May 24th but did not show up for his scheduled arraignment last week, so the warrant was issued. He’s now in jail in lieu of $150,000 bail. According to court documents, he has no prior felony record.

CRIME WATCH: Vandalism temporarily closes West Seattle COVID test site

10:03 AM: Thanks for the tips. That big red SITE CLOSED sign is what you’ll see if you show up at the city’s COVID-testing site at 2801 SW Thistle. We went over to find out why; staff at the site told us the generator was vandalized, and crews from UW Medicine, which does the testing at the site, were on their way to assess. They’re not sure yet whether they’ll be able to reopen today (normal hours are 9 am-5:30 pm), so for now they’re directing everyone to the SODO site (3820 6th Avenue South, same hours). As we note in our weekly COVID-stats updates (like this one published last night), there’s also a Curative-operated testing kiosk at Don Armeni Boat Ramp (1222 Harbor SW), open until 3 pm.

3:46 PM: UW Medicine says the site reopened later in the morning.


If you live near Jefferson Square, have a vehicle parked on the street, and haven’t used it yet today, Jake‘s report might be of interest:

At least six cars along the Jefferson Square block of 41st Ave SW had their tires slashed. Perpetrator(s) were not seen but a young man’s voice was heard. If you live in the area and parked on the street last night, check your tires.

That was Jake’s initial note this morning, with the time frame believed to be in the 9 pm hour, but then he sent this:

I’m hearing new reports from neighbors of seeing cars attempting to drive with flat tires on 41st Ave SW throughout the day yesterday. The slashing spree may have started earlier or gone on throughout the day.

If it happened to you, here’s where to file a report online.

CRIME WATCH FOLLOWUP: Charge filed in shoplift-turned-robbery

In West Seattle Crime Watch tonight: We reported on Monday that a man was arrested after a shoplift-turned-robbery at West Seattle Thriftway (WSB sponsor) in Morgan Junction. The King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office has charged the suspect, 48-year-old Ryan R. Knake, with second-degree robbery. A store employee told police he had confronted Knake after seeing him hide a sandwich in a personal bag, and that, in response, Knake brandished a knife and said, “Do you wanna die?”, then held the knife toward employees as he left the store. Charging documents say police found him walking eastbound along the north side of the store, seeming to be distraught and in crisis. They arrested him and found the knife in his possession, according to the documents, which also say he threatened officers as they transported him to jail. Knake has no criminal convictions, prosecutors say, but this is his seventh jail booking in eight months; they requested $30,000 bail, and that’s what a judge set.


Keep an eye out for Jordan‘s pickup truck:

Our truck was stolen last night from the street in front of our house on 16th Ave SW near South Seattle College. It’s a red 1997 Ford Ranger, with a white canopy with stickers on it.

Plates are B19866L, and the police report is 22-146801.

CRIME WATCH: About Wednesday’s early-morning warrant arrest

Several people asked about a SWAT-type response early Wednesday morning in the 38th/Juneau vicinity – described by one neighbor as including bullhorn announcements and at least one flashbang explosion. The scene had cleared by the time we got to there, and it took a while to run down some information since it wasn’t a Seattle Police case, but we have a bit today. A spokesperson for Renton Police confirms theirs was the lead agency, and that it was a warrant service. The person for whom the warrant had been issued, in a drug case, was arrested. We don’t know their status – though we’re trying to find out – but did want to let you know what we had learned so far.

VIDEO: Aerial view as police track down, arrest bank-robbery suspects in South Park, White Center

12:18 AM: Tuesday evening, police arrested four north-end bank-robbery suspects in South Park and White Center. It was a relatively lengthy helicopter-assisted operation, and the Guardian One crew has released video this past hour showing how it unfolded.

11:12 AM: The King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office says that the four suspects will have bail hearings on Thursday, since they weren’t booked into jail until early this morning.

GRATITUDE: West Seattle carjacking victim has new wheels, with community help

Just yesterday, we reported on an arrest in the April 29th Admiral carjacking. Today we have an update from the victim’s son, Eric:

After almost 40 days without a car, yesterday we found a car for my mother who was carjacked in Admiral on 4/29. The fallout from this type of crime runs so deep. From the initial mental and emotional stress to dealing with investigators and Seattle Housing Authority to dealing with insurance companies and car shops to finding and viewing replacement cars on Craigslist… It’s a lot for anyone.

But this story has a happy ending! The insurance money coupled with the GoFundMe donations allowed my mom to get a decent car that she can use to get to and from work and visit family. It feels like she can finally get on with her life!

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Carjacking arrest; shoplift-turned-robbery; store threat; dumped-likely-stolen tools

Four items in West Seattle Crime Watch:

CARJACKING ARREST: SPD reports an arrest in connection with the late April carjacking of an Island View Apartments resident in the alley behind her building in Admiral. Detectives following up on the case identified “two possible suspects” and found that one was in the SCORE jail in Des Moines, scheduled for release on Sunday. They went there that same day, arrested him for the carjacking case, and booked him into King County Jail. We’re still working to find out more about him. No word of the second suspect’s whereabouts so far.

SHOPLIFT TURNED ROBBERY: According to a preliminary SPD summary, this happened this morning just before 7:30 am at West Seattle Thriftway (WSB sponsor) in Morgan Junction. Police say the suspect walked in, grabbed sandwiches, tried to leave, and was confronted by employees. At that point, police say, he “pulled out a knife, made threats, and jabbed at the employee, screaming.” He then left but was found by police and arrested.

STORE THREAT: Just before midnight Friday night, police were called to the 35th/Avalon 7-11 because of a person who was already under orders to stay away from the store because of previous threats to staff. He was reportedly back, making death threats again. Police found the suspect in a parked vehicle outside the store and followed him as he “made a slow attempt to leave the scene,” according to the case summary. They arrested and booked him on suspicion of felony harassment. A rifle was seen in his car, which was impounded for follow-up investigation.

DUMPED-LIKELY-STOLEN TOOLS: Phil found these in the Fauntleroy Church parking lot:

If you recognize any of them, let us know so we can connect you. (UPDATE: The tools are now inside the church, so check in at the office if they’re yours.)

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Dump-truck theft (update – found!); plus, recognize any of these dumped-likely-stolen items?

Two reports in West Seattle Crime Watch this afternoon:

STOLEN DUMP TRUCK: Just received the photo and report from Serene:

My husband’s dump truck was stolen by Highland Park Elementary School about an hour ago. It is a ’95 Isuzu NPR. Please keep an eye out!

We’ll add the plate and incident # when we get them. (Update: Incident # 22-142578. … Plate # C52539V.) ANOTHER UPDATE: Found by a reader (see comment)!

FROM THE DUMPED-LIKELY-STOLEN FILE: The photos and report are from Michael:

A few nights ago, I found a MiniMeis child shoulder carrier and tire chains on the corner of the SW Edmunds St, between the Huxley and the alley. That same night, about two blocks to the west, I found a large pile of clothing (including various shoes) and a damaged Canon Pro-100 photo printer.

If these belong to anybody, I’d certainly like to get them to their proper owner. However, if no one claims them, then I’d like to keep the child carrier, attempt to repair the printer, and donate the clothing or recycle it through Ridwell.

If any of this might be yours, please email us and we’ll connect you with Michael.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Stolen Silverado (update: found)

The report and photo are from Jennifer:

2003 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD stolen from 48th Ave SW between Juneau and Findlay some time between 10 pm and 5 am. Plate # C71140D. Truck also had tools. Police report # 22-141476. Please phone it in if sighted.

UPDATE: Jennifer says they’ve gotten word that law-enforcement officers have found the Silverado “near the airport.”

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Business vandalism; suspects charged in three recent burglaries

In West Seattle Crime Watch tonight:

BUSINESS VANDALISM: The photo and report are from Patrick:

Late Wednesday night 6/1 or early Thursday morning, someone threw a rock or brick at the front window of the Evergreen Tang Soo Do Academy (5432 California SW). The outer pane shattered but not the inner pane. Police report filed.

CHARGES FILED: The King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office has charged suspects in three West Seattle burglaries that happened within the past week:

-Last Sunday (May 29th), 8800 block of 20th SW: 26-year-old Christopher R. Rodriguez is charged with residential burglary after police said they caught him in the same vacant house for the second time in three days. The first time, nothing was taken so he was cited for trespassing and released; this time he was booked into jail.

-Also on Sunday, 6700 block of West Marginal Way SW: 29-year-old Kaylan E. Ramos is charged with second-degree burglary after Port of Seattle Police arrested him in the Alaska Marine Lines yard, allegedly stealing items including a reflective vest.

-On Monday, 2700 block of 36th SW: 49-year-old Zachariah K. Hampton is charged with residential burglary for allegedly breaking into a garage and trying to steal a bicycle valued at $5,000.

All three of the aforementioned defendants have criminal records; all three remain in jail, Rodriguez with bail set at $15,000, Hampton and Ramos each with bail set at $5,000.


One reader report tonight in West Seattle Crime Watch: It’s not surprising to hear about a case of gas siphoning, given the current prices. The victim, who wants to remain anonymous, says this happened between 10:30 and 10:50 am today “in the alley of the 3200 block, between Hanford and Hinds & 44th Ave SW and California Ave SW. … A man came onto our property and siphoned gas out of our truck.” They saw him as he left in an older gold Chevy Silverado, license plate starting with C539. The siphoner was described as white, “maybe in his 40’s or 50’s, short mustache, maybe short beard, dirty black hat with white writing/pic on front, wearing a light blue shirt or jacket, with a darker blue collar sticking out.” The victim said they were primarily contacting us so that others are aware this can happen.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Chelan Café ATM theft; car prowls; dumped/likely-stolen bicycle

June 2, 2022 11:02 am
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Three West Seattle Crime Watch reports this morning:

CHELAN CAFE ATM THEFT: Thanks for the tips. Shown in our photo above is the bar door at the Chelan Café, damaged when burglar(s) broke in early today and stole the ATM. We just went over to the Chelan to confirm the break-in. They believe it happened less than half an hour after the last employee locked up for the night and left around 3:45 am. If you have any information, the case number is 22-139316.

CAR PROWLS: From Eric:

This morning at 6:15, I found that my car (47th and Andover) had been prowled. All the glovebox contents were sitting in the passenger seat, driver’s side door was ajar. Guess I left it unlocked last night.

When taking my kid to the ferry, I saw some paperwork strewn about on 47th and Dawson. I picked it up. Was a car registration for someone else on 47th (5400 block). I placed the paperwork under their windshield wiper and could see that their glovebox contents were also out.

DUMPED-LIKELY-STOLEN BICYCLE: Recognize this bike? The photo and report are from Ken:

This bike was abandoned in our yard (37th SW and SW Charlestown area) 3 days ago. I’m assuming it was “borrowed” and then left because of a loose seat and rubbing tire. It’s not a great bike but possibly “the best bike I ever had” to the owner. For identification purposes, it is a Huffy brand, Summit model. There is no visible serial number.

If it’s yours, contact us and we’ll connect you.

CRIME WATCH FOLLOWUPS: Van-theft suspect charged; gunfire-related arrest

Two followups in West Seattle Crime Watch today:

VAN-THEFT SUSPECT CHARGED: Last week, we published Stefan‘s report about a stolen work van, and updated it with news that it had been found. What we didn’t know at the time was that police arrested a suspect when they found the van. And today, we have word that the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office has filed a felony charge, possession of a stolen vehicle, against the 27-year-old suspect, Lee D. Watkins, who was already awaiting trial in three other auto-theft-related cases. According to the charging documents, officers found the van in the parking lot of the West Seattle Health Club at 10:45 pm last Tuesday, just under 17 hours after it was stolen in The Junction. As officers approached the van, the documents say they “observed a male get out of the driver seat of the vehicle. (Police) immediately recognized the male as Lee Watkins from previous contacts. (Police are) familiar with Watkins and know him as a prolific auto thief who has been arrested multiple times by SPD and KCSO.” Watkins, the documents say, claimed he had been loaned the van by an acquaintance who just “showed up at his apartment” with it and told him to drop it off at the health-club lot. Asked how he had started it, Watkins showed officers a screwdriver. They found it inside the van, and found “over 20 shaved keys” in his backpack. The van’s catalytic converter had been stolen, as discovered when the owner came to pick it up. Watkins was arrested and booked into jail, where he remains, with bail set at $10,000 – though prosecutors had requested $25,000.

GUNFIRE-RELATED ARREST: An arrest made by police Monday is linked to one of the three West Seattle gunfire incidents they confirmed last weekend. Around 9 am Monday, officers noticed a car at 18th/Barton believed to have been involved in the 9th SW gunfire incident early Sunday. According to archived police-radio audio, people were asleep in the car; they woke them up and ordered them out. According to a police-report summary, they claimed “they were shot at (Sunday) during the shooting.” The person “in possession of the vehicle” was a convicted felon, and police found ammunition in the car, so he was arrested for a firearms-law violation.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Three cases of confirmed gunfire

SPD published a roundup tonight of confirmed gun-involved incidents around the city this weekend. Three cases of confirmed gunfire – no injuries – were in West Seattle:

SATURDAY, 4:21 AM: Officers “found multiple shell casings” after 911 callers said they heard gunfire in the 6900 block of Delridge Way SW [map].

SUNDAY, 1:37 AM: Officers “collected shell casings and documented ballistic damage to a parked car” after getting reports of “two groups … shooting at each other” in the 1000 block of Harbor Avenue SW [map].

SUNDAY, 6:13 AM: Police found “ballistic evidence” after residents in the 8800 block of 9th SW [map] called to report suspected gunfire. Officers were told of “a male suspect chasing another man through back yards, including scaling a shed at one point.”


Yet another stolen vehicle to watch for. David sent the report and photo:

1998 Jeep Wrangler TJ. Stolen from West Seattle last night on the corner of 24th Ave. SW and Holden. Plate: BPM8757.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Stolen black Forester

May 30, 2022 1:35 pm
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Another stolen vehicle to watch for – Marina sent the photos and report:

My black ‘99 Subaru Forester was stolen near the Farmers’ Market around Genesee and 40th yesterday while I was working. License plate CAU3434.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Car, bike, jewelry stolen in burglary

Just received from Taylor:

House was broken into on the lower half of Fairmount Ave SW between Friday and noon today.

Stolen items:
2021 white Porsche Cayenne S

Heirloom and new jewelry.
Chloe small clutch purse, a few other purses and belts of value
Black bike (don’t remember the model number).

This bike was left next to the shed, likely abandoned after taking my bike:

No police report # yet but we’ll add it as soon as it’s available. (Update: It’s 22-135939.)


Be on the lookout for Tim’s stolen car:

My 2021 maroon Toyota RAV4 was stolen from my house in the 3000 block of 62nd Ave SW, Alki area, last night, 5/27/22. WA license CAX-6565. Last seen parked in the alley at about 11:30 last night. I went to take the trash out today around noon and found that it was missing. SPD report # 22-134944.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Midday gunfire; stolen white pickup truck

Two reports in West Seattle Crime Watch:

MIDDAY GUNFIRE: A preliminary police summary confirms gunfire at midday today. It was called in from the vicinity of 28th/Myrtle just after 11:30 am. Here’s what police wrote:

It appears two SUVs were chasing each other for an unknown reason. A passenger in a white SUV fired rounds at the blue SUV. At least one round missed the blue SUV and struck a residence. No one was struck by the errant rounds. Evidence of a shooting was located at the scene. A short while after, a white SUV was located in the 6300 block of 34 AV SW (unoccupied). It was a Federal Way stolen vehicle. It appears to be the suspect vehicle in the shooting. It was recovered and impounded to the processing room. Patrol processed the scene. … No suspects were located. The other vehicle was not located.

STOLEN TRUCK: Via text, another report of a stolen pickup truck to watch for:

License B99083L. Incident #22-131227. Stolen from SW Dakota and 45th (on Monday). 1997 Ford Ranger.