HPAC REPORT #2: Encampment updates, re-sleuthing ‘The Hum,’ Delridge Triangle

By Tracy Record
West Seattle Blog editor

Our first report on this past week’s HPAC meeting – held online Wednesday night – focused on the group’s discussion with a Metro rep about proposed bus-stop changes. But the coalition tackled other topics of note, and that’s what we’re writing about now.

ENCAMPMENTS: Questions about several encampments in southeast West Seattle had surfaced at previous meetings, so HPAC invited local-government reps to attend with updates. Tom Van Bronkhorst was there from the city’s Unified Care Team, and James Poling was there on behalf of WSDOT. The one of greatest concern was the growing encampment at 1st/Cloverdale, just west of Highway 509. Poling said that WSDOT “has started preliminary assessment at the site.” Van Bronkhorst said WSDOT doesn’t own the entirety of the property involved – there’s adjacent city land that’s “also encamped.” As a result of that, he said, the city will be “working in the weeks ahead to plan some kind of removal.” Before that, he expected crews would be removing litter at the site. (We followed up post-meeting with Lori Baxter, who handles homelessness-response inquiries for the mayor’s office, and she confirmed the site is getting “weekly trash mitigation … while WSDOT resolution planning continues.” She added, “The Unified Care Team last inspected this site on February 14, noting six RVs/vehicles and three tents/structures.”) At the HPAC meeting, Van Bronkhorst also addressed the encampment across Delridge Way from the Southwest Precinct, saying it’s likely to be resolved by summer, because a city reforestation project is planned to “activate” that area (the Delridge Native Forest Garden, which got a federal grant last year, and about which Baxter tells us, “UCT will consider the construction schedule while building out upcoming calendar dates”). Finally, regarding Barton between 15th and 17th, Van Bronkhorst said five RVs were there at last count, 600 pounds of trash was removed three weeks ago, and the outreach agency REACH has been “visiting every few weeks.”

‘THE HUM’: More than a decade ago, we reported on then-HPAC leadership leading community sleuthing of the droning noise that so many were hearing at night. It was traced to vacuum equipment offloading dry cargo from ships serving an industrial facility on the Duwamish River; better muffling was installed, and that seemed to handle the problem. In recent months, we hear every so often from someone thinking they’re hearing it again; invariably, when we get one of those reports, we check MarineTraffic.com, and it shows the same type of ship in port around the same spot. At Wednesday’s meeting, local resident Matthew said he’s resolved to get to the bottom of it, including finding out what the noise rules are. HPAC leadership agreed to collaborate with him. You can help too – if you hear it, log the time. Record it if you can.

DELRIDGE TRIANGLE: This triangle of land by the Route 60 northbound bus stop across from 2 Fingers Social was the subject of a community-led planning process in 2017-2019 aimed at turning it into more of a park. Eventually the effort stalled (the last mention in our archives was July 2019). Now, HPAC says, there’s word that Seattle Parks is acquiring the parcel from SDOT. We’re following up on that with both.

WHAT’S NEXT? HPAC meets on fourth Wednesdays most months, 7 pm. Watch the HPAC website for updates.

46 Replies to "HPAC REPORT #2: Encampment updates, re-sleuthing 'The Hum,' Delridge Triangle"

  • K March 2, 2024 (10:54 pm)

    I was hearing “the hum” again for a while too, but then my neighbor started crypto mining, so now I have a more annoying, more consistent hum to contend with.

    • Delridge North March 3, 2024 (7:13 am)

      What does crypto mining sound like? I don’t understand the process. What does it involve? I hear a hum but it might be from the neighbors instead of the port. I do hear the port noise when I’m outside but not usually in my apartment. 

      • K March 3, 2024 (8:34 am)

        It is exhaust fans running high speed 24/7. They put a bunch of servers in their garage and added 5-6 exhaust fans. I actually can’t hear “the hum” anymore because this is louder/closer, but I doubt it is heard anywhere outside of our block.

      • Husky March 3, 2024 (8:56 am)

        Crypto mining is typically done with computers or specific computer components like GPUs (graphics/video cards).  It’s like running a really  intensive program or game on your computer.  The faster or more powerful the computer runs, the more it can “mine”.  Running things hard generates heat, and the noise associated would mostly be coming from cooling hardware like fans or pumps to keep the hardware from overheating, so that it can keep running (mining) at full speed.

  • High Point March 2, 2024 (11:09 pm)

    Heard it last night and also hearing it currently. It’s 11pm right now and we’re just east of the HP library.

  • Erik March 2, 2024 (11:42 pm)

    I noticed it and recorded it on 2/12 at 9:27pm was particularly loud over by Westcrest. 

  • S March 3, 2024 (3:54 am)

    There are  8 RVs that are spread out 3 blocks. They are on Barton and Henderson between 15th and Delridge. There is one a block south Barton and 15th. Please find a place they can move to. There are also 4 in front of South Seattle College.

  • anonyme March 3, 2024 (5:10 am)

    Heard it last night in Arbor Heights around 9 pm.

  • Liz March 3, 2024 (7:55 am)

    Up in High Point at 7:54am on Sunday and I can hear the HUM right now.Is there a place ppl are reporting these other than here I should use?

  • T Rex March 3, 2024 (8:10 am)

    The encampment by 509  is disgusting, hope it gets cleaned up soon.

    • Charles Burlingame March 3, 2024 (11:16 am)

      The region’s inability to seriously address the root causes of homelessness is more disgusting than a tent on the side of the road.

    • Actually Mike March 3, 2024 (11:35 am)

      Yes, I agree–that mess isn’t just gross, it’s dangerous. There’s garbage in the traffic lanes and frequently one or more vehicles stopped or broken down there. Not to mention, the place looks like Crime Central.

    • Derek March 3, 2024 (1:46 pm)

      So poor people are “gross” to you? Neat. Or maybe Harrell and Woo and Saka and all the conservatives on council aren’t actually good at doing anything about building shelters and fixing this. 

      • Conservative But Not Crazy March 3, 2024 (2:36 pm)

        It was only a matter of time until T Rex crawled out from beneath his rock to make sure we alllll know he’s there.  Give him the attention he deserves:  a pat on the head, a  ‘there-there, Boy; relax’, and wait until some other news item becomes a bone thrown juuuuuust out of reach of common sense.Just give the folks who need attention all the attention they need for a moment, then they’ll go away.  Give no attention?  You get a blathering, blithering, dithering hum that drowns out  whatever goes on at the Duwamish River.

        • Nolan March 4, 2024 (12:57 am)

          I was going to lambast the WSB editor for approving this comment, but on second thought, it’s nice of them to let you hang on your own rope.

        • T Rex March 4, 2024 (11:37 am)

          I call it how I see it my friend.  How
          about you drive by that site, park your car and take a walk into never
          never land and let me know how that works out for you. Being some Starbucks
          just because, it is Seattle after all.  

          is a difference in encampments just like neighborhoods.   Some are
          great and some are not. 

          You can
          be homeless and down on your luck and you can still be clean. 
          Nickelsville was a great example of that. The one we are discussing, is a
          complete SH*T SHOW.  It is full of stripped out cars, there is garbage
          inside and out onto the street.  And God only knows what else that we
          cannot see. SO LET US KNOW!

          And I
          need attention anytime I can get it, thanks for playing my friend!

      • 937 March 3, 2024 (6:23 pm)

        “conservatives on the council” HA!

        Thanks Derek – I needed the laugh.

        A conservative getting elected round these parts has less of a chance than a snowball in hell.

        • Danimal March 3, 2024 (10:31 pm)

          937- thank goodness for that. We’ve all seen what kind of damage “Conservatives” have done, and continue to do, to our country over the last several years, and especially the last year or so. Don’t bother with a blustering response. All I have to do is refer you to the damage done by your kind’s favorite “news” source, and the Supreme Court “Justice” who refuses to recuse himself from cases that he very obviously he should recuse himself from, if he had any sense of what the word “ethics” means.

          • 937 March 4, 2024 (2:01 pm)

            Hi Danimal – I hope things are going better for you!

            Like the “conservatives” currently occupying the WH and congress?? (honorific specifically removed by me) Gee – kinda seems like the WHOLE systems broken (to me).

            But go ahead – carry their water for them.

        • Nolan March 4, 2024 (12:55 am)

          Someday, with extensive study and effort, you may eventually learn that empty words are not more important than actions. Saka ran — and Woo lost — on empty platitudes. They wanted the chamber’s favor, now let them earn it.

        • Mickymse March 4, 2024 (12:12 pm)

          We literally elected a Trump-supporting Republican to be the current City Attorney. It’s funny how many people around here like to pretend they’re something else.

          • 937 March 4, 2024 (2:13 pm)

            From Wiki: Sara Nelson “American businesswoman and politician serving as a member of the Seattle City Council from Position 9. A member of the Democratic Party, (MY emphasis) she defeated Nikkita Oliver in the 2021 election”.

            Being ” Pro Business does NOT maker her a “Trump supporting republican”. You are wrong. Unless you’re talking about Sara Nelson – the flight attendant (you probably did a name search and didn’t bother to read) But then again – the flight attendant isn’t our dist 9 council member.

            I think you’re confused Mickymse

          • WSB March 4, 2024 (2:25 pm)

            Mickymse did not mention Sara Nelson, City Council president. They referred to the city ATTORNEY Ann Davison, who has indeed run for past office as a Republican (see lieutenant governor, 2020).

          • Jethro Marx March 4, 2024 (6:57 pm)

            I believe the accusation of “…Trump-supporting Republican” is based on a video interview that circulated in which Davison expressed dismay at the weird turn the Democratic party has taken. If you watch the whole video it’s pretty clear she does not share President Trump’s ideology.

            If you object to me describing recent mainstream Democratic politics as taking a weird turn, consider that her opponent was considered a real contender but also tweeted that she wished cops had died when some doofus tried to bomb the precinct.

          • WSB March 4, 2024 (7:03 pm)

            I wasn’t commenting on the Trump-supporting remark. Just that he was mistaking Mickymse’s comment as being about Sara Nelson rather than Ann Davison, who did indeed run for a partisan office as a Republican.

          • 937 March 4, 2024 (2:44 pm)

            Seems like I am the one who is confused. WSB – please feel free to strike my comment. My apologies to you Mickymse. You ARE indeed correct.

    • WS Resident March 3, 2024 (3:36 pm)

      Oh the virtue signaling. The camps are disgusting and a health risk. 

      • K March 3, 2024 (4:24 pm)

        The point (which is SO lost on not just you, but many commenters here) is that without addressing the underlying issues that cause people to end up homeless, there will continue to be camps.  You may call it “virtue signaling”, but everyone else calls it common sense.

        • Danimal March 3, 2024 (10:34 pm)

          No, “everyone else,” does not. These are anti-social camps set up for the purpose of intentionally not living according to the rules and laws of society. Drugs and crime are rampant because that’s what the people who set these up want to do – buck the system, and live according to no one else’s guidelines. You’re not going to get these people into shelters and jobs and homes. Arrest and mandatory drug addiction treatment, with release predicated on remaining clean, is the answer. I said what I said.

          • 937 March 4, 2024 (2:19 pm)

            Careful there Danimal – you’re coming off sounding like a (gasp) conservative.

            I agree with EVERYTHING you say, in this response.

          • anonyme March 4, 2024 (3:07 pm)

            Danimal, you’re spot on.  Not everyone is a victim.  This is libertarianism run amok.

        • common sense? March 4, 2024 (12:58 am)

          I call it drug addiction…shameless drug addicts (I’m sorry, individuals with substance use disorder) 🙄  build a tower of respite care for addicts living on streets. Time and resources spent on these encampments would be better served helping the working poor living in their cars at park and ride locations for safety.  But Seattle is addicted to homeless ~ economy needs it. especially the nonprofit sector 

          • K March 4, 2024 (8:10 am)

            Again, for those in the cheap seats, if you don’t address the underlying issue, there will continue to be a problem.  That’s how problem-solving works.  It is literally common sense.

  • Sam March 3, 2024 (8:20 am)

    Heard the hum in gatewood at 6 am. I remember it from 2012 in westwood

  • Joan March 3, 2024 (8:40 am)

    Oh, thank you.  I’m glad I’m not the only one hearing it! With windows closed and wind and rain I have not noticed it lately. But I seem to be sensitive to such sounds and I do hear it  occasionally. I’ll try to keep track.

  • Dale March 3, 2024 (8:44 am)

    It is not true that the encampment near 1st and Cloverdale is getting “weekly trash mitigation”.  Anyone passing by that site will see that.  It is a toxic wasteland, and has been for many months.  Reporting it has resulted in nothing.

    • Chuck Jacobs March 3, 2024 (1:03 pm)

      That encampment even burned down a while ago and was reoccupied.

      • Nolan March 4, 2024 (12:49 am)

        If only they’d give up on rough housing and move back into their penthouse suites.

  • Question Authority March 3, 2024 (9:45 am)

    What if the Hum is actually just an ever increasing Hmm coming from people wondering and therefore perpetual.  Asking for a friend.

    • Danimal March 3, 2024 (10:36 pm)

      Lol! Thank you. The blog needs a reaction button!

  • Chris March 3, 2024 (10:57 am)

    We’ve been hearing in North Admiral, however do not hear at this writing.   We also have been hearing something for the last week or so that has a car alarm or house alarm type sound coming from somewhere in the area.    Anyone else hear that?

  • Delridge Reader March 3, 2024 (9:23 pm)

    THE HUM!! Been hearing it off and on over the last two years since moving to WS. I always pull up my Flightradar24 but find nothing there. Is there a place collecting log notes? Would love to help get to the bottom of it :)

  • 1994 March 3, 2024 (10:09 pm)

    Could the hum be the distant river of I-5 traffic with the constant flow of moving traffic sounding like a low hum?

  • Admiraleast March 4, 2024 (9:46 am)

    Definitely we are getting that high-pitched hummm as well over here by Metropolitan market.  Even just a few days ago it was going on at night.  Very annoying.! Really high-pitched sound and it seems to start around 330 or 4 AM.  Please keep on this because it’s outrageous and annoying.. thank you for helping

  • Admiral-2009 March 4, 2024 (10:48 pm)

    Looking from another vantage the fact is that there are ample work opportunities available for those willing to work.  It’s time to expect able body and minds to pull themselves up, and as a society we all want to help those willing to help themselves up.  

    And I believe it is past time for tough love for those unwilling to help themselves.

    Walk through the Admiral Safeway and you will see a very diverse work staff that did not exist 15 years ago.  Work opportunities exist and it’s time for people to take the Bull by the horns.

  • Rose Kasrai March 7, 2024 (6:22 am)

    Hum is happening now. March 7, 6:21am, Alki Beach

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