West Seattle food/drink notes: Alki Starbucks, Blue Moon Burgers, Mioposto in Admiral, Terra Cole Butchery, WS Brewing, and …

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Updates and mysteries from the world of West Seattle food and beverages:

ALKI STARBUCKS REOPENS AFTER REMODELING: This morning’s reopening was confirmed by one of the 2742 Alki SW store’s biggest fans, Cami MacNamara of WebCami, who also sent the photo. The store shut down for just over a month for upgrades explained in this February report.

ALKI BLUE MOON BURGERS – ALMOST THERE: Also on Alki, you’ve probably noticed the new Blue Moon Burgers location at 2504 Alki SW has finally undergone major exterior transformation:

As happens with so many restaurant projects, it’s taken lots longer than expected, but a spokesperson tells us it’s no more than a few weeks away. It’s been exactly a year since we reported first word of the plan, confirmed in this followup. We’ll report the official opening date as soon as we get it.

MIOPOSTO ADMIRAL UPDATES: Speaking of taking longer than expected, some permit delays for the new Mioposto restaurant at 2141 California SW in The Admiral District kept work from starting in earnest before this week.

We checked in this week with proprietor Jeremy Hardy, who says that now that the work is under way, he’s guessing “mid-summer.” And there’s other news: “We have changed plans, however, and, due to requests and hungry looking people in the afternoons that we’ve been in Admiral, we will be opening for lunch as well.”

Now, two mysteries:

MYSTERY #1 – TERRA COLE BUTCHERY: We’ve received numerous inquiries about the status of Terra Cole Butchery in The Junction, which has been closed for at least a few days, and appears to be devoid of inventory. No note on the door nor any updates online, but the shop has been up for sale for four months and the online listing is still open. We have voicemail and e-mail messages out in hopes of hearing something about the store’s status. It opened a year and a half ago.

MYSTERY #2 – WEST SEATTLE BREWING: Questions have also come in over the past few days about the status of West Seattle Brewing at 4415 Fauntleroy Way SW in The Triangle, which too hasn’t opened for at least several days. Its website is offline, but it still has a Facebook page, on which the “what’s going on?” question has gone unanswered. As with Terra Cole, we’ve gone by, left voicemail, and sent e-mail, but have not heard anything definitive. (MONDAY 3/23 UPDATE: WS Brewing’s Drew has replied and says they will reopen. Look for a separate update in biznotes later today.)

One more note – just discovered while writing this story:

ANOTHER BEACH DRIVE RESTAURANT? No details yet but an early-stage DPD permit application says 4029 Beach Drive SW, the waterfront brick building north of Weather Watch Park, is seeking a change of use to first floor restaurant, second-floor residential. It’s right across the street from what’s currently the only restaurant on Beach Drive, La Rustica. We’re working to find out more.

SPEAKING OF LA RUSTICA … ABOUT THE FORMER LA ROMANZA: The new mosaic tilework in front of the former La Romanza Bistro in The Junction keeps catching eyes, and inspiring questions. When we went by one day to ask, we encountered La Romanza’s Aimee Pellegrini (whose family runs La Rustica, if you weren’t already aware), who declined comment at the time, but has since told us that whatever they’re working on is “a family project” and being pursued at a leisurely pace – details when they are ready to announce them.

West Seattle coffee: Looks like Starbucks is going into Junction 47′s prime corner spot

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One of the most-frequently asked questions we’re getting these days is, “What’s going into the commercial space in the new Junction buildings?” While the developers aren’t making formal announcements yet, we’re continuing to find the answers, one by one. For the second week in a row, we’ve discovered permit applications suggesting a major national chain has snagged one of the new spaces. Last week, it was Chipotle Mexican Grill in the files for almost-complete 4730 California; today, we’ve found documents in the city files naming Starbucks as a tenant for Junction 47 (the two-building project at California/Alaska/42nd). Screengrab:

In addition to that mention, a “site plan” in the city files shows this roughed out as a 1,734-square-foot store set for the prime California/Alaska corner, with a covered patio on the California side. Starbucks already has stands in the Junction QFC and Safeway stores, and had a standalone store in Jefferson Square for one year (2007-2008). Online listings suggest this is one of three commercial spaces in Equity Residential-owned Junction 47 with deals in the works, so we’ll keep watching to see what else is on the way.

Three West Seattle food/drink notes, from Alki to The Junction

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(UPDATED TUESDAY with Starbucks reply on what’ll change at the Alki store)

3 food/drink notes:

TEMPORARY CLOSURE FOR ALKI STARBUCKS: Jackie tipped us that a remodeling closure was ahead for the Alki Beach Starbucks. We tried to find out more from Starbucks corporate, which didn’t respond to our inquiry. But a WSB Forums post pointed out Sunday that the closure has begun, and we verified that by checking the sign on its door. It says “see you in March.” No online hints at whether the remodel will include anything dramatic, but looks like furniture replacement is included – a city-required form related to recycling/reuse says Starbucks will send interior furniture from this store to “other stores in need.” **TUESDAY UPDATE** Finally heard back – a company spokesperson replies:

We can confirm that the Starbucks on Alki Ave is currently closed for renovation, and will reopen in March. The renovations will focus on updates to the interior furnishings and an updated bathroom and also will include a Clover Brewing System. In addition to our core coffees, this store will offer Starbucks Reserve(r), a special collection of rare, exquisite coffees which are selected from small farms all over the world by our experienced coffee team. It is delivered each week from the Starbucks Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room to ensure maximum freshness and flavor, available for limited times at select stores. We are excited to share that customers at this store will be able to order these Starbucks Reserve(r) coffees brewed on The Clover(r) Brewing System, which lets customers discover new layers and dimensions within a coffee’s familiar aroma, flavor, body and acidity, brewed fresh by the cup.

Additionally, store partners (employees) will be handing out free coffee outside of the store on Friday mornings during the renovation. We’re proud to be a part of the Alki neighborhood and we will continue to serve the community in this way during the store’s closure.

RED STAR PIZZA GONE FOR GOOD: After months of irregular hours and then a declaration of semi-new ownership, Red Star Pizza (7514 35th SW) is now apparently permanently closed, several readers have pointed out, with evidence including equipment being moved out, a sign saying in part “Thank you, W. Sea,” and the disappearance of its website and Twitter accounts. The site has been slated since last year to be demolished when the new Clearview Eye Clinic is built, but the owners had been saying they’d find a new location.

TAKE OUT WITHOUT THROWING OUT: Yes, many restaurants offer takeout food in compostable containers. But Elliott Bay Brewing in The Junction (4720 California SW) has gone one step beyond. You can pay a one-time $5 charge to get into its reusable takeout container program – then every time you pick up an order, bring it back, clean or not.

Westside Public House announces it’s opening on Monday

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The ex-Terrible Beauty space at California/Edmunds will open Monday in its new incarnation as the sports bar Westside Public House (first reported here in September). 4 pm Monday, to be specific, according to its Friday night announcement on Facebook, which also mentions that it will be 21+ only.

New West Seattle business: Moondrop Coffee & Tea is open

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(WSB photo: David and Vanessa at Moondrop Coffee and Tea)
One month ago, we mentioned that long-for-sale Alki Juice and Java at 1619 Harbor Ave. SW across from Seacrest had a new owner and a new name – Moondrop Coffee and Tea. After several weeks of closure for renovations and setup, Moondrop is now officially open. Proprietor David Livingood tells WSB they’ll be open 7 am-6 pm weekdays, 9 am-6 pm weekends for starters, during the fall/winter, likely opening earlier and closing later during the warm months. Before stopping by for a photo this morning, we had exchanged e-mail with him, and here’s how he explained Moondrop’s mission:

We offer an assortment of beverages (espresso, tea, milk tea, juices/smoothies) as well as breakfast, lunch, and snack/dessert items. Some of our food items include waffles (plain w/honey butter, salted caramel, chocolate banana), bagels, sandwiches (avocado tuna, chicken pesto, salami cream cheese, hummus lettuce tomato, PB&H), homemade banana/zucchini bread, vegan cheesecake, and parfaits (all-fruits, salted caramel, chocolate decadence).

Our roaster is a company called Grounds for Change. They are a certified organic coffee roaster specializing in 100% fair trade coffee that is also grown in shaded conditions.

They’re serving tea from The Art of Tea. Livingood is a 2013 UW graduate who explains, “I have lived in both the U.S. and Japan and have helped run/manage coffee shops, bars, and restaurants during my time(s) in Japan. I’ve also founded a couple of tech startups as a mobile applications developer which was primarily during the boom of the iPhone & iPad (2009-2013).” Moondrop’s website is in the works; for starters, they’re on Facebook.

West Seattle businesses: The Cask has closed in Admiral

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Thanks to the readers who e-mailed this morning to report that The Cask in The Admiral District has closed. We have just confirmed that with proprietor Marty Ogan; no further elaboration. He took over the wine/beer bar at 2350 California SW earlier this year; it opened in summer 2010, a few owners ago, in a space that had previously been home to a shoe shop. This means two storefronts are now empty in the commercial building on the east side of California north of Admiral Way, after Royal India Grill‘s sudden closure five months ago.

Five West Seattle food/drink biznotes

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Five notes from the local world o’consumables:

COFFEE FOR CHARITY: New program at Hotwire Online Coffeehouse (WSB’s flagship sponsor – seven years now! – and Hotwire just marked its 12th anniversary): Each month, Hotwire is working with a charity to “create a special drink to help raise money for their charity. For every drink sold, $2 of the sales goes to their cause. This year we did a drink special with the folks from Seal Sitters and the people from the Log House Museum. I really enjoyed working with the non-profits, so I thought, let’s do it every month!” explains Hotwire proprietor Lora Swift (right). Right now, they’re helping Tilted Thunder raise money for its banked-track practice location. Two of Tilted Thunder’s leaders are West Seattleites, Lora notes. “The criteria is the non-profit must be a 501c3 and have a very strong tie to West Seattle.” Want to get in on Hotwire’s coffee-for-charity? Go here.

WESTSIDE PUBLIC HOUSE: According to both a tipster and a liquor-license application, that’s the new name in the works for the former Terrible Beauty pub/restaurant that closed abruptly in June at California/Edmunds in The Junction. The bare-bones Facebook page for the new operation calls it a “sports bar,” as did our tipster. No timeframe yet.

MOONDROP COFFEE AND TEA: That’s the new operation taking over the former Alki Juice and Java space across from Seacrest Pier, which had been for sale for a while. Sign says it’s expected to open in October.

FALAFEL SALAM TRUCK: This food truck is returning to West Seattle, one night a week for starters, 4-9 pm Wednesdays beginning next week (October 1st), according to chef/owner Shimi Kahn. New location: 7-11 at California/Charlestown.

HARRY’S CHICKEN JOINT: Reminder, it’s reopening tonight after a two-day break, 4-8 pm. Harry’s (a WSB sponsor) is at 6032 California SW.

West Seattle businesses: New details of 4480 Fauntleroy changes

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More information today about the plans for 4480 Fauntleroy Way SW, where Diva Espresso, Maestro Motors, and Ace 1 Computers lost their leases and cleared out last month (Maestro and Ace 1 have moved about a block west on Fauntleroy; Diva was still looking for a new south-end location last we heard).

Shortly after we confirmed this would become the West Seattle location that Rudy’s Barbershop had been seeking for at least two years, a city document also mentioned “coffee shop,” as pointed out by commenter Jason. Today, Caffé Vita confirmed to WSB that it’s the coffee shop moving in, as part of its ongoing partnership with Rudy’s, which has led to other co-locations in multiple states. But aside from saying they’re “excited,” a company spokesperson had no other comment except that they expect to open sometime in 2015.

We did, however, find a new document added to the city’s online files for the project today, with a bit of information about the building’s new configuration: While it had been split roughly 1500 sf coffee, 900 sf “service,” 300 sf “retail,” the project’s cover sheet says it’ll be reconfigured to 2200 sf barber shop, 537 sf coffee shop. This is a remodeling project only – the one-story building is not being torn down, despite 65-foot zoning at that spot.

2 West Seattle food notes: Harry’s Chicken Joint, Marination ma kai

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Two restaurant notes:

HARRY’S CHICKEN JOINT NOW OPEN SUNDAYS: North of Morgan Junction, Harry’s Chicken Joint (WSB sponsor) is open Sundays, starting today. Same hours as Tuesdays-Saturdays, 4-8 pm. Menu updates are on Harry’s Facebook page. (6032 California SW)

MARINATION MA KAI FALL HOURS START MONDAY: On the water at Seacrest, restaurant/bar Marination ma kai (also a WSB sponsor) changes to fall/winter hours, starting tomorrow (Monday, September 15th). General manager Shawn Findley says they WILL continue to be open seven days a week; starting tomorrow, it’s 9 am-8 pm Sundays-Thursdays, 9 am-9 pm Fridays and Saturdays. (1660 Harbor SW)

You can help! Benefits with beer: Bob’s Bowl-A-Rama; Washington Organic Week

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Raise a glass to good deeds! We have word today of two upcoming benefits involving breweries – one in West Seattle, one featuring a WS brewer:

BOWLING AND BEER: A benefit bowl-a-thon at West Seattle Bowl this Thursday has a few lanes still open. From Ingrid at Georgetown Brewing Company:

The event is called Bob’s Bowl-A-Rama, and it is the final event of our fundraising for Ronald McDonald House Charities for 2014.

Charles “Bob” Hirsch was the inspiration for our beer, Bob’s Brown Ale. Manny, one of Georgetown Brewing Co.’s founders, met Bob when he was a counselor at Camp Goodtimes and Bob was a camper. Bob fought cancer for half of his life, and when he passed away, the company decided to brew a beer in his honor and donate all of the proceeds. Bob’s mom chose RMHC as the recipient charity for our donation saying “They put us up for treatment every time we came in from Alaska.” For the past 9 years, we’ve released Bob’s Brown Ale on Bob’s birthday, May 14th, and have raised over $400,000 to date. Even if folks can’t buy a lane, even if they just come out for a pint of Bob’s Brown Ale and buy a raffle ticket, that would be great.

Bob’s Bowl-A-Rama starts at 7 pm Thursday (August 28th) and if you’re interested in a lane, sign up ASAP – here’s all the info.

WASHINGTON ORGANIC WEEK: As part of WOW, Elliott Bay Brewery is participating in Tilth ProducersBeer, Cider, Chocolate Tasting event; Amy from EBB tells WSB, “Elliott Bay Brewery will be pouring our delicious Organic Chocolate No Doubt Stout & our Organic Vanilla No Doubt Stout, in support of Washington Organic Week. This is our fourth year contributing to this event and we always have a great time.” It’s not in WS but it’s not far – 6:30 pm Wednesday, September 10th, at Theo Chocolate (3400 Phinney N.) – ticket details here.

West Seattle food/drink notes: Treehouse Lounge; Blackboard Bistro; Spoke & Food; new Alki tour…

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Four food/drink notes today, starting with two venues getting new looks:

(In-progress photo courtesy Mind Unwind/Treehouse Lounge – see the ‘after’ view tonight)
GROUND-FLOOR ‘TREEHOUSE’: Krystal Kelley from Mind Unwind at 2206 California SW in The Admiral District says its Treehouse Lounge is reopening at 4 pm today after a big change – more like an exchange: The lounge will now be on the ground floor, while Mind Unwind‘s adult art classes (etc.) will be on the second floor. The work’s been under way for about two weeks. “Many people have been walking by worrying that the art gallery is going away, it isn’t…in fact, it is becoming even more robust.” It’ll reopen with 4-10 pm hours Tuesdays-Saturdays, serving “specialty sake cocktails, wine, and beer,” plus, Kelley adds, “Food service will be coming in September. We are 21 and over until we introduce food, then we will be family friendly.”

BLACKBOARD BISTRO: South of Admiral, Blackboard Bistro is scheduled to reopen tomorrow after 4+ days of renovation work (extra Wednesday-Thursday closures following BB’s usual Monday-Tuesday days off). The restaurant is in its fifth year at 3247 California.

DINE OUT TUESDAY FOR SPOKE & FOOD: The annual dining-out fundraiser encouraging people to ride their bikes to dinner is next Tuesday (July 29th), 5-10 pm, and two local venues are on the list this year – Marination ma kai (WSB sponsor) at Seacrest, and Proletariat Pizza in White Center. The Outdoors For All Foundation gets 20 percent of the proceeds on Spoke & Food night; here’s the official citywide flyer.

SPEAKING OF BIKING AND DINING … A new tour launched on Alki this month combines both. Taste Seattle Food Tours, owned by West Seattleites Felicia Watson and Roen Ako, is now offering bicycle tours at 11 am Fridays and Saturdays with stops at five beach-area eateries, starting at Marination and ending at another WSB sponsor, Salty’s. They invite locals and tourists alike to try it out; you’ll find more information on their company’s website.

Tully’s on Alki – coffee at the beach! Welcome, new WSB sponsor

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Tully’s on Alki has joined the WSB sponsor team, and today brings their chance to let you know what they’re all about:

(WSB photo of the Tully’s on Alki team)
Tully’s on Alki has been serving the local community since 2000. Located in the heart of the Alki Beach neighborhood, Tully’s is the perfect spot to relax and hang out, or grab refreshments to go. Our comfy seats by the fireplace, free wifi and beautiful view of the water are all yours to enjoy.

We offer fresh-roasted coffee and a wide selection of hand-crafted espresso beverages, as well as tea, hot cocoa, and many other choices. We also now offer Cold Brew, made in store every day!

Our featured Single Origin coffees can be enjoyed in-store with a French Press, Chemex, or Pour-over. Cool off on a warm day at Alki Beach with our delicious ice-cream Shakes, Bellaccinos, Smoothies, Italian Sodas, and much more. Hungry? We proudly serve fresh-baked pastries and sandwiches from Alki Bakery.

We love being a part of the West Seattle community, and our mission is to exceed your expectations. We are grateful for our many loyal customers, and if you are new to Tully’s, we invite you to come give us a try. The team at Tully’s on Alki is waiting to serve you!

Tully’s on Alki is at 2676 Alki Avenue SW – that’s the corner of 60th/Alki, right across from the east end of the promenade. See their coupon on the WSB West Seattle Coupons page!

We thank Tully’s on Alki for sponsoring independent, community-collaborative neighborhood news via WSB; see our current sponsor team listed in directory format here, and find info on joining the team by going here.

The Cask: Welcoming a new WSB sponsor, under new ownership

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Today we welcome The Cask in The Admiral District as a new WSB sponsor.

New owner Marty Ogan took over just last month and says he’s working to bring The Cask back to its roots – under its original ownership, it began as “a bottle shop” with small plates, and that’s what he is emphasizing.

You can see The Cask’s food menu here – fresh seasonal items generally ranging from $8 to $12, with some changes every three months or so to stay in line with what’s new and fresh. The Cask also is featuring live music some nights (like tonight!) and other special events – for example, a special tapping tonight. Watch for “Wine Wednesdays,” as well as daily happy hour 4-7 pm.

Marty grew up in Edmonds and worked many years as a firefighter in Idaho, where he also operated a mobile wood-fired pizza enterprise. Looking at retirement from the fire department, he found Seattle appealing, and discovered The Cask was available. He invites you to come sip, taste, and enjoy, 4-10 pm Tuesdays-Wednesdays, 4-11 pm Thursdays, 4-midnight Fridays and Saturdays, 2350 California SW. Online, you’ll find The Cask at thecaskwestseattle.com.

We thank The Cask for sponsoring independent, community-collaborative neighborhood news via WSB; see our current sponsor team listed in directory format here, and find info on joining the team by going here.

West Seattle winery Viscon Cellars to open tasting room

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Thanks to tipster “Gatewood Guy” for reporting a liquor-license-application sighting on the door at the former Stitch and Sew Studio (now consolidated with parent West Seattle Fabric Company in Admiral). West Seattle winery Viscon Cellars confirms to WSB that the 5910-B California SW storefront is its future tasting room. Proprietor Ben Viscon says they’re going through “the permitting process … and some minor construction inside the location,” so no projected opening date just yet. Once open, he says, they’ll pour wines from the VC label, offering wine by the glass/bottle: “All of our wines are made in West Seattle, utilizing grapes from premier growers in Eastern Washington. Our vision is to bring the Urban Winery and Tasting Room concept to our neighbors. We have lived in West Seattle for over 18 years and are committed to bring the goodness of Washington wine grapes to our community.” They hope the tasting room will be a “neighborhood gathering place” for wine lovers and the wine-curious, including those who might want to “bring in food to enjoy with our wines while visiting with friends,” and that it will support “private events for small groups.” (WSB file photo from January)

Duos Lounge: Welcoming a new West Seattle Blog sponsor

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(8/14 note: To check whether a business is still a current WSB sponsor, please go here)

Going out for dinner? drinks? brunch? this weekend and/or beyond? New WSB sponsor Duos Lounge in Luna Park would love to see you. Here’s what Duos would like you to know:

Duos Lounge works with a variety of small and large farms throughout the Pacific Northwest that provide specialty meats, seafood, and produce, making Duos the perfect place to enjoy local products.

On our menu you will find 100% grass-fed and pasture-raised beef, handcrafted pork, and sustainably raised free roaming poultry; all of which contain no steroids, hormones, coloring, or antibiotics. We celebrate these authentic and natural products by pairing them with our handmade breads and pastas, from-scratch sauces, and great Northwest produce.

The most common reports from Duos clientele usually revolve around people showing gratitude for our atmosphere, craft drinks, local music, and our use of local, sustainable foods. We often hear from our clients how great it is that they can dine at Duos and enjoy its offerings without having to drive over the bridge.

A large reason for our guests’ visits to Duos is that we offer daily events like our “Wino Wednesday,” where you can enjoy 1/2 price bottles of wine; “Throwback Thursdays,” where you get discounted classic cocktails; Fridays, when we have our “Dress to the Nines,” where our staff and guests dress in their Sunday best; and Saturdays, with ’80s music and dancing after our dinner service.

Duos simply offers a great neighborhood spot to unwind, relax, and dine. We do not pressure our service staff to quickly turn tables or to up-sell items to increase ticket sales, and we think that really shows when you dine here. It really makes Duos unique in the sense that we really do care about the food we serve and how our guests feel when coming here. We want this to be that small-town place in a big city.

Duos is involved in the community, too, and after just 10 months in West Seattle has already had the opportunity to support many great local schools, firefighters, and other great small businesses in the area. We look forward to building more great relationships with local organizations as we grow.

Duos is at 2940 SW Avalon Way, open 4-10:30 pm Fridays and Saturdays, 10 am-2 pm for weekend brunch (Saturdays and Sundays), 4-9 pm Tuesdays-Wednesdays-Thursdays. You can make a reservation, see menus, and check the music schedule via duoslounge.com.

We thank Duos for sponsoring independent, community-collaborative neighborhood news via WSB; find our current sponsor team listed in directory format here, and find info on joining the team by going here.

West Seattle coffee: It’s opening day for Admiral Bird

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West Seattle’s newest space-sharing coffee collaboration, Admiral Bird, is open for business as of this morning, on the southeast corner of California/Admiral.

As first reported here last November, Admiral Bird is a partnership between Heidi from Bird on a Wire Espresso (which remains open at 35th/Henderson) and Corina from Circa Alehouse across the street from the new venture. It’s in the front half of the Flower Lab (also remaining open) space. Check ‘em out until 3 pm today (for other hours, check here).

Beer Church Turkey Bowl 2013: Mission, Elliott Bay take trophies

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Lots of winners in the 15th annual Beer Church Turkey Bowl, one of our area’s most boisterous benefits, Saturday night at West Seattle Bowl. We got there just in time to hear Beer Church director Kendall Jones announce that the Mission team (above, with Kendall at left) won the bowling part of the night, and that the “Battle of the Brewers” trophy would go to Elliott Bay Brewing Co. (team below with Kendall and, at left, Kim Sharpe Jones):

Also winners: The clients of the West Seattle Food Bank, the beneficiary of Turkey Bowl proceeds – as well as cash and food donations, which this WSFB team was on hand to handle:

The night’s festivities also included raffle items donated by local businesses and breweries (see the list on the Turkey Bowl page). As Kendall is quoted on the Beer Church home page as saying, “We encourage beer lovers everywhere to get involved in their communities and work to make the world a better place. Donate, volunteer, participate.” (P.S. He also runs the Washington Beer Blog, where you can tap into beer news from all over the state.)

10:42 AM UPDATE: New info from Kim, in comments – more than $4,400 raised for the WS Food Bank, in addition to the donated food itself.

West Seattle (and vicinity) food and drink news: 5 notes

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Five West Seattle food and drink notes to share tonight:

LUNCH RETURNS TO SKYLARK: After the new owners of Skylark Café and Club took over, they said they planned to bring back lunch. And they have done just that. Co-proprietor Matt Larson says they’re open for lunch daily at 11:30 “and have our new menu in effect as well. It features our house cured bacon and pastrami, house ground beef, and a good selection of salads and sammies. Looking forward to giving our neighbors a new lunch option.” The A-board photo is courtesy of Skylark neighbor PB&J Textiles (WSB sponsor).

In The Junction:

PAGLIACCI REMODELING: Noticing the work under way at Pagliacci Pizza‘s West Seattle delivery kitchen, we took the question to their company HQ and co-proprietor Matt Galvin replied that they are “siding the building, putting up a new sign, new awning, new flower pots, windows, bar-height seating inside, additional entrance that can access outside seating, and interior painting. We are excited about the long-overdue improvements to the building. We are hoping the work will be finished by Thanksgiving.”

NEW SPECIALS AT MARINATION MA KAI: At Seacrest Pier, Marination ma kai (WSB sponsor) has launched a new round of bar specials – listed on this flyer, which also points out the MMK happy hours, Tuesdays-Fridays, 3-6 pm.

TAP STATION NOW OPEN: The beer/wine store at 35th/Kenyon is now serving customers, reports West Seattle-headquartered Washington Beer Blog. We featured the then-in-the-works Tap Station here back in June.

MUDHONEY ICE-CREAM-LAUNCH PARTY: Full Tilt Ice Cream‘s flagship location in White Center (9629 16th SW) has announced a launch party for its ice-cream flavor named after Seattle’s legendary band Mudhoney. At 6:30 pm December 11th – a Wednesday, which is usually FT’s “Bring Your Own Vinyl Night” – they’re planning to spin Mudhoney’s greatest hits while scooping Mudhoney ice cream, described in FT’s news release as “Mudhoney ice cream mixes satisfying riffs of in-your-face cinnamon with a mellow backbeat of honey and fudge, all rounded out with Full Tilt’s creamy hand-made texture . . . Like all Full Tilt ice cream, Mudhoney is crafted in small batches, so it’s always extra smooth and luscious.” Its local ingredients include West Seattle’s own Shipwreck Honey.

P.S. If you’ll be looking for food/drink on Thanksgiving – check the restaurant/coffee lists in the WSB West Seattle Holiday Guide.

West Seattle biznote: The Bridge sets final day at original location

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(FRIDAY UPDATE: The “epic photo” has changed to Sunday, December 1st, at 3 pm)

(Photo added Friday morning, courtesy of The Bridge)
Just in from Jenny Almukhtar of The Bridge, which is just a few weeks away from opening its new location at the overhauled former Chuck and Sally’s Tavern in Morgan Junction:

We are very excited to announce that we have finalized when our last day at The Bridge’s current location at 4439 35th Ave SW will be, which is Monday December 2nd.

In Bridge style, we will be showing the Seahawks hosting the Saints, starting at 5:40 pm with sound. There will be a photo op under the reader board before the game begins, and we invite all our guests to join us for this epic shot. *SEE BELOW* This will be a great way for us to capture all the amazing energy and love we have received from West Seattle and bring it with us to our new location at 6301 California Ave SW that will open shortly after our closure on the 2nd.

(Friday update: The “epic photo” day/time has been changed to Sunday the 1st at 3 pm)

(back to original story) It’s been a fast-moving renovation – less than six months have passed since we broke the news of the move. The Bridge has to leave its current location because of the revived mixed-use project in the works for the site.

West Seattle beverages: Admiral Bird to share Flower Lab space

November 13, 2013 at 1:23 pm | In West Seattle news, WS beverages | 20 Comments

(L-R, Wendy, Corina, Heidi; photo courtesy Melissa Fenno Photography)
A new partnership is taking wing in Admiral – the front half of Flower Lab on the southeast corner of California/Admiral is becoming the Admiral Bird, a partnership between Heidi from Bird on a Wire Espresso and Corina from Circa Alehouse, as just announced:

Admiral Bird is offering Ravens Brew Coffee, local and sustainable pastries, 3 beers on tap, cider, growlers, specialty bottled beers and wine to go. It’s a joyful community space with a nautical feel, wi-fi and bright window seating. There will be homemade daily soups, grilled sandwiches and many grab and go options like breakfast salads in mason jars. Need coffee for an event? We have airpots you can rent-complete with cream, cups and sugar. Adding pastries is also an option.

If you are waiting for a table at Circa Alehouse you no longer have to squeeze in by the front door, you can get your name on the list then have a seat at the Admiral Bird and wait until your name is called…or grab a cappuccino on your way to Weekend Brunch! Need a space to host a tea party, surprise party or baby shower? OUR SPACE IS FOR RENT! We will work with you to create a fun and memorable event (including flowers from Flower Lab!). Have a film or slides you want to show? We also offer a movie screen/slide projector!

Something you want to see that we don’t offer? We are flexible gals who would love to hear what you have to say. We are opening in early December and can’t wait to see all the familiar faces of the Admiral District and those venturing up from the “South West,” and tomeet our new neighbors.

Heidi tells us that Bird on a Wire Espresso at 35th/Henderson will remain open; this is an expansion. And Flower Lab is remaining open as a flower shop, too.

Hotwire Online Coffeehouse plans Seattle’s first ‘light bar’

October 18, 2013 at 9:31 am | In West Seattle news, WS beverages | 8 Comments

(WSB photo by Nick Adams, September 2012 at Lowman Beach)
We’ve been lucky enough to see a fair amount of sunshine lately – but winter is creeping ever closer, and even now, foggy mornings are the price we’re paying. So, going into the season when we just can’t rely on sunshine, West Seattle’s Hotwire Online Coffeehouse (WSB sponsor) is getting ready to install what’s believed to be Seattle’s first “light bar,” with full-spectrum lights that mimic natural sunlight. Proprietor Lora Swift says she’ll call it the Helio Bar: “Basically, a place to get phototherapy during the dark days of winter.” The lights will be installed on November 3rd, after which time, Lora says, “You’ll be able to get your coffee and a 15-minute dose of vitamin D at Hotwire.”

And another anniversary! Chelan Café celebrates 75 years

August 10, 2013 at 6:00 pm | In West Seattle news, West Seattle restaurants, WS beverages | 1 Comment

This is a big day for business anniversaries in West Seattle! Thanks to Marcia Ingerslev for sharing a photo from the 75th anniversary party at the Chelan Café, whose restaurant and Ebb Tide Room bar are favorites by the west end of the low bridge. In the photo, that’s Chelan proprietor Mary Manning-Smith, smiling bright during the celebration at the family-owned café.

Happening now: Ardbeg Rocket visiting Capco Beverages

August 3, 2013 at 5:31 pm | In West Seattle news, WS beverages | 1 Comment

One of the more unusual promotional tours crossing the nation right now is this one, on behalf of Ardbeg scotch whisky – a rocket on a semi-truck. Right now, the Ardbeg Rocket is in West Seattle, parked on SW Alaska at 41st SW in The Junction, outside Capco Beverages (WSB sponsor), where it’ll be until at least 7 pm. So what do rockets and spirits have to do with each other, you ask? Ardbeg actually sent some of its malt to the International Space Station for two years of experiments (here’s a BBC story about it).

West Seattle food and drink notes: Ex-Bohemian hiring; Alki building for sale; Blackboard, Diva notes

June 16, 2013 at 11:18 pm | In West Seattle news, West Seattle restaurants, WS beverages | 5 Comments

Four tidbits:

FINALLY CLOSER TO OPENING? There’s a sign the new restaurant planned for the former Bohemian location at 3405 California SW might finally be approaching its opening, almost two years after it was sold. The last official word was nine months ago, when our repeated inquiries via phone, e-mail, note under the door, etc., finally were answered with a postal-mail letter from the new ownership, which already has Bick’s and Saltoro in North Seattle, and explained that this too would be a “simple neighborhood dinnerhouse.” In the ensuing months, work has continued, including subtle exterior touches – and now we’ve found a help-wanted ad seeking cooks for “North Seattle and West Seattle” locations, and the application address is Bick’s. The last known working title for the WS restaurant was West City Kitchen, but no signage has appeared yet.

Speaking of ads, another one of note:

BAMBOO BUILDING FOR SALE: A new commercial-real-estate listing appeared this weekend for the building housing Bamboo Bar and Grill. The listing makes it clear the business itself is NOT for sale, just the building, which also has three residential units on the second floor, and the marketing brochure reiterates that the business has another year on its lease and wants to stay. Asking price: $1.4 million.

And changes elsewhere:

BLACKBOARD BISTRO BRUNCH: Summertime and not only is the patio open at Blackboard Bistro (3247 California SW), says Chef Jacob Wiegner, they’re also now serving Sunday brunch 9:30 am-2 pm, with current dinner hours 5-9 pm Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays, and 5-10 pm Fridays and Saturdays. (We have updated the WSB West Seattle Restaurant Guide accordingly.)

DIVA IN THE EVENING: This past Thursday night, Diva Espresso in The Triangle launched a Thursday night open-mike night, 7-9 pm (signups at 6). And in the announcement shared with us by Diva management, they also mentioned they’re “in the process of getting” a license to offer beer/malt beverages.

West Seattle beverages: 2 wins for Elliott Bay Brewing in Washington Beer Awards

June 15, 2013 at 10:20 pm | In West Seattle news, WS beverages | 1 Comment

Congratulations to West Seattle-headquartered Elliott Bay Brewing for two medals today in the first-ever Washington Beer Awards, announced at the Washington Brewers Festival! We got word from its owners that Fauntleroy Stout won a gold medal and Gateway Amber won a silver medal. See the full list of winners here. (West Seattleite-owned Washington Beer Blog tells us its coverage of the awards is in the works.)

West Seattle businesses: Tap Station filling former Sharon’s Westwood Florist spot

June 10, 2013 at 7:02 pm | In West Seattle news, WS beverages | 16 Comments

Activity at the former Sharon’s Westwood Florist shop at 35th/Kenyon, including that sign, caught the attention of WSB’ers Catherine, Jissy, and Felicia, who e-mailed to ask about it. The answer turned up in a recent state liquor-license-application filing, with a “beer/wine specialty shop” license sought for The Tap Station. Among the applicants: Names we recognized from the team behind Locöl, in its third year next door. So we contacted Kyle Duce to ask about the plan for the neighboring store; he says it’ll offer more than beer and wine:

I have teamed up with my Chef/GM of Locöl- Charlie Worden – and will be creating a TO-GO “Tap Station”- a wine/beer/retail Shop that will have 8 local wines on tap and 8 local beers on tap. These will be available by growler fill or in any vessel and will be charged accordingly by the ounce. Tap Station will also have a bottle/can beer selection as well as bottled wine.

As far as the retail side, we plan on having (pre-packaged/local) grab and go food items for household use, camping, picnics, etc… Tabby Cat Pickling Company and Doolie’s Hot Sauce, to name a few. We are in the works of having a house olive oil and balsamic fill station that will allow you to fill for home use and be charged by the ounce. We plan on using this separate location as an educational space on all the bounties the NW has to offer. I wanted to create a space that would compliment Locöl and offer a quick in-and-out experience for people cruising home for a BBQ or a spot that the neighborhood could come in and get educated on all the things we love about the NW.

I look forward to bringing all these ideas together in a beautiful rustic space that will be inviting to the neighborhood and offer the same level of passionate, unpretentious service and neighborhood focus that we founded Locöl on!

How soon, you ask? Duce says they’re “looking at opening in the next couple months.”

In the mood for a campfire? Cook up s’mores @ Hotwire Coffee

June 9, 2013 at 9:41 am | In West Seattle news, WS beverages | 5 Comments

It’s a cloudy Sunday morning, and though it’s June, summer warmth seems far away. So Hotwire Online Coffeehouse (WSB sponsor) proprietor Lora Swift has cooked up an idea: Instead of a scone or muffin accompanying your latté, how about … fresh s’mores? Not just a pre-assembled treat that resembles one, but a real, honest-to-goodness, roasted-over-the-campfire s’more. Hotwire is offering you 4 s’mores “for your roasting pleasure, served up with your personal fire pit,” $5.50. Check ‘em out and cook ‘em up at 4410 California SW (just south of SW Genesee).

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