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WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Helicopter helps police arrest suspect in Highland Park

9:45 PM: If you’re noticing the law-enforcement helicopter Guardian One over the Highland Park Way hill, here’s what’s going on: Police are searching for a “felony warrant suspect” last seen near HP Way and West Marginal Way SW, and asked if the helicopter could help. We don’t know the suspect’s name, description, or warrant details.

10:04 PM: Suspect in custody. We’ll follow up tomorrow to see if we can find out who he is and what the warrant’s for. (added) Officers just told the helicopter crew it was a warrant for robbery.

11:39 PM: Guardian One has published video of the search and arrest:

Medics were called for the suspect after he was in custody, and the video appears to show why.

ADDED FRIDAY: The suspect is 41 years old and wanted in Kansas.

CORONAVIRUS: Thursday 4/30 roundup

No announcements or pronouncements on the local front of the coronavirus crisis today, but of course we have notes for the nightly roundup:

NEWEST KING COUNTY NUMBERS: From the Seattle-King County Public Health data dashboard:

*6,308 people have tested positive, up 126 from yesterday

*446 people have died, up 10 from yesterday

*1 of those deaths was in West Seattle – the 98126 zip code now has 7

One week ago, the countywide totals were 5,569 and 384.

STATEWIDE NUMBERS: Find them, county by county, on the state Department of Health page,.

WORLDWIDE NUMBERS: More than 3.2 million cases – a third of them in the U.S. See how that breaks out, nation by nation, here.

GOVERNOR SPEAKS TOMORROW: In his Wednesday briefing, Gov. Inslee promised more details Friday on the “phased” plan for getting to an end of the stay-home order at some unspecified time after May 4th. He’s set to speak at 2:30 pm tomorrow, joined by state health officials; you’ll be able to watch the livestream on TVW, and we’ll carry it too.

MANDATORY MASKS #1: The requirement is becoming a grocery-shopping trend.

MANDATORY MASKS #2: Labor and transit advocates are calling for them to be required when riding public transportation.

ARE PETS AT RISK OF COVID-19? Here’s a UW study that hopes to settle the issue.

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS #3 6:30-7:30 pm Friday, SFD and SPD will be out cruising through neighborhoods, this time in the highlighted areas of this map. Even if you don’t see them, you might hear them – we heard the short siren/horn bursts last Friday night from miles away!

SIGNS TO SMILE BY: Thanks to Theresa for sending the photo of this fence display that no doubt brings smiles to those passing 46th SW/Glenn Way:

GOT INFO? Email us at or phone us, text or voice, at 206-293-6302 – thank you!

GROCERY STORES: West Seattle Thriftway to require masks

New trend in grocery shopping: Mandatory masks. You’ve probably heard that Costco will be requiring shoppers to wear them starting next Monday. Now we have a local grocery store adding the requirement: West Seattle Thriftway (WSB sponsor) announced today that it will require shoppers to cover their faces, also starting Monday. Checking other stores – Metropolitan Market says it’s “asking” shoppers to wear masks; PCC Community Markets (WSB sponsor) “strongly encourage” customers to do it.

WEST SEATTLE BRIDGE: Stabilization contractor announced

6:49 PM: Just announced by SDOT:

Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) is moving forward with West Seattle High-Rise Bridge stabilization. The City used emergency contracting authority to move with urgency in selecting a construction contractor to carry out Phase 1 stabilization work. Kraemer North America has been selected for Phase 1 construction and work is already underway.

There are three phases of repair for the West Seattle High-Rise Bridge:

Phase 1: Stabilization – The first step in stabilizing the bridge was to remove traffic from the High-Rise bridge on March 23. The second step is to repair lateral bearings on Pier 18.

Phase 2: Shoring – In Phase 2 we will add temporary external structures called shoring. Shoring is necessary to help support the bridge as we continue to assess repair feasibility, timeline, and costs.

Phase 3: Long-term repair – We do not yet know if repair of the bridge is feasible technically or financially. In the meantime, it’s critical that we carry out stabilization and shoring work to protect public safety.

Earlier this month we sent out a Request for Information (RFI) to determine who we would contract with to begin Phase 1 stabilization work on the West Seattle High-Rise Bridge, as quickly as possible.

Though this emergency situation authorized SDOT to waive all competitive bidding requirements (pursuant to RCW 39.04.280). On April 13, the City contacted six contractors and requested information on capacity, availability, resumes for key personnel, and approach. Four contractors provided the requested information by April 15, and our Capital Projects and Roadway Structures divisions evaluated and rated the submittals while also taking into consideration the City’s previous experience with the contractors and other factors.

This process selected Kraemer to fulfill the needs of the project.

Kraemer is a 109-year-old, engineering-minded, construction-focused contractor with a foundation in complicated structure work. The team’s construction experience directly relates to the High-Rise Bridge’s repairs.

Kraemer is an industry leader in segmental bridge repair and construction, as well as in concrete post-tensioning. This expertise will allow the team to carry out key stabilization activities, help in forensic investigation of the bridge, provide the engineering team with construction input to determine the best approach to stabilization, and confirm repair estimates.

With recent work on WSDOT’s Duwamish River Bridges Project, Kraemer also comes with a detailed understanding of the immediate vicinity, as well as knowledge of US Coast Guard permitting requirements. This is essential because obtaining these permits – or not – could add or subtract months to any stabilization, shoring, repair, or replacement efforts.

Kraemer’s northwest headquarters are located here in Seattle, with a committed, locally experienced team.

With a current contract to construct the new Northgate Bike and Pedestrian Bridge, which broke ground earlier this year, Kraemer understands the complexities of working in and around the City of Seattle. Finally, Kraemer has also worked closely with WSP, our bridge consultant. This relationship, which allows for a quick team integration and efficient approach to the work, will be essential as we move forward with stabilization work.

Kraemer is excited to help the people of West Seattle and others who rely on this critical infrastructure by delivering stabilization, shoring, and repairs quickly and safely.

Kraemer will provide the construction for Phase 1 stabilization work.  

They will conduct repairs designed to stop further cracking in the bridge’s most vulnerable sections.
They will then replace the lateral bearings on Pier 18 at the east end of the bridge. These bearings, when working correctly, allow the bridge to expand and contract with temperature change.

They will work with SDOT and the engineering consultant team to develop and finalize strengthening solutions for the bridge.
Kraemer’s first priority is to provide a constructability review of the West Seattle High-Rise Bridge stabilization designs.

A “constructability review” is critical to getting a construction project off the ground quickly and performing work safely. The contractor reviews the designs produced by the engineers to determine how easily it can be built and to provide input. In addition, the project leads at Kraemer are starting to develop plans for construction, health and safety, equipment and material procurement, work timelines and schedules, and permitting.

The bridge has been closed since March 23. We’ll be following up on questions not answered in the announcement such as projected cost/timeline.

9:55 PM: Here’s the work Kraemer is doing on the Duwamish River Bridges (the two spans that comprise what’s more commonly known as the 1st Avenue S. Bridge).


Up for some evening whale-watching? Kersti Muul sends word that transient orcas are in view off Constellation Park (south of Alki Point) right now – “on a kill,” so no particular direction. Let us know if you see them!

SWEET TOOTH? Two more West Seattle options soon

Many West Seattle options for sweet treats already, and the list is about to grow:

JET CITY BEIGNET: This new West Seattle business is kicking off sales of beignets and coffee with a pop-up this weekend:

We will be offering a limited number of beignet orders by the dozen and half-dozen for pick up this Sunday from 10 am-1 pm. We will also be selling our custom Jet City Blend coffee by Middle Fork Roasters and offering honey made by Seola Bees in West Seattle.

We are asking people to order and pre-pay directly from our website to reduce contact. We will be setting up a little table for pickup outside of the USI kitchen at 4611 36th Ave. SW.

THURSDAY NIGHT UPDATE: JCB tells us they are now sold out for this weekend.

GELATO RETURNS TO ALKI: If you haven’t already noticed this poster in the window at 2758 Alki SW …

… here’s the announcement explaining it:

Award-winning Medzo Gelato Bar, formerly Gelarto Italian Ice Cream, is returning to Alki for a summer pop-up on the beach. After departing their temporary Alki location in October of 2016, Gelarto relocated to Burien under the name Medzo, where they began producing hand-crafted Italian gelato and sorbet from scratch, one pan at a time. In Italy, owner-operators Fareed and Jennifer Al-Abboud were labeled fanatico for their insistence on the highest quality natural ingredients, and they proudly embraced that distinction. Their soft opening target date is May 5, five years to the day since they first opened on Alki. 1-9 pm daily.

Again, the new spot is NOT the same as their old location (now a preschool).

DUMPED, POSSIBLY STOLEN: Recognize this bicycle?

Shannon sent the photo and report:

Just wanted to let you know that this bike has been lying on the tree lawn on the SW corner of the intersection of Hudson and 47th Ave SW since at least Sunday. Thought it may be a stolen dumped bike.

DEVELOPMENT: Demolition at 5616 California SW

(WSB photo)

Thanks to Karl for the tip: Demolition is wrapping up at 5616 California SW, on the south side of C & P Coffee (WSB sponsor). We first reported in July 2018 that townhouses were proposed for the site, replacing a nearly century-old house. Recently finalized permit documents show the plan is still for eight townhouses with five off-street parking spaces (none required as the site’s on the RapidRide C Line).

NEED FOOD? KBM Commissary expanding free-meal offerings Saturday

The photo is from Keith Mathewson of Delridge’s KBM Commissary, whose resident food truck/catering chefs will continue their weekly free-meal distribution this weekend, and it’s expanding, as he explains:

The stay-home order has been extended and the strain on local families is becoming more acute. As a result the need for meals continues to increase. Last Sunday we produced 600 meals and ran out in under two hours. This week we will make 1000 meals and hand them out Saturday from 4 pm to 6 pm. Given the volume, two companies will be directing production; thankfully there are no shortage of volunteers in the kitchen.

*T’Juana Tacos will make 800 portions of Chicken Fajatias with Gallo Pinto

*Go Seattle Catering will produce 200 Bahn Mi Sandwiches.

We are asking people not to arrive too early as the cars are beginning to back up around the block and onto Delridge Way. There are now 3 people handling the distribution and are able to keep the line moving once we open.

I wish to thank all who are donated. The level of demand has become much greater than anticipated and without the communities support we would not have been able to meet a demand of this size.

KBM is at 5604 Delridge Way SW. Mathewson has been underwriting the project but help is welcome – here’s the crowdfunding page. Meantime, some of the KBM-based businesses are also selling from the window, as noted last month, and are part of our ongoing West Seattle list.

WEST SEATTLE BRIDGE NOW: New coalition launched ‘to convey urgency’

(WSB photo from earlier this month)

By Tracy Record
West Seattle Blog editor

A new community “coalition to convey urgency” about the West Seattle Bridge closure has just launched.

We were invited to cover the first meeting last night of people participating in West Seattle Bridge Now.

The online meeting was coordinated by community advocate West Seattle Realty (WSB sponsor) co-owner Kevin Broveleit, who opened with the declaration of what the group says tens of thousands of people know here, but others around the city and region need to realize too: “Losing the bridge is a catastrophic event.” So far, he said, most of what’s been heard from SDOT is “it’s not our fault” and “trust us, we’re doing everything we can … and nether resonate with us.”

So in the spirit of community groups that pushed for action to get the now-compromised bridge built in the first place, this one is determined to turn up the pressure and push for “action, not blame” by creating “as broad a coalition as possible” and focusing on “creativity in potential solutions.”

Those already involved who were part of last night’s meeting included a who’s-who of local community and business advocates. While there was spirited discussion about all three major needs created by the sudden shutdown of the bridge March 23rd, two of them – traffic mitigation and accountability – are not the central purpose for West Seattle Bridge Now, according to Broveleit. “The sooner we have a soluton with any sort of certainty,” the less painful it will be. Right now, he observed, his industry and others are grappling with people wracked by fear of the unknown – will West Seattle be bridgeless for more than the near-two-year minimum of which SDOT has already warned?

Read More

DEVELOPMENT: Comment time for 5051-5053 Fauntleroy Way

From today’s Land Use Information Bulletin, a proposal for seven townhouses on two adjacent Fauntleroy Way parcels has reached the official comment stage. We first reported almost a year ago on the proposal for 5051-5053 Fauntleroy Way SW, which is now listed as two separate projects: four units at 5051, three at 5053, with one offstreet-parking space for each unit. You have two weeks to comment; the notices (here’s the one for 5051; here’s the one for 5053) explain how to do that.

Remembering Lissa Stephens, 1958-2020

Family and friends are remembering Lissa Stephens, and sharing this remembrance with her community:

On April 19, 2020, Lissa Stephens passed away unexpectedly in her home at the age of 62.

She was born on February 1, 1958 and raised in Burien by her parents Norm and Nancy Kendig. Lissa graduated from Highline High School in 1976 and married her junior high school sweetheart, Bill Stephens, on June 14, 1980. Lissa and Bill made their home in West Seattle for over 40 years, sharing their home with many beloved cats.

After high school, Lissa pursued a career in the insurance field and then found a passion for the construction industry, where she worked on many big projects in the Seattle area, both as an Administrative Assistant and in Project Management.

Lissa cared very deeply for her family, friends, neighbors, and most of all, the children and godchildren in her life. Her generous spirit and compassion consistently made her the first to offer to help a friend, care for a family member, or assist a neighbor.

She was a world traveler, describing Paris as her “favorite place on Earth.” When in Seattle, you would find Lissa enjoying her arts and crafts, especially the jewelry she made and gave away for birthdays and holidays. Her favorite pastimes included being in a local book club and enjoying the camaraderie with those in her Fauntleroy YMCA Pilates class. She never missed an opportunity to cheer on the Seattle Seahawks and the Seattle Sounders.

Lissa was predeceased by her father, Norm. She is survived by her mother, Nancy, her brothers John and Paul, her nephew, Jeramy, her niece, Katelyn, as well as several cousins and extended family members.

Lissa’s amazing laugh and her infectious smile will be missed by all who knew her. A “Celebration of Life” will be planned when friends and family are able to gather after the Stay at Home/Stay Safe order has been lifted.

(WSB publishes West Seattle obituaries by request, free of charge. Please e-mail the text, and a photo if available, to

TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: Thursday watch, 6th week of West Seattle Bridge closure

5:58 AM: 38th morning without the high-rise West Seattle Bridge. Here are the cameras for the restricted-access low bridge (where police enforcement continues in various dayparts) and the 5-way intersection west of it:

For general traffic, the main route across the Duwamish River is the 1st Avenue South Bridge (map). To get to I-5, exit at Michigan. Here are cameras for the bridge and Michigan east of it:

You can also cross the Duwamish River via the South Park Bridge (map), which puts you on East Marginal Way. Here’s the South Park camera:

Check the @SDOTBridges Twitter feed to see if a bridge is opening for marine traffic.

TRANSIT ALERTS: Metro buses continue on a reduced schedule – details here. Also, bus capacity is now restricted … The Water Taxi continues its reduced (and shuttle-less) schedule.


SDOT’s traffic map, with cameras
Our traffic-cams page

Let us know what you’re seeing – comment or text (not if you’re at the wheel!) 206-293-6302.