Photos: ‘Catsino’ fun(draising) games, auction @ BP Pub

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You can’t have a “Catsino” without cats. So there you go. Little fluffballs, inspiration for a fun afternoon of Furry Faces Foundation fundraising:

Vegas-style games – just for fun – give the benefit its name; there’s a silent auction, too:

And people! Longtime WSB’er Mike (aka “miws”) is volunteering:

Running one of the tables, you’ll find, of Washington Beer Blog and Beer Church fame, Kendall Jones and Kim Sharpe Jones:

Also with a table, Ventana Construction (WSB sponsor) – that’s co-proprietor Anne Higuera with the chips:

Catsino is on until 6 pm at Beveridge Place Pub (6413 California SW).

Stella Ruffington’s Doggy Daycare: Welcome, new WSB sponsor

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Today, we welcome a new WSB sponsor – Stella Ruffington’s Doggy Daycare, serving your canine needs right here in West Seattle! Here’s what they’d like you to know about their business:

Located on California Avenue Southwest, just four blocks south of Morgan Junction, Stella Ruffington’s provides kennel-free dog boarding and day care, full-service grooming, and dog training. Unlike many dog day care and dog-boarding facilities in Seattle, Stella Ruffington’s does not occupy a large warehouse-type space. We are a cozy, indoor/outdoor facility where our canine guests get to mingle and enjoy the kind of freedom that they experience at home. At Stella’s, the environment is entirely kennel-free, not only for day-care guests, but for our overnight boarding guests as well.

While many facilities in Seattle or elsewhere are kennel-free during the day and then routinely confine their guests at night, Stella’s is kennel-free 24/7, and staff always is at hand for your dog’s safety and security. Your dog can curl up on a cozy bed and enjoy the peace of mind of knowing it is not confined even at bed time, but has free run of the room that it shares with its doggie friends and with staff.

Stella Ruffington’s also is excited to provide full grooming services for your canine family member. Michelle Seifert, our new full-time groomer, has trained under two master groomers and possesses more than 10 years of experience as a professional groomer in the Puget Sound area. She provides full cut, comb, and style grooming for every breed and breed type. Additionally, we also provide doggy baths, brush and blow-outs, ear cleaning, nail trimming and many other grooming services.

Find Stella Ruffington’s at 7003 California SW, online at; call 206.932.RUFF. And don’t miss the WSB coupon!

We thank Stella Ruffington’s Doggy Daycare for sponsoring independent, community-collaborative neighborhood news via WSB; find our current sponsor team listed in directory format here, and find info on joining the team by going here.

Do you know anything about this neglected, hurt dog found in West Seattle? $5,000 reward

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Just in from the Seattle Animal Shelter – a plea for information about that dog, found neglected and injured in Highland Park:

The Humane Society of the United States is offering a reward of up to $5,000 for information leading to the identification, arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for the neglect and abuse of a dog found in West Seattle last week. The dog showed clear signs of neglect and has been treated for a serious wound from a severely embedded collar.

On Thursday, Feb. 20, the dog pictured was found in the 8600 block of 8th Avenue Southwest. As the dog was extremely frightened, it took 20 minutes of coaxing for a Good Samaritan and Humane Law Enforcement Officer to lure the dog out of hiding. The dog’s collar had cut so far into the dog’s neck that it was not visible on exam and had to be surgically removed. Animal neglect such as this is animal cruelty and it is a crime.

Details of where the dog has been for the past several weeks are unknown. If you recognize the dog or know where this dog has been, please call Seattle Animal Shelter Manager of Field Services Ann Graves at (206) 386-4288. Please reference case number 14-13914. Any information about the dog’s previous whereabouts is vital to solving this case.

“Neglecting an animal to the point that no one loosens a collar that is literally cutting into the flesh of the animal’s neck is unconscionable and a clear violation of our state’s animal cruelty statutes,” said Dan Paul, Washington State Director for The Humane Society of the United States. “We are grateful that this dog is now safe in the good hands of the Seattle Animal Shelter staff, and hopeful that this reward brings forward anyone with information about this heinous act of cruelty.”

First-degree animal cruelty is a Class C felony punishable by five years in prison, a $10,000 fine or both.

The Seattle Animal Shelter enforces both SMC 9.25.081 and RCW 16.52.205, which make it illegal to abuse or neglect an animal. If you feel that an animal is being neglected or abused, please contact the Seattle Animal Shelter at (206) 386-7387.

SAS spokesperson Julie Moore says the dog originally came to authorities’ attention because a resident (same one mentioned above as a Good Samaritan) called to report this dog was lying in their yard.

West Seattle scene: Painting your pet at Mind Unwind

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Why just have photos of your pet when you can have a painting – one done with love, because you did it yourself? When Krystal Kelley at Mind Unwind in The Admiral District mentioned a new class just launched there, we couldn’t resist asking for a photo. Krystal says “Paint Your Pet” is for all skill levels – bring a photo for inspiration, paint an 11×14 canvas, with instructors guiding you through a “grid process and basic acrylic painting techniques to ensure you have a recognizable painting.” Supplies included. 2 hours, $30, voila. Dates/times here.

Love puppies? Love being helpful? This one’s for you

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Look, it’s a puppy with an invitation for you!

I’m Sagan, the newest puppy to join the West Seattle See Dogs. I’m curious, affectionate and playful (Just a little sleepy in this photo.)

My new raisers, Judy and Fred Brown, are going to help me grow up to be the best dog I can be with fun techniques.

West Seattle See Dogs are looking for other volunteers who can usher a puppy down the path to becoming a guide dog.

We’ll provide a community of support to allow you to give back while being paid in unconditional love. It is a job that is both warm and fuzzy!

Join us Tuesday, February 25th, at 6:30 pm at The Kenney and meet Sagan and other volunteers and learn how you might become involved.

Can’t make it? Call Ruth Oldham at 206-953-0268 – and learn more at

Thanks to Ruth for forwarding Sagan’s invite. The Kenney is at 7125 Fauntleroy Way SW.

The $1,000 cat toy: West Seattleite crowdfunding for Cat Fishin’

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No, it won’t COST $1,000 … that sum is the crowdfunding target for Westwood resident Dan Tracy‘s campaign to raise money for Seattle production of the “Cat Fishin‘ Toy,” demonstrated in his official Kickstarter pitch video above – featuring jumping cats, of course.

Tracy explains, “It’s similar to feather-on-a-stick dangler toys but way more durable because it’s made with rip stop nylon.” He moved to West Seattle two years ago from Maui, saying this is a more hospitable place for inventors: “I had lived there for 13 years and needed a better location to start up fun projects. Hawaii is great for vacation but it can be difficult for business because the cost of living is so high.” Why $1,000 to produce something this simple-looking? we asked. Tracy’s reply: “$1000 gets us started so we can buy material and start production but we’re hoping to raise more. We’ve already started networking with local pet shops and they’re excited to try Cat Fishin’ Toys.”

Service Dog Academy to close storefront, expand medical-alert training

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Mary McNeight, proprietor of Service Dog Academy, has announced she’s closing her storefront at 6040 California SW while expanding another line of her dog-training enterprise:

On World Diabetes Day, Service Dog Academy announces its upcoming pet dog training program closure on December 31st and expansion of Diabetic Alert Dog Training program.

I started Service Dog Academy after being frustrated with the Puget Sound region’s lack of qualified trainers to help me train my own service dog. Unfortunately numerous factors including the death of my father, the loss of a marriage, a business model that gave too much back to the community to my own financial detriment, a 26% increase in rent in one year, and numerous health crises that landed me in the hospital have resulted in a company that never made enough to allow me to draw a salary.

Despite winning two national dog-trainer awards and being a featured speaker at the 6,000+ member Association of Professional Dog Trainers conference this year, it was not enough publicity to keep our doors open in this economic climate.

Service Dog Academy will be closing our pet dog training location so that we may focus on raising and training medical alert dogs for Diabetes, Seizures, Narcolepsy, Migraines and Asthma.

Click to read the rest of Service Dog Academy to close storefront, expand medical-alert training…

West Seattle weekend scene: Maisy and Cookie

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‘An Alki Family’ e-mailed that photo to share, explaining:

In the midst of all of the scary news the past few weeks, I thought I would share this photo. We adopted our 8-week=old kitty, Maisy, just two days ago from PAWS animal rescue and it seems that she and our dog, Cookie, have fallen in love.

Happy ending: Lost West Seattle cat home – after 3 years!

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Time for some happy news before this night is over. Sheri, who has lived in West Seattle for 18 years and raised her teenage daughter here, has a story to tell about a very happy homecoming:

In 2008, a friend of mine who worked at a vet clinic in Burien called me and said they found a tiny black kitten on the side of the road. She wondered if I was interested in adopting him, and of course I said yes. Mio became a part of our family in June of that year.

Within the first few months of having Mio, I took him to our vet at the West Seattle Animal Hospital, where I had him microchipped and neutered. Mio was always an outdoor cat, an avid hunter, and truly affectionate. He loved his dog brother Tony the most, and I’d often go into the back yard to see the two of them playing together. Keeping track of Mio wasn’t exactly easy. Like I said, he was a hunter, so he’d often go out for a few nights in a row, then camp out in the basement. He’d always eventually turn up, so it never really worried me. In the fall of 2010 I noticed Mio hadn’t been home for a while. I kept an eye out, but didn’t really worry, considering his independent nature. He never turned up.

As Tony and I would walk the neighborhood, I’d look every black cat in the eye. I’d often wonder if Mio just divorced us and decided to move in with another set of humans. When Mio disappeared I figured he would turn up, a vet clinic would scan him, then I’d get a call. As the years past, my phone never rang with that call.

Fast forward to Tuesday:

Click to read the rest of Happy ending: Lost West Seattle cat home – after 3 years!…

West Seattle weekend scene: Pet blessings, graced with sunshine

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It’s an October tradition for St. John the Baptist Episcopal Church in south Admiral – the annual Blessing of the Animals in the West Seattle High School parking lot next door. Most of this year’s blessing-seekers brought their dogs; we did spot one cat, Yahzi Farouche:

This was the first Blessing of the Animals since Rev. J.D. Godwin took over as spiritual leader almost half a year ago. Below, Rev. Godwin blessed Pace the dog:

He was joined by Paul Dahlke from the Order of St. Francis. There was a special gift for the people who brought their pets today – this medal:

P.S. If you missed this event – Alki UCC Church usually has a Blessing of the Animals service this time of year too, and the church website says it’s at 10 am next Sunday (October 13th).

‘Nickelsville’ closure countdown: New sites; pet-moving plan

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(UPDATED SATURDAY MORNING with addresses of all three new sites, and the map below)

View Nickelsville sites, present and future in a larger map

With the deadline for vacating the “Nickelsville” encampment site in West Seattle coming up Sunday, plans to move to 3 new sites, as first announced two nights ago, are intensifying.

The two additional new sites were disclosed this afternoon, we’re told, but we have not found the addresses publicly posted. One TV report tonight says that in addition to the previously reported 20th/Jackson site in the Central District, there’s a second site in the Central District, and the third is in Skyway.

(SATURDAY MORNING UPDATE: The sites, with photos, are now posted/listed on the Nickelsville Works Facebook page.

*12914 Martin Luther King Jr. Way S., Skyway.
*Behind Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd, 1419 22nd Ave.
*The first site announced, 2020 South Jackson St.

As noted here last night, there are public requests for help with the move on Sunday. The newest one involves the encampment’s pets. Teri Ensley with West Seattle-based Furry Faces Foundation is helping organize the efforts and tells WSB:

We have a solid, collective plan in place for the safekeeping of the pets during the move and transportation of them to the new sites with their people.

The Nickelsville Pet Coordinator has contacted us with the following requests for pets to help the move go more smoothly and safely for the animals:

1) Clean Cat Crates, in good working order.
2) Freshly washed used towels (for use in the crates)
3) Leashes
4) Collars – both cat and dog (especially cat collars/harnesses)

Items may be dropped:

· On the front porch of my house, located at 3809 46th Ave SW
· At Pet Elements, located in Morgan Junction
· At the Nickelsville Security Desk (7116 W. Marginal Way SW)

Ideally, we need items by Saturday, however, are happy to accept them any time.

This is all to facilitate keeping cats crated and dogs leashed at the soon-to-be-former site on moving day Sunday, where the pets will be watched throughout a day filled with “a lot of commotion,” as Ensley puts it. “In the evening, when the move is complete and tents/housing structures set up at the new sites, the animal companions will be transported to their new location.”

To facilitate that, each cat crate or dog leash will have a form with the owner’s name/contact info, pet’s name, and the site that pet/human will be moving to. F3 has been working on pet tagging lately and
“is also hoping to engrave new pet id tags for each of the animals which includes any new contact info,” according to Ensley.

She adds that Seattle Animal Shelter “has been very supportive with ideas and suggestions,” will accept any pets that have to be surrendered, and has spayed/neutered more than 40 Nickelsville pets.

Previous WSB coverage of Nickelsville is archived here, newest to oldest.

Update: Owner found after dog hit by car, on the run

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6:54 PM: We’re cross-posting this from the WSB Lost/Found Pets page since an injured dog might still be out there somewhere. Ashleigh e-mailed to say:

A black and white Boston Terrier was hit by a car in front of Gatewood Elementary, on Myrtle St at 5 pm. I live right across the street. There were several witnesses to him getting hit, none of whom i was able to get info from. The driver, however, stopped her car, and with a witness tried to find him. After being stuck, he ran south down the alley across the street from the east side of the school campus. I looked for him for almost an hour and a half with no luck. I keep saying “he,” but i am actually not sure of the sex.

If you find the dog, please take it to a vet, Ashleigh requests; if it’s your dog and you want to ask her more about the circumstances – you can reach her at

8:24 PM: Just heard from Ashleigh: “I found the owner of Louis the Boston Terrier. He is alive, though he does have a broken pelvis. I will report more of his condition when I find out. Thanks, West Seattle!”

Got a dog that loves to swim? Arbor Heights pool’s postseason for pooches approaches

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(Photo courtesy Cori Roed)
It’s an annual tradition – AFTER Arbor Heights Swim and Tennis Club closes its pool for the year, its teams will raise money by inviting dogs over to swim again this year! The pool at 11003 31st Avenue SW plans five 2-hour sessions:

Tuesday, Sept. 17th 5-7 pm
Wednesday, Sept. 18th 5-7 pm
Thursday, Sept. 19th 5-7pm
Friday, Sept. 20th 5-7 pm
Saturday, Sept. 21st 10 am-12 pm

There are a few prerequisites – see them, along with other details, on the official flyer. No people in the pool (again, this is AFTER the human swims end for the season) but dog owners will have to stay at the club while their pets are in the pool. $10/donation per dog or $25 for a pass for the entire five-day run.

Followup: Citations planned in West Seattle dog-bite case

August 9, 2013 at 2:58 pm | In Pets, West Seattle news | 14 Comments

Two weeks after the incident reported here in which a loose dog bit a man and dog in the North Delridge area, we have some followup information.

First, the bitten dog’s owner, Chandra, says her dog Katie (photo at right is from before the attack) has required more surgery for problems including nerve damage to her face. Chandra’s dad has recovered, although hand-swelling persisted. He and Katie were out for a walk when they spotted the loose dog, Chandra said, and while he tried to get home to avoid it, the dog followed them up the stairs to Katie’s house.

The dog’s owner wasn’t known when we published our first story, but has since been located; Chandra says the owner turned out to live fairly close by. So now, the question is, what happens to the owner and the dog? We’ve continued talking with Seattle Animal Shelter‘s Ann Graves. She says the owner will be cited for the bites – a $269 fine – and for a leash-law violation, a $54 fine.

The dog was quarantined for 10 days at SAS but is no longer at the shelter, Graves told WSB. She does not know its current whereabouts, but stresses that the investigation is continuing, and any other potential sanctions or decisions would depend on factors such as any history involving the dog, the incident’s circumstances, and the owner’s wishes.

Whose dog was it? Man, dog bitten in North Delridge attack

July 24, 2013 at 2:08 pm | In Delridge, Pets, West Seattle news | 85 Comments

(Recent photo of Katie)
2:08 PM: A man and dog are both getting medical attention after a reported attack by another dog in North Delridge this morning. Chandra e-mailed us about it: “My elderly father and my small dog, Katie, were attacked around 10 AM this morning by a loose dog in the 5000 block of 26th Avenue SW. Both were injured fairly badly.” Here’s how she was told it happened:

He saw the other dog loose and decided to head home to avoid an encounter. The dog followed them up the stairs to our house. Dad went to pick Katie up, but it was too late. He was bit trying to get the dog off of Katie. Then the dog attacked him. A neighbor came over and helped fight the dog off and called the police. Katie is like our child. My dad made the police take her to the hospital before he would go seek medical attention.

Chandra’s dad went to urgent care for stitches and X-rays and might have to go to the ER; Katie, a Bichon Frise, is undergoing surgery, Chandra says, adding:

I believe the attacking dog was captured. I just want to remind people to always keep their dogs leashed or contained, especially if they do not do well with people or other pets. My family is so upset that this happened. It will cost hundreds of dollars to care for Katie’s injuries, all due to someone’s negligence. Imagine if there had been a small child with them. If anyone knows who the owner of the dog is, please contact Seattle Police. My dad described it as a large, black pit mix.

We are checking with Seattle Animal Shelter to confirm whether the dog was captured and whether its owner has been located, and will add anything more that we find out.

4:56 PM: Shelter spokesperson Ann Graves confirms they have the dog and are still seeking its owner. Meantime, Chandra published a comment with an update on her dad and Katie.

Update: Maya the meandering macaw now back home

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(Photo by WSB co-publisher Patrick Sand, added 10:45 am)
ORIGINAL REPORT, 9:37 AM: No photo yet but, just added to the WSB Lost/Found Pets page, we’ve received multiple reports of a yellow/blue macaw or parrot turning up in a tree near Tilden School north of The Junction, 44th and Dakota, causing quite a stir at the school, too. Crows were harassing it, according to WSB tipster Meredith, so we don’t know how long it’ll hang around, but if you’re missing one – that’s where it’s been spotted.

10:45 AM: Just back from checking out the parrot situation. It had flown over to the First Lutheran Church of West Seattle roof by the time we arrived. From both a phone call and a comment, it appears the owner’s been found – and it appears to be Maya the macaw, who had an April escapade.

FRIDAY MORNING NOTE: Maya the macaw is now back home, per owner Hector’s comment.

Followup: No crime in the case of ‘Zipper’ the dog, says Seattle Animal Shelter

May 23, 2013 at 3:23 pm | In Pets, West Seattle news | 16 Comments

Remember the case of a dog found in a car at Westwood Village? The Seattle Animal Shelter promised to announce when its investigation was finished – and that announcement has just come via this update on its website, The Scoop:

As previously reported in The Scoop, on Sunday April 21, the Seattle Police Department (SPD) removed a small dog, Zipper, from a vehicle in a West Seattle grocery store parking lot. Included in the original police report was a witness statement that the car had been in the same spot for six days, prompting speculation that Zipper may have been locked inside without food or water during that entire time. If this turned out to be true, it would have been a clear case of animal neglect and/or cruelty, which the Animal Shelter, the SPD and the City of Seattle take very seriously.

We received numerous calls from people checking on Zipper’s welfare from as far away as Florida and New York. We sincerely appreciate the public concern and support for Zipper, as it is the mission of the Seattle Animal Shelter to foster safe, healthy and caring relationships between people and animals in our community. However, Zipper’s situation is an example of why it is important for us to be able to conduct a thorough investigation before jumping to conclusions with only limited information.

Click to read the rest of Followup: No crime in the case of ‘Zipper’ the dog, says Seattle Animal Shelter…

Followup: Still seeking witnesses with info about ‘Zipper’ the dog

May 2, 2013 at 1:40 pm | In Pets, West Seattle news, Westwood | 5 Comments

After the case of Zipper the dog – rescued from a car in the Westwood Village parking lot – resurfaced in the WSB Forums, we checked today with Seattle Animal Shelter executive director Don Jordan to see if there’s anything new in the case. He reaffirms that, contrary to many headlines, they still don’t know for sure if Zipper was actually in that car alone the whole time the car was in the lot, and says they’d still like to hear from anyone with information to share:

At this time, I can’t offer too much information on the case around Zipper, as we are still conducting our investigation. I can tell you that we will continue to care for him at the Animal Shelter until the case is closed and we determine a course of action. As far as his condition, Zipper appears healthy, happy and energetic. While the police report indicated that the vehicle was parked in the lot for six days, one area of focus in our investigation, as you noted, is determining whether Zipper was actually in the vehicle during that time. We are still taking statements and would welcome any witnesses to contact us at 206-386-7387.

Police rescued Zipper on Sunday, April 21st, and reported the case via SPD Blotter three days later.

Dog rescued by police at Westwood Village still at shelter

April 25, 2013 at 7:08 pm | In Pets, West Seattle news, West Seattle police | 8 Comments

Update tonight in the tale of a dog that Seattle Police rescued from a car at Westwood Village, reported Wednesday on SPD Blotter: Today’s Blotter followup says Zipper the puggle is being kept at the Seattle Animal Shelter while an animal-cruelty investigation is under way. Witnesses told police the car in which Zipper was found had been parked at the center for six days, though it hasn’t been determined if Zipper was inside the whole time. Zipper apparently was supposedly under a dog-sitter’s watch, while his owner was out of town.

Happening now: Heels for Hounds – shoes, tunes, sips, tastes

April 21, 2013 at 4:00 pm | In How to help, Luna Park, Pets, West Seattle news | 2 Comments

Lots of time left to get to Ola Salon in Luna Park for Furry Faces Foundation‘s first-ever “Heels for Hounds” – not just a silent auction of some cute shoes (casual as well as fancy, as shown in the photo above), but also wine tasting, appetizers, and live music, all to benefit animal advocacy:

Ola’s at 2942 SW Avalon Way.

From the WSB Pets page: Lisa and Elliott find each other

April 21, 2013 at 3:56 pm | In Pets, West Seattle news | 10 Comments

Sometimes despite all the searching, your lost pet just can’t be found. The WSB Pets page archives include still-open reports that may never be closed. And then there’s the tale of Lisa and Elliott. Posting as “Elle,” Lisa reported her cat Diesel missing four months ago. That’s Lisa in the photo, but not Diesel – well, not ENTIRELY Diesel. Marianne from Friends of the Animals Foundation explains:

Elliott is the cat living under the porch of a Alaska Junction business on the Pets page earlier in the week. Lisa thought he might be her beloved cat Diesel and went on a search for Elliott.

She managed to trap the cat with the help of Kathleen, a WS cat rescuer. I run Friends of the Animals Foundation and had room for Elliott in our cages at Next to Nature. Lisa did some research with the help of Elliott’s microchip and found out his sad story. He was adopted from the Humane Society in January and quickly jumped off of the porch of his new home and disappeared. He was apparently on his own for the past four months. When Lisa contacted his owner, she decided that she didn’t want him.

Lisa fell in love with Elliott and with the help of Joy Turner, pet communicator, found out that Diesel’s soul is in Elliott. Elliot even climbed into Diesel’s old shirt. Elliott’s new full name is Elliott Yi Talarico (named after the businesses in the alley).

Marianne points out that Elliott did not have to spend months living in the alley – if someone had taken him to a vet sooner to check for a chip, he would have had a new home sooner. Be sure to get a found animal checked for a chip – she points out that all clinics will do that for free, and will help you connect with the Seattle Animal Shelter. Marianne also says big thanks go to Emma, who called attention to Elliott’s plight.

Last call for shoe donations! ‘Heels for Hounds’ coming up Sunday

April 18, 2013 at 1:35 pm | In How to help, Pets, West Seattle news | 3 Comments

Way back in December, we told you about Furry Faces Foundation collecting ‘gently used’ women’s shoes for a first-of-its-kind auction event, Heels for Hounds. Now, the event is just days away – this Sunday (April 21) – and F3 is still accepting donations:

The Heels For Hounds weekend has arrived! We have somewhere between 150 – 200 pairs of shoes for the auction, with more being donated every day. In fact, folks can bring gently worn shoes to the event!

Donation locations before then:

Ola Salon: 2942 Avalon Way SW; 206-933-6702;
Clementine Shoes: 4447 California Ave SW; 206-935-9400;
Hotwire Online Coffeehouse: 4410 California Ave SW; 206-935-1510;
The Wash Dog: 6400 California Avenue Southwest; 206-935-4546;

Are you ready for shoe bidding wars? We hope so. Here is the event info:

Heels For Hounds Silent Auction & Animale Wine Tasting (Benefiting Furry Faces Foundation)

Date: April 21
Time: 3 pm – 6 pm
Location: Ola Salon, 2942 Avalon Way SW
Admission Donation: $15.00 (provides appetizers and wine sampler)
Wine by the glass: $8

For event updates before Sunday, keep an eye on F3′s Facebook page, here.

From the WSB Lost/Found Pets page: Macaw rescued!

April 15, 2013 at 11:31 pm | In Pets, West Seattle news | 18 Comments

A happy-ending story to conclude the night:

After a text this afternoon, we posted a “lost macaw spotted” report on the WSB Lost/Found Pets page. Not much later, a rescue ensued: Merry Myers tells the tale, and shares the photos:

Mya the Macaw flew out of her house up the hill from 47th and Alaska Sts and landed on the highest branches of a tree just off the 47th Ave SW alley – between Alaska and Oregon. The owners tried to call the bird down and soon a crowd from the neighborhood gathered, including a nearby resident who brought her parrot with her to see if the Macaw might be curious enough to come down and investigate:

Tall ladders were offered by the neighbors and the owner climbed way up in the tree with treats, to try and lure her down.

Finally she began to make her way down to him and he eventually managed to grab her and make his way precariously down the tree while the neighbors cheered.

We live in a great neighborhood.

West Seattle Montessori/WS Academy students’ food drive – for pets!

April 12, 2013 at 10:21 am | In How to help, Pets, West Seattle news | 5 Comments

(Photo courtesy West Seattle Montessori/West Seattle Academy)
In recent months, we’ve shared the news of multiple food drives by community-minded students at local schools – and we have another one today: This time, to help pets in area shelters. West Seattle Montessori/West Seattle Academy (WSB sponsor) assistant director Heather Aquino explains:

Our seventh-grade students have taken on a very cool cause. (Through) April 25 they are challenging all of our classes to collect as much pet food as they can, by the pound, to be donated to local Seattle shelters. Our winning class will have a small party hosted by these incredible seventh-graders.

Community members are welcome to donate pet food too – drop it off at the school, 11215 15th SW, today or April 22-25th (as with Seattle Public Schools, WSMS/WSA will be out on spring break next week).

Happening now: Playing & bidding at animal advocates’ Catsino

April 7, 2013 at 3:28 pm | In How to help, Pets, West Seattle news | 4 Comments

Silent auctions are a bit like shopping at sales – though you’re never sure if you’re going to have the winning bid – with a bonus payoff: You know your money’s going to do good work. In the case of “Catsino,” under way at Beveridge Place Pub in Morgan Junction until 6 pm, it’s going to help those who can’t speak or fight for themselves – animals. There are so many circumstances in which the organizations behind the event – presented by Furry Faces Foundation – step in. If furry friends like Nora could say thanks, we’re sure they would:

In addition to the beneficiaries, Catsino also involves local businesses and groups who are sponsoring – and staffing! – the just-for-fun game tables, like Ventana Construction (WSB sponsor), whose Anne Higuera is at right in our next photo:

Ventana’s offering a “Carpenter for a Day” item in the silent auction, we noticed, so go bid! The fun’s not even half over. The pub’s at 6413 California SW.

St. Patrick’s Day 2013: Green-garbed pets and people at Celtic Swell

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(Photos by Nick Adams for WSB)
A brand-new West Seattle St. Patrick’s Day event debuted this weekend – the first-ever pets/people costume contest at The Celtic Swell on Alki. WSB contributing photojournalist Nick Adams was there to catch some of the contenders on camera. Above, that’s Zoey; next, the Lynns and their boxer:

Pub owners Gareth and Joleen Hughes‘ Siberian Huskies Finnegan, left, and Foley were of course on hand and wearing some green:

Eleven more scenes of green, after the jump:

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Catsino 2013: Cards & dice for cats & dogs – discount-ticket time!

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Games people play, to help their furry friends: That’s what Catsino is all about, and it’s just a few weeks away, announce the animal advocates of Furry Faces Foundation. 2-6 pm April 7th at Beveridge Place Pub, which co-hosts Catsino with F3:

Hey Furry Faces Foundation Supporters, what do Texas Snip ‘em, Pig Craps, BlackCat 21, and Studless Draw all have in common?

“These are just a few of the thirteen crazy Las Vegas-style games we’ll be playing during the Catsino Silent Auction,” says Lora Swift of Furry Faces Foundation. “Local businesses and animal rescue groups are adopting the gaming tables, dealing out the cards, and rolling the dice. Enjoy meeting local rescue groups and bid on unusual, unique silent auction items! All proceeds benefit Furry Faces Foundation, A.A.R.F., Community Cat Coalition, and Regional Animal Services of King County.”

Tickets are just $25 at the door, or save $5 by purchasing your ticket by April 5th at one of our five ticket outlets. Each Catsino Silent Auction guest will receive a door prize ticket, one free drink ticket, and hors d’oeuvres. “Use your ‘Vaccination Record Passport’ as a guide to visit and play at each table,” says Teri Ensley, F3 Leader. “Every time you play for at least five minutes at a table you have not visited before, you will receive a stamp. Play at six different tables, you’ll earn an extra Grand Raffle ticket; play at nine different tables — another Grand Raffle Ticket; play at all thirteen and earn a total of three grand raffle tickets!”

“This is a chance for our community to meet our local business owners in a fun, personal setting and learn more about animal rescue groups,” say Gary Sink and Terri Griffith, owners of Beveridge Place Pub, “and, if you like what you hear ‘n’ see, drop a few dollars into their donation bucket or sign up to volunteer with them! We know that A.A.R.F., Community Cat Coalition, Regional Animal Services of King County, and Furry Faces Foundation folks are looking forward to meeting all of you!’

For more information, please visit: or e-mail

The fine print: Catsino Silent Auction entertainment is a Recreational Gaming Activity; Catsino Bucks have no monetary value and all prizes are non-monetary. Also note: Beveridge Place Pub is 21+.. It’s one of five places where you can buy tickets early and save $5 – along with Hotwire Online Coffeehouse, The Wash Dog, Ventana Construction (all WSB sponsors), and Pet Elements.

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