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WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Stolen business van (update – van found, tools still missing)

11:46 PM: Be on the lookout for Stefan‘s stolen business van:

My van got stolen – (4400 block of) 40th SW. I’m a contractor; it happened on 05/24/22 at 5:30 am. It’s a white Chevy 2005 2500 white van with About The Grout Tile on the side of it. License # CAS9883. Case # 22-130587.

Stefan did find some of his stolen tools in a pickup. But the van is still missing – if you’ve seen it, he is at 312-810-3750.

1:15 AM UPDATE: Stefan says his van’s been found but many tools are still missing. We asked for descriptions:

Milwaukee saw
2 sawzalls
12 batteries
Multy tool
Nut buster
2 impact wrenches
360 laser
3 Packout boxes
2ladders gourila
3 Makita saws and batteries
Sander cordless
Jigsaw cordless
6 air guns
Roll air compressor green
And a lot of other things

UPDATE: Crashes close 16th SW south of downtown White Center after King County Sheriff’s Office pursuit

8:33 PM: This is just developing now along 16th SW in White Center – according to emergency-radio traffic, King County Sheriff’s Deputies were pursuing a vehicle (we don’t yet know why) and, after use of the PIT maneuver, it ended with collisions reported on 16th SW – one around SW 104th and another around SW 100th. We’re on our way to find out more. In the meantime, if you have to go through White Center, avoid that stretch of street.

8:44 PM: Photo above is from the scene at 16th/100th. Road closures start there/southward. So far, we’ve learned only that this began with an incident in SeaTac. A suspect is in custody.

9:17 PM: Added photo from 104th scene. Deputies at the scenes aren’t commenting but we just talked by phone with KCSO Capt. Tim Meyer. He says they started chasing the suspect as a “followup to an open and active investigation from a couple days ago” and that the 104th collision happened during the pursuit, with the suspect’s vehicle coming to a stop at the WC Starbucks. Capt. Meyer said two people were taken to hospitals – one to St. Anne in Burien, one to Harborview Medical Center.

9:54 PM: Going back through archived radio exchanges from the start of the pursuit, the only additional detail we can deduce is that the red pickup truck (partly seen in the background of the top photo) is what the suspect was in, and that the deputy who started trying to pull him over recognized him from a “bulletin” that had been circulated regarding the earlier case.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Early-morning shooting, robbery

Information on both of these incidents early this morning is from Seattle Police preliminary summaries:

SHOOTING: Someone got shot east of The Junction but police didn’t hear about it until after the victim showed up at a Burien hospital, according to this summary:

(At 2:30 am today), a suspect was heckling females at the Corner Pocket Billiards located at 4300 SW Alaska St. A male intervened and a disturbance ensued. The intervening male victim left the establishment and went to the parking lot at an apartment building located in the area of 38 Ave SW/SW Oregon St. The victim saw a black Escalade circle the block a couple of times. A short time later, the victim heard a gunshot, and he was struck in the left shoulder. The victim was transported to St Anne in Burien, and SPD was notified about the incident by King County. Officers didn’t locate a crime scene.

If you have any information, the incident # is 22-130528.

ROBBERY: The victim in this also told police that a bar dispute might have factored into it. The summary:

(At 2:52 am today), officers responded to the 4000 block of 26th Avenue SW to a report of a strong-armed robbery of a purse. Victim was outside her residence when a suspect got out of a waiting car and grabbed victim’s purse. The pair struggled over the purse, with the victim falling to the ground. Suspect got back in the car with the purse and left the area. Victim managed to keep almost the entire contents of her purse. Suspect dropped his cell phone. A witness/friend of the victim told officers that the incident may have been a follow-up to an altercation at a bar earlier in the evening.

The bar in that summary was not identified. The SPD incident # is 22-130520.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Another blue pickup truck stolen; mailbox taken; catalytic converter thief leaves empty-handed

Three reports in this West Seattle Crime Watch roundup:

ANOTHER BLUE PICKUP TRUCK STOLEN: The photo and report are from Sara:

Our 2004 blue Chevy Silverado was stolen, May 12th, midnight-1 AM in front of our house, (5000 block of) 25th Ave SW. Plate #B31166W. Police report #22-119715.


Discovered that my US mailbox was stolen sometime Friday night or early Saturday morning. The black, locked box was stolen from a stand of several boxes just off Admiral Way SW on SW Hanford St. No other boxes were stolen. If anyone spots it, please let me know. Box is marked “3033” on front door.

EMPTY-HANDED CATALYTIC-CONVERTER THIEF: The report and photo are from Karen:

So, this happened last week. I figured when I turned on my 2003 Honda CR-V and got a horrible sound that I’d been cat-burgled.

Not knowing for sure, I took it to mechanic shop. Hearing me drive up, nice Ray told me, yep, they got you. He got under the car to take a picture and his reaction seemed surprised. One side was severed but the other only halfway with a saw blade stuck in it.

The good news: they didn’t make any money on me.

The bad news: it’ll still cost me $1897 to fix and it’s debatable if it is worth it being so old, not insured, and could happen again.

Just thought I’d share their costly fail for both of us. I feel a tiny bit of “win” under the circumstances.

The theft attempt happened near 48th/Andover.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Stolen blue Ram pickup truck (update – found); dumped-likely-stolen kids’ bicycles

Three reader reports:

STOLEN TRUCK: From Jonathan:

Sometime late at night on Sunday 5/22 or early this morning 5/23, our blue 1993 Dodge Ram 250 pickup truck was stolen from 25th Ave SW near the Delridge P-Patch Garden. It is lifted, huge, 2-door. It has silver paneling around the base and says DODGE in huge letters over a silver/blue/red tailgate. It also has a sticker that reads “82nd Airborne” on the bumper. The truck is huge, can’t miss it!

We’ll add the plate and incident numbers when we get them.
EVENING UPDATE: Jonathan says the truck has been found: “3 blocks away on 26th and Dakota. Neighbors said it didn’t show up until Late afternoon. They stole an extra battery but left the Willie Nelson CDs!”

Now, two kids’ bicycles from the “dumped-and-likely-stolen” file:

KIDS’ BICYCLE #1: A texter reports this was left in their alley southeast of The Junction:

Yours? Let us know and we’ll connect you with the finder.

KIDS’ BICYCLE #2: Wyatt found this bike abandoned near the Charlestown water standpipe:

It’s an Avigo Splash 16” bike. In this case, too, let us know if it’s yours and we’ll connect you.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Stolen gray motorcycle

Joshua hopes you will keep an eye out for this stolen motorcycle:

Gray café racer motorcycle, plate number 2J2518, was stolen Saturday morning around 5 am from SW Avalon Way. A report has been filed with local police.

UPDATE: Gunfire investigation in North Delridge (updated)

7:41 PM: Thanks to Tony for the photo, and to everyone who’s texted. Also happening right now, police are investigating gunfire in North Delridge. No injuries reported but as Tony’s photo shows, they’ve found shell casings. This is reported to be in the 25th/Dakota vicinity. We’re on our way to see what else we can find out.

7:59 PM: We’ve confirmed no one was hit. Police say a particular residence seemed to be the target; they’re wrapping up their investigation. According to Tony, the shooter was described as “last seen heading south on 26th Ave SW. Green slides, black hoody with ‘Respect’ on the back in red/white. Seen taking off an old-school full-face ski mask.”

8:06 PM: Dispatch has told officers someone in the targeted residential building (which we’ve heard described as a duplex) called in to say they found a bullet in their home.

8:45 PM: No additional info, but if you have anything to add to the police investigation, here’s the incident number to refer to when contacting them: 22-129315.

ADDED MONDAY MORNING: A few more details from the preliminary police summary: The shots were indeed fired toward a particular duplex by a person on foot. SPD adds: “Both units of the duplex had bullet damage and an unoccupied home being built had also been struck.”

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Another store robbery; stolen Silverado pickup (update: found)

Two West Seattle Crime Watch reports this morning:

ANOTHER STORE ROBBERY: Police are investigating this one right now, at Sally Beauty in Westwood Village. Different description from last night’s mini-mart robberies – this time the robber is described as a white man in his 50s, medium build, black beanie, black face mask, gray hoodie, slim build, black skinny jeans, white sneakers, holding a black and silver gun in one hand as he left eastbound on SW Barton. Police told us at the scene that he got away with about $300 in cash.

STOLEN PICKUP: Sent this morning by Kelli:

My husband’s truck was stolen from out front of house. It was last seen at 10 pm last night, 44th Ave SW between Hanford and Hinds.

Chevy Silverado 1998, grayish brown color, license plate C22085D

It has several stickers on the back window including a crab in the lower left hand corner and. Washington state sticker in upper left with blue TR.


WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: 2 store robberies in ~1 hour

10:18 PM: Seattle Police are investigating another robbery at the Lucky 5 mini-mart/gas station (35th/Henderson). The call came in about quarter past 9. Officers told dispatch that the robbers were described as “unknown race males,” both with handguns, who are believed to have gotten away in a silver “older model” Toyota Corolla, last seen eastbound on SW Henderson. No other details; if you have any tips, the SPD incident # is 22-127475.

10:26 PM: Now police are responding to a second mini-mart holdup, at 4001 California SW. Officers gave dispatch this early description: two Black males and one Asian male, all three in their 20s and dressed entirely in black. They got away via the alley behind the store. … A K-9 is being brought in to help search.

10:33 PM: The description’s been updated to say two of the robbers were in orange jackets and the third wore a gray hoodie. Officers are telling dispatch they believe these are the same robbers who held up the Lucky 5 an hour earlier. Same getaway car – silver Toyota Corolla, last seen southbound in the alley. If you have tips/sightings on this, incident # is 22-127529.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Stolen Triumph motorcycle

Matthew hopes you’ll keep an eye out for his stolen motorcycle:

STOLEN: from street on 3600 block of 44th Ave SW

2016 Triumph Thruxton. Blacked-out Engine, custom cowl and cluster gauge. Custom license plate: HEY HO. Custom wave side panels. Aftermarket piggyback shocks. Was black with gray vinyl striping, but that could easily be peeled off in an attempt to conceal. If that is peeled, then has a gold stripe up the tank. Last seen in West Seattle last night. Any help to recover is welcomed. Reward. No questions asked. VIN ends in 9777.

Anyone on 44th with a Ring camera could check for a car or truck with a trailer sometime between midnight and 8 a.m. last night – contact Matthew at mazoomors (at) or share it with Seattle Police by calling 206-625-5011 and using case number 22-126196.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Theft victim finds stolen car by chance

Some owners of stolen cars have found them by looking around. In Christy‘s case, she just happened onto hers:

My vehicle was stolen last night in front of my apartment building at (3800 block of) Beach Dr. SW. There have been numerous car thefts and break ins in this area lately.

I was fortunate enough to have found my car at 38th Ave SW and Andover around 9 am this morning. It was by chance that I found it while taking an Uber to an appointment that was two blocks from where I found my car. My car was still running and the ignition was badly damaged. The police came and took a report. There was a plastic tool kit that was left by the car thief that the police took as evidence.

I was really lucky. I know others have not been so lucky. I would like people in this area to be aware that this is happening. I know these car thieves will be back if they are not stopped.

She’s checking with neighbors to see if there’s any security-camera imagery to add.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Store robbery; vehicle vandalism; under-car prowlers

Three reports in West Seattle Crime Watch:

STORE ROBBERY: Three people held up Planet Vapes at Delridge/Henderson on Tuesday afternoon. According to the police-report summary, an employee told police it happened around quarter till 4 – three people came in, one pointed a handgun at the employee and demanded merchandise, while the other two grabbed merchandise. The robber with a gun also demanded money from the register. They are described only as “wearing masks and gloves” and were last seen headed southbound on Delridge. One item taken was described as a three-foot-by-two-foot cardboard box of “disposable vapes.” If you have any information, the incident # is 22-124106.

CAR VANDALISM: The report and photo are from Aaron:

Someone threw a softball-sized rock through my rear window. Appears they missed the first pitch and also took a chunk out of the rear light bar/spoiler. Nothing appears to be missing from the car, and didn’t appear to have been rifled through, so random vandalism? 7100 block of 30th Avenue SW, Sunrise Heights. Wondering if anything else, vandalism or otherwise, happened in the hood last night?

Incident number is # 22-124669.

UNDER-CAR PROWLERS: That’s what we’ll call the people reported by Xtopher, who sent this photo:

Xtopher says neighbors “chased off” this vehicle – a silver/gray GMC Tahoe Yukon with no plates – and its occupants. They were reported to be “crawling under cars trying to steal catalytic converters” in the Genesee/Fauntleroy area on Monday.

FOLLOWUP: After second shooting, Councilmember Herbold asks mayor’s office to ‘consider prioritizing’ Andover encampment for action

(WSB photo, last Friday)

By Tracy Record
West Seattle Blog editor

Every Monday afternoon, City Councilmembers offer individual updates at what’s known as the “briefing” meeting – what they’re working on, what are issues of concern in their district, among other things. We watched today to see if West Seattle/South Park Councilmember Lisa Herbold would mention Friday’s shooting alongside the SW Andover RV encampment. She did, as you can see/hear starting at 19:01 into the video recording of the meeting.

Herbold said she had talked with Southwest Precinct commander Capt. Martin Rivera recently and asked for a report on police responses in the area around the Andover encampment. She didn’t summarize that report in her remarks, but we requested and received it from her immediately after the meeting. You can see it here; it is dated April 30th, though the councilmember reported obtaining it last week – before the shooting – and if you’re familiar with the area, you’ll note that it covers a multi-block radius, stretching up to Avalon on the west, for example.

Herbold also said she had been in contact with the mayor’s office again, now that it’s been announced full enforcement of the 72-hour parking rule will resume. In our post-meeting email, we asked for clarification on what she had asked them to do regarding Andover, and she forwarded us the email she’d sent earlier this afternoon to Deputy Mayor Tiffany Washington (whose portfolio includes homelessness) and city Public Safety Director Andrew Myerberg:

I am writing to you regarding the ongoing situation at SW Andover Street around 26th Ave SW. A shooting took place there on Friday afternoon. This is the second recent shooting in this area, and has resulted in significant community alarm. I’ve been contacted by numerous constituents since Friday afternoon.

This location has been one that RVs have been parking at for at least 3 years, if not longer. I regularly hear reports of crime from constituents in this area, and have discussed this with SW Precinct Captain Rivera, and his predecessor, on numerous occasions. These reports have increased during the last several months, including from constituents who rarely contact me about crime-related issues. Please see the attached document for a summary provided to me last Thursday by Captain Rivera, upon my request.

I understand that the work the Mayor’s Office is doing regarding the 72 hour parking law includes working to develop prioritization criteria for the various areas throughout the city where nearly 400 RV are reportedly parked with people residing in them. I understand that you must look at the city as a whole in determining where to take action. I am restating the request that I have made verbally in meetings with you since the start of this administration, that you consider prioritizing this location for engagement and enforcement, as the public safety-related issues here appear to be escalating.

(The first paragraph of the email includes two links to WSB coverage, including linking “significant community alarm” to our report from last Friday with 150+ comments.) Nucor‘s top priority is the safety of our team and the community where we operate. This specific encampment on Andover along the southern fence-line of our mill has been the source of serious safety concerns that we have shared with city officials over the past several years. We are continuing to engage with our neighbors in hopes that city officials will soon identify a solution for addressing this proven public safety issue. Meantime, the encampment has long been a concern for the large businesses on both sides of it, including the Nucor steel mill. We asked for comment today and received this response tonight from the mill’s vice president/general mayor Matthew J. Lyons:

Nucor‘s top priority is the safety of our team and the community where we operate. This specific encampment on Andover along the southern fence-line of our mill has been the source of serious safety concerns that we have shared with city officials over the past several years. We are continuing to engage with our neighbors in hopes that city officials will soon identify a solution for addressing this proven public safety issue.

Meantime, no arrest in Friday’s shooting so far, SPD told us today, and we haven’t been able to get information on the victim’s condition.

ADDED TUESDAY MORNING: While no current condition/status is available without knowing the victim’s name, we have since learned from SFD that he is 39 years old and was in stable condition when transported on Friday. (Added Wednesday, for the record, we’ve also learned that police say the victim is a “resident of the encampment.”) We also have an update from Councilmember Herbold, who forwarded a reply she received this morning from Deputy Mayor Washington:

The Nucor site is currently scheduled for remediation for June 16th. This date is tentative and can be changed if circumstances shift but you should start to see a surge of outreach efforts to prepare vehicle owners prior to remediation day. Outreach will advise owners to get back in the habit of regularly moving vehicles to avoid a possible warning and citation. Our goal is to get as much compliance as possible or to offer services to those whose vehicles are not operable prior to the 16th.

The city Human Services Department and county Regional Homelessness Authority are supposed “to schedule outreach efforts as soon as possible.” But the question remains whether this “remediation” – the third in a little over half a year, after the ones in December and April – will result in anything more than temporary junk removal.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: 3 weekend incidents

Three incidents from the weekend – starting with two from police summaries:

CONFIRMED GUNFIRE: Just before 1 am Sunday, officers checked out a report of suspected gunfire heard near 27th/Roxbury. Witnesses reported seeing people firing handguns “into the air” from two or three vehicles subsequently “seen leaving the area at a high rate of speed.” Police found shell casings “spanning the length of the block,” but no injuries or property damage. If you have any information, this incident is # 22-121619.

EARLY-MORNING ASSAULT: Also early Sunday, just after 2 am, police responded to a reported assault in the 9000 block of Delridge Way SW. The victim told them he was taking out his trash when a man approached him, accused him of theft, and then “brandished a firearm.” The attacker subsequently hit the victim several times, and a female accomplice approached from behind to hit him in the head with a shoe. No descriptions in the summary, but the incident is # 22-121685.

READER REPORT: Jessica says someone vandalized her car late Friday or early Saturday and wonders if anyone saw anything:

My Mazda CX-5 was keyed from driver’s side door all the way to the gas tank. It happened either Friday (May 13th) night or early Saturday. It happened behind Spiro’s on 44th (intersection with SW Hinds).

We don’t have the incident number on this one, but if you have any information, we can connect you.

P.S. In case you’re wondering, SPD says no arrests so far in last week’s major West Seattle incidents, the Thursday carjacking and Friday shooting; we’re working on a separate followup regarding the latter.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Stolen black Civic (update: found)

May 14, 2022 2:28 pm
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 |   Crime | West Seattle news

2:28 PM: Another stolen car to watch out for. Reported by Peter: “Car may have been taken last night or the night before. Black 2000 Honda Civic Coupe. CBGB sticker on the back. License Plate # ARX5225, near SW Henderson and 25th Ave SW. Call 911 if you see it.” Incident # is 22-121080.

SUNDAY AFTERNOON: Update from Peter – “Found as of this morning a few blocks from where I live and the theft, but pretty much inoperable due to a damaged ignition.”


WSB readers have found many recently stolen cars. NH hopes you might spot this one too:

My Honda Accord was stolen yesterday Friday in West Seattle near California Ave. The left-side mirror is taped & the right side mirror is black. License # BOV5726. If found, please call me at 206-330-9892 or the police with the case number 2022-120067.

UPDATE: Man shot at 28th/Andover

3:30 PM: Seattle Police and Fire are responding to the West Seattle Health Club vicinity after a report that a man “walked in and said he’d been shot.” They’re looking for a possible suspect in the area – we don’t have a description yet. Updates to come.

3:38 PM: Police continue looking for the shooter, while medics treat the victim, who is reported to have been shot in the back. No info yet on circumstances, though at least two people in the area tell us via Twitter that they heard shots.

3:45 PM: K9 teams are on the way to help with the search. One officer has said via radio that the shooting was “on the sidewalk.” They’re reviewing security video that shows someone “running westbound on Yancy.”

3:49 PM: Our crew has spoken with SFD at the scene. The victim is a man believed to be about 40. He has multiple gunshot wounds and is being taken to Harborview. Adding scene photos.

3:52 PM: We also confirmed at the scene that the shooting happened north of the club, on the side with the RV emcampment across the street. … The helicopter overhead is the shared TV-news chopper, not law enforcement.

4:11 PM: Police are still searching for the shooter. As noted in comments, this is the second time in a month and a half that someone has been shot in that area. A suspect was arrested and charged in the March shooting and remains in jail. … Police just told dispatch they need to block traffic at 28th/Yancy as their investigation continues.

4:49 PM: They’re still searching actively.

5:12 PM: No arrest yet. But the streets that were closed for the investigation (including SW Yancy) are reopening.

5:58 PM: No further information. Here’s what SPD posted – no details about circumstances, suspect described only as “white male, mid-30s” (see this comment for what was heard over police radio early on; we also heard later mention of the orange sweatshirt with white lettering, possibly DB). We’re still waiting to hear back from SFD about the victim.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Gunfire investigation near California/Andover (updated Friday)

4:48 PM: We’re just catching up on this incident that happened during the past hour while the West Marginal carjacking (etc.) investigation was still unfolding: Police have confirmed gunfire between people in two cars near California/Andover. We caught up with officers just as they prepared to leave the scene a short time ago, and they told us they had recovered shell casings. No reports of any injuries in this incident either.

ADDED 10:52 PM: Thanks to the commenters who’ve added more detail; we won’t be able to ask for report details until tomorrow. Nearby resident David sent this short security-camera video in which you can hear the shots:

FRIDAY UPDATE: Here’s what the SPD summary says about the circumstances:

Officers contacted witnesses and viewed video footage from a local business where this incident took place. The investigation revealed that three vehicles were parked at this location when a truck arrived for fuel. When the truck was leaving, one of the three vehicles backed into the truck, leading the driver of the truck to confront the other motorist. Police learned the three original vehicles moved to the alley behind the store and were followed by the driver in the truck. The driver of the truck told a witness one of the other drivers had shot at him. He then left the area without waiting for police.

UPDATE: Carjacking, gunfire, crash investigation on West Marginal at Highland Park Way

3:11 PM: This is all unfolding right now – early info from scanner: Police were tracking a car on West Marginal Way when its driver got into a crash by Highland Park Way and carjacked another driver, with shots fired in the process. No injuries reported so far but the driver (and possibly an accomplice) may have bolted from the second vehicle nearby – it’s described as a black 2012 Ford Raptor. Updates as we get them.

(SDOT camera image)

3:17 PM: Northbound West Marginal is blocked at Highland Park Way because of all this.

3:25 PM: Our crew is arriving in the area and first report is that, needless to say, there’s a huge traffic backup.

3:34 PM: If you’re in the area and seeing a helicopter, that’s the shared TV-news chopper, not law enforcement. Meantime, the suspects who fled are still at large. We only caught part of the descriptions – white male and female; he was wearing glasses.

3:46 PM: Here’s what the suspects were in before the crash and carjacking:

(WSB photo)

3:55 PM: The carjacked vehicle has been found on Puget Ridge, empty. Police told dispatch that witnesses saw 4 suspects get out of it.

4:02 PM: Meantime, the northbound lanes of West Marginal are still closed for cleanup – this is what happened after the Expedition driver hit another vehicle pre-carjacking:

4:23 PM: SDOT and SPD report NB West Marginal has just reopened.

7:59 PM: SPD Blotter has the police account of what happened, including why the original vehicle containing the suspects – the trailer-towing SUV – came to their attention in the first place. They also confirm that the carjacked Ford Raptor was indeed recovered. No arrests reported so far.

CRIME WATCH FOLLOWUPS: Charges filed in carjacking, robbery; community help for another carjack victim

Two followups in West Seattle Crime Watch, both involving carjackings:

CHARGES FILED: We’ve been reporting since Friday on the arrest of a woman found in the Harbor Island area after a carjacking north of downtown.

(Friday photo from commenter Jeepney)

There was also word she was suspected of robbing someone on Harbor Island before police found her. The King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office has filed charges in both incidents. 25-year-old Rachael M. Agnew-Toland is charged with two counts of second-degree robbery. The charging documents recount the carjacking circumstances we detailed in our previous followup, with Agnew-Toland accused of pulling the driver out of her parked car and then stealing it. They also provide new information on the Harbor Island robbery, which was only mentioned in passing in the previously available documents. Police say Agnew-Toland approached a man who was “working on securing a vehicle to his (auto-)transport truck” in the 2500 block of 13th SW, asked him for a ride, then entered the cab and took a tablet computer, phone, and credit card. He tried to stop her, according to the charging documents, and was injured in the ensuing struggle. She allegedly grabbed a tire iron, menaced him, and left. Police found her at a bus stop. Their report also notes she acknowledged using meth earlier in the day, and they found vials on her believed to contain some, along with a pipe. She has no criminal record and remains in jail in lieu of $5,000 bail – that amount was fixed at an earlier appearance, you’ll recall, though prosecutors had asked for $75,000.

CROWDFUNDING: No arrest so far in the West Seattle carjacking we reported almost two weeks ago, in which two men pulled a woman out of her car behind her senior-housing apartment complex in Admiral. The car was found in Northgate, but it’s got problems and that’s left the victim in a world of hurt, reports her son. She’s 74 years old, still working, and the car’s in the shop with thousands of dollars in damage done by the carjackers. Son Eric has launched crowdfunding to help her get a “new (used) car.” If you can help, here’s the link.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Stolen silver CR-V (update: found)

11:21 PM: Be on the lookout for Kaley‘s stolen car:

My car was stolen from the alley parking pad behind my house on 35th Avenue SW last night at midnight. It was driven to an apartment complex off 16th Avenue in White Center, where the GPS was disconnected at 12:55 am. 2001 Honda CR-V / silver / plate # BTR3878. No plate on front bumper. Tire cover on back is no longer there. SPD incident # 22-117970.

5:58 PM: As noted in comments, a reader spotted it and called it in.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Gunfire investigation; stolen red Tahoe SUV

Two more West Seattle Crime Watch reports before the night’s out:

GUNFIRE INVESTIGATION: Police have told dispatch they found at least five shell casings in the 4400 block of 26th SW, after going to the area to check out 911 callers’ reports of hearing suspected gunfire. No injuries reported so far.

STOLEN RED TAHOE: Lexy says this happened in Admiral:

Red 2003 Chevy Tahoe. Stolen sometime last night or this morning. BZE4423 plate number. Case number 22-116443.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Updates on carjacking, robbery suspects; another catalytic converter stolen

In West Seattle Crime Watch:

CARJACKING ARREST FOLLOWUP: On Friday, we reported on the Harbor Island-vicinity arrest of a woman suspected in a carjacking north of downtown. The 25-year-old suspect remains in jail, bail set at $5,000 though the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office says they requested $75,000 bail. We’ve obtained the probable-cause documents, which say the carjacking victim was pulled out of her parked Subaru Forester near 8th Avenue North and Thomas Street (map) just before 3:30 pm Friday. Police got word about 10 minutes later that the car was “seen driving up on railroad tracks, and (the carjacker) was seen fleeing the Subaru.” The car was found abandoned on tracks southeast of the low bridge. Police searched the area and even used the Guardian One helicopter to look, but didn’t find anyone – until they got word someone had been robbed of their wallet somewhere in the Harbor Island vicinity, and that led them to the suspect.

JESSICA BEACH: Last week we reported on the robbery charge filed against 34-year-old Jessica M. Beach for threatening staff at the South Delridge T-Mobile store while stealing merchandise. We mentioned a separate assault case that the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office had filed against her the same day, but weren’t able to immediately obtain information. Today we have those charging documents. She was charged with third-degree assault for hitting a man in the head with a golf club April 21st while he was trying to detain an alleged associate of hers after a burglary in Burien. Beach remains in jail, bail set at $150,000 total for the robbery and assault cases.

One reader report today …

ANOTHER CATALYTIC-CONVERTER THEFT: Jerry Simmons, who often shares photos here and elsewhere online, is the latest victim. Thieves took the catalytic converter from a truck used in his plumbing business:

Jerry says this happened in the Fairmount Park area.