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UPDATE: Man shot while driving in Alki alley, suspect arrested

(WSB photo)

12:44 PM: Police and SFD are responding to 60th/Stevens [map] for a reported shooting. They’re searching for a suspect who’s described as (updated) a white man, 30s, brown hair, beard, green jacket, black (possibly camo) pants. The victim is reported to be a 42-year-old man. Updates to come.

12:53 PM: Police are still searching and will be joined by a K9. Sounds like they may know who they are looking. No word on the victim’s condition yet.

(WSB photo)

1 PM: The suspect is reported (via police radio) to be in custody. (added) Our crew just arrived in the area and verifies an arrest.

1:07 PM: The victim is being taken to Harborview Medical Center by SFD medic unit. (added) At the scene, we’re told he was transported in critical condition. (added) The suspect is reported to live nearby and police were checking his residence.

5:32 PM: More info from SPD:

Police were dispatched to the 6000 block of Stevens Street SW after multiple callers reported shots had been fired in the alley.

Officers arrived and found a man seriously wounded with multiple gunshot wounds. Witnesses said the suspect had left the scene on foot walking towards the beach. Additional officers flooded the area and found the suspect a few blocks away where he was taken into custody. Police found a 40 caliber handgun partially submerged in water at Alki Beach.

(SPD photo)

Detectives believe the suspect shot at the victim as the victim drove down the alley. The suspect then fled between some nearby apartment buildings, entered an apartment, struck a resident with the pistol, then fled toward the beach. Detectives are now interviewing the suspect and attempting to determine what led up to the shooting.

Reader Diana sent a photo of the aforementioned beach gun discovery:

Police say the victim was still in critical condition at last report.

6:48 PM: And we have a few more details from the Southwest Precinct incident summary filed by acting Sgt. Tammy Frame, forwarded by precinct commander Capt. Kevin Grossman, lauding the second-watch team for Really good work in saving a life, arresting the shooter, and locating evidence”: The victim was shot seven times and the first officer on the scene “administered life-saving first aid which included applying two tourniquets, one one on each of the victim’s arms.” The suspect allegedly tried to bury the gun in the sand at the beach. He and the victim are described by police as neighbors.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: 2 stolen vehicles to watch for

Earlier this week, the Southwest Precinct issued an auto-theft alert, noting that it’s up 14 percent in the past month compared to the same time last year. And tonight, we have two reader reports about stolen vehicles:

My car was stolen overnight. It’s a beige-colored 1997 Honda Accord. A police report has been filed and we’re hoping to find the car ASAP. Might be good to remind the neighborhood to keep their cars locked. License plate is AJJ1695 and we’re in Fairmount Park on 37th Avenue.


Stolen ’95 Chevrolet Pickup, stock 4x, WA plate B18708T– from 4800 block 41st Avenue SW sometime last 4 days.

If you see either one – or any other stolen vehicle – call 911.

UPDATE: 1 hurt in stabbing at Delridge bus stop

November 27, 2020 3:35 pm
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3:35 PM: Thanks for the tip. SFD and SPD had a “scenes of violence” response just before 3 pm at Delridge/Andover. SFD tells us most units were canceled before arrival – the initial report was a woman with a knife injury, which turned out to be minor. Working to find out more.

3:37 PM: Police have already cleared the scene.

3:47 PM: SPD replied to our subsequent email inquiry: “Victim reported he was waiting for the bus when a known male came up to him and they began talking. Victim turned around and then said suspect attacked him, unprovoked, with a knife, then fled in a vehicle. … Victim has a minor injury to his ear and will be transported to the hospital by AMR.”

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: 2 burglaries; shooting followup

Three West Seattle Crime Watch notes today:

BURGLARY/HIT-RUN: This diesel pickup truck is being sought in connection with a burglary and hit-run in Highland Park on Wednesday.

If you have any information, the case number is 20-328142.

BURGLARY/CASING: Keep watch along alleys, Andreas advises: “Last Sunday at 0900, my wife and neighbor came upon two men … breaking into my alley garage. They sped away in a white BMW when noticed. They returned Thanksgiving morning, slowly moving down the alleys in a large white van to finish the job. I assume they are still in the area looking for targets of opportunity while people are away.” This happened in a neighborhood near The Junction.

SHOOTING FOLLOWUP: We checked with police earlier this week to follow up on last week’s shooting at a house in the 6900 block of 24th SW. No arrests so far. As for the repeated problems at the house where it happened, Southwest Precinct Operations Lt. Sina Ebinger tells us it’s a “complicated” situation. City files show that seven more complaints about the property have been filed since the shooting, mostly complaining about garbage. Both police and neighbors say they have tried to get the property owner to put a dumpster at the site. The owner, meantime, has been pursuing a court action since early October to evict the occupants of the house, which he bought last spring; another hearing is scheduled next week.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Police ask for help ID’ing package thief. Plus, auto-theft alert

Two West Seattle Crime Watch notes from the Southwest Precinct


PACKAGE THIEF: Local police are circulating those images, with this bulletin: “Requesting assistance in identifying this theft suspect. On 11-19-20 at 0200 hrs, the suspect pictured above was captured on home security camera stealing a package off the victim’s front porch in the 3900 block SW Holden St. Any assistance in identifying this suspect is appreciated.” Contact police and cite case 20-926231.

AUTO-THEFT ALERT: According to the precinct Crime Prevention Coordinator Jennifer Danner, “As of November 24th, the SW Precinct is trending up in auto theft incidents; specifically, we are up 4% year-to-date over last year’s numbers, and we are up 14% in the last 28 days over this period last year. The following neighbors are seeing substantial increases: Alaska Junction, Westwood/Roxhill/Arbor Heights, Morgan Junction, and Fauntleroy.” She offers this advice for preventing auto theft and car prowls:

Both of these crimes are referred to as crimes of opportunity and can happen very fast! An experienced car thief can break in and steal a car in less than one minute!

What are some prevention techniques for car prowl and auto theft?

-Never leave your car running or the keys in the ignition when you’re away, even for ‘just a minute’, please remember this is illegal in Seattle and in Washington (SMC 11.70.160, RCW 46.61.600)

-Remove remote garage door openers, key fobs and key cards from vehicle

-Always lock doors and roll up windows, even if the car is parked in front of your home

-Never leave valuables in plain view, even if your car is locked

-Items you don’t want to take with you should be stored in the trunk, or out of sight

-Put items in the trunk before you arrive at your destination

-Even non-valuable items should be hidden from view (such as electronic charging cables)

-If possible, park vehicle in a busy, locked, monitored and/or well-lit area

-Utilize anti-theft devices (Please contact me directly for link/suggestions for where to purchase these)

-If possible, activate alarm

What else can you do?

-Be observant! If you see something, say something!

-Remember to always report all crimes and suspicious activity to the Seattle Police Department by calling 911 for in-progress crimes, or utilize the non-emergency number/online reporting if appropriate (206-625-5011)

-Organize and/or get involved with Block Watch

You can contact her with questions at To report a crime online – something not happening right now or moments ago – go here.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Teen assaulted, harassed in park; package theft

Two reports in West Seattle Crime Watch:

PARK ASSAULT: Robin emailed to report what happened to her high-risk teenager one week ago:

My 14 year-old son was out last Sunday biking in Schmitz Park. He’s been told to distance by his nephrologist and the Mayo Clinic physicians who monitor his rare kidney disorder, so this is one of the only outdoor activities still available to him. Sadly, he’s not allowed to see friends or family outside of our “pod,” who have been required to observe pretty extreme distancing measures to keep him from contracting COVID. Three people came up on the trail with “rock crawler” RC cars, and he asked for a second to move; they said they wanted the space and he tried to move, explaining he needed to stay socially distanced because it would be very bad if he was exposed to COVID, due to his condition.

At that point, one of the ADULT MEN then got in my son’s face (as my son left his bike behind, trying to escape up the side of a hill) screaming at him that the COVID pandemic is a hoax, that my son was a “liberal retard” for wearing a mask and staying distanced from others; then proceeded to breathe hard on my kid, following him in a menacing manner, to drive home his (rather asinine) point about the pandemic.

Moms are amazing, and one who had heard about this experience sent us video of them back in the park. We’d like to identify the man (wearing the black coat and camo backpack) who accosted my child, as well as the other two “men” (to use the term loosely) who looked on and did nothing.

Anyone who has heard about this has been disgusted, and the response has showed us that West Seattle isn’t this guy. For our kid, this really, really was rough. He has literally not seen a friend face to face since March. Not hung out, not been with peers. So “breaking quarantine” with this guy was just terrible.

They have filed a police report – 20-326928 – so if anyone has tips or encounters the same people/behavior, please call police and reference that number.

PACKAGE THEFT: Elisa emailed to report: “Just want to give the Arbor Heights community a heads up on this porch pirate hanging around a little before 1 pm today. The box he was trying to steal was an empty treat box for the postal workers so he threw it up on the lamp post and drove off.” Here’s a photo of the person and car.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Gunfire; smashed-glass theft/vandalism

Two West Seattle Crime Watch reports:

PUGET RIDGE GUNFIRE: This summary is from the SPD Significant Incident Reports file – it happened in the 6500 block of 21st SW early Friday:

On 11-20-2020 at 0027 hours, a male was sitting in his vehicle when a suspect drove by and shot at him four times. The victim’s vehicle was hit all four times, with the front passenger door being hit three times and a tire once. The victim was not injured. The victim said that he believes the suspect tried to kill him because he was there to testify in a court case.

JUNCTION VANDALISM/THEFT: Back on Wednesday, we reported someone broke a window at the Senior Center of West Seattle. There’ve been at least three other broken-glass incidents, two involving theft, according to the West Seattle Junction Association: “At West Seattle Optix, a window was smashed and handfuls of glasses were stolen; at Emerald Water Anglers, a window was smashed. In the 42nd Ave parking lot, a van window was smashed, with $2,500 of speakers stolen.”

(added at 2:44 pm) MORE VANDALISM: Just after we published what’s above, this arrived, from Gay: “Our [Vespa] scooter was pushed over and damaged while parked in the lot behind Key Bank in Alaska Junction about 1pm today. A man behaving erratically and swearing at people came up to the Scooter and slammed it on its side. Thanks to the father and son who noticed and helped get it back upright.”

CRIME WATCH FOLLOWUP: Delridge man charged with 17 counts of animal cruelty

(WSB photo, October 15)

We’ve been watching court records for a month, and charges were finally filed this week against Matthew A. Hazelbrook, the man arrested after hundreds of neglected or dead animals were found at his Delridge home. (Our original coverage is here and here.) Hazelbrook, 54, is charged with 17 counts of animal cruelty. From the charging documents:

The defendant often travels out of State and has kept properties in other jurisdictions. The defendant was in possession of at least 211 live animals of different species on two adjacent properties that were living in deplorable conditions-ammonia, feces, lack of food, lack of water, lack of space; and there were deceased animals in cages, on the ground, and in cages with live animals. The animals were suffering from medical conditions that were being untreated. In addition to the various animals that were located as deceased on scene, at least seven animals have died since being seized due to the defendant’s neglect. The defendant poses a risk for acquiring and neglecting more animals as he runs a transport business across state lines, is involved in 4H groups, has unknown properties, and the condition of this property and the animals likely developed over a significant period of time going unnoticed and unreported. Hoarding situations such as this are complex and the defendants are prone to recidivism.

The charging documents say that the mid-October search warrant that led to Hazelbrook’s arrest followed a complaint about dead animals on the property two months earlier. Investigators say they found more than 100 dead animals and 222 live animals, most with no access to food, more than half with no access to water – 128 guinea pigs, 77 rabbits, 7 chickens, 3 guinea fowl, 3 dogs, 2 chinchillas, and 2 mice. More than half the impounded animals needed some kind of medical care, investigators say. The 17 charges are based on the number of animals assessed as being in “critical” condition, some of which did not survive.

(Seattle Animal Shelter photo from last month – one of the rescued animals)

Hazelbrook has been out of custody since posting bond on $7,500 bail one day after his arrest in mid-October. He is scheduled for arraignment – to enter initial pleas to the charges – next Wednesday (November 25th). The documents note that his only conviction record is for third-degree theft 33 years ago.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Stolen white Impreza; another package thief on video

Two quick West Seattle Crime Watch notes before our bridge-decision coverage continues:

STOLEN VEHICLE: Alison reports, “I live in the Admiral District and my car (1997 white Subaru Outback Impreza) was stolen last night off California. License plate BHA1397. Small bear sticker on the back, crack in windshield.” Call 911 if you see it (or any other known stolen car).

PACKAGE THIEF ON VIDEO: The security video (see it here) is from Molly, who says the theft happened on her Gatewood porch last night, near 41st/Holden.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Convicted killer charged in attack; plus, three reader reports

Four West Seattle Crime Watch reports today:

ATTACK CHARGE: A convicted killer is back in jail, charged with attacking a 73-year-old man in West Seattle. We didn’t hear about this incident when it happened, but learned of the charge: Court documents say the victim was walking with his wife near 35th and Morgan last Wednesday morning when 42-year-old Lonnie W. Jones punched him, unprovoked, knocking him down and sending him to the hospital. Police found Jones nearby, and learned he had been in the area a while, kicked out of the West Seattle Food Bank earlier in the morning. Charging documents say Jones was convicted of murder for killing a man during a home-invasion robbery in Federal Way in 1996. Court records show he was released in 2013, and found guilty the next year of assaulting his wife during a fight at her sister’s Highland Park apartment. His bail is set at $100.000.

Three reader reports:

VANDALISM: Senior Center of West Seattle executive director Amy Lee Derenthal tells WSB that a second-floor window was broken by someone overnight. “Looks like maybe a wine bottle was used because there’s a broken one on the sidewalk below the window,” she added.

PACKAGE THIEF ON VIDEO: Soren sent the clip and report:

Just reaching out regarding a package theft (in the 4800 block of) 26th Ave SW. Got a phone call from a neighbor right after it happened, camera footage is super clear; unfortunately, no license plate number is visible.

MAIL THEFT: From Philippe:

I wanted to report that our & the neighbors’ mailbox at Delridge & Trenton was broken into sometime Saturday afternoon to Sunday early afternoon. All of the mailboxes for us and neighbors were opened. Not sure if the thieves got away with anything. One neighbor reported also Monday that some of those same boxes were re-opened.

Everyone should, if they can, remove their mail ASAP after it is delivered, to be safe.

FOLLOWUP: After weekend gunfire, Legion Hall operator says no more event rentals

West Seattle has seen three confirmed gunfire incidents in the past four days. The first one, early Saturday in The Triangle, didn’t leave anyone with gunshot wounds, but did raise other issues, and we followed up.

First – the police report, with more details on what officers were told happened.

Read More

UPDATE: 1 man shot at ‘nuisance house’ on 24th SW

(WSB photos)

11:41 AM: Big police/fire response for ‘scenes of violence’ incident in the 6900 block of 24th SW. One person is reported seriously hurt. We just arrived in the area and will update shortly.

11:46 AM: Police tell us the victim is a man shot multiple times. They are trying to talk a possible suspect out of a house.

11:48 AM: Officers have entered the house.

11:59 AM: They’ve brought out two people for questioning. Neighbors tell us this is an ongoing nuisance house so they are not surprised. This is near the scene of last week’s RV fire and they say that RV used to park by this house. Detectives are expected to be on scene a while.

12:20 PM: The search isn’t over – police are now using a K-9 in the area.

12:51 PM: Checking city files, this address has been the subject of 12 code-violation complaints in the past 8 months, most recently less than a week ago, for trash, vehicles, camping, alleged illegal activity of various types. At least two resulted in citations.

1:27 PM: SFD says the victim, a man in his late 20s, was in critical condition when transported. SPD says the man was “exchanging gunfire with another man” and adds:

Around 11:30 AM, the suspect arrived at a house in the 6900 block of 24th Avenue Southwest. After an altercation in the home, the suspect and at least one other person in the home exchanged gunfire. The suspect fled the home and collapsed in the street, while the other person believed to have fired shots fled. … Officers are now searching the area for the person who fled the home.

The location where this incident occurred is known to officers in the Southwest Precinct, and SPD has been working with multiple city departments and neighbors to address ongoing community concerns at the home.

3:42 PM: We’re checking back with SPD to see if anyone’s been arrested yet. We’ve also asked the City Attorney’s Office Precinct Liaison for this area, Joseph Everett, about the ongoing situation; he says, “We are in the process of reviewing whether SPD can legally declare the property to be a chronic nuisance under SMC Chapter 10.09.” (Here’s what that means.)

4:37 PM: No arrests yet. CSI is still on scene:

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Stolen-car crash; mail theft; robbery investigation

ORIGINAL 7:42 PM REPORT: Two West Seattle Crime Watch notes tonight:

STOLEN VEHICLE FOUND … ON ITS SIDE: On Sunday, we published Jim‘s report of his family’s stolen CR-V. It was found early this morning … after this crash:

Whoever was driving the car when it crashed near 34th and 97th in Arbor Heights subsequently bolted. Arlene sent the photo and said the driver was described as “a young man” wearing a black ski mask, blue jacket, and jeans. We confirmed with Jim tonight that it was indeed his CR-V, totaled. A parked car was reported to have been damaged too.

MAIL THEFT: From Kelly: “Mail theft from 22nd Ave between Thistle and Trenton. All mailboxes were opened including multiple locked boxes. I had a package stolen.”

ADDED 8:14 PM – ROBBERY INVESTIGATION: Police are north of The Junction right now investigating a reported street robbery near Holy Rosary. Officers have told dispatch that they’re looking for three suspects, Black men 18-22, all about 6′ and thin, all wearing face coverings and blue jeans, one in a white shirt, one with a black handgun, all of whom got away in a metallic blue 4-door sedan. No details so far on the robbery victim, circumstances, or what was taken.

ADDED 10:18 AM TUESDAY: Just got the report narrative on the robbery:

XXXX stated that she was walking from her home in the 4500 block of 40 Av SW to the restaurant located at 41XX California Av SW. She stated she was walking northbound in the 4400 block of 42 Av SW when an unknown year, make, model, four-door sedan, metallic blue in color traveling southbound on 42 Av SW suddenly pulled up next to her. XXXXXX believed the vehicle was stopping to pick up a possible [ride-share] customer.

XXXXX stated three Black males, 18-22 years old, 6-0, thin build, all wearing blue jeans exited the vehicle and surrounded her. She stated one male was wearing a white T-shirt and armed with a black handgun. XXXXXX stated this male pointed the handgun at her head and stated, “XXXXXXXXXX” XXXXXX advised she was terrified and clung to the purse. She stated the males were stronger than her and ripped the purse from her grasp. XXXXX advised that her identification, credit cards and cell phone were inside of the tan rounded purse. … XXXXX advised she was not injured from the robbery. She stated the suspects left southbound in a vehicle on 42 Av SW. An area check for the suspects and vehicle was negative.

The X’s are what was redacted by SPD before the narrative was provided in response to our request.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Stolen Ford F-350 pickup

Second vehicle-theft report we’ve received today. This one’s from Ryan:

Ford F-350 stolen last night after 2 am off Beach Drive near Me-Kwa-Mooks. It has a utility rack and an 8-inch lift. WA plate C99304T.

Call 911 if you see it.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Tree taken; gold CR-V stolen, with car seats

9:58 AM: An unusual, and heavy, theft target in northeast Morgan Junction – the photo is from Dana, who reports, “I had a tree stolen from my truck at 39th and Graham the afternoon of November 14th. around 3:30. It is a weeping beech in a pot and weighs over 300 pounds.”

ADDED 10:07 AM: Minutes after we published that, we received one more Crime Watch report via email, so we’re adding it:

Jim reports, “Our trusty 2001 Honda CRV was stolen overnight from in front of our house – just 2 blocks south of the West Seattle Junction. It’s an older car, but reliable and needed and used every day. It also has our car seats inside. We can’t afford to replace it. And insurance won’t give us much value. Perhaps a reader has seen it. It is gold, and has a spare tire and folding bike rack on the back. The license plate is 709XMA.” Call 911 if you see this or any other known stolen car.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Triangle gunfire investigation

1:09 AM: Police are in The Triangle right now, investigating reports of gunfire involving vehicles near 37th/Alaska. The vehicles are reported to have left the area but one person at the scene is reported to be hurt, with an injury described as a “laceration,” not a gunshot wound, so far. Officers just told dispatch they’ve found shell casings at the scene.

1:14 AM: Alaska is closed between 36th and 37th while police continue investigating. They also are looking into a report that an injured man might have walked away from the scene.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Stolen blue Legacy wagon

Megan emailed to ask that you be on the lookout for her boyfriend’s stolen car: “He parked it outside our apartment at 26th Ave and Dakota St. SW last night. It was stolen sometime between 8 PM last night and 11 AM this morning. … I don’t have any pictures of the car but the description is a ’95 dark blue Subaru Legacy wagon. It has a basket-style roof rack on top. WA plate BGC7565.” Please call 911 if you see it.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Car-prowl loot to look for; gunfire incident

November 10, 2020 11:20 am
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Two reports in West Seattle Crime Watch:


I wanted to let the community know my car was broken into sometime after 2 am on November 8th. It was parked on SW Charlestown St. between 44th Ave SW and an alley. The driver’s-side lock was drilled out and contents were stolen from the trunk: Large baseball duffle bag full of golf balls, black Adidas hoodie with spot of blue paint, black standard-size Adidas backpack, and 2 wooden baseball bats.

We would be interested in getting the stolen items back if anyone has seen them possibly dumped nearby.

Police report # is 2020-925469.

GUNFIRE INCIDENT: The summary is from the SPD Blotter Significant Incident Reports page; SPD tweeted the photo:

On 11-9-2020 at 0405 hours, a male stated that earlier he was at 15 Ave SW/SW Roxbury St involved in a drug transaction with multiple subjects. The victim stated that during the drug transaction, one of the subjects pulled a gun on him. The subject stated that he took the gun, and someone shot at him. The subject stated that he ran to the 9700 BLK of Myers Way S and during the process cut his wrist on a fence. The subject stated that the subjects involved in the drug transaction located him at the 9700 BLK of Myers Way S. The subject stated that he fired a couple of rounds in self-defense because he was scared for his life. Officers checked different locations for a crime scene and evidence, but they weren’t successful. The local hospitals were clear of any new gunshot wound victims. The firearm was recovered, and it came back clear. The firearm was submitted into evidence and the subject was transported to the hospital.

In the tweet containing the photo, police described the man as appearing to be “in some form of crisis.”

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Mailbox break-ins; personal-safety classes

Two notes in West Seattle Crime Watch this morning:


Just wanted to have everyone aware that our mailboxes were pried open November 7th PM and November 8th AM. 5948 Fauntleroy Way SW.

PERSONAL-SAFETY CLASSES: From Southwest Precinct Crime Prevention Coordinator Jennifer Danner, word of two upcoming personal-safety classes for women:

Learn proactive tips and steps you can take to enhance your personal safety taught by female Seattle police officers and female employees.

Our class goals:
-Know the important role your instincts and gut reactions play
-Discover potentially dangerous situations and how to avoid them
-Learn how to make a safety plan
-Decrease the odds of becoming a victim

About the class:
-This is a facilitated discussion and lecture about crime prevention and safety.
-This is not a self-defense class.
-This class is open to women of all ages and most appropriate for young women who are at least 14 yearx of age or older. For that reason, children should not attend.

To register for the 3 pm Thursday (November 12th) class, go here and register for class #40869; to register for the 3 pm November 23rd class, go here.

CRIME WATCH FOLLOWUP: Hit-run murder suspect in jail

November 7, 2020 1:41 pm
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(WSB photo, August 24th)

A month and a half after Steven J. Abrahamson was charged in the hit-run murder of 34-year-old Derrick Lacomb, he is in jail. We don’t know details of the arrest yet, but we’ve been watching the King County Jail Register, and today it shows that Abrahamson, 37, was booked last night. Court documents say he didn’t appear for his scheduled arraignment on September 30th, two weeks after he was charged with second-degree murder. That was four weeks after Mr. Lacomb was found dead in the 6500 block of 25th SW. Charging documents said the suspect, who lives near the murder scene, knew the victim, and allege that the killing followed some kind of argument. Abrahamson’s bail is set at $2 million.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Security guard cart-jacked; gunfire followup; more…

Three West Seattle Crime Watch notes tonight:

SECURITY GUARD ROBBED: You could call it a cart-jacking. The SPD Significant Incident Report summary says this happened just before 9 am Tuesday:

A security guard for Westwood Village called to report that he was just assaulted and robbed of his security electric cart. The victim was driving a security cart in the Westwood Village mall lot. The suspect ran up to him and started cursing. The suspect leaned into the security cart and punched the security guard/victim in the face, causing injury. The victim got out of the cart and the suspect took a glass object out of his belt and attempted to hit the victim with it. The victim fell to the ground and was injured again. The suspect got into the electric cart and started recklessly driving around the parking lot, narrowly missing vehicles traveling in the area. Later in the shift, officers responded to the 2600 BLK of SW Barton St for a separate assault incident and they detained a suspect who matched the robbery suspect’s description. The suspect was positively identified for the robbery and booked at the King County Jail.

We don’t have the suspect’s name, so we don’t know their status.

GUNFIRE FOLLOWUP: We finally obtained the narrative on last Friday night’s gunfire investigation along SW Holden. Police found 19 casings, 9mm and .40 caliber, and found a positive motive when speaking to a driver whose rear window was shot out. The driver told officers he was southbound on Delridge, driving slowly because of the bumpy road, when a “light-colored sedan” began tailgating him. He pulled over and let the other vehicle pass – but then as he approached SW Holden, the other car pulled over, and he passed it. Shortly after turning westbound on Holden, the driver said, he heard two loud noises, followed by the rear window shattering, and several gunshots. He sped up to get away and eventually lost the sedan, before finishing his drive home and calling police. Besides the shattered window, and the casings on Holden, officers found two bullet holes in the car’s trunk. Neither of the two people in the car was hurt.

DAIRY-THEFT ALERT: David emailed to share an alert that delivery customers along a Smith Brothers Farms delivery route in Seaview are being targeted by theft. He said it almost happened to him this morning: “I had our dairyman text when he delivered. I got the goods in and 5 minutes later a person came up our walkway to steal the order. I yelled at him and he jumped in a car with someone else and drove off with no lights on. We texted to the delivery driver to let him know he was being tailed. He managed to get license plate. White Cadillac Escalade.”

CRIME WATCH FOLLOWUP: Caffe Ladro window-smashing suspect charged, 2 months after similar rampage at QFC

(WSB photo, October 31)

Last Saturday, we reported on an incident in which a man was taken into custody after an incident that left broken glass at Caffe Ladro in south Morgan Junction. Today, we have learned the suspect is the same man charged with an even-more extensive window-smashing rampage at the Junction QFC in September. 33-year-old Aikeem L. Roberts. He is charged with malicious mischief, assault, and harassment. The court documents have more details of what happened at the coffee shop last Saturday:

As with the QFC incident, this one began, police say, with Roberts bringing bags into the business. In this case, he had “large shopping bags” that were blocking customers’ access to the sanitation station. The manager asked him to move them; after repeated requests were not honored, she asked him to leave. He refused, so she said she would call police. He then started yelling and threatened to kill her. One customer who tried to intervene told police Roberts punched him in the face; another one said Roberts hit him in the ribs with a chair. The court documents say Roberts then began breaking things in the shop and went outside and – after one of the customers he had hit locked the door behind him – threw rocks and a signboard at the shop’s windows and doors, as well as at a parked car belonging to an artist who was there to put up a display. Police arrived shortly thereafter and took Roberts into custody.

He has been in jail since then, with bail set at $75,000. After the September QFC incident, Roberts spent 11 days in jail, before getting out after bond was posted on $5,000 bail. He is awaiting trial on the charges filed against himH in that case – malicious mischief and assault. He is due to be arraigned on the new charges November 18th. His record includes at least seven past felony convictions, including the case we mentioned in prior coverage, in which he stole five cars in one night on the Eastside in 2014.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Police investigating reported carjacking

8:09 PM: At Charlestown and California, police are investigating a reported carjacking. According to radio exchanges so far, they were told that a gray Dodge Challenger was taken at gunpoint by three people – two females, one male – and that the victim was pistol-whipped. We’re on our way in hopes of finding out more.

8:19 PM: Police tell us at the scene that they’re still trying to verify more details about the car – it’s either a Charger or a Challenger, and they don’t have the plate yet. They’re also trying to locate the victim, who apparently walked away from the scene – the 7-11 parking lot – though he was described as injured and bleeding.