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WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Stolen white F-250 work truck

Another stolen work truck – this one, reported by Tom:

My 2005 white F-250, single cab, hydraulic lift gate, with company logo (oval blue “Rainier”) on both doors, was stolen from 44th and Genesee between last night (Sunday 5/15) and early this morning before 6 am. Please keep an eye out. It is hard to miss. I suspect the logo was the first thing to go, though. It’s an older model and a little beat up, with large dents on the panels.

License plate # is B77776V. Police report # 23-132478.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Stolen brown Kia Soul; car break-ins; package theft

Reader reports in West Seattle Crime Watch:

STOLEN CAR: In the photo above is Teresa‘s brown Kia Soul, being driven Saturday night by a thief who took it from 35th SW between Henderson and Trenton. Teresa spotted it on 29th SW by Nino Cantu SW Athletic Complex: “I looked north and saw a smaller guy standing by my car on the side of the road, doors open on both sides. I was completely stupid in the moment and walked toward him, saying, ‘Hey, that’s my car,’ and he dove in, tried to run over me, and took off south down 29th. I could see him for about six blocks until he curved around on Cambridge.” Plate # is AAN6185, SPD report # is 23-131049.

CAR BREAK-INS: In that general area, with postseason sports still under way, Kamil wanted to issue this warning: “Friday there were two reported car break-ins around the SWAC softball and baseball fields. We believe it was motivated by the Metro League tournament happening at the same time, and both resulted in loss of property and broken windows.” Both happened on SW Trenton, says Kamil, who did not have a police-report # yet.

PACKAGE THEFT: From Katie in North Delridge:

Porch pirate stole a large package off my porch Saturday around noon in broad daylight. Both our security cameras caught him. White male, bald, maroon shirt, gray shorts and sneakers. Happened on 26th Ave. SW. Between Hudson and SW Alaska.

Police report # is 23-130980.

UPDATE: Man shot and killed near Alki’s Whale Tail Park

6:38 PM: Police and fire are arriving at Alki for a report of a man shot in the chest. The location has changed a few times on the SFD log – somewhere between 57th and 60th. They’re still looking for the victim but officers have told dispatch they’ve found a car, with blood in it, at Lander and Marine. Updates to come.

6:45 PM: They’ve found the victim and describe him as an “approximately 25-year-old man with a gunshot wound to the chest.” There’s reportedly a second injured person at a different scene.

6:49 PM: It’s very chaotic but responders have said they’ve only found one victim. That man is getting CPR and is with medics near 56th/Alki. Police are closing Alki Avenue from 56th to 57th “for a while.” No one is reported to be in custody so far.

6:58 PM: Added a reader photo. The victim is being taken to Harborview.

7:13 PM: We have a crew in the area. Alki is still taped off in the area.

To the east of this, police are going to block off traffic at Bonair, since they’re noting it’s difficult to turn drivers around at 55th.

7:43 PM: Commenters have noted that this happened in the Whale Tail Park vicinity – police are looking for evidence there:

This SUV nearby has bullet holes:

(Reader photo)

We’re still waiting to hear from the police PIO at the scene.

7:53 PM: After a tip, police have taken a suspect described as an armed juvenile into custody, but we don’t know yet if he’s believed to be a suspect in the shooting.

8:11 PM: The other vehicle reported to have been involved is being towed to SPD evidence processing:

A police officer is being treated nearby for some kind of minor injury.

8:22 PM: Alki Avenue will be reopened (as soon as TV crews move their cars), police say. The ongoing investigation will focus on the Whale Tail Park scene. We found this apparent bullet damage in a window nearby:

8:39 PM: SFD says the victim was still alive, in critical condition, when transported, and has an age update – “approximately 30.”

8:59 PM: Police say the victim has died. Meantime, Seattle Parks is going to close Alki for the night and police are going to start telling people to leave. (added – David Hutchinson‘s video of police announcing the closure:)

9:28 PM: We’re going to upload and add video of the media briefing with Det. Judinna Gulpan but the only additional detail was that first word of the shooting came from a Parking Enforcement Officer who happened to see it, and that they believe the victim was driven from the shooting scene by Whale Tail to the spot where medics and police found him on Alki Avenue. Otherwise, no comment on arrests, descriptions, circumstances. (added – here’s the video:)

10:09 PM: Police have just told dispatch that Alki is “pretty well cleared out.”

10:26 PM: For context, checking the archives, tonight’s victim is the first person shot at Alki since a shooting that injured two people last Halloween. This is the first deadly shooting at Alki since 22-year-old Tilorae Shepherd was killed in June 2021 (the suspect continues to await trial). However, this was the third deadly shooting in West Seattle in five weeks, after 20-year-old Ka’Don Brown was found dead April 8th on the Chief Sealth IHS campus, and 41-year-old Chad Anderson was found dead on 15th SW between Barton and Cambridge last Monday. No arrests reported in either of those cases. The SPD tipline for information on any of these cases, including tonight’s shooting death, is 206-233-5000.

ADDED 11:11 AM SUNDAY: Alki is open today as is Whale Tail Park, with people at both. The SPD mobile precinct and two KCSO Transit Police cars were parked at the beach.

MONDAY AFTERNOON: SPD says no arrests in this case yet – the juvenile-with-gun arrest mentioned above turned out to be unrelated. … Parks confirms they will close Alki early again throughout the summer, starting Memorial Day weekend – details as soon as later today. (We will have a separate followup with these updates and more.)

ADDED WEDNESDAY: Noting for the record, pending a separate story, that the victim was identified today as 25-year-old Davonte Sanchez.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Gunfire investigation

Police are in the vicinity of 17th/Henderson, where they’ve confirmed gunfire – two types of shell casings were found. So far it does NOT appear anyone was shot – they’re calling SFD for other medical problems, one described as a “glass shrapnel” cut. A collision was apparently involved in this too. They’re working on a suspect description.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Blue convertible stolen

From Isabella:

Was taken between 7:30-9 AM off 20th and Roxbury. My contact info is 425-221-3092.

We’ll add the police-report # when we get it.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Thieves tow silver Lexus

This was a case of auto theft via tow, reports Madyline, who says this happened at 9th/Kenyon in Highland Park:

Our silver Lexus ES330 with a license plate number of BRG8989 was stolen last night. There are scratches along the passenger side doors and damage to the bumper. The car was parked near our mechanics and was not in running condition. They broke a window (broken glass along the road) and then force-towed the car (there are drag marks on the road). I’m assuming that they are going to try and scrap it, so I would love tips regarding where to call around about that. Also, the items of note on the car were an orange rain jacket, and a car-seat base. Please let us know if you find either of those items dumped.

The frame grab is from a video camera at the mechanic shop, Madyline adds, showing a black pickup towing the Lexus, and, “They also dumped a trailer that they had stolen. The report number is 23-125937.”

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Admiral investigation

10:38 AM: Police are investigating a robbery reported in The Admiral District, and that had West Seattle High School sheltering in place for a short time – we’re told that has just ended. The call was logged to the 2600 block of California SW, but so far we haven’t found officers in the area. We’ll add more details as we get them.

11:37 AM: We checked with businesses all around the block in person and by phone. A Safeway staffer says that the incident was at their store but says it did not turn out to be a robbery. The only element discernible from archived dispatch audio is that police were looking for a suspect described as a Black man, mid-20s, 5-8, 150 to 170 pounds, wearing a black stocking cap, black jacket, white T-shirt, blue jeans, black shoes – and carrying a crossbow.

4:48 PM: Here’s the preliminary summary from SPD:

At 0958 hours, officers responded to the 2600 block of California Ave SW where a male subject with a crossbow entered the store and stole merchandise. Staff told police the subject had an unloaded mini crossbow in his hands as he was filling his backpack. The suspect left in an unknown direction on foot prior to police arrival.

CRIME WATCH FOLLOWUP: Sentencing in Westwood Village Target standoff

(WSB photo, January 2022)

A King County Superior Court judge has sentenced 32-year-old Timothy Clemans to just over six years for trying to take hostages at Westwood Village Target in January of last year, leading to a six-hour standoff. Clemans represented himself at trial in March, and a jury found him guilty of attempted first-degree kidnapping. Court documents from Clemans’s sentencing hearing last Friday say the only person in attendance besides court personnel was the defendant’s mother. But as we noted last month, the court received a statement from a Target employee listed as a victim in this case, saying that she believes “putting … someone mentally ill in prison for 12+ months is absolutely pointless because you wouldn’t be fixing his problems, you’d just be punishing a sick man.” Prosecutors note that Clemans was found mentally competent to stand trial, and said that although alternatives to incarceration were tried in previous cases, he was uncooperative. His prior felony convictions were for harassment and third-degree assault (backstory here). His 73.5-month sentence is the top of the standard range, 61.5 months, plus a 12-month enhancement for using a deadly weapon (a knife he had taken off a shelf in the store). Judge Marshall Ferguson‘s order also includes three years of probation (“community custody”) after Clemans gets out, and a requirement that he “comply with all recommended mental-health treatment.” He gets credit for the time he already has spent behind bars since his arrest, about a year and a third.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: WSHS threats investigated

West Seattle High School families were notified this morning that “threats to our school” were under investigation. Thanks to the parents who shared the message sent to families by WSHS principal Brian Vance – here it is in its entirety:

Good morning West Seattle High community –

Yesterday we received several notifications regarding social media posts that included threats to our school.

We have reported these threats to Seattle Police and to the school district’s Safety & Security Department.

The most recent update is that the person who made the threats is receiving care now and we don’t believe the threats are credible.

We are ready to welcome students to school today. Thank you to all of you who reached out and to the students who brought this to the attention of a parent and/or school official.

One parent who forwarded this to us says it wasn’t sent until 7:57 am today, shortly before school started for the day. We have a question out to the district regarding why the delay, if the threats were indeed investigated starting yesterday (the police-call log shows an incident number generated just after 1 pm Sunday).

UPDATE: Man found shot to death in South Delridge (updated Wednesday, victim identified)

(WSB photos)

5:54 AM: Thanks for the tip. Police have taped off part of 15th SW in South Delridge. They’re investigating a deadly shooting reported in the 9200 block, between Cambridge and Barton [vicinity map], just after 3 am. More information soon.

6:09 AM: Police say the victim, a 41-year-old man, was found “lying in the road.” SPD and SFD tried to revive him but couldn’t. No one’s in custody, and there’s no word of a suspect description. They’ve been canvassing the area to see if anyone caught anything on security video. If you have any information, the tip line is 206-233-5000.

(CSI unit’s van at investigation scene)

6:36 AM: Detectives are still at the scene. This comes exactly one month after the last deadly shooting in West Seattle, that of 20-year-old Ka’Don Brown, found dead in the southwest driveway of the Chief Sealth IHS campus on April 8th, a Saturday morning. No arrest reported in that case so far.

ADDED WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON: The Medical Examiner’s Office identifies the victim as 41-year-old Chad Anderson and says he died of a gunshot wound to the chest.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Stolen blue convertible VW Bug (update” found)

From Karen:

My 1979 VW Bug Convertible was stolen from a secure garage in West Seattle early morning (1:45 am) today, Sunday 5/7. If seen, please contact the police and me. 206-718-8484.

Update: police report # 23-124056, plate 67907CV.

MONDAY UPDATE: It’s been found – in Woodinville.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Stolen softball backpack

Nic‘s report is both a request and a reminder:

Our car was broken into in the main parking lot at Lincoln Park today around 11:30 am. The only thing taken was a black Nike Seattle University Softball backpack. Fortunately nothing of value was in it, just coaches stuff. The backpack itself was a gift from my daughter so would love to get it back if it’s found tossed somewhere. Non-emergency report has been filed.

If you think you’ve found/seen Nic’s backpack, let us know and we’ll connect you.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Business burglary; home break-in attempt; mailbox prowling

Three reports in West Seattle Crime Watch:

BUSINESS BURGLARY: Hotwire Coffee in The Junction has been burglarized again. The break-in happened on Tuesday and was reported to police on Wednesday, according to the narrative we obtained from SPD today. The police report says it happened around 4:42 am Tuesday, when “three suspects were caught on video surveillance breaking into (the) business. The suspects gained entry to the property by ramming and damaging a large metal gate on the north side of the property … The suspects damaged another gate within the property in order to access the front door of the business. Next, the suspects kicked in the front door of the business … Once inside, the suspects located a small safe underneath the counter/register.” The narrative says they then took the safe and “two containers of donuts.” Hotwire posted images on social media, noting that this was Hotwire’s third burglary in one year. If you have any information, the SPD case # is 23-119912.

HOME BREAK-IN ATTEMPT: From a reader in the Admiral area:

Between 3 and 4 am (Wednesday) while I was away, this person went to both front and back doors, smashed my front Ring doorbell camera, pried off my back-door camera, cut my front screen door and also removed the batteries from my mole repeller stakes in the back yard (maybe he thought they were surveilling him?) He did not gain entry but seemed to lurk for around 30 minutes. Please be on the lookout for this guy, I got some great pictures of him and will be filing a police report.


At about 2 am (Wednesday) morning a 4-door SUV was driving slowly down our street and (checking) out mailboxes; you can see them go up to ours but video ends right before they opened it. 34th and Morgan.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Stolen red Geo Tracker

The report and photo are from Leanne:

My red ’97 Geo Tracker with a dark gray soft top was stolen sometime between 11 am Monday 5/1 and 9 am 5/2 from SW Dawson Street, maybe 20 feet parallel-parked from the side Rite Aid entrance off California Ave SW. It had a few things hanging from the rear view mirror (wizard cat, Totoro, and little mushroom air fresheners).

Please reach out with any information; this car was my baby and I worked so hard for it and I am heartbroken.”

License plate number: CDB0659
Incident report number: 23-118872

Call 911 if you see it.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Gunfire related to burglary attempt (Tuesday update)

ORIGINAL MONDAY NIGHT REPORT: Police have confirmed somebody shot at a house on Bonair this past half-hour. At least two callers reported hearing the shots in the 1900 block, and one thought they saw flashes, before a vehicle left the vicinity. Responding officers have told dispatch they found two casings and damage to the house’s door and garage. No indication that anyone was in the house when it was shot at. If you have any information, the incident # is 23-118464.

TUESDAY UPDATE: Police now say this was linked to a burglary attempt. They say a “light-colored pickup truck” first rammed “the closed garage door of a house under renovation.” Here’s an SPD photo of the garage door:

The two shots were fired into the air after neighbors “yelled that police had been called.” If you have any information, the tip line is 206-233-5000.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: $10,000 crash-and-grab burglary at mini-mart (updated Tuesday)

ORIGINAL MONDAY REPORT: That’s what the Delridge Food Mart (5235 Delridge Way SW) looks like after it became the latest West Seattle business hit by crash-and-grab burglars. Police say they got a call just before 4:30 this morning and that a “vehicle was seen driving into the entrance, allowing two of the passengers to gain access to the store.” The burglars were gone when officers arrived, but SPD says “the suspect vehicle was located abandoned a few hours later.” (It was described in initial radio exchanges as a red van.)

ADDED TUESDAY: We obtained the report narrative from SPD. It says store owners confirmed police’s initial assessment that “a large number of various items had been stolen.” The owners eventually estimated a large amount of cigarettes and vape pens were among the items taken, and that the burglars’ haul was worth at least $10,000 (not counting the cost to repair the damage). The getaway car was a red Hyundai that video showed had been “reversed into the front doors to break them” about four minutes before the 911 call came in and officers were dispatched. Up to four people may have been in the car, but the only descriptive information in the narrative is that one wore a blue and white jacket and held “a white trash bag.” (The narrative also notes that an officer spoke with a store owner “about the possibility of installing small pillars to block vehicles from ramming his front door again since his business had been the target of multiple burglaries.” The getaway car, a 2014 Elantra, was found abandoned in the 4700 block of Cottage Place SW just before 6:30 am. The report says it was registered to someone in Kent but had not been reported as stolen – though it had heavy ignition damage – so SPD was asking KPD to check with its owner, and meantime had the car impounded.

From the dumped-likely-stolen file: Brand-new dog door; miscellaneous items

April 29, 2023 4:40 pm
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Two dumped-likely-stolen reader reports:

DOG DOOR: If you were expecting a package with a dog door – Susan may have found it. She writes, “(Friday) afternoon I found a dog door, still in its retail box. Brand new! It was lying on the sidewalk on SW Andover St. and California Ave SW. I’m guessing someone is missing it.”

MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS: Jennie spotted items including these dumped near Weather Watch Park on Beach Drive:

In either case, if these might be yours, contact us and we’ll connect you.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Early-morning thief; prevention advice

In West Seattle Crime Watch this afternoon:

EARLY MORNING THIEF: Kristina sent the security-camera image and report from a neighborhood east of Lincoln Park:

This person came onto our property at 4:06 am today and stole an OUTGOING package from our mailbox. They then used a flashlight to go through the back of our truck parked in our driveway. We have heard from several neighbors that their vehicles were broken into as well. We are on 46th Ave SW, between Austin and Kenyon Streets.

This was reported to police; the preliminary tracking number is T23008999.

PREVENTION ADVICE: Southwest Precinct Crime Prevention Coordinator Jennifer Danner has sent a newsletter with advice on deterring two types of crime that are particularly prevalent in our area right now – auto theft and commercial burglaries. Read it here.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: 4 business burglaries

6:01 PM: SPD is looking for information on what it says were four early-morning West Seattle business burglaries in the past three days. All involved burglars cutting open the businesses’ safes. Around 6 am today, an alarm brought officers to Taco Time (SPD photo at right), where they “found a smashed window (and a) safe … (that) had been cut open, and staff confirmed money stored in the safe had been taken.” The other three burglaries are listed as all happening Sunday morning (April 23rd):

4:30 a.m. in the 4200 block of SW Morgan Street
5:00 a.m. in the 4700 block of Fauntleroy Way SW
6:00 a.m. in the 2600 block of SW Barton Street

SPD says that in all three cases, “the safes had been accessed with some sort of saw as well.” If you have any information, SPD’s tipline is 206-233-5000.

6:24 PM: SPD’s report didn’t include business names; we are going back through archived dispatch audio. First ID: The 4200 block of SW Morgan burglary was at Ezell’s Famous Chicken. (added) So far we haven’t heard any more specific information on the other two locations except that they were businesses at The Whittaker and Westwood Village.

UPDATE: Why Chief Sealth/Denny sheltered in place

12:29 PM: Thanks for the tips. We asked SPD why the Chief Sealth/Denny campus was sheltering in place. Det. Judinna Gulpan replied, “Police responded for an assault investigation in the 2700 block of SW Trenton ST. It appears the potential suspects fled onto the school grounds. Officers located the suspects and are with staff investigating the incident. No further information to share at this time.” We’ll add anything more we find out.

1:16 PM: Seattle Public Schools spokesperson Tim Robinson says the shelter-in-place lasted about 45 minutes and was lifted at 12:35 pm.

1:21 PM: Though police did not provide details of the assault, as commenters note, there was a report of someone getting their “finger cut off” at Westwood Village. Archived dispatch audio says the victim was reported to be a 15-year-old boy.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Gunfire investigation

8:54 AM: Police confirm this morning that casings were found after a report of gunfire Tuesday evening in Admiral. They say officers responded after a call around 6:30 pm that people in two vehicles were shooting at each other near 39th SW and SW Lander. SPD spokesperson Det. Judinna Gulpan says they found witnesses who saw and heard the shooting and described one vehicle as a white sedan, the other as a white SUV. She says the casings were found “south of the intersection.” No injuries were reported and no property damage was found at the time. If you have any information, the incident number is 23-111868.

9:12 AM: Det. Gulpan adds, “One of the vehicles may be a white BMW with a black hood leaving the area southbound on 39 Avenue SW and the other vehicle a white Chevy Blazer leaving northbound on 39th Avenue SW.”

LEGISLATURE: West Seattle’s State House reps split on drug-law vote

Two nights after the State Legislature adjourned, a few major bills are dominating post-session discussion. One of them is SB 5536, which was touted as a compromise for a new state law regarding drug possession. Legislators needed to pass one in order to avoid outright decriminalization as of July 1st, expiration date for a stopgap law enacted after the state Supreme Court threw out the previous state law. But in the waning hours of the legislative session, the “compromise” went down to defeat, with State House members voting 43 yes, 55 no. Though some Republicans had voted for earlier versions of the bill, none voted for the final version, and some Democrats voted against it too. We checked today to see how our area’s two State House Representatives voted – and discovered that the two, both Democrats from West Seattle, were split. Rep. Joe Fitzgibbon, who is the House Majority Leader, voted yes. First-term Rep. Emily Alvarado voted no. We asked her why, via email. Her response:

I voted against SB 5536 because I don’t believe we need to criminalize drug possession to connect people to services. We need proven public health responses to substance use disorder.

The proposal that came to the House floor on Sunday escalated criminal penalties for drug possession and public use to a gross misdemeanor, meaning people could be sentenced to up to 364 days in jail. It gave prosecutors discretion in whether to refer a person to diversion and treatment. It made important investments in behavioral health care, which I support, but those investments were not sufficient.

I agree that a state framework is better than a patchwork of local laws, but SB 5536 was not the right framework. It enshrined harsh criminal penalties for drug possession and failed to make evidence-based treatment and services readily available for people who need it.

(Our area’s State Senator Joe Nguyen voted against the version of the bill that cleared the Senate 28-21 in early March.) So what happens now? Governor Inslee inferred he might call a special session, declaring that the House vote “was unacceptable,” adding, “Decriminalization is not an option for me and it is not an option for the state of Washington. I expect legislators to deliver a solution.” Otherwise, it’ll be up to local governments to make their own rules – or not.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Stolen white Escalade and white F-250

April 25, 2023 2:31 pm
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2:31 PM: From Jonathan: “Stolen white Escalade this morning around 6 am, 25th Avenue SW, close to Delridge Community Center. (Similar photo but not the exact car) Actual vehicle has a broken windshield and slightly bent front bumper. 400JKS is the license plate. Contact me at 425 394 6204 if you see it.” We’ll add the SPD incident # when we have it. (ADDED WEDNESDAY: It’s 23-112032.)

ADDED 2:50 PM: We’ve just received a report of another stolen vehicle, from Yohann:

Our truck was stolen outside our house around 6-7 pm last evening. It’s a 2005 Ford F-250 single-cab white truck, with an off-color shell of gray/black. This is our work truck and we need it. Any leads appreciated. Stolen near 46th and SW Walker.

Also awaiting the incident # for this.