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DEVELOPMENT: 3010 SW Avalon Way apartments pass first phase of Design Review

November 5, 2021 11:59 pm
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The Southwest Design Review Board had a doubleheader last night – first of two this month. We reported on the first hearing here, after the board gave its final approval to 4406 36th SW. Half an hour later, the board reconvened online for its first look at 3010 SW Avalon Way [map].
This was the Early Design Guidance (focusing on size, shape, placement on site) review for the building, proposed for eight stories, ~86 units, and 4 offstreet-parking spaces. Here’s the design packet used for the meeting:

Architects presented three massing options for the building, as is standard for the first review. The board gave its support to #2, with the stipulation that the west side be lowered to match the height of the single-family homes to the west, and they wanted the entrance moved to the northeast corner. Early on in the meeting, the board talked about how the building has to deal with what they all considered a narrow site. Much was said about how the building would look in relation to the buildings on either side and how it would sit in relation to the single-family homes behind it. There was also some concern over use of the alley behind the building
and how it could accommodate both trash pickup and ADA access from the few parking spaces tbat will be provided in the rear.

The board also asked for a privacy/visibility study for the street-level units and the units on the north and south sides of the building. They also had questions about whether some of the ground-floor units would look out onto a concrete retaining wall.

No members of the public offered comments during the meeting, but city staff said 22 public comments were received before the meeting. Most dealt with the proposed height, with those comments suggesting something between four and seven stories. Other comments included a request to examine the alley in the rear to take into consideration the increasing number of personal-delivery trucks that the building will bring. (The online files show many comments about the need for parking, but that’s outside the Design Review process.)
The board was in general agreement with the comments as to how the building fits in with what’s on either side, and the general
look of the buildings along Avalon; they voted 3-1 to allow the project to move to phase two. You can still comment even if you missed the meeting – email assigned planner Theresa Neylon at This building will have at least one more SWDRB meeting, date to be set when the architects are ready to return with a more-finalized design.

UPDATE: Why the Guardian One helicopter was over West Seattle

10:38 PM: Getting a few questions about this. The Guardian One helicopter crew was passing by when, they told dispatch, they picked up a Lojack signal indicating a stolen car, so that’s what it’s helping police with right now. They’re over Morgan Junction right now.

10:47 PM: They have the car in sight; police should be arriving on the ground momentarily.

10:49 PM: Officers have arrived; the car’s unoccupied, and the helicopter should be moving on.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Can you help catch suspects in 2 violent incidents?

Your help is sought in these two cases:


Yet another catalytic-converter theft. However, this one escalated into assault, battery and robbery of a witness resulting in a significant head injury. We are trying to help SPD identify the suspects.

On 11/3/21 at around 3:10 pm, my friend witnessed two men stealing a catalytic converter on her street (34th Ave SW and Cloverdale) with a power saw. When they saw her, one of the men approached her, stole her phone and assaulted her by punching/shoving her backward. She fell down, hit her head on the street, and was knocked unconscious.

A neighbor came upon her, lying in the street, and called 911; however, he did not see the attack. We found out that there was an actual witness who was driving by. He also called 911 but wanted to remain anonymous.

My friend ended up having a cracked skull and brain bleed. It was very scary and potentially life threatening. Thankfully, it ultimately ended up a best-case-scenario and she is going to be okay. Such a huge relief!

Suspects: Two Black males, driving a very distinctive, multi-color “beater” car with red, blue, and silver paint. We believe it is an old Nissan Sentra. **See attached photo from a DIFFERENT incident earlier in the day by the same suspects and car. Note the man under the car on the right

One of the men had a beige pit bull on a leash and outside of their car – presumably for security. Thankfully, he didn’t release it to attack her, but it was aggressively barking at her during the altercation. NOTE: Another witness saw the dog off-leash at a different location.

Lara posted about this on social media and was told of sightings around West Seattle and White Center. If you have any information about them, the SPD incident to refer to is 21-252198. She adds, “Also, please be careful and do not approach these men if you see them.”

STILL SEEKING HALLOWEEN SHOOTER: This also happened on 34th SW, a little ways north. We published this report about a prowler who shot at a woman around midnight last Sunday night – just after she opened her front door to see what was going on. She was not hit, but police found bullets lodged in the house. The victim’s husband provided this photo from a neighbor’s camera:

He hasn’t yet been identified, according to an update today from the victim’s husband, but if you have any tips, you can directly contact the sergeant on the case at 206-684-5562 or The incident # is 21-290133.


Just in from Amy:

I left my Audi down near Harry’s Beach House, in front of 2137 60th Ave. SW. I left it at 4:45 pm today (Friday) and returned at 6:45 … no car.

I called, and the police called the towing companies, and there were no reports of it being towed.

It is a 2014 black Audi A7 4-door sedan, with roller derby and WSU bumper stickers. License plate BIF3757.

If you see this (or any other known stolen vehicle), call 911.

CONTINUING THIS WEEKEND: Fauntleroy Fine Art & Holiday Gift Show, night 1

November 5, 2021 6:03 pm
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Love wildlife? Go see what Jen Vanderhoof has, at the Fauntleroy Fine Art and Holiday Gift Show, now in its first of three sessions this weekend. Her underwater seal photos are especially enchanting. Across from her booth, you’ll see Rance Curtis Holiman:

The vivid sunset painting was reminiscent of so many sunset drives westward on West Seattle’s water-facing hills. More local scenes are part of Tom Costantini‘s work:

Classic cars, too! Steps away, you’ll see Linda Zhao and her creations, including these cuddly bees:

They’re just a few of the more than one dozen artists from whom you can buy local to get your holiday shopping going – we also saw jewelry, cards, plants, textiles, garden art, more. Get in the holiday spirit with some music and decorations, in the Fauntleroy Church (9140 California SW) Fellowship Hall until 8 tonight, 10 am-4 pm Saturday, 11 am-2 pm Sunday. No admission fee.

WEST SEATTLE LOW BRIDGE: After repairs today, possible extended marine opening tonight

The problem that closed the West Seattle low bridge to vehicle traffic for hours on Wednesday, and hindered marine traffic for longer, is fixed, according to SDOT. But they put out an alert to let you know that might result in a “longer than usual’ marine opening tonight:

Earlier this week, a part broke inside the low bridge, preventing us from swinging the bridge open fully so large boats could pass through on the Duwamish Waterway below. Our bridge repair team has been working diligently to get the bridge operating again so important shipments can make it to their destinations. 

Today, we are able to complete the repair of the problem part and we expect the bridge to be working properly again late tonight. If our plan works and the bridge swings open fully, then we may keep it open for longer than usual to clear the large boats that have been waiting upriver. 

People planning on driving, walking, and biking over the bridge tonight when it’s open to marine traffic can detour to the 1st  Ave S Bridge. And remember that you can see what’s happening on the low bridge and surrounding streets by checking SDOT’s Travelers Map and clicking the camera icons nearest the bridge. 

Throughout this process, we’ve been in regular contact with the U.S. Coast Guard, Port of Seattle, and the shippers and maritime businesses located upriver of the bridge. We thank them for their collaboration, support, and patience while we worked to get everyone moving again.

TRAFFIC ALERT UPDATE: 14th Avenue S. reopened in South Park

3:26 PM: We’ve been updating this in our morning traffic watch but we’re told the closure of 14th Avenue South in South Park, south of Cloverdale, is likely to last a few more hours, so we’re publishing this separate update. This all traces back to a truck crash after 7 am today. Here’s how SDOT explains the situation:

Due to a damaged utility pole, the Seattle Department of Transportation closed 14th Avenue S from S Cloverdale S to S Director St. to all members of the public in between SR-99 and South Park Bridge. The road is currently expected to remain closed until approximately 6 p.m. today and will be reopened once Seattle City Light crews verify that the area is safe to travel through. SDOT encourages travelers to find alternate routes if you are driving in and around the area. The South Park Bridge and the off-ramp from SR 99 to 14th Avenue S will be considered local access only.

While the South Park Bridge will be open to traffic, there will not be a direct access to SR 99. For travelers who are coming from South Park Bridge, SDOT encourages them to take Dallas Ave S to 12th Ave S and then to S Cloverdale to get access to SR 99. Travelers who usually exit 14th Avenue S from SR 99 will be asked to turn around and find an alternate route.

So again, the SP Bridge IS open, but not accessible from south of Cloverdale.

5:41 PM: SDOT says 14th Avenue S. is now open again.

ROXHILL BOG: Resuming the struggle to save a 10,000-year-old ecosystem

(WSB photo, April 2019)

Just before the pandemic wiped most other concerns off the map for a long time, in February of last year, a “stakeholders meeting” shone the spotlight on endangered Roxhill Bog (part of Roxhill Park). Now the struggle to save it is back on the front burner, and another community meeting is planned. Here’s the announcement/update from the Duwamish Alive Coalition:

The second public meeting for the community led restoration of Roxhill Bog will be held online November 17th from 6:30 to 8:00 pm, to provide an update on the hydrology study of why the wetland has been drying out and possible solutions along with the results of the community survey that was conducted. The online link to the meeting can be accessed by registering through or

Roxhill Bog is one of the last peat wetlands of the historical 26 within Seattle, dating back 10,000 years and home to a unique ecosystem of plants and animals. It’s also the headwaters of Longfellow Creek and an important community asset where the community can experience and learn about nature. Over the last couple decades, it has been drying out, which has significantly degraded its ecosystem – with increased invasive plants, loss of wildlife, and unsuitable usage of the area creating safety concerns.

Community members, alarmed about the loss of this community treasure, created a collaborative partnership with the Delridge Neighborhood Development Association, Duwamish Alive Coalition, Roxhill Champions, and American Rivers to help restore the bog wetland. With help from Seattle Councilmember Lisa Herbold and King County Councilmember Joe McDermott. the partnership was able to acquire funding for the hydrology and soil studies and the community survey, which received over 260 responses, and restoration design.

The November 17th public meeting will review the results of the studies, and community survey and seek input on the restoration design. This is an important opportunity for the community to provide comments about the project and their hopes for the wetlands’ future.

For backstory, see our report on last year’s meeting. There’s also a lot of background on this webpqge assembled by the now-dormant Westwood-Roxhill-Arbor Heights Community Council.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Station 36 firefighters ask for security improvements after attacks from above

Firefighters at Station 36 alongside the West Seattle Bridge [map] have been attacked from above, twice this week.

(Photos courtesy Aaron Patterson)

A station officer, Aaron Patterson, summarizes what happened as: “Five firefighters’ vehicles were targeted and damaged. Objects were thrown off of the defunct eastbound onramp to the WS bridge. Rocks, bottles, eggs, metal pipes, logs, a car radio, and even a shopping cart were found on and around the firefighters’ cars.” This photo shows the shopping cart:

The first attack happened early Tuesday morning. According to the Seqttle Police report, responding officers noted damage to at least two firefighters’ personal vehicles, including windshield cracks rendering them undrivable, and found rocks in the parking lot, including “a large rock approximately 6 inches in diameter.”

The second was discovered around 9:30 pm Wednesday. The report from the station officer says, “Numerous large rocks, lengths of metal pipe, beer cans, large pieces of fallen trees, and trash were found on and around vehicles. Investigations by the responding SPD officers and the SFD personnel present surmised that both attacks were carried out from the defunct West Seattle bridge eastbound onramp.” After the first attack, the report says, “members had parked bumper to bumper on the east side of the station to avoid being directly underneath the overpass. … These vehicles were directly targeted as the distance was much greater from the overpass to the vehicles. The objects were thrown directly at the vehicles with malicious intent.”

The report adds, “This direct and blatant physical attack against members’ personal vehicles causes us to have real concern for our own physical safety. Had any one of the objects thrown stuck a person, it could have resulted in severe bodily harm, including death.”

While there’s no word of a witness, the officer’s report goes on to detail encampments nearby, including one that is described as having frequent fires, including some from which smoke goes into the air intake for firefighters’ living quarters. The report says, “Engine 36 has had multiple interactions with the resident of this encampment and directed him to extinguish the fires. He continues to burn. Also, it is of grave concern to the members of 36’s that this same homeless individual has erected multiple effigies of firefighters surrounding his encampment.” The report adds, “It is currently unknown who is responsible for these vandalism attacks on the members of 36, but we have reason to suspect that they are related to this issue.”

The report also has requests on improving safety for the station: “To provide for the physical safety of Seattle Fire Department employees and to protect the publicly and privately owned property (Marine 80 and a SFD Gator are stored outside) we would request that action be taken immediately by erecting a fence along the onramp surrounding the station, installing a video camera surveillance system surrounding the station, and requesting that SDOT, SPD, and other appropriate City agencies clear all encampments from this area.”

We asked SFD what they’re doing about the requests; spokesperson Kristin Tinsley tells WSB, “The department’s Services Division is aware of these incidents and is taking steps to help address the complaints. Right now our focus is on adding security lighting, and we are also looking at possible fencing options.”

VIDEO: West Seattle High School cross-country athletes get sendoff for state

As reported here last weekend, West Seattle High School‘s cross-country athletes are making history this year – the first time an entire WSHS cross-country team has qualified for the state championships. The boys’ team, and two individual girls, will compete at state. So this morning, before heading to the Tri-Cities for the championships, they led a parade – with cheerleaders and the marching band – in the school hallway:

The championships are tomorrow (Saturday, November 6th) at Sun Willows Golf Course in Pasco.

7 for your West Seattle Friday

November 5, 2021 9:31 am
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(Wednesday’s sunrise at Don Armeni, photographed by Marc Milrod)

Before we get to time-change weekend, here’s what’s up for today/tonight:

FRIENDSHIP AUCTION’S FINAL DAY: One last day to support the Southwest Seattle Historical Societyhere’s how.

WEST SEATTLE VACCINE CLINIC: The new clinic at Neighborhood House (6400 Sylvan Way SW) opens again today, first time since vaccination was authorized for kids 5-11, but note that appointments are required for that age group.

FOOTBALL: Two games at Nino Cantu Southwest Athletic Complex (2801 SW Thistle) – at 4:30 pm, West Seattle HS vs. Thomas Jefferson; at 7:30 pm, Chief Sealth IHS vs.. Franklin Pierce.

FAUNTLEROY FINE ART AND HOLIDAY GIFT SHOW: 5-8 pm at Fauntleroy Church (9140 California SW), it’s your first chance to shop this year’s show, featuring more than a dozen artists – listed here.

FEEST FALL FUNDRAISER: 6 pm online event supporting this program in area schools – our calendar listing has info on attending.

ANDREW GOUCHE: Live at J&J Public House (2808 Alki SW) at 8 pm, $10 cover.

TRIPLE BILL: 8 pm at The Skylark (3803 Delridge Way SW) – here’s who’s playing tonight.

Something for our calendar? – thank you!

Remembering Charles David Draper, Sr., 1925-2021

Family and friends are remembering Charles David Draper, Sr., and sharing this remembrance with his community:

A Life Well Led

On Wednesday, October 13, 2021, Charles David Draper Senior, husband of his one and only woman Glee for 74 years, father of three, Granddaddy of 12, Great Granddaddy of nine, and Great Great granddaddy of one, passed away quietly with his wife by his side and daughter Marlee holding his hand.

He was 96 years old.

Charles, born August 6, 1925 in Seattle, was the only child of Frank Hugh and Marian Gertrude Sprengle Draper. He grew up on Ida Street and roamed the forest of West Seattle and Lincoln Park in the 1930s. Charles excelled at any physical activity and hiked the mountains and streams for his love of fishing. As a young boy, Charlie worked at Draper Engine Works for his dad and grandfather, Charles David Draper I. He graduated from West Seattle High School and continued to work at “the shop” (eventually named Draper Machine Works), where he designed and created many innovations for the boating, fishing, and lumber industry as well as fixing problems of building mechanics, such as the Space Needle. He joined the Navy during World War II, where he used his talents as a machinist at Guadalcanal. He was in charge of the boat motor pool, keeping them running and piloting small craft and landing craft and Captain’s gig. Upon his return to the states, he began his University of Washington studies in mechanical engineering. His tenor voice blossomed from his early years in the church choir to sing professionally from the 1940s until 2002, when a stroke affected his vocal cords. As an exceptional artist, as well as a perfectionist, Chuck would explain anything with a pencil in hand. Whether it be a machine design, or a how-to in the machine shop, sports, music, building or designing anything… there was always a napkin nearby to explain for an understanding.

His golf career began in 1954 and ended with a total of 35 hole-in-one’s. He excelled in rating golf courses of western states down the coast through California. He had the vision to bring public and private courses together organizing tournaments. A highlight of his career was the Junior Golf Association for youth, emphasizing etiquette and sportsmanship in golf.

He is remembered by all as multi-talented with exceptional ability for retaining information. His research and knowledge of the Lake Washington Federal Ship Canal, as well as golf-course details, reflected his constant search for truth.

Chuck had a special love for the church and serving the Lord with his talents. He attended youth groups and led many sing-alongs with a dramatic flair. At one youth function, his eyes were drawn to a quiet beauty, Glee Patten, who he soon married. They raised their little family: Kristine Glee, Charles David III, and Marlyne Annette, one block from his childhood home, on Holden Street and still attended his church, where he continued with choir, quartets, artistic endeavors like Christmas murals, and became a leader and a mentor. Here, he brought young men a chance to learn and flourish through Boy Scouts. His Bible, full of sticky notes, is a visual reminder of his determination to seek God’s purpose and fulfill God’s plan.

He has left his autograph on each of our lives.

(WSB publishes West Seattle obituaries and memorial announcements by request, free of charge. Please email the text, and a photo if available, to

TRAFFIC, TRANSIT, ROAD WORK, WEATHER: Pre-time-change Friday (updated with East Marginal, 14th Ave. S. crashes)

ADDED 9:54 AM: Two crashes outside West Seattle that might affect you. From SDOT:

-All NB lanes on E Marginal Way S are blocked at S Hudson St and SB lanes at Diagonal Ave S.
-14th Ave S at S Trenton St. All NB & SB lanes are blocked between S Cloverdale St and S Director St.’

11:30 AM: No all-clear yet on either of those incidents.

12:43 PM: Still no updates. The South Park crash, by the way, was described by SFD as “a semi that hit a building, and has a power pole leaning on it” so that’s why the cleanup is taking a long time.

1:50 PM: SDOT now says “All NB lanes are back open on E Marginal Way S at S Hudson St. 2 SB left lanes are back open at Diagonal Ave S.”

3 PM: East Marginal has fully reopened. The South Park closure is expected to last until about 3 pm.

5:43 PM: As reported here, 14th Avenue S. has now reopened too.



6:06 AM: Good morning.


Intermittently rainy forecast , high in the low-to-mid 50s.


Repeating our reminder that Saturday night/Sunday morning, we “fall back” an hour – 2 am becomes 1 am.


594th morning without the West Seattle Bridge. Here are views of other bridges and routes:

Low Bridge: No new trouble reported Thursday. Automated enforcement cameras remain in use; restrictions are in effect 5 am-9 pm daily – except weekends; the bridge is open to all until 8 am Saturday and Sunday mornings. (Access applications are available here for some categories of drivers.)

The 1st Avenue South Bridge (map):

South Park Bridge:

West Marginal Way at Highland Park Way:

Highland Park Way/Holden:

The 5-way intersection (Spokane/West Marginal/Delridge/Chelan):

Are movable bridges opening for vessels? The @SDOTBridges Twitter feed is working again; 1st Ave. South Bridge openings are also tweeted on @wsdot_traffic.

See all local traffic cams here; locally relevant cameras are also on this WSB page.


26th SW – Continuing southbound closure between Roxbury and Barton for RapidRide H Line prep work. Also, new work at 26th/Roxbury is starting. This flyer has full details.

15th SW: Thanks for the tips – it’s open again at Roxbury

Delridge Way – Trees for the medians are arriving; SDOT says planting is expected to happen later this month.

This weekend: SDOT says it has NO work of note planned.


Regular Metro schedule, except for the rerouting in RapidRide H Line work zones – on 26th and 15th SW in particular. Watch @kcmetrobus for word of trip cancellations.

For ferries and Water Taxi: WSF continues a two-boat schedule on the Fauntleroy-Vashon-Southworth run. Check here for alerts/updates. The Water Taxi continues on its modified schedule for this fall/winter (7 days but no weekend or off-peak shuttle buses).

Trouble on the streets/paths/bridges/water? Please let us know – text (but not if you’re driving!) 206-293-6302.