Just in from Amy:

I left my Audi down near Harry’s Beach House, in front of 2137 60th Ave. SW. I left it at 4:45 pm today (Friday) and returned at 6:45 … no car.

I called, and the police called the towing companies, and there were no reports of it being towed.

It is a 2014 black Audi A7 4-door sedan, with roller derby and WSU bumper stickers. License plate BIF3757.

If you see this (or any other known stolen vehicle), call 911.

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  • CARSPOTTR November 8, 2021 (7:56 am)

    Did you notice any Flatbed trucks in that area when you parked? A $70k car like this cannot be “hotwired” it has am immobilizer system that prevents the starter/fuelpump/sparkplugs from even functioning if there is not the matching coded key/receiver.  Theoretically if you had a VIN# of the vehicle you could get a replacement key from a Audi Dealership, but that is illegal to do in the case of steeling a car (and would cost the thief $XXXX of dollars) I think they will only sell a new coded key if they have the registration with your name on it to match.

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