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FOLLOWUP: Grand opening next month for Hiawatha’s new outdoor workout zone


Thanks to Mike for the tip that Hiawatha Community Center‘s new outdoor exercise equipment has been installed, by the east lawn. It’s not quite done – still fenced off – so we stopped by Hiawatha (a very busy place this summer – 20 day camps!) today to ask when it will be open to the public. Answer: The grand opening is exactly one month from today, currently planned for 11 am-1 pm Saturday, July 30th (you’ll see posters soon), and the celebration will include something for everyone, including a construction event (“like sandcastle-building, but with cardboard boxes,” we’re told). The Hiawatha installation is one of two announced for West Seattle last year, with the help of nonprofit partners – we’ll be checking on the status of the other one, at Delridge CC.

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First day of 2016 for High Point Market Garden Farm Stand

Until 7 pm, you can stop by the High Point Market Garden Farm Stand at 32nd SW and SW Juneau and be among the first to shop there this year!


The HPMG is a mini-farm right next to the stand, tended by local residents, and what they’re selling was picked right there. As previewed here on Tuesday, you also can buy produce grown a little farther away via the mobile farm stand ROAR, which is visiting during Farm Stand hours again this year.


If you can’t make it there today, stop by any Wednesday through the end of September, 4-7 pm.

HAPPENING NOW: West Seattle Relay for Life 2016

(WSB photos)

A lap around the track by cancer survivors is a traditional part of the start of the annual West Seattle Relay for Life, under way right now at West Seattle Stadium, until 9 am tomorrow. This year, the lap was followed by the survivors walking under a human arch:


At the stadium (4432 35th SW), visitors are welcome until the gates close for the night at 11:30 pm, and then again at 5; participants, however, will be on the track all night, or taking breaks for activities including movies at 12:30 and 2:30 am. When morning arrives – remember, it gets light early this time of year! – the schedule calls for special laps including “Bubbles of Hope” at 5:30 am and a “pajama lap” at 7 am, followed by 7:30 am yoga and a closing ceremony at 8:30 am. If you stop by, here’s one way you can help:


A textile drive is under way throughout the event, collecting clothing and other textile items as part of the cancer-fighting fundraiser. This year, more than 20 teams are taking part in R4LWS, including Key Club members from Chief Sealth International and West Seattle High Schools.

FRIDAY NIGHT: Cancer-fighting West Seattle Relay for Life – with a textile-donation drive this year

(WSB file photo)

Need some inspiration? We know one place you can find it … West Seattle Stadium (4432 35th SW), tomorrow night through Saturday morning, during the annual Relay for Life. It’s a cancer-fighting fundraiser but it’s also a gathering of hundreds of your West Seattle neighbors, starting with the survivors’ lap at 6:30 pm, following the opening lap at 6. Also a highlight: The luminaria ceremony at 10 pm, during which you’re invited to light one for someone you’ve lost to cancer and/or someone who’s fighting the battle. The full agenda for Friday night and Saturday morning, concluding with closing ceremonies at 8:30 am Saturday, is here. Even if you just show up to applaud the survivors at 6:30 pm tomorrow, it’s a stirring sight to see.

P.S. You can donate through a button on that same page. This year, they’re also having a textile drive – clothing, shoes, and more – see the list of donatable items here.

GoodMed Direct Primary Care: Welcome, new West Seattle Blog sponsor!

Today we’re welcoming a new WSB sponsor interested in helping you stay healthy:

GoodMed Direct Primary Care, located in West Seattle’s Morgan Junction neighborhood, is part of a small but growing movement to change the face of primary care. At GoodMed, we provide unlimited primary care for a low monthly fee, sidestepping insurance billing. This simple change prioritizes the doctor-patient relationship and allows us to deliver care that is high quality, very personal, convenient, and cost effective.

GoodMed Clinic, the combined efforts of myself, Dr. Ryan Campbell, ND, and Dr. Wendy Hueners, ND, present a model for care that dispels two common myths of health care. Myth #1 is that insurance is necessary for all health care. Myth #2 is that it must be expensive. Of all of the insurance coverages that exist, health insurance is the only one to also cover routine events. Imagine what car insurance would become if everyone submitted claims for oil changes and new tires. This is essentially what has happened in the health-care system. At GoodMed, we believe that health insurance is essential for risk management, but is most effective, like other insurances, for unforeseen events, like hospitalizations and unexpected major surgery.

Five reasons current members love the care at GoodMed:

Access: We have removed the hurdles to getting care. No longer do our patients wonder if they are sick enough to contact their doctor or worry about what it will cost. As providers, we are accessible 24/7 to keep our patients healthy.

Affordability: Adult memberships start at $50 per month for unlimited care. Considering 80-90% of healthcare needs can be met through primary care, using GoodMed fixes out-of-pocket costs for the majority of member’s needs. For those with high-deductible health plans, this provides a level of predictability to healthcare expenses throughout the year. Members also have access to discounted labs (80-95% savings), and at-cost prescription medications and supplements (45%-90% savings). Essentially, we hustle to find the best rates for our member patients and pass the savings along to them.

Convenience: We offer same or next day appointments for acute health needs. We are also on-call 24/7 for our patients and can be reached a number of different ways. A large amount of care can be safely handled without an office visit. Do you have four kids and can’t get out of the house? Ask us about house-calls.

Transparency: We have pulled back the curtain on health-care costs. All fees are discussed upfront, before any lab is ordered, or medication or supplement is prescribed. The member patient is in the financial driver seat.

Community: We love West Seattle (the rest of Seattle is pretty good too)! We feel very blessed to be able to live and serve our neighborhood families. We are proud members of the West Seattle Chamber.

At GoodMed, we are passionate about changing the system. If you have any questions about how GoodMed might be able to work with your current health coverage, or if you are a small employer, feel free to contact us. We offer free 15-minute meet-and-greet visits. We also have employer-sponsored programs for small businesses. GoodMed is at 6553 California SW; call 206-420-7520.

We thank GoodMed Direct Primary Care for sponsoring independent, community-collaborative neighborhood news via WSB; find our current sponsor team listed in directory format here, and find info on joining the team by going here.

BIZNOTE: Former restaurant space to become dental office

May 17, 2016 10:17 pm
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Quick biznote tonight for anyone wondering about the former Redline space on the ground floor of The Residences at 3295 on the southeast corner of 35th and Avalon, since the “for lease” signs came down recently: Building permit and “site plan” documents reveal it won’t be another restaurant, but instead will become a dental office; renovations are under the name Glo Dental Studio.

BIZNOTE: Grand ‘reopening’ celebration for Elite Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu next Sunday


Elite Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu of Seattle invites you to its Grand Reopening next Sunday (May 22nd). This is the big gym at 5050 Delridge Way SW, known previously as Straight Blast Gym of Seattle (WSB sponsor). From the announcement: “Recent events have allowed the two female owners of BJJ gyms to come together and grow our communities and provide a number of martial-arts programs such as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai, along with Strength and Conditioning classes for both youth and adults! We’d like to invite the community to our event and check out the mini clinics that will be held. There will be a gathering of people of all skill levels and interests.”


That photo is from this past Sunday, when they had a staff meeting with other Elite groups from around the metro area. Next up before the Sunday event, they’ll be doing renovations and rebranding this Wednesday through Friday, “which will include transformation of both the inside and outside facilities!” And then on Sunday, set for 1-4 pm, here’s what you can enjoy:

Join us in celebrating a new chapter as we open our doors and start our journey as a part of the Elite team.

Elite Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu offers year-round programs for the entire family for kids and adults of all ages and skill levels, in a fun and safe environment.

1:30 and 3:30 pm
Take part in either a Muay Thai, Strength & Conditioning, or Kids clinic. A short 30-minute class with highly experienced coaches, you’ll have fun and learn something new. All skill levels welcome.

2:30 pm
BJJ clinic with Professor Miriam Cardoso, head professor of Elite – 5x World Champion; check out her technical jiu-jitsu skills and coaching!

* Stop by for some local eats and fun!
* New student and family specials!
* Raffle Prizes

VIDEO: ‘Style ’16’ a ‘smashing success,’ helping cancer patients via NW Hope and Healing

May 1, 2016 9:39 am
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Northwest Hope and Healing presents Style '16 Fashion Show Benefit from Captive Eye Media on Vimeo.

Lots of West Seattle involvement again this year with the annual fashion show raising money to help breast- and gynecologic-cancer patients via Northwest Hope and Healing. For starters, NWHH’s executive director Kristina Dahl is from WS (as is NWHH’s founder Christine Smith), as is videographer Edgar Riebe, whose Captive Eye Media created the highlight video above. From Kristina:

Style ’16 was a smashing success this year, and we are so grateful to this community! Local boutiques Carmilia’s, Coastal Surf Boutique and West Seattle Runner (as well as other area boutiques) showcased fabulous fashions, and Ola Salon & Spa glammed up our inspirational models. The female models were all cancer survivors (several of whom are from West Seattle), some of whom are currently in treatment, and this year we were joined by the Bellevue Fire Department to model the men’s clothing (and they were a big hit!).

(Photo by Matt Browning)

Thanks to the incredible support of our community, the event raised an astounding, record breaking $205,000 to support women undergoing breast or gynecologic cancer treatment at Swedish Cancer Institute who need help with groceries, rent, utilities, and more, and we couldn’t be happier that NW Hope & Healing is growing so that we can help more women than ever in 2016.

NWHH’s next big fundraiser is the Alki Beach 5K on August 28th. Meantime, Kristina adds, “The need for our grants has risen dramatically, and we are determined to rise up and meet that need. Anyone wanting to get involved is welcome to contact me at” Find out more about NWHH via this video, also produced by Captive Eye Media.

HIIT Lab: Welcome, new West Seattle Blog sponsor!

HIIT Lab is a brand-new fitness studio in Morgan Junction, and a brand-new member of the WSB sponsor team, which means they have the opportunity to let you know what they’re about:


In the photo above is HIIT Lab proprietor Cathy Kerns, who says her studio is just the right size for lots of one-on-one attention for clients, and also the right size to ensure they have lots of personal space. HIIT Lab will match a workout to you. Cathy describes it as “a high-end boutique studio that doesn’t take themselves too seriously. If you live in West Seattle and want to work out hard and have a blast in a nice, clean environment, you don’t have to go far.”
What do HIIT Lab clients tell Cathy most often? On first sight, she says, they hear, “Wow, this is really nice.” Then, after class, they hear, “That was a fun workout.”

HIIT Lab is at 6417 Fauntleroy Way SW, Suite D, and online at

We thank HIIT Lab for sponsoring independent, community-collaborative neighborhood news via WSB; find our current sponsor team listed in directory format here, and find info on joining the team by going here.

UPDATE: 4 chickenpox cases at 1 local school

11:11 AM: New information today about cases of chickenpox reported at Arbor Heights Elementary School. Letters sent to families at AHES and at co-housed Louisa Boren K-8 STEM said five cases had been verified at AHES, but today Seattle Public Schools tells WSB the number is actually four.

The letter sent to families said that the cases appear to have stemmed from exposure “around February 11th” and notes that, “Chickenpox is usually not a serious illness, but it can be severe when complicated by bacterial skin infections and is especially acute for children and adults with compromised immune systems (for example, from cancer chemotherapy, high-dose steroid therapy for asthma or HIV). Adolescents, adults, the elderly, and pregnant women are more at risk for complications from chicken pox.” The district says the four cases include one vaccinated child and three unvaccinated children; 90 percent of AHES students are vaccinated, according to the letter from principal Christy Collins.

The letter advises:

Children 12 months of age and older, adolescents, and adults who have not had chicken pox disease and have not received chicken pox vaccine should contact their health care provider to get immunized as soon as possible. Those with compromised immune systems should talk to their healthcare provider to discuss the best ways to protect themselves from chicken pox.

The King County Public Health website shares this general information about the disease. We asked KCPH spokesperson James Apa for any information available about current trends; he says that individual cases are “not reportable” so they don’t have trend information. He does say the last chickenpox-related death in the county was in 2011.

ADDED 2:42 PM: More from Apa at KCPH: Four cases is considered a “cluster”; while he cautions that his agency might not always hear about clusters, they have heard about one other so far this year – a preschool – and also, three other reports of 1 or 2 cases of chickenpox in schools or daycares around King County.

West Seattle scene: Celebrating Southwest Pool’s new fitness room

(WSB photos)

It’s been a busy night in West Seattle – starting with the Southwest Pool Fitness Room celebration. City Councilmember Lisa Herbold was there before heading over to the Highland Park Action Committee meeting (coverage coming up), as was Christopher Williams, deputy superintendent of Seattle Parks, which runs SW Pool. She said it’s great to have a way for people to get more exercise; he talked about neighborhood pride – he grew up nearby and attended across-the-street Chief Sealth. The room is open during regular hours at the pool (2801 SW Thistle), which you can find on the schedule – it’s in a space by the shallow end of the pool, unused after gym renovations:


A little more background about the 10-years-in-the-making fitness room is here.

FOLLOWUP: Water OK again off Constellation Park, post-sewage spill

January 26, 2016 4:37 pm
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If you’re thinking about a beach walk late today or tonight now that the rain’s lifted – you don’t have to worry about contaminated water along Alki Point.

Four days after the sewage-pipe leak that brought emergency repairs and beach closure south of Alki and beyond, the King County Wastewater Treatment District reports the water quality has “returned to normal” near the leak site, and that while health authorities closed Alki Beach Park itself to swimming as a precaution, its water tested at normal levels all along.

According to county spokesperson Doug Williams, the county estimates 14,200 gallons of wastewater/sewage spilled before they started work to stop and fix the leak last Friday near 63rd SW/Beach Drive SW. It was caused by a failed joint seal. After they fixed the pipe, it was buried in concrete, and now they’re restoring the landscaping by the south end of Constellation Park (a crew was still there when we went by an hour ago). The sewer line there, almost 4 feet across, pipes West Seattle wastewater to the West Point treatment plant across Elliott Bay.

BURN BAN: No fireplace use, as ‘Stage 1’ ban called for King County

(Graphic from Puget Sound Clean Air Agency website)

With another day of stagnant air, the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency has announced a Stage 1 burn ban for all of King County, in hopes of keeping the air quality from getting any worse. That means: “Use of fireplaces and uncertified wood stoves and inserts prohibited. Pellet stoves, EPA certified wood stoves and inserts are allowed. Outdoor burning prohibited.” Find out more here.

TOMORROW: West Seattle Get Fit info night to jump-start your 2016

December 29, 2015 1:58 pm
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On New Year’s Eve-Eve, you can jump-start your 2016 fitness plans with West Seattle Runner (WSB sponsor). WSR co-proprietor Lori McConnell says they’ve scheduled another info night for their free West Seattle Get Fit couch-to-half-marathon program, tomorrow (Wednesday, December 30th) at 6:30 pm:

We will train participants to complete a half marathon in June (there are several to choose from). Participants will start with one mile on Saturday, January 2nd, at 8 am at West Seattle Runner. This is a program for beginners! It is free. Participants can run as a group on Wednesday nights and Saturday mornings and will get a plan to follow. We will also provide several free clinics along the way to increase knowledge for runners. We do have walkers do the program as well, so walkers and runners are welcome.

WSR is at 2743 California SW.

TOMORROW: Give the gift of life – and education! – at local student-organized blood drive

Another chance to clear the decks for the new year by wrapping up the old one with a gift – a potentially life-saving blood donation, at a time of the year when it matters more than ever. Local student Dennise Lopez is co-hosting it at Holy Family tomorrow. Here’s her announcement, if you haven’t already seen it in the WSB West Seattle Event Calendar:

What a wonderful gift – please help save lives by donating blood. During the holiday season, your donation is more important than ever. When schools, Boeing, and Microsoft are closed for the holidays and donors are just plain busy, the Blood Center sees a 15 percent decrease in donations, yet they need to collect even more blood (1,000 units a day) to maintain supplies through the holidays. The Bloodworks Northwest (formerly Puget Sound Blood Center) bloodmobile will be at Holy Family Parish, 9622 20th Ave. SW, on Tuesday, December 29th, from 10:00 am to noon, and 1:00 until 4:00 pm. Walk-ins are always welcome, but reservations are preferred. Anyone who is in good health, is at least 18 years old (persons 16 or 17 years old may donate with a Blood Program consent form signed by a legal guardian), and weighs at least 110 pounds may donate blood every 56 days. To help ensure success of the blood drive, please make a reservation by contacting Dennise Lopez at 206-414-8402 or by email at

P.S. You’re giving another gift by participating – Bloodworks offers college-scholarship money to students who organize successful drives. Dennise is a Chief Sealth International High School graduate currently attending UW Bothell.

Skin Care by Casey: Welcoming a new West Seattle Blog sponsor

Today we welcome a new West Seattle Blog sponsor: Skin Care by Casey!

Serving West Seattle for more than seven years, Skin Care by Casey prides itself on providing guests a safe and extremely comfortable esthetic experience. Whether a European facial, $55 Brazilian maintenance, microdermabrasion treatment, St. Tropez sunless-tanning application or any other of their many offerings, Master esthetician Casey Rasmussen goes the extra mile to exceed expectations. She brings nearly 20 years of industry experience to her work and their protocols.

To better serve guests’ busy schedules, Skin Care by Casey recently added expanded hours and a fantastic new esthetician, Moriah Dailer, to the team. For a limited time, new guests can get 30% off their entire service when booking with Moriah; her touch is so soothing and she’s experienced with SCBC’s medical-driven approach. With online scheduling, getting an appointment is easy through their website.

Casey and team partner with Serene, a medical-grade, organic, PH-driven, paraben-free, fragrance-free product line, to bring you the latest in skin therapies and results for even the most sensitive skin, without all the marketing woo-woo and hub-hub. If you’re looking to get that someone special a great holiday gift, Skin Care by Casey offers gift certificates and free priority shipping on all product orders over $50; 3 or more products purchased at any one time are always 10% off.

Skin Care by Casey also has free parking within steps of the door, and all European facials come with a foot treatment! Casey also hosts complimentary product education and living-well sessions, as well as injectable events for those seeking anti-aging treatments in a non-intimidating setting. Many of our guests feel excited to work with us, to genuinely learn about the functions of the skin and how best to care for their largest organ, and also to gain the appropriate knowledge to maneuver through a complicated marketplace of products and services. Our long-term goal is to transform the skin from a cellular perspective so professional treatments are not needed as frequently to maintain the long-term goal.

If you’d like more information or want to check out what others are saying, visit their website, Google them, or check out the Yelp reviews. Either way, treat yourself, and book a visit today!

Extended hours: Monday 9-5, Tuesday 10-9, Wednesday 10-9, Thursday 10-9, Friday 9-5, Saturday 9-6, Sunday by request/private events.

We thank Skin Care by Casey for sponsoring independent, community-collaborative neighborhood news via WSB; find our current sponsor team listed in directory format here, and find info on joining the team by going here.


December 9, 2015 3:52 pm
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Baby boom = business boom for these West Seattle entrepreneurs/health-care providers. From left are Christine Tindal, LM, CPM, MSM, and Taylor Hamil, LM, CPM, MSM, co-proprietors of In Tandem Midwifery, “thrilled” to have just moved into a bigger new location in The Junction. It’s not far from their old one but it’s at streetfront, street level, three times the space, at 4522 44th SW. They’ve just settled in and we were able to catch them for a photo this afternoon. They’re adding something new, too: Childbirth-education classes will be offered at the ITM office soon, with Alise McAllister and Beth Doyle from There’s No Place Like Home Birth Services. “Both were our clients and are great about teaching our families about home and birth-center birth,” Hamil says.

Elite Sports and Spine: Welcome, new West Seattle Blog sponsor!

December 4, 2015 11:25 am
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Today we welcome a new WSB sponsor, Elite Sports and Spine, whose newest office is in The Admiral District:

(Dr. Nathan Moore, DC, and office manager Bobbie Willden)
Elite Sports and Spine has an offer for you – after your first exam at our West Seattle clinic with chiropractor Dr. Nathan Moore, DC, you can enjoy a complimentary one-hour massage. As a new WSB sponsor, here’s what else Elite Sports and Spine wants you to know:

Elite Sports and Spine provides health care from a multifaceted approach. Its reputation is built on providing quality, comprehensive care for patients. We actually form a partnership with our patients to get them back to fully functioning and achieving their desired goals.

We often hear how impressed people are with how thorough our examination process is, as well as how quickly they see results from the treatment. They usually seek us out because they have either heard about us from a friend or loved one, or they have tried other treatments that simply didn’t achieve desired results. Because we typically see results quickly, patients tend to come back to us with any new injuries because they appreciate how quickly they were able to return to their normal, active daily lifestyle.

In West Seattle, Elite Sports and Spine is at 2743 California SW, next to West Seattle Runner, for whom it’s the preferred health-care provider. We oversee and are sponsors for many athletic groups as well as being preferred providers with Swedish Hospital.

In addition to chiropractic care, Emily Blurton, CES, CPT, SFG, is now offering physical rehabilitation and one-on-one and small-group fitness training at our West Seattle clinic. Introductory Special: 35% off. Space is limited; call the clinic to schedule today – 206-556-4324. That’s also the number to call to schedule your first checkup with Dr. Nate and the complimentary one-hour massage.

We thank Elite Sports and Spine for sponsoring independent, community-collaborative neighborhood news via WSB; find our current sponsor team listed in directory format here, and find info on joining the team by going here.

Key approval for eye-clinic project on 35th SW in Sunrise Heights

Just one West Seattle project in today’s city Land Use Information Bulletin:

(Image from April 2015 Design Review packet, by PB Architects)
The city has granted a key land-use approval for the future 7520 35th SW home of Clearview Eye and Laser, currently headquartered at Westwood Village. The three-story, 29-offstreet-parking-space project won Southwest Design Review Board approval last April (here’s the report); plans show the former Red Star Pizza building and a residential structure south of it will be demolished to make way for the clinic. Today’s approval opens a two-week period for anyone interested in appealing the approval; here’s how. It’s been a year and a half since first word this project was in the works.

FOLLOWUP: Chipotle reopening Washington, Oregon restaurants

Just went through The Junction and the closed (“FYI”) sign is off the door at Chipotle Mexican Grill in The Junction, one day after the chain said it was reopening its 43 Washington and Oregon restaurants. The chain voluntarily closed them after a rash of E. coli illnesses; most, including the two-month-old Chipotle here, were closed for 11 full days, going back to Halloween. The 30 people who got sick in this state reported eating at five Chipotles, including two in Seattle, but the West Seattle store was not among them. So far, tests still haven’t traced where the bacteria came from. Here’s all the state info about the outbreak; here’s all the info from Chipotle.

Northwest Hope & Healing’s Shari Sewell leaving ‘on a high note’

(WSB photo: Shari Sewell at NWH&H’s 2014 Alki Beach 5K)

West Seattleite Shari Sewell has announced she’s leaving Northwest Hope and Healing – which helps breast-cancer patients cope with the challenges of life going on despite their diagnosis. She’s been with the organization 12 years and says, “The Foundation is in great shape, so I figured I’d leave on a high note. I’m looking forward to some time off to relax and figure out what’s next.” Here’s how the organization announced the news, including word of who will succeed Shari:

After 12 years with NW Hope & Healing, Shari Sewell, our talented Executive Director, will be stepping away from her role as Executive Director and from daily operations at NW Hope & Healing. Shari’s passion for assisting breast cancer and gynecology patients will endure in the years to come as a supporter of the NWHH mission. Shari will continue in her role through early December. We are so thankful for Shari’s time and energy developing NW Hope & Healing into a thriving foundation that touches lives on a daily basis.

Shari has put her heart and soul into this organization, but she’s ready to hand the reins to a new leader and take a well-deserved break. Kristina Dahl will take over as ED in December. Kristina looks forward to building upon NWHH’s solid foundation so that, together, we can assist more women than ever before.

Shari says, “I’m proud of what we’ve done and they way we’ve done it. I’ve exceeded my goals for the organization so it’s time for me to focus on the next chapter of my life. NW Hope & Healing is on solid ground and I’m excited to see where it goes.”.

The Board of Directors is grateful for her devotion, leadership, and commitment to the organization. Shari has been a vital force behind our Healing Programs, which have reached 10,000 women in the last 15 years, to help them get back on track financially while they deal with the physical and emotional effects of breast cancer. Please join us at our wine tasting at the Georgetown Ballroom on November 18th as we raise a glass to thank Shari, toast to her success and celebrate new beginnings.

If NWH&H has not directly touched your life or that of someone in your family, you might still have been part of their work by running or walking in the summertime Alki Beach 5K Run/Walk – here’s our coverage of this year’s event; Shari’s successor Kristina spoke at the 2013 Alki Beach 5K. NWH&H also presents other benefits/celebrations including the annual “Style” fashion show (next one April 28, 2016).

FOLLOWUP: E. coli source still not identified in Chipotle-linked illness investigation

MONDAY, 6:14 PM: Though the West Seattle Chipotle restaurant is *not* one of the ten linked to patients in the Pacific Northwest E. coli outbreak, it and the chain’s 42 other restaurants in Washington and Oregon remain closed. But both the state Health Department and Chipotle ownership are indicating they’re moving toward reopening. Today was the 10th full day of closure for most of those restaurants, including the one in The Junction, and the state has continued to provide daily updates: As of this afternoon’s update, 27 cases have been confirmed in Washington, including 10 people who were hospitalized, none of whom ate at a Chipotle any more recently than October 24th. The update also says the first round of test results from Chipotle food samples has not turned up any E. coli, so they haven’t linked it to any particular food yet. The chain has its own page detailing what it’s been doing in the meantime, but says it doesn’t know when it will get health authorities’ permission to reopen. (WSB photo: Sign that’s been up on Chipotle’s door in The Junction since October 31st)

TUESDAY, 10:55 AM: Chipotle says it will reopen the restaurants, this one included, “in the coming days.” We’ll be checking daily on the West Seattle location, which opened two months ago today. (As of just after 11 am Tuesday, its regular opening time, it was still closed.)

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