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WS Gas Price Watch: Getting closer to $3

June 4, 2007 11:31 am
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admcalichev.jpgAt least two WS gas stations are down below $3.20 this morning: Admiral/Cali Chevron (left) at $3.17/regular, and Delridge Arco, which had a worker out changing the signs (all four of them; tough job to have to switch numbers on up to twelve displays every time there’s a price change!) to $3.19/regular as of about half an hour ago.

WS Gas Price Watch: Still the champ

admiralchev601.jpgFor a whopping two days now, Admiral/Cali Chevron (left) has held the title of lowest posted regular gas price in WS – $3.21/gallon. According to AAA’s price tracker, that’s not only below the current Seattle average, it’s even a bit below the average price one year ago today.

WS Gas Price Watch: Still falling

… so fast, we can barely keep up. Now the lowest posted price we’re seeing (but not by much) is Fauntleroy/Alaska Shell, $3.24/gallon.

WS Gas Price Watch: Tumbling price

May 29, 2007 9:21 pm
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arco52907.jpgFor the first time in a long time, at least three WS gas stations have regular posted in the $3.20s. The 35th/Avalon 7-11 has taken a big dive to $3.28; not to be outdone, Delridge Arco is down tonight to $3.27 (left). (Admiral/Cali Chevron was at $3.29 when we last went by this morning; we trust our north end spotters will tell us if it’s fallen further!) Looks like this is in keeping with a national trend, though we’re still above the U.S. average.

WS Gas Price Watch: See-saw

arco2.JPGFirst it’s up a bit, then it’s down a bit, then it’s up a bit: West Seattle’s lowest posted price for regular is back up two cents — Delridge Arco (near Home Depot), now back to $3.31/gallon. This is a dime below the daily statewide average as tracked by AAA, but 15 cents higher than this day last year.

WS Gas Price Watch: Highest price drops too

lincolnpark76may24.JPGLincoln Park 76 still has West Seattle’s highest posted price for regular, but now that’s down a bit, with a two-cent drop today, bringing it to $3.47/gallon. Perhaps this scared somebody somewhere.

WS Gas Price Watch: Were we just ahead of the (upward) curve?

delridgearco.jpgEven in the midst of the increasingly loud fuss over climbing gas prices, West Seattle’s lowest posted price for regular just dropped again: Delridge Arco near Home Depot (sorry the phonephoto at left is so blurry) is now down two more cents, to $3.29. Gosh, maybe there’s hope we’ll someday see the “prices” spotted at 35th/Morgan by THPB.

WS Gas Price Watch: No, our eyes weren’t deceiving us

May 19, 2007 2:49 pm
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admiralcalichev51907.jpgYes, price-drop fever seems to be breaking out almost all over. As a comment on last night’s post pointed out, Admiral/Cali Chevron (left) has dropped too (so the highest gas price in WS, Admiral/Cali’s price for premium, is now down to $3.79); and while driving along Delridge, we noticed the Arco near Home Depot has reclaimed the title of lowest posted gas price in WS — now $3.31/regular.

WS Gas Price Watch: We are shocked, simply shocked

For the first time since we started keeping a close eye on WS prices almost 4 weeks ago, THERE’S A PRICE CUT! After holding at $3.49/regular for 2 weeks, the 35th/Holden Chevron is down tonight to $3.45. (Sorry, no photo, too dark; tomorrow!)

WS Gas Price Watch: 2 quick notes

Cheapest posted regular is now Charlestown/Cali 7/11 @ $3.36. Highest posted regular is now a tie — Lincoln Park 76 has matched 35th/Holden Chevron @ $3.49.

WS Gas Price Watch: The low gets higher

May 11, 2007 8:08 pm
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arco51107.jpgWhat has been the lowest posted regular gas in WS for at least a week or so jumped six cents in the past day: Delridge Arco is now up to $3.37/gallon regular. Let us know if you’ve seen cheaper. The statewide average is just a few cents higher. If you’re trying to save $/fuel, good news is, you can probably walk to your nearest yard sale tomorrow.

WS Gas Price Watch: “Highest high” holding

May 10, 2007 2:27 pm
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No update for a few days because not much has changed. Lowest posted price  we’ve seen in WS is now $3.31 at the Arco on Delridge near Home Depot. Highest posted price (for regular) remains $3.49 @ 35th/Holden Chevron, which hasn’t gone up since one week ago.

WS Gas Price Watch updatelet

No change at what we believe to be the lowest posted ($3.27/Delridge Arco) and highest posted ($3.49/35th-Holden Chevron) regular. Maybe the talk that prices peaked is true.

WS Gas Price Watch: New “low” spot, new high

May 5, 2007 3:22 pm
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arcodelridge5507.jpgAs of our most recent check, the Arco by Home Depot on Delridge (left) has taken over the “lowest posted price in WS” spot: $3.27/regular. For the gas seller’s perspective, here’s an interesting article; for an attempt to explain the relentless rise, this report blames it on lower refinery output attributed partly to attempts to make slightly cleaner fuel. 9:58 PM UPDATE: WS’s costliest gas, premium @ Admiral Chevron, is up tonight to $3.81.

The “cheapest” is less cheap

Charlestown/Cali 7-11 jumped to $3.29/regular, matching nearby Exxon. Anybody seen cheaper?

WS Gas Price Watch: The real top price

admiralchevron5307.jpgWhile 35th/Holden Chevron still has the top-priced regular gas in WS ($3.44), the top price for any gas (therefore, premium) is at Admiral Chevron: $3.75 (left) — which becomes the most likely spot we’ll see the “magic” $4 number first. As for the cheapest regular, it was Charlestown/Cali 7-11 at $3.19, as of midmorning. Share the word about changes via comments here or e-mail. (P.S. One way to cut your gas use: Vente Caf reminds us it’s Bike-To-Work Month.) 1:42 PM UPDATE: Just passed 35th/Holden Chevron, up to $3.49/regular since late morning.

WS Gas Price Watch: Someone hit the “up” button again

Guess the 35th/Holden Chevron got word that the Fauntleroy/Alaska 76 had finally matched it at $3.39/regular; within the past couple hours, 35th/Holden added another nickel, landing at $3.44/regular and retaining the crown as Most Expensive Regular Gas In WS. As for Cheapest RGIWS, as a commenter pointed out here, it’s the Charlestown/Cali 7-11 — as of late this morning, still $3.17, though nearby Exxon went to $3.19.

This week: Cheapest gas in WS

Last week we tracked the 35th/Holden Chevron, which to our knowledge still has the highest posted price for regular gas in WS (holding at $3.39 as of an hour ago). cali71143007.jpgSome folks wrote us asking for help in finding the cheapest gas. As of our unscientific drivearound survey last night and this morning, the Cali/Andover Exxon and Cali/Charlestown 7-11 (left) appear to be tied for that honor, at $3.17/gal for regular. (Both are in the repaving zone, so getting there requires patience.) As of last night, the Arco near Home Depot on Delridge wasn’t too far above that, at $3.19. Let us know if you’ve seen cheaper!

Pump jump

chevron42707.jpgGas Price Watch update (no, we’re not picking on the 35th/Holden Chevron, just happens to be our baseline this week – next week we might track someplace else): Up a dime/gallon this morning (photo at left). That’s 21 cents since early Monday morning.

What goes up, must go up some more

chevron426071.jpgGas Price Watch update (if you’re just joining us, we found ourselves tracking the Chevron station @ 35th/Holden after witnessing a price change in progress Monday morning): After a day off, the rise resumes, perhaps inspired by the headlines. Up three cents overnight to $3.29/gal for regular (up 11 cents in all since the weekend).

Up, up, and away

chevron.jpgThe headline about 4-buck gas might not be so far off. Example: We passed the 35th/Holden Chevron twice in the past hour. First time by, a worker was taking down the 3.18/gallon price for regular. Second time by, when we had a camera in tow, the new price was up (left). Good site for checking local gas prices is here. UPDATE: Even the state wants to know how come we pay more around here.

New place for WS drivers to veg out

Look for hubbub around the Admiral Safeway gas station sometime today. The P-I says a “news conference” is planned, with no less than Hizzoner on the guest list, to show off the station’s new biodiesel (fuel from veg oil) offering. We noticed it on the sign yesterday: