day : 07/05/2007 6 results

WS Gas Price Watch updatelet

No change at what we believe to be the lowest posted ($3.27/Delridge Arco) and highest posted ($3.49/35th-Holden Chevron) regular. Maybe the talk that prices peaked is true.

Brainstorm a more beautiful banner

banner1.jpgThe creative proprietors of Clementine have not only beautified The Junction by their mere presence, but also have joined the Junction Association Beautification Committee, and one of its current projects is to replace those somewhat dated banners (example at right) trumpeting the shopping district’s free-parking zones. (An endangered species around the city, apparently.) And they’ve put out a call for design proposals for the new banner. Deadline is May 31. Click ahead for the full text of the Request for Design Proposal:Read More

Particularly plaintive pet plea

We don’t really have an official policy on lost pet notices – but found this particularly plaintive one on Craigslist shortly after seeing a new flyer for the same missing dog on a neighborhood pole. Keep an eye out.

Saving the steelhead

steelhead_line1.gifFisherfolk alert: The federal government has just listed Puget Sound steelhead as “threatened.”