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Vandals on the rampage, again

We’ve vented about graffiti/tagging vandalism before, but it’s reaching critical mass again. The latest “last straw” is an ugly tag on one of the charming Luna Park signs near the Avalon business area that’s taken on that historic name. Then there’s the ongoing saga of West Seattle’s once-fabled murals; taggers hit the one at the post office in The Junction (just part of the semi-disrepair the murals have fallen into, as Warren Lawless lamented in this recent‚ column). Finally, an e-mail tip says paint-equipped vandals have hit Lafayette Elementary repeatedly in recent weeks; not only is this kind of attack a needless hassle and expense for cash-strapped schools, but a parent points out, it also frightens the kids. Who is doing this and why can’t they be stopped?

The BIG WEEKEND arrives

The Water Taxi and Farmers’ Market, both returning on Sunday … Easy Street’s new “afterhours” shows continuing tonight … your chance to help shape a West Seattle landmark’s future … all part of the weekend preview roundup, a click away:

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Pump jump

chevron42707.jpgGas Price Watch update (no, we’re not picking on the 35th/Holden Chevron, just happens to be our baseline this week – next week we might track someplace else): Up a dime/gallon this morning (photo at left). That’s 21 cents since early Monday morning.

RIP, Charlie

charliechongphoto.jpgThe Times just posted that West Seattle’s ex-city councilmember and citizen activist Charlie Chong is gone. Most recently, as we mentioned in February, he had lent his support to the Charlestown Cafe campaign, although we’ll always remember him best for the snowplows. 11:15 AM UPDATE: The P-I has an article up now too.

25th/Brandon standoff aftermath

A few more miscellaneous notes in the aftermath of the domestic dispute turned SWAT standoff @ 25th/Brandon last night: A nearby resident’s blog reports on the news crew that lingered long afterward and also has an earlier post with some great pix of the police action; the P-I has a fairly basic wrapup; Slog’s got the only truly complete report, including an interview with the owner of the battered BMW, seen below, ax in windshield and SWAT vehicle right behind, in a photo sent to us by a witness. P.S. According to the King County Jail Lookup, the suspect, Robert Joseph James, is still behind bars as of this writing, under investigation for four possible crimes including domestic violence, court-order violation, and malicious mischief.