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Colman countdown

May 23, 2007 12:11 pm
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Prior to our road-rage sighting, we walked the Lincoln Park shoreline to check out how Colman Pool is progressing toward Opening Day this Saturday. The plywood’s not down yet (first photo below) but park crews were swarming the place with pressure washers, etc., and left a gate open for a peek (second photo below). (But when you go, keep your suit on!)


Clearly not practicing for “Drive Nice Day”

One of the ugliest road-rage clashes we’ve seen in a while: At the three-way intersection by Lowman Beach, a huge red pickup and a teal station wagon  were stopped side-by-side, pointed north toward Beach Drive, with the drivers screaming bloody murder at each other. (Mostly the guy in the pickup yelling at the station-wagon guy about being an “old guy” who didn’t know how to drive.) So ugly, we were about to call 911, when the truck roared off. (Oh, and really, tomorrow IS “Drive Nice Day.”)

Better behavior on the bus

As a followup to our discussion last week, a WSB reader sent this more heartening tale:

I caught the 21 bus today after waiting about ten minutes. At the last minute a young man appeared, pushed ahead of me in line and took one of the last seats.

Immediately another young man, tattoos up and down both arms, stood and offered me his.

I’m going silver haired. I’m also disabled, although not in any way that shows. You may be sure I thanked the young gentleman warmly.

Like so many other things, bus etiquette depends on the luck of the draw.

Memorial Day weather watch

May 23, 2007 8:36 am
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So far the National Weather Service says cloudy but fairly warm.

Cool deal

Somebody at Jones Soda reads WSB so we wanted to say congrats to you all on the Seahawks deal!!!! (If you haven’t tried Jones lately, the “real sugar” makes it extra tasty.)

WS Gas Price Watch: Were we just ahead of the (upward) curve?

delridgearco.jpgEven in the midst of the increasingly loud fuss over climbing gas prices, West Seattle’s lowest posted price for regular just dropped again: Delridge Arco near Home Depot (sorry the phonephoto at left is so blurry) is now down two more cents, to $3.29. Gosh, maybe there’s hope we’ll someday see the “prices” spotted at 35th/Morgan by THPB.

Food-bank fame

May 23, 2007 12:31 am
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The Robin Williams surprise also brought a few moments of TV stardom to the West Seattle Food Bank and executive director Fran Yeatts. (She told us the same thing in e-mail that she told the TV crew — no clue why Williams now has chosen twice to have local shows benefit the WSFB.) P.S., you can do your own good deed for the food bank right here, right now.