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Road closure date set for busy WS east-west connector

There’s now a date set for a road closure that will mean months of detouring for people who use Sylvan Way/SW Morgan to get between 35th and Delridge: The closure starts June 18 and is expected to last through mid-September. It’s happening for underground utility work related to all the housing construction in the area; an open house is planned one week ahead of time to help make sure everyone has the info they need to get through the shutdown. This city press release has more info on the exact shutdown zone as well as detour plans.

Mayor’s son reportedly indicted

Tough month for Mayor Nickels. First he lost his father — now he has to deal with reports that his son has been indicted for alleged casino cheating. FRIDAY EARLY AM UPDATE: Citizen Rain (new local blog aggregator) has a link to Jake Nickels’ MySpace. (The cached version seems more interesting.)

Mystery motorcade explained

May 24, 2007 1:13 pm
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What many of us saw this morning was indeed, as some guessed, a training exercise: “Multi-agency escort training for traffic units,” according to the police department, further explaining that this sort of training is vital because motorcades for dignitaries can be dangerous, and practicing with other agencies helps troubleshoot any communication issues that might arise during “the real thing.”

Suspect nabbed in U.S. Bank robbery

May 24, 2007 12:22 pm
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Remember all the commotion from that Junction bank robbery and ensuing manhunt last week? The guy they think did it is now under arrest.

Beach Drive traffic alert

Big City Light contingent, with flagger and traffic-directing officer, busy a mile or so from the south end of Beach Drive, not too far from where this happened during the windstorm.


WS Gas Price Watch: Highest price drops too

lincolnpark76may24.JPGLincoln Park 76 still has West Seattle’s highest posted price for regular, but now that’s down a bit, with a two-cent drop today, bringing it to $3.47/gallon. Perhaps this scared somebody somewhere.

Mystery motorcade

We’ve received a few notes about this and happened to see it ourselves (but couldn’t whip out the camera fast enough) — massive police motorcade along Alki about an hour ago, motorcycles as well as cars — will let you know if/when we find out what that was all about!

Giving Mother Nature a helping hand

West Seattle-based naturalist Stewart Wechsler is featured in a Times article today about a plant restoration project at Seward Park. He also does naturalist work at other city parks including Camp Long here in WS. We first met Stewart while chaperoning a school field trip at Camp Long some time back; when it comes to the troubled state of our natural world, he is truly one of the people who, to paraphrase the saying, lights a candle rather than cursing the darkness.

Memorial Day weather watch, the latest

May 24, 2007 8:25 am
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Now the National Weather Service thinks Monday will be sunny. Might just dare to haul the barbecue out of basement storage after all.

Violent vandals

Streets on the north side of Westwood Village (off the stretch of Trenton shown below) are having trouble with a group of at least half a dozen teenage boys running around wreaking havoc — with violent vandalism that includes throwing rocks at people, through house windows, and through car windows. Neighbors are banding together and working to put more pressure on police to catch these culprits, which they note has been tough because it’s not considered an “emergency” and gets lower-priority response. However, our tipster does say three police cars were in hot pursuit of the group tonight; here’s hoping they are caught soon, and just as important, appropriately prosecuted.