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Peer beneath the pier

Along the walkway to the Water Taxi dock, at/below the waterline of the pilings beneath the Seacrest Boathouse pier, here’s the kaleidoscope from almost-mega-low-tide time this afternoon (tomorrow will be still good but not as low):


WS Gas Price Watch: No, our eyes weren’t deceiving us

May 19, 2007 2:49 pm
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admiralcalichev51907.jpgYes, price-drop fever seems to be breaking out almost all over. As a comment on last night’s post pointed out, Admiral/Cali Chevron (left) has dropped too (so the highest gas price in WS, Admiral/Cali’s price for premium, is now down to $3.79); and while driving along Delridge, we noticed the Arco near Home Depot has reclaimed the title of lowest posted gas price in WS — now $3.31/regular.

Looks like he’s at it again

Courtesy of Cathy Woo, who tells us she took this picture just before 9 this morning at 59th & Alki. (Sure looks like the work of NTG.) 10:35 PM UPDATE: Went down to check it out. This is visible from the beach side of the walkway just east of the bathhouse. We also saw another one — unfortunately peeling badly — a bit further east along the beach walkway, and yet another one on the retaining wall along the bottom of California Way where it meets Harbor Ave near Seacrest.)


A funeral and a brunch

May 19, 2007 7:52 am
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Reminder that Skylark is closed for brunch today, opening at 3 pm, after services for  gone-too-soon waiter John Hartley. An e-mail newsletter from Skylark invites patrons to one last “disco brunch,” in John’s honor, tomorrow.

Guess where! No, really, guess!

Love the townhouse boom or hate it, you have to agree a lot of these projects seem cookie-cutter. townhousegeneric.jpgHere’s one example that made us laugh: A Craigslist ad for “luxurious townhomes in West Seattle” with no address, just a rendering (left) that could be any one of at least half a dozen we’ve seen. Which reminds us that a reader pointed out a reassuring note in a recent city memo, about a “Townhouse Design Workshop” in the works. Whew. What a relief.