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WS Gas Price Watch: The low gets higher

May 11, 2007 8:08 pm
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arco51107.jpgWhat has been the lowest posted regular gas in WS for at least a week or so jumped six cents in the past day: Delridge Arco is now up to $3.37/gallon regular. Let us know if you’ve seen cheaper. The statewide average is just a few cents higher. If you’re trying to save $/fuel, good news is, you can probably walk to your nearest yard sale tomorrow.


From the Southwest Precinct Public Safety Newsletter sent out this week. Ever wonder about whether to give a buck to one of those people holding cardboard signs along offramps? Check out the saga of one of them, quoted verbatim from the newsletter (after the click since it’s a bit long). Way to go, Officer Wilson!Read More

Closer to the bite of the backhoe

453242nd.jpgThere’s a new development in Land Use Land regarding one of the first unique local buildings whose impending demise we lamented, 4532 42nd SW (original post from last August). An application is now filed (with less than two weeks for public comment) with some more specifics on what’s proposed there: Six stories, mixed-use, 35 residential units over 3,000-plus SF of “commercial space.”

Dizzyingly busy WS weekend

May 11, 2007 7:20 am
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From 130-plus yard sales in 1 day, to a wild hour to try the Water Taxi, to women’s tackle football, to bellydancing, there is so much to do this weekend, you’ll wish you could just skip sleep. Full list is one click away:Read More