day : 26/04/2007 5 results

Police standoff in WS

Some kind of a standoff happening — just caught a bit of a tv report – here’s an e-mail report from a witness – needless to say, sounds like an area to stay away from! (If you’ve got pix, send ’em to us.) 5:57 PM UPDATE: One comment quotes a media site as saying it’s over. Also, Slog has scene photo. 8:18 PM UPDATE: More details from the P-I.

A guy took an axe to his ex’s beamer– and is now holed up inside a house in 5200 block of 25th ave SW.
Neighbors not being allowed access.. big cop presence.
Axe is still hanging on the broken windshield

Unmasked, at last

One month after putting it up, city crews finally pulled the covers off the left-turn light at 35th/Thistle this morning, and it’s up ‘n’ running:


What goes up, must go up some more

chevron426071.jpgGas Price Watch update (if you’re just joining us, we found ourselves tracking the Chevron station @ 35th/Holden after witnessing a price change in progress Monday morning): After a day off, the rise resumes, perhaps inspired by the headlines. Up three cents overnight to $3.29/gal for regular (up 11 cents in all since the weekend).

And yet more from Admiral

Just verified a reader tip that Auto Buff, west of Metro Market, is moving next week (you can’t miss the huge banner out front, with the address of its new location on the east edge of The Junction). No detectable permit movement on the 42nd/Admiral mixed-use project planned for that spot, though.

Admiral action ahead

More going on than just repaving:

–Set aside some time this Saturday to join West Seattle’s Most Famous Politician and a multitude of cool people at the Admiral Neighborhood Clean & Green event, 9 am-1 pm, meet at the Metro Market parking lot. Read more here about the whole Clean & Green mission.

–Say “so long” to the SOA storefront headquarters of Megawatt. Big sign in the window notes they’re moving to the new West Seattle Resource Center as of next Tuesday. (We’ll miss their SOA presence; best place to walk by and check out posters for everything and anything coming up in the ‘hood. We don’t usually hoof along 35th so we’re going to have to get our poster fix elsewhere.)