WS Gas Price Watch: The real top price

admiralchevron5307.jpgWhile 35th/Holden Chevron still has the top-priced regular gas in WS ($3.44), the top price for any gas (therefore, premium) is at Admiral Chevron: $3.75 (left) — which becomes the most likely spot we’ll see the “magic” $4 number first. As for the cheapest regular, it was Charlestown/Cali 7-11 at $3.19, as of midmorning. Share the word about changes via comments here or e-mail. (P.S. One way to cut your gas use: Vente Caf reminds us it’s Bike-To-Work Month.) 1:42 PM UPDATE: Just passed 35th/Holden Chevron, up to $3.49/regular since late morning.

2 Replies to "WS Gas Price Watch: The <em>real</em> top price"

  • Josh May 10, 2007 (2:46 pm)

    Hi all,

    I am new to this website, but have been in west seattle a couple of years. In regard to the cost of transportation, some of you may have seen the reports on the news about electric vehicles coming to seattle.

    I went down to MC Electric yesterday, it’s on Dearborn, and test rode an electric scooter that is outstanding. They also sell electric cars, but the scooter is all that is in my price range.

    I would encourage anyone that makes a lot of short trips or has a short commute to consider one of these vehicles. I think in the long run you’ll be saving money plus zero emissions. (you can do a google search for the company name above, or search evader scooter).

    Thanks for reading.

  • Chet May 18, 2007 (12:38 pm)

    Thanks Josh and welcome to the board, seriously! I like to reference the board to keep up on neighborhood happenings, etc.. but I Just hope you have a thick skin. I don’t, really, and it seems like a majority of the “comments” here are personal jabs, flames, insults, character assassinations, you name it. Sometimes, I’m sorry I ever posted an opinion. Enjoy!

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