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M-Day Weekend barbecue kit

May 26, 2007 11:22 pm
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Forecast: Still calling for sun Monday afternoon

-Forgot your margarita/daiquiri ingredients? List of liquor stores open Sunday (none in WS but one in Burien)

-Fresh corn 5 ears for 2 bucks @ Tony’s (per signboard along 35th)

-Misty Isle beef back ribs $2.59/pound @ Thriftway (per weekly-specials ad)

-Macrina brioche buns (for burgers or whatever), 4-pak for $2.99 @ Metro Market (per weekly-specials ad)

-New picnic table/grill area in the grassy meadow north of Colman Pool @ Lincoln Park:


Junction goes metal

It’s listed in our weekend roundup but seems to be worth a standalone mention in case you happen to pass the American Legion Hall on the east end of The Junction tomorrow afternoon and wonder what’s up — tomorrow is the third and final day of the first-ever Rainfest; day 1 was at the Legion Hall too, day 2 was in Parkland. Guess you could call this the anti-Folklife, if it becomes a M-Day Weekend staple.

Does dog aromatherapy mean eau de beef bone?

Just asking, because the former Retroactive Kids space on Cali south of Morgan Junction (building still for sale) now has a flyer on the door announcing its next occupant: Coming soon/A great place to b/CHILL/Massage, aromatherapy/Adults, kids, k9s.

WS Gas Price Watch: See-saw

arco2.JPGFirst it’s up a bit, then it’s down a bit, then it’s up a bit: West Seattle’s lowest posted price for regular is back up two cents — Delridge Arco (near Home Depot), now back to $3.31/gallon. This is a dime below the daily statewide average as tracked by AAA, but 15 cents higher than this day last year.

Fun in the sun

May 26, 2007 12:45 am
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Assuming we GET some sun — Monday afternoon looks the most promising — in case you hadn’t noticed, recreational rentals are booming along our best-known beach. We got nice sun-splashed photos recently of Wheel Fun Rentals (first photo), which popped up this season next to Coastal, and Alki Rental Shack with kayaks (second photo) and more, at Seacrest.