New place for WS drivers to veg out

Look for hubbub around the Admiral Safeway gas station sometime today. The P-I says a “news conference” is planned, with no less than Hizzoner on the guest list, to show off the station’s new biodiesel (fuel from veg oil) offering. We noticed it on the sign yesterday:


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  • Agen February 21, 2007 (9:40 am)

    I pumped up our diesel VW there the other day, but couldn’t find at the pump what the ratio of diesel to biodiesel was for the fuel. Happily, the P-I article has the goods, but sadly it’s B20 — 20% biodiesel. That’s an alright start, especially for older diesel cars that might need some retrofitting before being ready for B99/100, but it would be great to see a larger bio content. (It’s also from Iowa, rather than sourced from the Northwest, but I’m quibbling.)

    In other news, I stopped in to get an oil change at Hans VW yesterday, and several folks there excitedly noted that they were going to be adding a biodiesel pump on the premises soon.

  • eric February 21, 2007 (3:33 pm)

    $2.85.. ouch. Add to that the government subsidies, double-ouch.

    Wonder how fasionable bio-diesel will become once Exxon and the like start making *gasp* profits on it.

  • beef February 21, 2007 (4:03 pm)

    seaport petroleum (in almost but not quite WS) has B99 available with 24hr access. Just down Highland Park and near the onramp to southbound 509.

    It’s a joy for me and the 82 mercedes.

  • Ali February 21, 2007 (9:30 pm)

    I just have to point out that I paid $2.23/gal today for gas in Tukwila. What’s up with the Seattle gas prices?!

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