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CORONAVIRUS: Sunday 11/15 roundup

A new crackdown, not a lockdown, is tonight’s biggest virus-crisis news:

GOVERNOR’S ANNOUNCEMENT: The “third wave” of COVID-19 is here, and so are new statewide restrictions to try to hold it at bay. No indoor dining/drinking tops the list announced this morning by Gov. Inslee; also, no indoor operations for fitness facilities; bowling alleys and movie theaters must close; retail and personal services are capped at 25% capacity indoors; no real-estate in-person open houses; new rules for weddings, funerals, indoor religious services, and long-term facilities; and more. See the full list here; our as-it-happened coverage from earlier today is here. The new rules take effect at midnight tomorrow night, except for the restaurant/bar changes, which go into effect at midnight Wednesday night.

KING COUNTY’S NEWEST NUMBERS: Now, the reason for the new rules – the surge continues, as shown by the cumulative totals from the Public Health daily-summary dashboard:

*34,537 people have tested positive, up 542 from yesterday’s total

*828 people have died, unchanged since Friday

*2,834 people have been hospitalized, up 36 from yesterday’s total

*597,550 people have been tested, up 5,351 from yesterday’s total

One week ago, the King County totals were 30,866/811/2,639/568,836.


WORLDWIDE NUMBERS: 54.3 million cases and 1,317.000+ deaths – see the nation-by-nation breakdown here.

NEED A TEST? It’s a daily question now – where to get tested? So we’re reminding you that West Seattle has one of the major citywide sites where you can get a free test, even if you’re not experiencing symptoms – Southwest Athletic Complex parking lot (2801 SW Thistle), Mondays through Saturdays, 8:45 am-5:30 pm. Go here to make an appointment. (That page says tomorrow’s appointments are fully booked, but so far, times are available on Tuesday.)

GOT SOMETHING TO REPORT? EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT? OR? or 206-293-6302, text/voice – thank you!

MONDAY: Mayor’s online West Seattle Bridge ‘Town Hall’

(SDOT photo – mayor inside West Seattle Bridge work zone last Monday)

Reminder – as announced back on Thursday, Mayor Jenny Durkan is hosting another “Town Hall” about the West Seattle Bridge tomorrow night, before making her repair-vs.-replace decision (most-recent timeline for that: “soon”). The mayor’s office summarizes the event this way: “The West Seattle Bridge Town Hall will give residents a chance to hear from the Mayor and key department staff about recently completed work to stabilize the bridge and reduce the traffic impacts of the closure as well as give an opportunity to provide feedback and ask questions.” It’s planned for 5-6:30 pm Monday (November 16th), online – you can RSVP here and send an advance question; the link for attending is here.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Stolen Ford F-350 pickup

Second vehicle-theft report we’ve received today. This one’s from Ryan:

Ford F-350 stolen last night after 2 am off Beach Drive near Me-Kwa-Mooks. It has a utility rack and an 8-inch lift. WA plate C99304T.

Call 911 if you see it.

SPEND LOCAL: Help us update West Seattle business info!

As reported here earlier, the governor has announced a new round of restrictions aimed mostly at local businesses. (Here’s the governor’s office document with the complete list.) Many businesses that were already required to operate at reduced capacity are now under orders to cut back further.

Your spending decisions matter more than ever. A dollar spent with a local independent business has direct impact on whether we’ll still have a local independent business community when this is past. And the West Seattle Bridge closure, about to go into its ninth month, has intensified the need for local businesses.

So we’re going to do what we did when the first wave of restrictions happened back in March. We’re going to step up all the info we can bring you about local businesses. In the next few days before restaurants/bars are required to suspend indoor service, for example, we’re going to refresh/relaunch the food/drink-establishment list we launched back in March (which has been used almost 100,000 times), with updated information about takeout and outdoor service. We’ll also be collecting, for our forthcoming holiday guide, information about local retailers with online shopping.

If you’re a businessperson, we invite you to send us a quick update (hours, link for online ordering/shopping, whether you have in-house delivery, curbside service, outdoor service or shopping, etc.). We’ll do our best to proactively gather updates too, but help is appreciated. – or if texting is more convenient, 206-293-6302 – thank you!

ORCAS: In view from West Seattle

Kersti Muul of Salish Wildlife Watch reports orcas are visible West Seattle again – northbound, visible from Constellation Park south of Alki Point, right now. This time, transient killer whales, coming out of Rich Passage off south Bainbridge Island.

UPDATE: See the new restrictions just announced by the governor as COVID-19 surges in ‘third wave’; leaders urge support for local businesses

11:02 AM: As previewed last night, Gov. Jay Inslee is briefing the media on new restrictions to try to stop the surge of COVID-19 – the feed (and afterward, archived video) is above. His office says he’s being joined by “Dr. George Diaz, Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan, Tacoma Mayor Victoria Woodards, King County Executive Dow Constantine, State Health Officer Kathy Lofy, and Spokane COVID unit nurse Clint Wallace.” We’ll post notes as it goes, and will link official documents when they’re available too.

The governor says this is “the most dangerous day” in our state’s public health history, in more than a century – the “third wave” of the pandemic – and says the virus cannot be “left unchecked. … Inaction here is not an option.” He stresses that the biggest concern is that the health-care system will be overwhelmed. He then recaps the current stats, including another statewide daily record yesterday in number of cases, and another one expected today.

This is a “more dangerous” place than we were in last March, he says.

11:08 AM:
He says he’s announcing executive orders “to give us reasonable hope” that the virus can be gotten back under oontrol. The restrictions will be in place until December 14th, and will take effect at midnight Monday. They include:

*Indoor social gatherings with people from outside your home are prohibited unless people have quarantined for 14 days or (added) quarantined 7 days AND received a negative test less than 48 hours ahead

*Outdoor gatherings limited to 5 people

*No indoor operations for bars/restaurants

*Indoor retail limited to 25 percent capacity, including grocery stores

*Personal services also limited to 25 percent capacity

*Religious services limited to 25 percent indoor capacity – with some restrictions on live music; no choirs

*Indoor service closed at fitness facilities and gyms

*Youth and adult amateur sporting activities limited to outdoors only with facial coverings

*Bowling alleys, museums, zoos, aquariums, and movie theaters closed for indoor services

*Timeline: “The restrictions are statewide and will take effect Monday, November 16 at 11:59 PM and will remain in effect until Monday, December 14. The modified restrictions of restaurants, however, will take effect Wednesday, November 18 at 12:01 AM.”

(List has been updated; more info here … and here’s the complete list.)

He acknowledges that restrictions are painful for businesses and employees – but “what’s at stake here is life itself.”

He says he’s committing another $50 million in business “grants and loans” before year’s end to try to get businesses more help. “But we know that’s not enough … but it’s what we’ve been able to do so far.” He says they’re also trying “to get the federal government to step up to the plate” and send more help to people. If that doesn’t happen, he says, the state will talk to legislators about unspecified “other” possibilities.

He also says guidance for child care and education is NOT changing.

11:18 AM: Now Dr. Lofy, the state health officer, is speaking. She notes the state’s daily case numbers have doubled recently and hospitalizations are increasing too. She says the “rationale” for the governor’s announcements are based on the newest knowledge about how the virus can spread, through “aerosols,” and that indoor exposure is the biggest danger. Droplets and aerosol particles can even travel beyond 6 feet, she says. She also says it’s not easy to pinpoint where people get infected. But “if we act now, we can be successful.”

11:27 AM: After the nurse says conditions are as bad as he’s seen them, Mayor Durkan speaks. She thanks everyone for their response over the months – “I want to call out Seattle residents and businesses for taking the pandemic so seriously … their actions have saved lives.” She notes that while Seattle hospitals are not overwhelmed yet, the hospitalization rate is increasing. She says she’ll be working on more small-business relief and more flexibility for outdoor dining. “We will continue to fast-track those programs.” She also says the city needs the state and feds to do everything they can. “Please show some love for your local businesses … go and buy from local restaurants and local shops,” she adds.

Next up is Executive Constantine. “Every generation has its sacrifice … this is our moment.” For the businesses and workers that are sacrificing most, “we owe them our patronage,” he says. He also thanks people for doing what they can, saying 93 percent of people in the state are wearing masks “in the appropriate circumstances.”

11:44 AM: The governor insists “there is light at the end of the tunnel.” He also urges people not to hoard (this as we received a reader photo of a long line outside 4th Avenue Costco). He repeats that action is important now, not once things get even worse. “We make the decision about whether this pandemic is going to swallow us whole.” He says “the single most important message” is that “the single most dangerous place … is inside our own homes” if people are socializing there with people from outside their households. Then he goes to Q&A.

Why crack down further on businesses when they’re not the most dangerous place? is the first question. They’re “not doing anything wrong’ by operating, says the governor, but “we have to close this window of transmission, every window we can.”

No further limits on pro/college sports, he says, in response to a question. He says the teams already have “rigorous” precautions in place.

Why restrict grocery stores when they’re not a major outbreak source? He says it’s not a major change, as they’re currently supposed to be limited to 30 percent – dropping that to 25 percent is an issue of “equity” among retailers.

What metrics will determine if these do indeed end after four weeks? Nothing specific but “at a minimum” they hope to see a decrease in “the rate of infection.”

Though construction does not have new restrictions, the governor says they’re watching it closely and “hope we get better compliance” with existing rules.

Will there be a special legislative session for business relief? Right now the governor says they don’t believe that’s necessary, that they should be able to take action without it, but he also warns that they have to figure out a way “to finance” more help. (He later noted that they’re thinking about a “state substitute” for federal help but they’d have to be “very creative” in figuring out where the money would come from, given that there’s already a multi-billion-dollar “hole” in the budget.)

What about enforcement for businesses that don’t comply? They’ll be asked to comply, the governor says, but if they don’t, action could be taken (liquor licenses could be pulled, for example).

Why did he just loosen the restrictions for restaurants a month-plus ago, only to now crack down again? He says they were hoping the fall surge wouldn’t happen … but it did.

Are further restrictions possible? “Obviously” – but he hopes they won’t be necessary.

12:33 PM: The briefing is over. The window above will display the archived video soon; also above, we’ve updated the list of restrictions that were announced, with a link to the governor’s first online post, and will add anything more (such as detailed proclamation documents) that emerges today.

3:54 PM: Here’s the document with all the newly announced “guidance.”

UPDATE: Man shot in South Delridge

10:46 AM: SPD and SFD have responded to a report of a shooting in South Delridge, at 15th and Cambridge. First 911 reported calls about gunfire – then came word of one person with a gunshot wound to the abdomen. Updates to come.

10:50 AM: According to radio communication, the initial assessment is that the victim was “grazed” on the abdomen. … Police are looking for evidence and trying to determine exactly where the shooting happened.

11:25 AM: No one in custody so far. The victim is male and we’re told his injuries are not life-threatening; he was being taken to the hospital by private ambulance.

12:44 PM: SPD says the victim is 55 years old.

TUESDAY EVENING: SPD told us Monday there was no additional information. However, tonight there’s a “significant incident” summary with a few more details:

On 11-15-2020 at 1040 hours, officers responded to 15 Ave SW/SW Cambridge St for a male who was shot in the stomach. The victim was inside a motorhome. Officers located the victim and were able to determine that the shooting occurred in the alley west of the 9000 BLK of 17 Ave SW. The victim stated that he was in an argument with two males and a third male walked up and shot him. The victim didn’t want to give any suspect information. Officers recovered evidence. The victim had a gunshot wound to his right rib and his upper left arm.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Tree taken; gold CR-V stolen, with car seats

9:58 AM: An unusual, and heavy, theft target in northeast Morgan Junction – the photo is from Dana, who reports, “I had a tree stolen from my truck at 39th and Graham the afternoon of November 14th. around 3:30. It is a weeping beech in a pot and weighs over 300 pounds.”

ADDED 10:07 AM: Minutes after we published that, we received one more Crime Watch report via email, so we’re adding it:

Jim reports, “Our trusty 2001 Honda CRV was stolen overnight from in front of our house – just 2 blocks south of the West Seattle Junction. It’s an older car, but reliable and needed and used every day. It also has our car seats inside. We can’t afford to replace it. And insurance won’t give us much value. Perhaps a reader has seen it. It is gold, and has a spare tire and folding bike rack on the back. The license plate is 709XMA.” Call 911 if you see this or any other known stolen car.

WEST SEATTLE SUNDAY: Here’s what’s happening, halfway through November

November 15, 2020 6:34 am
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 |   West Seattle news | WS miscellaneous

(Olympic Mountains seen from Gatewood on Saturday morning, photographed by Mark Dale)

Here’s what’s ahead for today in West Seattle and vicinity:

TODAY’S ONLINE CHURCH SERVICES: The list of more than 20.churches’ Sunday online services (with a few also offering in-person options), with updated links, is here.

DINE OUT FOR LAFAYETTE @ MISSION CANTINA: 10 am-10 pm, dine/drink at Mission Cantina (2325 California SW; WSB sponsor) in The Admiral District, and support Lafayette Elementary – be sure to tell Mission that’s why you’re there, takeout or dine-in.

WEST SEATTLE FARMERS’ MARKET: 10 am-2 pm in The Junction. Scroll down the page at this link to find the vendor list and map for this week. (Enter at California/Alaska; pickups for online orders are at California/Oregon)

SOCKS/FOOD DONATION DRIVE: Help people stay warm and fed:

It’s never too early to share the holiday spirit. Alki United Church of Christ (Alki UCC) is hosting an in-person socially distanced Thanksgiving Food Drive this Sunday, November 15 between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm. Collections are being taken outside the church’s main entrance at 6115 SW Hinds in West Seattle.

Priority items, distributed through the White Center Food Bank, include Boxed Stuffing Mix, Instant Mashed Potatoes, Turkey Gravy, Yams, Cranberry Sauce, Canned Veggies, Cornbread Mix, Canned Fruit Pie Filling, Pie Crust Mix, etc. Donations of personal-care items and (clearly labeled) packets of pet food are also welcome.

Donations of Men’s Casual/Work Clothes are also welcome, as well as SOCKS, SOCKS, SOCKS — the clothing item most requested by our neighbors experiencing homelessness.

TOYS FOR TOTS COLLECTION: 10 am-1:30 pm near the market’s entrance/exit, look for the Kiwanis Club of West Seattle, collecting new, unwrapped toys for Toys for Tots. (California/Alaska)

GOVERNOR SPEAKS: 11 am, he’s expected to announce new restrictions to try to stop the surge of COVID-19. We’ll show the stream here with live updates, or you can watch on TVW‘s website.

WEST SEATTLE TOOL LIBRARY: Open 11 am-4 pm – need a tool to fix or improve something? (4408 Delridge Way SW)

FREE TO-GO DINNER: White Center Community Dinner Church will serve to-go meals at 5 pm, outside, near the Bartell Drugs parking lot in White Center. (9600 15th Ave SW)