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UPDATE: Man jailed after West Seattle High School incident that led to a letter home

FIRST REPORT, TUESDAY NIGHT: We asked police tonight about the incident that led to this email to West Seattle High School families from principal Brian Vance:

As summer approaches, we continue to focus on instruction, a safe and secure school, and timely communications to families.

I want to share information regarding an incident that affected our school community. We are sending you this letter to update you on the facts and to assure you that we are doing everything we can to support our students, and that all students are safe.

This afternoon, school staff were alerted to a stranger on campus who threatened a student and then left campus. Following district protocols, students immediately reported the incident to security staff and the Seattle Police Department was called. SPD was able to find the suspect off campus and take him into custody.

We are very proud of how our students and families responded to this incident and reported their concerns appropriately. I continue to ask for your partnership in reminding your students about safe and appropriate conduct. If students hear about any potentially inappropriate or dangerous behaviors, please have them contact a staff member immediately. Reporting is a responsibility when someone is hurt, in danger or in an unsafe situation.

Please be assured that the safety and security of our students is a top priority. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We happened to have a team member at the West Seattle Crime Prevention Council meeting when we received that letter, forwarded by a parent. So we asked Capt. Pierre Davis about the incident. He said the man was outside the school, verbally harassing students, and at one point tried to get in, claiming he was a student, though he is way past high-school age. He is someone with mental-health problems who is known to police, the captain added. We don’t know the suspect’s status yet, though, as we don’t have the case number and haven’t found an obvious match on the countywide jail register but will follow up further tomorrow.

ADDED 2:16 PM WEDNESDAY: The 30-year-old suspect remains in jail. We just received the report narrative from police, which says the call was dispatched just before 1 pm Tuesday:

I was dispatched to 3000 California AV SW (West Seattle High School) to investigate a man who threatened to shoot a student at the high school. The remarks on the call stated, “10 MIN AGO, UNK MALE WAS TRYING TO GET INTO SCHOOL, TOLD COMPL HE WAS A STUDENT BUT APPEARED LATE 30S, THRET TO SHOOT STUDENT, NO WEAPONS SEEN”

In route to the call, Officer Constantin located ARRESTEE standing near California AV SW / SW Hanford ST. When I arrived on scene, (suspect) was detained by Officer Constantin and myself. I patted down (his) waistline but did not find a weapon. Officer Freese arrived to the high school and began talking to VICTIM/( and the other witnesses. The victim and witnesses were all high school students.

E stated the following: He noticed a male (suspect) walk onto the high school campus through the iron entrance gates. (Suspect) began tugging on the locked gym door. The gym was occupied with students at the time. (He) asked (Suspect) if he was a student. (Suspect) replied that he was student.

…verbally challenged the male again. (Suspect) responded to 2 by stating that he was going to go get his gun, come back and shoot . On a scale from 1-10, 1 being not scared at all and 10 being extremely scared, stated that he was a 3. t did not see a weapon on (Suspect)’s person. was transported from the school to (Suspect)’s location and positively ID (Suspect). provided a sworn statement. Three student witnesses with 2 were transported from the high school to (Suspect)’s location individually. (Witness) provided a sworn statement and positively identified (Suspect). (Witness), provided a sworn statement and positively identified (Suspect). (Witness) positively identified (Suspect). W refused to provide a sworn statement. Sworn statements were uploaded to DEMS.

I observed security footage of the incident. (Suspect) is seen approaching the school at 1245 hours. He enters the property from the parking lot located on the west side of the school. He enters through the west entrance of the school. Immediately after entering the school, (Suspect) is seen standing by the gym doors. Then, (Suspect) appears to be having a verbal altercation with someone out of the frame of the camera. The verbal altercation last less than 2 minutes before (Suspect) is seen walking away from the school at 1249 hours. (Suspect) told Officer Constantin (post-miranda) that he was attempting to get into the school’s gym to play basketball and denied threatening

This is the suspect’s third booking into jail this month, according to the jail-register entry’s log. One was related to a hit-run crash, the other related to a failure to appear for a hearing in that case. The log also shows that he spent six months in jail last year, June through December, related to an assault case in which, according to the court document we just downloaded, he punched a Metro driver in the face downtown.

WEDNESDAY NIGHT UPDATE: The suspect’s bail is set at $22,000.

Short-lived ‘full response’ for High Point fire call

June 18, 2019 7:57 pm
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Just in case you wondered:A Seattle Fire “full response” was briefly dispatched for a call in the 6000 block of 30th SW. All units but one were canceled before they even arrived. That last one remains on scene.

CRIME WATCH FOLLOWUP: Charge filed in sawed-off-shotgun case

(Seattle Police photo)

Checking on recent cases, we discovered that the man arrested in The Junction with the sawed-off shotgun shown above (as reported last week) is now charged. The charge against 48-year-old Michael J. Mullen was filed just two days after he was released from jail on personal recognizance. He is charged with one count of “unlawful possession of a short-barreled shotgun.” The charging documents say it was “heavily altered” and “loaded with what appeared to be a live 12-gauge shell” – and had three more rounds taped to its barrel – when Mullen allegedly brandished it at people in the alley behind the west side of the 4700 block of California SW. The documents also say his criminal history consists of two convictions 20 years ago, DUI and disorderly conduct, and that he lives with relatives west of The Junction. A $15,000 arrest warrant was issued at the time the charge was filed.

DEVELOPMENT: West Marginal, Admiral project notes

Two notices of interest in the city’s latest twice-weekly bulletin of public notices:

WEST MARGINAL SELF-STORAGE: Six months ago, we reported that 6045 West Marginal Way SW had a early-stage proposal for a self-storage facility – what would be the fourth new one, including two planned on Harbor SW and one on Delridge Way. Now the prospective developers have formally filed an application for a land-use permit to build a 4-story facility with 16 offstreet-parking spaces, which opens a comment period through July 1st – this notice (PDF) explains how.

ADMIRAL STATION APPROVAL RE-NOTICE: The city has issued another notice of land-use approval for the 2715 California SW proposal that went through Design Review with the name “Admiral Station,” described as a “4-story, 49-unit apartment building (44 units and 5 small efficiency units) with retail and office. Parking for 46 vehicles proposed.” That sets a new deadline for appeals, July 1st, as explained here (PDF).

CRIME WATCH: White Center rapist wanted for attacking victim after jail release

ORIGINAL TUESDAY REPORT: We’ve received multiple inquiries about this case and contacted the King County Sheriff’s Office to find out more. Spokesperson Sgt. Ryan Abbott told us a news release would be out shortly, and here it is:

Francisco Carranza-Ramirez, a 35-year-old male from White Center, was just released from jail on June 13, 2019 on a rape charge from a 2018 incident.

As part of his guilty plea, Carranza-Ramirez was issued a sexual assault protection order that stated he cannot have any contact with the victim or her residence. On June 15th, a few days after his release, Carranza-Ramirez violated the protection order by being within 1000 feet of the same victim. The following day, the suspect assaulted the victim, knocking her out of her wheelchair, strangled her, and threatened to kill her. Deputies arrived on-scene but the suspect fled prior to their arrival. He was not located.

Detectives believe Carranza-Ramirez is still in the White Center area and is homeless. He is also believed to still have long hair like his photo. The Sheriff’s Office urges anyone with information of where Francisco Carranza-Ramirez is to call 9-1-1.

According to the court documents in the original case, Carranza-Ramirez and the victim were acquaintances in passing, living in the same WC neighborhood, and then he started stalking her, raping her twice last September, both times with her 2-year-old son in the apartment. He was arrested after the second incident and had been in jail since then, almost nine months, until his release on June 13th after pleading guilty.

THURSDAY UPDATE: KCSO says they now believe Carranza-Ramirez is in Mexico.

1 more week to drum up diapers for WestSide Baby’s Stuff the Bus

Diapers needed! One more week to round some up for WestSide Baby‘s 2019 Stuff the Bus party:

WestSide Baby’s Stuff the Bus collection party is coming up on Tuesday, June 25th! Come on over with the diapers you collected (or any item from our most needed items list) and celebrate the culmination of our 19th Annual Stuff the Bus Diaper Drive!

There will be popcorn, popsicles, and celebration as we fill the bus with diapers, wipes and other hygiene products for children. You, and other members of the community, have collected over 200,000 diapers so far this summer, and we are almost to our goal of 350,000 diapers!

We believe that all children should have the diapers and basic items they need to be safe, warm and dry, and we believe in #diapersforallbabies.

See you on June 25th at our White Center Hub (10002 14th Ave SW) on June 25th from 5-7 pm!

8 for your West Seattle Tuesday!

(Seen off Fauntleroy. Photo by Jim Spraker)

From the WSB West Seattle Event Calendar:

LOW-LOW TIDE: Again today, you can explore while consulting with Seattle Aquarium volunteer beach naturalists, now through 1:15 pm today at Constellation and Lincoln Parks. (Today’s lowest tide is -2.3 feet at 12:15 pm)

DUWAMISH CLEANUP OPEN HOUSE: As previewed here, if you have questions about the ongoing cleanups on the Duwamish River, come get answers and updates. 5:30-7:30 pm at South Seattle College (WSB sponsor) Georgetown campus. Open-house format. (6737 Corson Ave. S.)

FREE CLASS: Want to give the gift of life after yours has ended? There’s more to plan than you think. This class will help. 5:30-7:30 pm at West Seattle (Admiral) Library. (2306 42nd SW)

WEST SEATTLE CRIME PREVENTION COUNCIL: 7 pm, Southwest Precinct. Bring your crime concerns and questions. Late word that there IS a spotlight guest tonight, a detective from the SPD Sexual Assault Unit. (2300 SW Webster)

DUFF McKAGAN IN STORE: Live, 7 pm at Easy Street Records. (California/Alaska)

DENNY/SEALTH CONCERT: Choir and mariachi tonight, 7 pm at Chief Sealth International High School Auditorium. (2600 SW Thistle)

MADISON MS CONCERT: 7 pm spring orchestra concert, in the Commons. (3429 45th SW)

JAM SESSION: Monthly “Parliamentality Presentsjam session at Parliament Tavern. 9 pm. No cover. 21+. (4210 SW Admiral Way)

ELECTION 2019: 2 more ‘Candidate Conversations’ at Delridge Neighborhoods District Council tomorrow

June 18, 2019 9:49 am
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Seven weeks until the August 6th primary election – and only a month until voting starts, as ballots are sent out. Your next chance to see and hear candidates in our area’s highest-profile race is tomorrow. The reminder is from Delridge Neighborhoods District Council chair Mat McBride:

The Delridge Neighborhoods District Council (DNDC) is pleased to present the second round of conversations with District 1 City Council candidates this Wednesday (6/19/19) at Neighborhood House (6400 Sylvan Way SW) from 7-9 PM. Our guests for this event are Brendan Kolding and Lisa Herbold.

The format for this event allows you to make a personal connection with the candidates. Each will share a little information about themselves and then answer questions. Your questions. Casual and friendly, it’s an opportunity to meet the people and not just the positions.

All DNDC meetings are open to the public, and all are welcome.

The other District 1 candidate, Phil Tavel, was featured at DNDC’s May meeting; here’s our coverage, with video.

TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: Soggy Tuesday watch

(SDOT MAP with travel times/ Is the ‘low bridge’ closed? LOOK HERE/ West Seattle-relevant traffic cams HERE)

7:33 AM: No incidents or alerts, but it’s raining.

STADIUM ZONE: Mariners are home, 7:10 pm vs. the Royals.