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ELECTION 2019: Seattle Public Schools levies approved

The first round of results are in for the two Seattle Public Schools levies that were the only local measures in today’s election.

Seattle School Proposition 1 – Operations Levy

Yes 54,231 65.81%
No 28,173 34.19%

Seattle School Proposition 2 – Capital Levy (BEX V)
Yes 56,235 68.19%
No 26,234 31.81%

The next count is expected tomorrow afternoon. The biggest West Seattle projects on the list for the six-year BEX V levy are a rebuild of Alki Elementary and an addition at West Seattle Elementary.

SCHOOLS: Wednesday plans announced

(updated 8:10 am) The decisions:

Seattle Public Schools closed Wed.
Highline Public Schoolsclosed Wed.
Vashon Island SD closed Wednesday

Explorer West Middle School – closed Wed.
Westside School – closed Wed.
Holy Rosary – 2-hour late start, doors open 10:15, no AM BASE or AM preschool
Holy Family Bilingual School – closed Wed.
Seattle Lutheran HS – OPEN Wed., 10:30 am start
Hope Lutheran – OPEN Wed. but no before-school care
Our Lady of Guadalupe – closed Wed., conferences canceled (reschedule for Thurs. openings)
Summit Atlas – closed Wed.
Kennedy Catholic HSclosed Wednesday

South Seattle College – both West Seattle and Georgetown campuses closed Wed.
Seattle Colleges‘ other campuses – 11 am start Wed.
University of Washington – 9:30 am start Wed.
Seattle University – open Wed.

Cometa Playschool: Open Wed.
A Child Becomes Preschool – late start for AM classes Wed. (9:15), regular start for PM
Fauntleroy Children’s Center – closed Wed.
Bright Horizons/West Seattle – open 10 am Wed.
WorldKids School – all locations open Wed., Seattle normal start, Edmonds 2 hours late

206-293-6302 text or voice – thanks!

WEST SEATTLE SNOW AFTERMATH: Tuesday afternoon/evening, with Wednesday previews

(SCROLL DOWN FOR UPDATES – newest one, 10:21 pm)

SCHOOLS: Here’s the list of Wednesday announcements, so far
TRASH/RECYCLING: Likely tomorrow, says Waste Management
METRO SERVICE: Emergency Snow Network ends by 4 am Wednesday – plus, see 7:32 pm update below
WEST SEATTLE WATER TAXI: Back to 2-boat service Wednesday
RIDE2: (updated) Not operating Wednesday
TRAFFIC CAMS PAGE: Our compilation of local cameras
SDOT CITYWIDE CAMS ETC. PAGE: Year-round “travelers” map with cams/more.
LIBRARIES: Today’s SPL plan
NEWEST CITY BRIEFING: Video and toplines here

4:11 PM: From transit to trash (see the links above), there’s hope that warming weather will enable many services to get back to normal. We’ll cover the afternoon-into-evening developments and updates here.

5:28 PM: The school decisions for tomorrow are starting to come in. We’ve launched that list here. … Traffic problem – Vehicle blocking @ Olson and 3rd SW …

6:16 PM: As we reported earlier, Waste Management announced that it expects to pick up Seattle Monday AND Tuesday customers tomorrow. We are in the latter group and just got an AlertSeattle message reaffirming tomorrow’s pickup plans (which are on the SPU website too).

6:53 PM: We’ve been watching various sources for Seattle Public Schools‘ decision. Here it is – closed tomorrow.

7:32 PM: But not all schools are following suit … haven’t heard from everyone yet, but Hope Lutheran (which is in The Junction) will be open. … Also, just got an update from Metro regarding tomorrow’s service, including:

… More route details are available (here) and additional snow reroute information will be posted online for customers by Wednesday morning. We still anticipate operating more than 90 percent of Metro routes, with snow reroutes and some peak service reductions in effect.

· Seven routes will have all trips canceled on Wednesday, Feb. 13: 71, 78, 200, 237, 268, 308, 309.

· Thirteen routes will have some trips canceled on Wednesday, Feb. 13: 9, 29, 37, 125, 201/204, 208, 224, 243/244, 316, 330, and ST 540.

· All Metro morning and afternoon peak commute routes will experience some level of reduced service: an estimated 3 out of every 4 buses will be in service as we work to ramp up service, respond to road conditions and repair our fleet and recover.

· Riders: To find out if your particular trip is canceled on Wednesday, text your stop ID to 62550 or check Next Departures on the Puget Sound Trip Planner or its app.

8:22 PM: A few more schools have announced delayed openings. … Here’s an updated alert about the West Seattle Water Taxi returning to its two-boat schedule, also mentioning that Ride2 will NOT operate tomorrow.

10:21 PM: Though there’s been concern about the slush/melted snow refreezing, so far we’re holding in the upper 30s.

Lowman Beach Park’s future without tennis court or seawall: City sets February 28th meeting

(WSB photo: Tennis-court-less, sea-wall-less possibility shown at 2017 meeting)

The city says it has a preliminary design for Lowman Beach Park‘s future, minus the failed seawall – and it will mean removal of the park’s tennis court. The design will be shown at a community meeting just announced for February 28th. The announcement from Seattle Parks today:

The Lowman Beach Park seawall is failing and needs to be removed. As visitors to the park have seen, the existing seawall is slowly falling over/sliding toward the water. It is Seattle Parks and Recreation’s goal to remove the remaining seawall and continue the shoreline restoration work that began when the south half of the seawall failed in the mid 1990s.

In May 2017, together with our design consultant Environmental Science Associates (ESA), we presented design options. We hired ESA as a design consultant in 2018 to continue the design process that began with the feasibility study, listed below. The design will take into consideration both the habitat benefits of the seawall removal and the coastal engineering ramifications of that seawall removal. Given the design constraints of the project, the existing tennis court will be removed. A remnant of Pelly Creek that currently flows under the seawall will be daylighted as part of the project.

The last community meeting was May 31, 2017; here’s our coverage. Documents from that meeting, and a feasibility study made public in December 2017 (covered here the following month), are also available via the project website. The February 28th meeting will be at The Kenney (7125 Fauntleroy Way SW; WSB sponsor) at 6:30 pm.

2019 ELECTION: Hours left to vote! But if you can’t get your ballot into a dropbox or mailbox…

One more reminder – it’s Election Day and you have until 8 pm to vote. Two issues are on your ballot, both Seattle Public Schools levies:

*Seattle School Prop #1 (Operations Levy)
*Seattle School Prop #2 (BEX V Levy)

Prop 1 is a three-year levy, Prop 2 is a six-year levy. Each link above takes you to official info including pro/con arguments and full measure text; the school-by-school project list for Prop 2 is here. The photo above is courtesy of Michelle, taken at the Junction dropbox (we had been there a bit earlier); you can drop your ballot there (Alaska just east of 44th), or at the High Point (3411 SW Raymond) dropbox (among others – here’s the full list), or get it in the USPS mail. If you absolutely can’t, the county invites you to call 206-296-VOTE; they might even be able to pick yours up – Toni just sent a note saying she’d called and they were sending someone over.

VIDEO: Briefing on city services during ‘historic challenge’ from record-setting snow

1:19 PM: Again today, Mayor Durkan gathered city department heads at the Emergency Operations Center for updates on how their teams are dealing with the “historic challenge” – as Seattle Public Utilities general manager Mami Hara described it – of providing service after record-setting snowfall. Above is Seattle Channel video of the briefing.

Hara’s department is of particular interest since West Seattleites with Monday solid-waste pickups are now eight days overdue. She reiterated what was announced online this morning – no residential pickups today, but once they resume, Monday customers are a priority. Today some crews are making some multifamily/commercial pickups where “accessible,” but the conditions on most residential streets aren’t safe yet. She also said there will be a free dropoff period at transfer stations for the most-overdue customers – that info is now updated here. Others who spoke included the heads of SDOT, City Light, Parks, Human Services, and the Fire Department, whose Chief Harold Scoggins urged everyone to maintain “situational awareness” to stay safe until this all clears out. Many words of thanks for residents’ patience and help, too. (You can also see a city multidepartment update here.)

2:51 PM: Waste Management – the city’s contractor – is now saying it expects to pick up Monday AND Tuesday customers tomorrow.

WEST SEATTLE SNOW PHOTOS: Frosty February gallery #2

Thanks for the photos! Here’s the start of a new gallery, mostly from Monday. (Our first gallery, from the weekend, is here.)

Above, Katya‘s photo from Lincoln Park. Also from Lincoln Park, by Kersti Muul, who says the “leash” was a blackberry vine:

From Bryan Wiebe (of longtime WSB sponsor Fauntleroy Chiropractic):

More ahead, including another look at what might be this storm’s most-famous snow sculptures:

Read More

TRAFFIC/TRANSIT/WEATHER/ETC.: Slushy Tuesday AM/early PM updates

(SCHOOLS: Closure listTRASH/RECYCLING: No pickup again today, but likely tomorrowWS BUSINESS/ETC. UPDATES here, as receivedPARKS FACILITIES: Today’s planLIBRARIES: Today’s SPL plan)

5:31 AM: Good morning. Morning watch begins as the melt continues.

SDOT WINTER-RESPONSE MAP: See where SDOT has treated/plowed
METRO SERVICE: Emergency Snow Network only – here are the West/South Seattle specifics – update: ESN to end by Wednesday
WEST SEATTLE WATER TAXI: One-boat service – schedule and other details here – some shuttle trouble
RIDE2: Not operating today
STATE FERRIES: Some early-early-am Triangle cancellations
TRAFFIC CAMS PAGE: Our compilation of local cameras
SDOT CITYWIDE CAMS ETC. PAGE: Year-round “travelers” map with cams/more.

5:36 AM: Scanner – truck in trouble at Delridge/Sylvan.

6:13 AM: Alert just sent, the Water Taxi shuttle Route 775 “is unable to provide service on California Way SW and also Admiral Way SW between 61st SW and California Way SW.” (Admiral doesn’t cross California *Way* so we’re seeking clarification. …update, that’s California AVE) … Also, no Ride2.

6:30 AM: Just in from Seattle Public Utilities:

No Pickup Tuesday, Feb. 12

Due to unsafe conditions and significant snow and ice remaining in residential streets, there will be no residential solid waste collections today, Tuesday Feb. 12. SPU contractors will attempt to collect Monday customers tomorrow, Wednesday Feb. 13, on a 2-day delay and continue service on a delayed schedule through the weekend (weather permitting).

6:52 AM: While it’s not snowing here, some other parts of the city/metro area ARE still getting more, so don’t let the weather here fool you if you are considering heading somewhere semi-distant. No alerts in effect for our area!

7:02 AM: With Metro continuing on its Emergency Snow Network level of service, here again is where to find the C Line in The Junction:

See a larger PDF version here. (And note that while it shows 50 and 55, those routes are NOT running.) But also be aware there’s still bus trouble out there – texter just mentioned one stuck on 35th south of Avalon.

7:17 AM: That stuck bus is part of a crash scene, SDOT says – blocking southbound lanes and part of SW Alaska.

(SDOT image)

We also have a reader report: “21X is stuck at 35th and Thistle. Pulled too close to the curb and got stuck on the slush.”

7:34 AM: Might take an hour to clear the 35th/Alaska scene, per scanner. Police are working to direct traffic.

8:01 AM: And … SDOT says that scene is clear. … From the inbox, John sent this note (SPD has tweeted the same thing): “I read your blog from the other Washington area, and looking at your photos, a reminder for your folks there not used to snow…. Please remember to clear the snow from all over the car, not just the windshield/sides.”

8:25 AM: Collision reported in 5600 block West Marginal Way SW.

(SDOT “live” camera of west end of bridge, near Walking on Logs)

8:58 AM: Light rain continues (at least through midday, says the NWS) and the temp’s just above freezing. But all this snow – more than a foot, unofficially, per some measurements we’ve been sent! – doesn’t melt fast, so roads remain dicey. If you’re canceling/postponing an event today/tonight/beyond as a result, please let us know so we can add it to the newest or text/voice 206-293-6302 – thank you!

9:16 AM: Thanks to Jennifer for the photo above – snow took that down at the Hiawatha baseball field. Here’s the Seattle Parks citywide plan for today.

9:49 AM: For those who’ve asked, our apologies, the WSB event calendar is currently out of service as a side effect of yesterday’s technical trouble. Hoping to have it back in action later today. In the short term, all bets were off in terms of scheduled events anyway – we are continuing to update the list linked above if and when we get word of cancellations/postponements. (We frequently feature Seattle Public Library events; here’s their systemwide plan for today.)

10:25 AM: We’re venturing out on a limited run, will report back on what we see. Or will call for help from a snowdrift if necessary. Among other things, hoping to make it to Junction or High Point ballot box – 8 pm tonight is the deadline and it cannot be postponed, says KC Elections.

11:57 AM: Made it to The Junction and back. Couple scenes we tweeted:

1:01 PM: Started a new gallery with the snow fun/beauty that people have been sharing along with the informational pics. Weather-wise – steady rain now.

2:53 PM: And now – sunshine! Meantime, Waste Management is saying it’s expecting to pick up Monday AND Tuesday residential customers in Seattle tomorrow. Plus, Metro is saying it expects to END Emergency Snow Network after today and restore most routes by tomorrow – details here.