Better behavior on the bus

As a followup to our discussion last week, a WSB reader sent this more heartening tale:

I caught the 21 bus today after waiting about ten minutes. At the last minute a young man appeared, pushed ahead of me in line and took one of the last seats.

Immediately another young man, tattoos up and down both arms, stood and offered me his.

I’m going silver haired. I’m also disabled, although not in any way that shows. You may be sure I thanked the young gentleman warmly.

Like so many other things, bus etiquette depends on the luck of the draw.

2 Replies to "Better behavior on the bus"

  • Sarah May 23, 2007 (11:21 am)

    That was sweet of him. On the subject of the other guy, why is it so hard to understand and follow basic bus etiquette? Every morning I catch the 7:07 54 Express bus at Morgan Junction and there are about 5-6 people that wait patiently. Often, there is one woman who shows up as the bus pulls up and simply walks to the front of the group to get on first. She’s lucky there’s plenty of room for everyone, or she’d have some angry people on her hands. It makes you wonder, though, why someone would think it’s ok to go ahead of those who’ve been patiently waiting. The times when I’ve been late in getting to the stop, I let those who were previously waiting get on first.

  • Sue May 23, 2007 (1:15 pm)

    Sarah, I see the same thing happening at the 54 Express at Dawson at 7:40am – there are different people every day, but somebody always waltzes on first that wasn’t there first. I would never dream of doing that to someone else.

    And while we’re on the subject of the 54 Express, I am shocked that there is no crosswalk or light at Dawson and Fauntleroy to accommodate the bus stop. I just moved here, and I have a hell of a time crossing the street in the morning for the bus due to traffic. You can be standing out in the street to be more visible and nobody will stop for you. I end up playing “chicken” with the drivers to get across, hoping they will stop or slow down. The nearest light is 2-3 blocks in either direction on Fauntleroy, and once winter comes and it’s dark in the morning, I’ll probably have to cross at one of the lights if I don’t want to get killed.

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