5th morning PW (post-windstorm)

Sorry to see the dry weather is ending — at least rain wasn’t here these past few days to compound the misery of those without power. As for who’s still not plugged in, so far this morning, we have reports from 41st & Holly and Delridge & Kenyon. We’ve been on for almost 24 hours now, but the pocket not far from our house in Upper Fauntleroy may not be, as we’re still hearing the hum-roar of a generator in the distance. Off shortly to check on Beach Drive (the road closure as well as the outage, plus the Me-Kwa-Mooks mud). In the news this morning — the Times has a story headlined “why isn’t my power back on yet?” but doesn’t really offer any groundbreaking info (we’ve heard now about “feeders” and “laterals” about 2,086 times) though there are plenty of personal stories in this 9 am update; there’s no new info in the City Light online update, which is timestamped 8 am but looks about the same as the two or three “updates” posted yesterday (the number “15,000 customers” in particular doesn’t seem to have changed).

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  • add December 19, 2006 (11:35 am)

    The Sullivan/42nd-off-Thistle area is still dark as of 11am this morning (Tuesday) ….

  • herongrrrl December 19, 2006 (12:11 pm)

    As of this writing, still no power in the “central” Beach Drive area…but rumor has it there’s a crew at work on Jacobsen so maybe soon…? We’ve been staying elsewhere since Sunday but heard from neighbors that it looks like the city came through and scraped up some of the mud from the Me Kwa Mooks slide. I’ve got some pictures taken the day after the slide that I can share with you once I get my camera, USB cord and computer all in one place again (hopefully soon!).

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