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Pocket by pocket

December 19, 2006 10:51 pm
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 |   December 2006 windstorm

One less pocket of powerlessness … the trucks we saw on Sullivan in Upper Fauntleroy a few hours ago seem to have achieved success; power to those houses is finally back on. Hope more pockets are on the brink of reconnection; we saw a crew working on Willow, a couple blocks west of Fauntleroy, but no sightings along the eerily dark stretch of 41st (and a few other streets) on the “real” Gatewood Hill, east and uphill from Morgan Junction.

Different outage

Tonight our internet service is out for reasons unknown, so we’re doing the coffeehouse gypsy thing again. Closed down Morgan Junction Tully’s, moved on to Ladro. Ran into someone from the still-out pocket near MJ who fairly exuded frustration, albeit quiet frustration. We’re seeing City Light trucks here and there, including a cluster up by the Upper Fauntleroy pocket, working on into the night. Keep us posted on who’s back and who’s not, so we can share the news. 

Good news … for some

Just back from a partial tour. Jacobsen Road is back up. So is Lincoln Park Way, including the gas station at the north end of Lincoln Park, and the Lowman Beach area at the bottom of the hill. Beach Drive is open again at the tree-blockage site, but the homes surrounding it aren’t back on yet (the area closer to Me-Kwa-Mooks IS, however). Neither is a stretch of Sullivan St. in Upper Fauntleroy. The city, meantime, has beefed up the info on the City Light page for the first time in what seems like days — including links to the latest newspaper articles — and a link to this complete breakdown, neighborhood by neighborhood (guess it was the city that broke apart WS and Delridge, not the Times as we suggested earlier, sorry). And from elsewhere in blogland, here’s a funny, one-paragraph refutation of those who suggest racism/classism has had something to do with the order in which neighborhoods were restored (we had to dismiss that one, given the length of time that stretch of Beach Drive has been out).

Mid-afternoon update

The Seattle Times also is reporting on the City Light press conference from a few hours ago; its article includes a breakdown of which areas still have outages, including curiously, separate mentions of WS and Delridge. Uh, hello, Delridge is part of WS, Times people …

-Another “pocket” report is in — one side of the street still out at Fauntleroy & Raymond.

-During the torrential rain that preceded the wind, Me-Kwa-Mooks had a major mudflow (from the looks of the gutters along the east side of Beach Drive nearby, looks like it ran along the streets). Here’s how it looked from the street when we went by a while ago:


Only two more shopping days …

December 19, 2006 12:58 pm
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 |   Holidays

… to pick up a toy or two and drop it off at the West Seattle Helpline office in The Junction. They’re taking unwrapped gifts till noon Thursday.

Tuesday midday updates

December 19, 2006 12:41 pm
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 |   December 2006 windstorm

Asplundh crews are out working on both the Beach Drive blockage and also some tree trouble along Jacobsen (which was also closed off about a third of the way up the hill when we went by a short time ago and currently has “Local Access Only” signs at both ends).

-An e-mail tip says 48th between Fauntleroy and Beach Drive, “near the Pelly Place green space,” was still out as of this morning. Just found a new P-I report on a press conference by the City Light big boss this morning, pushing back the “most everyone back online” timeline to THURSDAY. Ouch.

-Somebody told us a day or two ago about the Christmas tree caught on a Junction line (44th/Oregon). Today, after our delish stop at Bakery Nouveau (the brown sugar pecan brioche was as good as it looked), we snapped it:

5th morning PW (post-windstorm)

Sorry to see the dry weather is ending — at least rain wasn’t here these past few days to compound the misery of those without power. As for who’s still not plugged in, so far this morning, we have reports from 41st & Holly and Delridge & Kenyon. We’ve been on for almost 24 hours now, but the pocket not far from our house in Upper Fauntleroy may not be, as we’re still hearing the hum-roar of a generator in the distance. Off shortly to check on Beach Drive (the road closure as well as the outage, plus the Me-Kwa-Mooks mud). In the news this morning — the Times has a story headlined “why isn’t my power back on yet?” but doesn’t really offer any groundbreaking info (we’ve heard now about “feeders” and “laterals” about 2,086 times) though there are plenty of personal stories in this 9 am update; there’s no new info in the City Light online update, which is timestamped 8 am but looks about the same as the two or three “updates” posted yesterday (the number “15,000 customers” in particular doesn’t seem to have changed).