Pushing for prints

Fingerprint payment usage must be lagging at the West Seattle (Morgan Junction) Thriftway. With signs, banners, and even a winnable car on display, it’s pushing people to sign up for Pay By Touch. Four and a half years after the store made national news as the first grocery store anywhere to sign up for the system, we have yet to personally witness a single person using it. However, the store owner is quoted in a variety of articles as saying they’ve processed tons of, shall we say, digit-al transactions. (Not us; we still are not ready to have our fingers, retinas, or any other body parts scanned and linked to our $.) Checking the Pay By Touch website, it appears the WS Thriftway folks remain “early adopters”; according to its “store locator” engine, this store remains the only store in Seattle deploying PBT (possibly even in the region; we tried Everett & Tacoma zip codes, and nothing came up).

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  • Elia December 5, 2006 (3:35 pm)

    I signed up for the fingerprint (Pay By Touch) at the West Seattle Thirftway. I think it’s pretty nice if you are just running to get a quick item or if you have a lot going on with your check out.

    I am also hoping to win the car, they have on display. Positive thoughts!!

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