We love this simple little service for sending and receiving short info-bursts. So we want to make its info accessible and useful here at WSB.

If you’re not signed up already, start at the Twitter home page. You can use the Twitter website or various applications to monitor posts from us and anyone else you choose to “follow” – you can even configure it for your phone. We post to Twitter 2 ways: First, a feed of WSB posts – headlines and links – is available if you “follow” westseattlenews. (See it here.) Second, we send random updates at westseattleblog (see it here).

One more way to watch Twitter content – below are 2 “widgets,” one with the latest West Seattle-related tweets from various users, one with our latest tweets. (8/8/09 NOTE: Ever since hackers attacked Twitter last week, search “widgets” haven’t worked well, so if you see nothing in the box, they may not be back to normal yet.)

Not a complete list yet! We’ll announce when it is …