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    Hi…figured we could get a lot off our minds/chests in this one :)

    One of my biggies lately – moms, when loading your kids into the back seat of your car , is there a reason you have to open the streetside door and do it? It’s happened a lot lately, I’ve noticed, and it’s dangerous. I don’t understand why you can’t put your child in their carseat/seatbelt from the sidewalk side? It just seems so much more natural.




    Why must people bring their dogs to a festival where there are going to be other dogs and or small children?



    I’m annoyed by people using WS summer fest to stop festival-attendees (with their families) to tell us all about their super-important cause, for which, they’d like my signature.

    Get a booth like everybody else jackass. If your cause is compelling, people will come by your booth and sign your little petition or whatever.

    Everybody else is trying to sell their wares legitimately, you are just annoying, and you’re blocking traffic.




    http://www.seattlemag.com/article/seattles-dog-obsession There are more dogs then kid in Seattle.

    My only pet peeve. People actually following the 25mph sign on the spokane street viaduct west bound. I swear one out of every 100 drivers creates a dangerous bottleneck.



    yo, Ed…how fast should we be going, and if we get a speeding ticket, are you gonna pay it for us? ;-)




    Got stuck northbound at 35th and Avalon because some idiot turning left forgot he had blinkers until the light turned green. Hint: The blinkers are for the cars BEHIND you as much as they are for the cars in front of you.



    That it’s friggin’ mid-July, already!

    Where the hell has this year gone?




    You said it Mike! We’re going to blink and it will be Christmas.




    Statistically, the safest spot in the car is behind the driver. But this means that if you have a carseat there, you have to use the street side door to get the child in and out.

    I have two kids and two carseats in the back. They are both small and need my help to get in and to get strapped in properly. So, I use both back doors. I try to do it as quickly and safely as possible, and most drivers are courteous and give me space.

    My summer pet peeve is that I can’t seem to have a nice warm afternoon without one of my neighbors burning stuff in their backyard. I could do without my house smelling like camp fire.



    EdSane: people who don’t follow posted speed limit signs, and ride my bumper when I do so.



    Jan, I am with you on the street door open issue. After Julie commented, I looked up car-seat safety. The middle is what came up as being the safest. Because of side impact collision. So I guess which ever child is acting up badly that day gets the side seat! (just kidding)





    I thought you were peeved at pets.

    Never mind.



    Drivers that DON’T use their turn signal…why do they think they are to only ones on the road? Other drivers have to navigate their way around these stupid drivers that are oblivious to others. Oh but thats year ’round.



    that is is taking me so long to get my garden in

    i will not blink

    i will not blink




    What fc43 said — two kids mean I have to use both sides of the car, but I try to limit the time my door is open in traffic. Said kids can now buckle themselves in but it’s slow (and tries my patience for sure), but when we are in traffic I do it for them to be quick and they know why. Also, if it’s possible when getting out of the car, I reach around to unbuckle the kid on the street side and ask her to climb over to the sidewalk side.

    I know kids are so pesky to some, but there really are some parents who try their best to limit that intrusion on the general public.



    JanS, yes, if you have 2 children in the back seat it is necessary at times, to be on the street side of the street helping to safely secure a child into their seat. Sorry for the inconvenience.



    My actual PET peeve is that with two cats and a dog, the minute after I sweep there’s already fur all over the floor. They even conquered Roomba.

    My pet peeve is mean people. They suck. :-)



    In a parking lot, particularly Costco, if someone is not in their car and pulling out the space is NOT yours. Keep moving. It seems so selfish for people to stop and block others while waiting for someone who is still putting groceries in their car. There are other spots. You may have to walk 10 more steps but that is good for all of us.



    two words: summer camp. ok, I never went to summer camp, but it gives me an excuse to post this:

    R.I.P. Allan Sherman and thanks for the laughs!


    EdSane – I have more of an issue with those people who cannot stay in their lanes than those who are following the speed limit.

    EmmyJane – I have the same PET peeve. Although even if I only had the dog this would still be an issue. Darn fur!



    posters on WSB forum



    wouldn’t it be nice if there was somewhere we could recycle all that dog hair?

    mine are still shedding like maniacs



    I don’t get Christmas in July!? I was channel surfing last night, and saw that a station was playing Christmas movies!


    JoB – I actually have a friend who saved all her dogs’ fur and had someone make a sweater out of it. I don’t know, however, if she just saved the fur brushed off or all the fur she found.



    A friend of mine, saves her dog hair, and hangs it out in a suet feeder “cage”, for the outdoor birds to use as nesting material.


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