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    My pet peeve is people who have pet peeves….I’m perfect and I have none so feel very sorry for those of you who do!



    Having to go into work when the sun is out. Hate it (but ah, how fortunate I am to have a job, honestly)


    All of the above + it’s too hot.



    @EdSane – count me as one of the ones following the 25 MPH speed limit. The present lanes are VERY narrow, and allow very little space for any lateral lane movement.


    They really should have a NO passing sign along that stretch until the construction is complete.




    Use dog hair in your garden. If you mulch it around the base of slug attracting plants the slugs won’t cross it. It sticks to them. Plus it just breaks down into the soil eventually.

    You have to refresh it periodically because it loses some of its barbed quality after its rained on a bunch. Long hair is better than short hair too.



    My pet peeve is the people who line up in their cars every weekday morning on Avalon SW (just west of 35th SW) for the Starbuck’s drive-through window, AND the people leaving the Starbuck’s drive-through window who turn left out of the parking lot onto Avalon SW every weekday morning. They block traffic going in and drive recklessly coming out. I wish that Starbuck’s would hire some more baristas (or whatever they need to do)to help with this frustrating & unsafe situation.



    @Kevin Count me as the one of thousands blowing by you at 45 mph. In my opinion it is much safer to go with the flow rather then creating a large back up forcing lane changes.



    My mid July pet peeve is that there aren’t enough hours in a day!



    At the moment I’m a little peeved at hospitals ;-)



    People who stop at intersections when I have a stop sign and they don’t.



    Telephone pole litter. If the date has passed for your garage/moving/yard/plant sale or community meeting has passed, or your pet has been found (yay!), PLEASE collect your signs. There’s a lot of crap flapping in the wind these days and some of it is weeks old.

Viewing 11 posts - 26 through 36 (of 36 total)
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