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    People say Seattle winters are bad, but this is the best one I’ve ever seen. Sixty-degree days, 50-degree nights. Light rain. Sun breaks every few days or so . . . Ahhhhhh!!!!

    So this is “global warming,” huh?

    Yee-ha! Bring it on, says I.

    Huh? Whuzzat?

    July, says you?

    Oh, my lord! Somebody tell the President!!!





    Big difference between local weather and global climate. But you know that, I’m sure.



    DP..I told TR that we could use this as a tourist attraction..”Tired of the heat? Come to Seattle, and cool off!” :D



    What the Midwest and East Coast are going through right now, they can have that heat. I don’t like sweating through my eyebrowes. This is perfect weather, not hot and not cold. Don’t tell them about how nice our weather is. I always tell people it rains rains rains..stay were you are.



    My little sis moved to Maryland a few years ago; prior to doing so, she and hubby reviewed weather records, etc. and chose a place with pretty moderate weather. Since then, they had a winter with snow levels that broke records that were over 100 years old and are going to hit 100 degrees today. It’s Al Gore’s fault …



    As a Maryland native, I could’ve told them that would happen. “Moderate” means only a week or so of 100+ temps in the summer (usually in August) and a city-paralyzing snowstorm every 5-6 years.

    I have no quarrel with the temperatures lately but the lack of sunshine is driving me up the wall. My husband and I actually went to Arizona for a few days as a counterbalance.



    Well, obviously, this weather isn’t normal for the seventh month of the year. However, it sure as hell ain’t as cold as January!

    I’ve been referring to it as “Julypril” ;-)




    I love this weather. I’ve just recently discovered that I may have the summer version of S.A.D. Heat and relentless sunshine make me horribly depressed, anxious, and insomnia-ridden. A nice cool, dark day raises my spirits immensely. I was planning to retire in New Mexico, but now I’m not so sure. I’d love to find a place where it’s autumn all year ’round.



    anonyme, my husband is like you. You’re not from Portland by any chance? ;)



    When I moved to the northwest after growing up in Indiana, I was incredulous the first winter. I saw the sun only a couple of times! After living here 45 years, I take it for granted. I welcome the sun joyously when it appears. If it stays for long, however, I get nervous. “There’s something wrong with the world, somehow; can’t quite put my finger on it…..”



    anonyme, I also have something like that reverse SAD. I spent about a week in New Mexico once and thought I would so insane. Between the sun (which made me feel like my flesh was burning) and the altitude, there is no way I’d go back again. My husband once talked about wanting to retire in Florida. I told him he could go there with his next wife. :)



    KatherineL, I’m the same way. My first winter here (75-76) was miserable. I hated gray. Now I welcome those bright days, but tolerate the gray. Sunny and 75 degrees is a perfect day to me :)



    It’s great running weather!


    The Velvet Bulldog

    I’m a lifelong Seattleite and my bestest college roommate (back in the day) is a lifelong Tacoman. She is finally moving her family to Arizona because she and her daughter are seriously suffering from SAD. I told her to expect me on their doorstep any day. I’d like to think that because I grew up here, I’m inured to the gray murk, but honestly, I’d give just about anything to spend some time in a 90-degree sunspot right now.



    I think my vegetables are shrinking………



    Some good friends here in Arbor Heights just moved to Austin, TX, because they couldn’t stand the weather any more. Hope they like it there…

    jwws: what vegetables?



    Yesterday started out grim and ended up being a gorgeous day. I don’t really mind this weather, as long as the sun makes an appearance every once in awhile.

    I saw this funny linking floating around on FB:



    Moses Lake is just three hours away and it is 80 degrees and sunny. We’re taking a road trip next week to find some sun!!! I don’t know why I haven’t done this sooner, I’d be a lot happier with our ccol weather if I got a bit of warmth on my bones every once in a while! Plus, the Moses Lake city water park has a lazy river, I just love floating on man made lazy rivers that go in a circle and I never have to lug an innertube up a road…but only if it’s 90 degrees outside (which it will be on Monday in Moses Lake)!!!

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