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Two more West Seattle coyote sightings

For those keeping track (we will crunch the sightings onto a map sometime soon): Debra reports two coyotes seen running across the 5200 block of Jacobsen (just uphill from Beach Drive) today; Mary Ellen reported one Sunday morning at Juneau/46th.

Co-existing with coyotes (etc.): Citywide meeting set

smallercoyote.jpgYou may recall, the city ended the furor over the Discovery Park coyote’s fate the other day by promising a meeting to educate people on co-existing with coyotes (and other urban wildlife). They moved quickly to set a date, time, and place, and even though it’s not in West Seattle, we thought you’d be interested (we plan to cover it, given how much wildlife we’re blessed with in WS, and the questions everyone seems to have so frequently about the appropriate way to deal with it):

Living with Wildlife: Open House – Thursday, Feb. 7, 6:30-8:30 p.m.

In light of the recent developments at Discovery Park regarding coyote encounters with humans, several state and local agencies have joined together to bring you helpful information designed to reduce conflicts with urban wildlife.

Partners at the Open House include:
· Seattle Parks and Recreation
· Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife
· Progressive Animal Welfare Society (PAWS)
· Woodland Park Zoo
· Seattle Animal Shelter

These agencies will be able to:
v answer questions about coyotes, including addressing your concerns
v discuss how to peacefully co-exist with many types of urban wildlife
v instruct you on how to humanely provide care for feral cats
v show you how to make your back yard a wildlife friendly environment
v and much more

Light snacks will be provided. Please join us!

Catharine Blaine K-8, 2550 34th Ave. W

That’s in Magnolia; here’s a map.

There’s breaking coyote news too


Two things, actually. First is that we actually got a coyote PICTURE for the first time after all these coyote reports. Thanks to JF for sending the photo taken this week of his neighborhood’s “resident coyote.” Second thing, the Discovery Park coyote just got a reprieve. According to this article, instead of trapping/killing the coyote, authorities will work on educating the public to co-exist with wildlife.

Two more West Seattle coyote sightings

It bears repeating, we share these e-mails about coyote sightings NOT to fan any flames of anti-coyote hysteria, but just to remind everyone that West Seattle is full of wildlife large and small, and if you think “well, not in my neighborhood,” think again. We’re going to try to save them to share in bunches, though, rather than one by one, unless there’s something truly urgent to report. First, Charles sent this yesterday:

We live in Arbor Heights and around 2 AM were awakened by the yips and yaps that are common to coyotes. I have heard them before when I was in Arizona, but never in West Seattle. Looked out the window, and 2 or 3 were running through our yard and down to the ravine that empties out at Seola Beach.

And today, Mary sent this:

My neighbors have been sending e-mail out this week about a coyote that has been seen on Maple Way in the Lincoln Park Annex area (the Annex is just two blocks north of the park). She/he just showed up in my back yard and was a good size ‘doggie’ and is not afraid of people. It appeared she was headed for the park since she trotted south along our easement. On occasion we have heard of one, usually this time of year but only one or two sightings. This one has been in our neighborhood for over a month now and is frequently out during the day.

Once again, here is our favorite official state link about co-existing with coyotes.

Lincoln Park coyote sighting this morning

From “Rick on 36th”:

Great view of coyote heading SW in the lower 3rd of the park. I was approaching one of the big trail junctions in the woodsy area and it loped past us at an angle. I was surprised at its size, seemed on the bigger end of coyotes in my experience. Pretty darn tall and long but skinny. Big bushy tail held low and real perky ears. Kinda mottled coat. No lost German Shepherd was this.

Coyote sighting: 35th/Roxbury

Jessica e-mailed this late last night (map):

@ 2210, coyote sighting on 35th Ave SW and Roxbury. Looked to be about 55-60 lbs (just slightly bigger than my husky-mix) and light brown. Ran to the alley in the direction of Fautleroy Park through our neighbor’s yard. Oddly enough was just talking about never seeing a coyote in W. Seattle just minutes before at West 5!

If this keeps up, the coyote sightings will get their own map. The other half of the team suggests tthe icons should be anvils.

Beach Drive-area coyote sighting

From Steve:

Around 10 am today saw the most beautiful (and large) coyote in the greenbelt just east of the 3700 block of 58th Ave SW and Chilberg Pl SW. Really stunning animal – it looked at me rather nervously from about 100 feet away. I grabbed my camera but by the time I returned (maybe two minutes) he was gone.

Here’s a map.

West Seattle wildlife updates: Delridge coyote; birdwatch win

First, a coyote sighting this morning at 21st & Andover (map), from Emily (thank you!):

9:05 this morning as I was driving to work there was a big beautiful coyote on the sidewalk. I stopped my car and it stopped and looked at me for a full minute. It looked really healthy and was as big as a large dog but with a fox shaped tail and a skinny jaw. It ducked down into the very small woodsy area by SW Charlestown. I drove around the block and put my cat inside for the day. I’ve heard they were here but I didn’t realize they were 1 bk from my house.

Now, the birdwatching win. Imagine seeing 79 different bird species in your yard! We can recall maybe 10 … such as the Northern Flicker and Steller’s Jay:


Those photos are courtesy of Ed Newbold, who coordinates the YardBirdRace around Western Washington. He sent word (from his YardBirdRace breaking news page) that the Seattle Residential category of the 4th annual YardBirdRace had West Seattle winners:

Jim Flynn and Marissa Benevente appear to be testing the upper limits of what it’s possible to see from a residential Seattle yard as they ended up with 79, five ahead of the record in Seattle overall and Seattle residential, both of which they set last year. Common Nighthawk and Western Screech-Owl are two of the birds that helped them get there. This is the second year West Seattle & Flynn/Benevente have led in Seattle residential and Seattle overall.

You can find out more about the YardBirdRace here.

Reader report: Anti-coyote vigilantism?

Just in from Lina:

Yesterday I was walking in Fauntleroy Park, and the entrance by the YMCA had a handwritten note alerting walkers in the park that the writer had found small bags of food in the park and this has been a method of spreading poison.

I assume that it is intended for wild animals or coyotes but often this poison/food gets ingested by pets. Either way – it is concerning to me that someone would set out poison bait – for any animals. Over the years I have also seen similar warnings in the Junction too.

Lina wonders if anyone else has heard of or seen anything like this recently, while hoping that this is NOT a case of anti-coyote vigilantism. While we try these days to keep our personal opinions off this site, we have to say, we hope so too. We have posted reader reports about coyote sightings NOT to incite you to panic, but to inform you, and so that anyone who still allows pets to roam loose outside — against experts’ advice (coyotes are far from the only threat) — might reconsider. And as an FYI, if you think you know of a coyote in a situation that is truly a danger to someone or something, King County Animal Control says they’re not the people to call — they would fall under the jurisdiction of the state Fish and Wildlife Department — which has some excellent information, including coyote myth-debunking, on this webpage.

More West Seattle wildlife sightings


Thanks to Tippy for that photo of a great blue heron taking a rooftop break on 38th south of the Admiral District … Not too far away, from along Admiral near The Bridge, we have Andy‘s report (thank you!) of the latest urban coyote sighting:

We spotted a coyote when driving down Admiral hill towards the bridge this morning. I slowed down when I thought I saw a dog running into the street, and my wife recognized it as a (large) coyote. It tried to cross Admiral right above City View St, and then ducked back into the green belt. This was at 8:45 am on Sunday.

Drivers and pet owners beware!

Coyote alert: Lincoln Park

Ted sent this to WSB last weekend and we missed the chance to post it then, but he advises us he’s still hearing the howls, so it’s not too late to issue the alert. Not to evoke anti-coyote hysteria – just a reminder to be careful:

Just wanted to let you know – saw a brazen Coyote in Lincoln Park during the day on Sat. We had our dog on a leash but another couple that was approx 100 ft away from us did not. No sooner did we pass the couple but we saw what appeared to be a very alert and scoping Coyote. I am thinking he may have been checking out the little lap dog the couple had off-leash. We were on an interior trail – near the chin-up bars. Please keep the parks (and coyotes) safe – keep your dogs on a leash !!

Coyotes spotted in west Gatewood

Just out of the inbox, from Teresa P:

Just wanted to everyone know, the West Seattle coyotes are back!

I live at the end of 44th Ave SW @ Portland and had two young adults on my property Saturday morning. They awoke me by their “talking” to each other which at times can sound very disturbing, almost scary at times. However, it is simply the way they communicate with each other. But in the middle of the night it can sound horrendous!!

Coyotes will usually return to their mating den every winter, however they did not come back last winter. I can’t say I was sad because by that spring, not only did we have two adults, we had three pups playing at the lower portion of my property. As amazing as they are to watch, it is important to remember they are wild and are not to be treated lightly. I have not had any issue with them getting into garbage or coming up to the house, however, my cat is no longer allowed any outside time after sunset or early in the morning. During the day, only when supervised.

There is sometimes a misconception that coyotes will not approach domestic animals or even humans but that is simply not true. If they are hungry and see something they think they can catch or take from your yard, they will.

So be safe!

Here’s a map of the intersection Teresa mentions. Meantime — we have written about West Seattle coyote sightings like these before, and our caveat is, don’t panic – we need to co-exist with these guys (as this excellent Humane Society page notes) – but do be forewarned, as Teresa writes, you need to keep your pets indoors. A good idea in any case, given there are even more serious threats (cars, for example).

Looks like time to say it again …

Coyote.jpg… KEEP YOUR PETS INDOORS! If you don’t, as this article just posted by the P-I reminds us, they are liable to wind up as Coyote Chow. Though as we’ve noted before (last August and last September), coyotes are nowhere near the most lethal threat faced by pets whose owners let them roam free. So just say no to anti-coyote hysteria; find out more about these amazing creatures (including video) at this great site forwarded by Charles Redmond, who reports he saw one strolling 39th SW, heading south from Elmgrove, a couple weeks ago. (WS coyote pix, anyone? Send ’em!)

Their existence is not the problem

October 28, 2006 1:32 am
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Oh good heavens, today’s Times opens up the coyote can-o-worms yet again. Can we just say one more time … PLEASE. DON’T. LET. YOUR. CATS. ROAM. OUTSIDE. EVER. PERIOD. Coyotes are not even remotely the worst threat they face. Human-linked threats (such as cars) are a zillion times worse. We’ve shared our lives with eight cats so far (no, not all at once) … all perfectly happy, safe, and healthy in the house (or apartment).