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Four more West Seattle snow scenes to share

As we say “so long” to the snow, four more scenes to share: Josh found the hot-chocolate vendors above, and reports, “These enterprising locals turned my trek along Beach Drive from frosty to toasty!” Next, a scene from Lincoln Park:

Trileigh notes, “It’s not just us humans who are feeling the pinch of that Arctic air mass that’s come to visit! Here’s a photo from today of a juvenile eagle in Lincoln Park, getting snowed on like the rest of us – and holding up one foot close to his or her chest for warmth. You can see the orange toes tucked up under the feathers. Eagles remain highly active in the park, even in the snow, calling back and forth and “yodeling” together. What an exciting time of year.” Another snowy bird shot from a Lincoln Park-favoring photographer:

Machel Spence spotted that little bird in the snow. And a little person was frolicking in Lincoln Park too:

Krista took her kids to see about some sledding – not much snow at midday for that, but she says they had a great time anyway. Thanks to everyone for sharing photos!

Highland Park Action Committee: Zippy’s closure plans; HPAC’s name

Wintry weather didn’t keep the Highland Park Action Committee from going ahead with its scheduled meeting last night at Highland Park Improvement Club. Thanks to Deanie Schwarz and Dina Lydia Johnson, we have details on major items of interest, starting with:

ZIPPY’S GIANT BURGERS’ MOVE: Three weeks after Deanie broke the story here that Zippy’s is moving to White Center, owners Blaine and Rahel Cook were at HPAC last night. They told the group they have set the closing date in Highland Park: Saturday, April 16th – they’ll serve that day until they run out of food. They hope to open at the new location, 9614 14th SW, on April 25th. Rahel mentioned it was bittersweet for them to have recently made their last HP rent payment. (They started the business in the 16th/Holden location almost three years ago – here’s our opening-day story; they’re moving because the site’s future has been clouded by foreclosure.)

After the jump – Dina’s report on the name-change discussion:Read More

Be a wading-pool hero! City’s looking for sponsors this summer

(WSB photo of the Hiawatha wading pool)
Might be a stretch to think about wading pools on a wintry night, but the city announced today that it is looking for help long before summer gets here. Seattle Parks doesn’t have the money to add back any of the hours slashed last year, when only five pools around the city were open daily, 10 three days a week, and 7 never opened at all (3 more were closed last year but will reopen as spray parks this year, including the Highland Park wading-pool site). But if they can find sponsors/partners, they might be able to change that, and open more pools for more days. In West Seattle, only Lincoln Park was open 7 days a week last summer, so if the schedule remains the same, sponsorships could help Delridge, E.C. Hughes, and/or Hiawatha. Find details on Parks’ pool-sponsor proposals by going here.

Opening night for new West Seattle hangout The Bridge: Snow? So?

(Photos by Ellen Cedergreen for WSB)
You still have a few hours to be part of opening night at The Bridge, the new hangout/bar/eatery at 4439 35th SW (map), not far from the Fauntleroy entrance to its namesake. WSB contributor Ellen Cedergreen visited shortly after The Bridge officially opened its doors and started to pour – 4 pm today. Of course proprietors Rita Dixson and Trevor Garand were greeting their first customers:

This day/night will be memorable for them for more than the obvious reason – for one, as mentioned in our preview last week, today is also Rita’s birthday. And then – there was the snow shower that moved through the area right around opening time – Trevor was a good sport about posing on The Bridge’s 1,800-square-foot patio:

Inside, the big brick fireplace was waiting to warm everyone up:

The Bridge is online here, and on Facebook here. P.S. They tell us they’re planning on Wednesday karaoke. Per their FB page, they’re opening at 4 pm weekdays, 1 pm weekends.

West Seattle snow: Thursday pm weather, traffic, transit…

(This story will stay atop the home page through the evening commute – until then, other news, even newer stories, will appear beneath it)

3:25 PM: We photographed that plow-blade-equipped DOT truck across from Cactus on Alki about an hour ago, while we took a drive around many of the peninsula’s main roads, all of which were bare, and dry, with even the roadsides revealing little evidence we’d had notable snow overnight (in some areas). Since then, though, we’ve been in the midst of a semi-serious snow shower for about the past 15 minutes.

(Snow-shower video added)
So we’ll be keeping close watch on the roads, the forecast, etc., as you prepare to come home, just in case.

(Refresh for latest images: From left, ‘Walking on Logs’ area, WS Bridge east of 35th, west entrance ‘low bridge’)
3:35 PM: Adding traffic cameras. Metro just sent an update, saying its Southwest, Southeast, and East bus routes “will continue on snow routing. Buses in other areas are on regular routing at this time, but that could change. … Temperatures are forecast to be extremely low overnight throughout King County, so icy roads are expected again Friday morning. Snow routing will likely continue for many bus routes through the day and evening on Friday.” You can check the status of your bus route here. As for the forecast – the National Weather Service just issued a “short-term” alert saying this “isolated” snow shower might leave half an inch of new snow before it’s done.

4:34 PM: Though the snow hasn’t stopped yet, the roads are still in good shape, “bare and wet” even up here atop a hill.

5:44 PM: All’s still well. The snow has stopped, even a bit of a break in the clouds to the southwest, though to the west-northwest, still murky.

5:55 PM: … then came another shower, icy this time, in Morgan Junction/Fairmount Springs. Watch out for slick streets.

West Seattle wildlife: Coyote in the snow

As another snow shower moves through the area (weather/commute updates coming up) – we have the most detailed coyote photos we ever recall receiving for WSB. Karen photographed this coyote at West Seattle Golf Course this morning.

West Seattle snow scenes: Lowman Beach’s swinging snowman

A few memorable photos have come in on this snowy day – including two separate photos of a snowman in a swing at Lowman Beach Park. The top photo was shared by Eve; but the snowman originally had a cap, according to unsigned e-mail from the people who actually created it, sending the smaller photo below and explaining it was “a little something from our family to everyone. Enjoy. Go Sounders FC!!”

More snowy-day photos to come!

P.S. Wondering about the forecast? We are no longer under any advisories or alerts. Flurries/snow showers are still possible, but the most notable forecast feature now is an overnight low possibly into the teens tonight (and tomorrow).

No foreclosure sale for West Seattle’s ‘Hole’ tomorrow, after all

(WSB photo of “The Hole,” taken last month)
We’re back at the King County Courthouse, where the foreclosure sale originally planned tomorrow for “The Hole” – the long-stalled West Seattle development site at 39th/Alaska (map) – is now off, or “stayed” in legal terms. That’s the result of multiple hearings over the past week, concluding with the decision this morning.

But the party that sought the stay, the site’s current note-holder 3922 SW Alaska, did not get the other big thing they wanted in seeking the stay. They were denied their request to be allowed to proceed with their own foreclosure sale so they could take possession and, they said, start working on the site, even while their appeal of Judge Susan Craighead‘s original ruling proceeded through the Court of Appeals. (Her original ruling, last November, was simply to determine whose lien against the stalled project came before whose – she ruled that the two construction companies and another contractor had precedence before 3922 SW Alaska.)

Today, Judge Craighead said no to the proposal for 3922 SW Alaska’s own foreclosure sale, even while making it clear she doesn’t want to keep the site idle. In fact, during this morning’s hearing, as she has done before, the judge repeatedly voiced concern about the West Seattle community’s desire to see something done with the property, which that was going to be a Whole Foods store, a Hancock Fabrics store, and apartments, over a big parking garage, till the project fell apart two and a half years ago and turned into a multi-party legal fight.

The judge instead declared that the way to bring about a resolution sooner was to push the Court of Appeals to speed up its consideration of the appeal (even as the fight over the collapsed project moves toward another trial this summer). In the meantime, 3922 SW Alaska – which is associated with Madison Development‘s owner – has put up $7,714,799, to protect the interests of the three lienholders in line ahead of it. (The money was in the form of a cashier’s check brought to court this morning.)

Bottom line: The Hole remains The Hole at least until the Court of Appeals decides on the challenge filed by 3922 SW Alaska LLC. We’ll be watching to see if it does indeed get sped up (the judge noted one case of hers once made it through the appeals court in a month).

Attention, Alki area: Anyone seen the Joy D. Smith Wildlife Raft?

We’ve featured it before – and it’s disappeared before, too – this time, Guy Smith hopes once more that someone’s found his family’s raft/buoy, missing from just east of Alki Point:

The big winds and waves last Saturday were too much for our buoy. A few days later it was gone and the Joy D. Smith wildlife raft went with it. We’re hoping someone will spot them and let us know at 206-937-8742.

You can see the raft in this WSB story.

3 Spokane Street Viaduct closures in the next 5 nights

February 24, 2011 12:23 pm
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You might have seen the portable warning sign on your approach to the West Seattle Bridge – we spotted one at the 35th/Fauntleroy eastbound entrance this morning – regarding these closures. The eastbound Spokane Street Viaduct (West Seattle Bridge between 99 and I-5) will be closed Friday night overnight; the westbound direction will be closed Sunday night and Monday night, both overnight. That affects some of the ramps to and from that section of the bridge. Read on for full details in the SDOT announcement we just received:Read More

West Seattle Water Taxi adding more trips starting Monday

Out of the WSB inbox, news that the West Seattle Water Taxi will “offer an expanded sailing schedule” starting Monday – read on for more details:Read More

West Seattle Thursday, besides the snow: Orca talk RESCHEDULED, The Bridge opens, more…

(Mushroom in the snow, photo by Machel Spence)
The weather’s expected to get colder but not much snowier (though it’s flurrying as we write this), which should mean all’s well in getting to at least some of the great things happening around here today/tonight, though we have one major postponement so far. Highlights from the WSB West Seattle Events calendar:

‘TUCKER AND THE ORCAS’ RESCHEDULED TO NEXT THURSDAY: Just got word from Donna Sandstrom at The Whale Trail that tonight’s talk at the Duwamish Longhouse is rescheduled to NEXT Thursday, March 3rd, 7 pm.

No other changes that we know of – but please call or e-mail if you know of something!

GRAND OPENING FOR ‘THE BRIDGE’: 4 pm, the new drinks/food place in the old Redline (etc.) opens its doors. Here’s our sneak-peek story from last week.

RON ANGELES CELEBRATION: 6-8 pm at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center, come wish the longtime district coordinator a happy “retirement” (though of course, he won’t be idle) – here’s the story we published last night about Ron’s thoughts looking back and looking ahead.

JEWISH KIDS IN THE KITCHEN: Challah Baking event, 3 pm at the West Seattle Torah Learning Center, ages 5-10. Call 206-852-6418 or to see if there’s still room.

TALK TIME: New English conversation group for those learning English. It meets weekly on Thursdays at the High Point Library, free, call 206-684-7454 with questions.

‘THE CHANGING HOUSE’: Lidunn Øverdahl Cain at the Southwest Library, 6:30 pm, exploring the possibilities of modifying a home to meet your changing needs.

BURLESQUE AT SKYLARK CAFE AND CLUB: New monthly event – 9 pm!

More on the calendar; and check back for more weather updates and other news all day long.

West Seattle snow: Thursday morning commute, school info

(TOPLINES, UPDATED 8:41 AM: City says it’s getting crews out to handle icy Fauntleroy between Morgan & Triangle; some schools closed/starting late, see below)

(Refresh for latest pic from WS Bridge & 1st Ave. S. Bridge cams, more on the WSB Traffic page)
ROADS: No reports of major problems in our area so far. An overnight commenter says The Bridge was fine, even after the biggest round of snow. From SDOT:

Most city streets are bare and wet this morning. Crews from the Seattle Department of Transportation are treating major arterial streets to guard against the formation of ice in advance of the morning commute period. Snowfall last night was highly variable around the city. Beacon Hill, southern Rainier Valley, and higher parts of West Seattle appear to have had the most snow.

Via FB, though, we have one report “48th SW is a sheet of glass” in Admiral – so street conditions may vary. Via e-mail, SW Edmunds between California/Fauntleroy is reported to be treacherous. Fauntleroy Way between Morgan Junction and The Triangle also is reported to be icy and dangerous. (8:41 AM UPDATE – SDOT just told KING 5 they’re sending crews out to take care of that.) The arterials near WSB HQ, California/Thistle, are both bare, though the feeder side streets have some snow coverage – here’s a video look from just before 7 am:

Please let us know via comments (or e-mail) what it’s like where you are. Photos appreciate, too. (8:41 AM – Here’s one from Rebecca on Charlestown Hill heading down toward Alki:)

BUSES: Some Metro buses are on snow routes; here’s the current list.

SCHOOLS: (latest update 7:24 am)
South Seattle Community College is opening LATE at 10 am, according to
Holy Rosary School is opening LATE at 10 am, per Twitter
Seattle Lutheran High School in West Seattle is CLOSED (update) per its Twitter feed
Our Lady of Guadalupe is CLOSED, per its website
Holy Family School is CLOSED
Hope Lutheran is CLOSED
EuropaKids preschool reported CLOSED
West Seattle Christian Preschool reported CLOSED
Kennedy HS in Burien CLOSED
Seattle Public Schools were already closed for midwinter break, but an SPS online note adds that West Seattle Elementary enrichment programs are closed today because of the weather.

GOVERNMENT SERVICES: Update from the City of Seattle, which just deactivated the Emergency Operations Center (8 am) but says SDOT is still on snow/ice patrol:

Seattle Parks and Recreation is following normal schedules and operations. Seattle Parks Child Care Winter Break Camps are operating today as scheduled. The Amy Yee Tennis Center is Open for business. Community Centers, Pools, and Environmental Learning Centers will open at their regularly scheduled times today.

West Seattle Weather Watch: Snowy early Thursday

February 24, 2011 1:51 am
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After that big late-night blast of snow (see the video toward the end of our earlier coverage), we have a couple inches on the ground here at WSB HQ in Upper Fauntleroy. Much of the rest of West Seattle got it too – the photo above is from Jennifer in Highland Park; below, from Taylor in Sunrise Heights (looking south on 35th):

That scene looks pastoral – but the roads can be treacherous – Sarel sends this view of Fauntleroy Way:

She notes at least one accident on that stretch. And we’ve just received an update from SDOT:

The Seattle Department of Transportation is concentrating snow response efforts tonight in the south end of the city where up to three inches of snow have fallen. Crews are plowing and treating major arterial streets. Continued snowfall is expected off and on through the early morning hours. Drivers are advised to use caution in areas even where there is little snow accumulation due to the possibility of ice.

And indeed, Christopher Boffoli verified the sub-freezing road-surface temperature on California SW in The Junction around midnight:

We’ll be updating frequently for the morning commute starting around 5 am, when schools make their decisions, and when the Seattle Emergency Operations Center is scheduled to reopen; in the meantime, for Metro‘s latest routing plans, check here. As for the forecast, snow showers are still possible, and very low temperatures are expected the next two nights. Meantime, thanks in advance for sharing photos – particularly showing conditions on major local roadways – and information!