West Seattle coyotes: 2 sightings, including a pet-safety reminder

Our most recent two coyote sightings include a reminder for pet owners – it’s in a report this morning from DRS:

A rather bold coyote tried to eat my bunny (last night) at our home on 26th by Cottage Grove Park. Thanks to our awesome neighbors she’s safe and sound. Unfortunately no pic of the pesky canine but he/she was about the size of a border collie (just skinnier and more coyoteish, obviously). If you have pets that stay outside, make sure their pens are secure enough to withstand a frontal attack.

And Anya posted this one early Monday to the WSB Facebook wall:

Another coyote sighting. Between 36th/37th and Hudson. He was huge (at least 4 1/2 feet long, a good 2 feet tall and a very long bushy tail. His ears were perked straight up and he was a golden with dark brown down his spine into his tail); he looked like he was scrounging for food but he took me by surprise. I’ve lived in this house my whole life (22 years) and parents for a year before I came along and we’ve never seen a coyote around here.

Remember, while they’re apparently everywhere, the less seen, the better, because it means less entanglement between them, pets, and people – and if you do see one, do your best to scare it off, as advised in the “coexisting with coyotes” advice from wildlife authorities.

3 Replies to "West Seattle coyotes: 2 sightings, including a pet-safety reminder"

  • Danny July 19, 2011 (10:14 am)

    “He was huge (at least 4 1/2 feet long, a good 2 feet tall and a very long bushy tail.”

    Someone should contact some coyote researchers. I’m sure they would love to investigate what could be the largest coyote in existence.

    • WSB July 19, 2011 (10:21 am)

      If you know any, let me know. I’ve been trying to find some, for different reasons! – TR

  • Kristen July 19, 2011 (2:13 pm)

    A neighbor told us that a coyote snatched up a cat in broad daylight in our area. We live by the intersection of Marine View Drive and 106th. We didn’t let our cats out before, but now they’re under lock and key.

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