West Seattle wildlife: 2 more coyote sightings

Two coyote sightings to share – one somewhat pastoral, one less so. First, from Andrea, out of the WSB inbox this morning:

At 7:40 am I spotted a coyote briefly in our neighborhood. The coyote appeared between two houses just across the street from us and surveyed the scene for about 30-45 seconds before turning around and returning to his/her original spot. We’re near 17th Ave SW & SW Myrtle in the Puget Ridge/Delridge area. It made breakfast much more interesting!

Ahead – Kurt shared the story of a coyote that was having its own breakfast (maybe lunch? dinner?) last week – a bit graphic so it’s after the jump:

A little untimely but last Tuesday we saw a Coyote in our neighbor’s yard. Both our houses border Longfellow Creek in the back yard, and we are only 3-4 houses down from the Brandon/26th Ave intersection.

The Coyote was eating a cat. My neighbor confirmed he found the skull and spine; my wife tried to get pics of the animal, as he left my neighbor’s yard and walked north right on 26th ave with the remainder of the cat in his mouth.

Just another warning that these guys are out there and hungry, I’ve seen a lot of missing cat posters in our neighborhood lately, and it’s especially concerning with our little kids running around in the back yard.

For context – we have had no coyote-attack-on-human reports in West Seattle in the time we’ve been either covering neighborhood news or covering regional news (which goes back to 1991, when we moved here). Your best chance of keeping that way is to learn about coexistence advice – including how to make sure coyotes maintain a healthy wariness of humans; here’s one of our favorite links along those lines.

3 Replies to "West Seattle wildlife: 2 more coyote sightings"

  • crystal May 4, 2011 (12:13 pm)

    Coyotes are generally harmless members of our neighborhoods, but thank you for posting this as a reminder that everyone really needs to keep cats indoors or at least in their yard!

  • Wendy Hughes-Jelen May 4, 2011 (6:12 pm)

    Sophia remains uneaten so far! We definitely pay attention on our late-night walks around High Point, tho, after seeing them so many times. It’s probably the same coyotes since we are just straight up the hill from Longfellow Creek and the homes along 26th.

  • Andrea May 5, 2011 (3:05 am)

    Last winter 2009-2010 on Harbor Avenue SW around the 2300-2500 block where the old wooden boat used to sit amongst the bare field and treeline there was a coyote who was often seen in this area – haven’t seen him this winter though – maybe he moved to Delridge and High point area. However I used to see lots of raccoons down on Alki & Harbor and now I rarely see any at all. A few months ago two babies out with their mama late at night by the boat launch

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