BIZNOTE: West Seattle bagel pop-up this weekend

Since West Seattle has long been without a standalone bagel shop, fresh truly local bagels aren’t easy to find. Adam Pfeifle bakes them and is having a pop-up this Sunday, for which he’s taking pre-orders. Adam is a veteran baker, and also a military veteran. He says his first baking job was as a donut baker in Snoqualmie; he later went to culinary school and worked in restaurants including two now-closed West Seattle eateries, West City Kitchen and Ma’ono. His culinary career was punctuated by joining the military in 2001 and serving “two tours in Iraq as a combat medic, in 2004 and 2008.” Adam says his bagels are made with sourdough starter “in 200-bagel small batches from my home’s chefs kitchen, based in West Seattle. To achieve optimal flavor, our products cold-ferment from 20-24 hours.” His pop-up is for 1-3 pm pickup on Sunday (January 29th) west of The Junction. Here’s the pre-order link (10 varieties!).

33 Replies to "BIZNOTE: West Seattle bagel pop-up this weekend"

  • Jns January 27, 2023 (1:05 pm)

    Those bagels look amazing!

  • HS January 27, 2023 (1:49 pm)

    Phew! Only garlic, onion and plain are left. Everything else is sold out.

  • Me mama January 27, 2023 (1:52 pm)

    Adam!  We need a bagel AND (cake) donut store in alki/admiral area!!!  

    • Adam January 27, 2023 (3:07 pm)

      Please go to the website and signup for email alerts for the next drop.i can only physically make about 200 a drop.hard but fun work.thanks so much-Adam 

  • GMan January 27, 2023 (2:38 pm)

    How do you order? Online it says they are all sold out

  • Bagel lover January 27, 2023 (2:52 pm)

    These look amazing! I’m always craving bagels and there aren’t many spots nearby to get one. I can’t make it this weekend but really hope this happens again!

  • WS Res January 27, 2023 (2:55 pm)

    Sold out already, looks like?

  • johnny January 27, 2023 (3:08 pm)

    They look delicious, but website says they “start at $3.25 each!!”  Oyvay!!   

    • bill January 27, 2023 (3:55 pm)

      $650 gross for the labor, ingredients, and time to make the whole batch works out to a pretty meager wage. It’s awesome Adam does this but it can only be a labor of love!

    • bagelEcon101 January 27, 2023 (4:54 pm)

      Yep, given how quickly he sold out he should look into raising his prices a bit to make more money.He’s definitely still on the inelastic end of the price curve (where increasing price won’t result in a big enough drop in bagels purchased to make total revenue drop).If you were making these by hand would you rather make 400 and sell for $2 a bagels of 200 and sell for $4 a bagel?    

      • my two cents January 28, 2023 (2:35 am)

        bagelecon101 – can we set up some time next week so I can tell you how you should run your business? SMH

    • Adam Pfeifle January 28, 2023 (7:34 am)

      They sell for a premium because the process takes about 20 hours from mixing to eating.they are not the fluffy bread style bagels made by a machine.Made by hand- we use – honey, barley malt, alkaline water, organic ingredients, imported cheese.Please give us a try next time we drop another batch. -206-617-7393Adam

      • Melissa January 28, 2023 (9:45 pm)

        Cannot wait to try some of these someday! Do you have a mailing or text list for future pop-ups? Thank you.

  • More Bagels Please January 27, 2023 (3:16 pm)

    This posted at 12:35pm, it is now 3:15 and totally SOLD OUT. If that doesn’t tell you that we need a bagel shop in WS, I don’t know what will. Lol

  • Sue January 27, 2023 (3:17 pm)

    Sold out as of 3:15!

  • sbre January 27, 2023 (3:40 pm)

    According to the pre-order link everything but the shmear is Sold Out!!!  Insert sad face and sad taste buds here!

    • WSB January 27, 2023 (3:46 pm)

      That’s been since we published this – thanks for the updates.

  • wscommuter January 27, 2023 (4:05 pm)

    I’ve said this ever since we lost Zatz.  Why, in the name of all things carb, do we not have a bagel shop in W. Seattle?!  If I had the knowledge and such, I’d do it – it seems like such a no-brainer (said with zero knowledge of the business realities of a bagel shop).  I’d even settle for a chain like Einstein.  Jeez …

    • Bagel lover January 27, 2023 (8:35 pm)

      I want Montreal-style bagels.

      • Adam January 28, 2023 (7:27 am)

        No problem, can do:)

  • Michael M January 27, 2023 (5:37 pm)

    We also recently got Loxsmith Bagels on Delridge but they are also preorder. Well you might get lucky but they are usually too busy for walk ins. But they are great… so happy they have a permanent WS location now and just opened a location in Beacon Hill too. 

    • Nw mama January 28, 2023 (8:45 am)

      Thanks for the heads up!  Will look into those as well

  • bagelboy January 27, 2023 (5:40 pm)

    I would settle for anything BUT a chain like Einstein. But yes we need bagels.

  • Myrna Loy Sedlacek January 27, 2023 (5:45 pm)

    where you located, don’t understand where the pop up was.  I know I’m too late this time, but maybenext time 

    • WSB January 27, 2023 (7:49 pm)

      The address is on the website, linked in the story.

  • Vee January 27, 2023 (6:59 pm)

    We do need a bagel shop, authentic like those look like not those soft chewy things The old sub shop that closed near Morgan junction  would be good spot

  • bagels January 27, 2023 (7:20 pm)

    I think WSB bought most of the bagels as they had the information 1st hand…..

    • WSB January 27, 2023 (7:25 pm)

      Nope. Sadly we have to skip bagels, living a no-starch lifestyle. If he was selling fresh-grown vegetables … we’d be all over it.

  • John B January 27, 2023 (9:16 pm)

    I can tell you these things sell out instantly because they are DELICIOUS!

  • Wsgal January 27, 2023 (10:13 pm)

    ADAM: PLEASE BLESS WEST SEATTLE WITH YOUR PERMANENT BAGEL MAKING LOVE! We will throw money at you! I drive all over Seattle/Bellevue hunting for good bagels and it’s exhausting (and disappointing) Business owner here,  happy to coach you to get started! 

  • Olive January 28, 2023 (8:51 am)

    Try Zabars.  And they deliver.

    • WSB January 28, 2023 (11:01 am)

      … via the mail, from NYC, unless you have knowledge of a secret Seattle location.

  • west sea neighbor January 29, 2023 (8:06 am)

    Adam’s bagels are the bees knees (and the real deal). He makes one with cave aged gruyere that is like a little circle of heaven. No schmear or anything else needed!

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