VIDEO: Miss Reese Fashion Club on the runway at VAIN, inspired by ‘Rebel Girls’

25 girls who’ve been studying design in the Miss Reese Fashion Club showed their creations at VAIN in the West Seattle Junction on Monday night. This year, the inspiration was “Rebel Girls.” Each participant focused on one special “rebel” who inspired her – for Luka, Rosie the Riveter:

For Pilar, Mata Hari:

For Emily, Hatshepsut the Pharaoh:’

For Audrey, Ruth Bader Ginsburg:

In our photo, she’s with Miss Reese herself, who teaches the design class at West Seattle Art Nest. In addition to modeling outfits designed with their inspirations in mind, the girls also created presentations about them:

And of course proud families were at VAIN to cheer them on:

The other girls and their inspirations: Emma, Michelle Obama; Gigi, Nancy Wake (WWII spy); Maria, Ada Lovelace (mathematician); Ilya, Helen Keller; Clare, Jill Tarter (astronomer); Myla, Coco Chanel; Sam, Alek Wek (supermodel); Jada, Beyoncé; Monroe, Madonna; Lola, Marie Callas; Gracie, Audrey Hepburn; Ava, Misty Copland; Gabby L., Simone Biles (gymnast); Dylan, Jessica Long (swimmer); Gabi K., Mary Kom (boxer); Ella, Grace O’Malley (pirate); Bella, Anne Bonny (pirate); Lainey, Jacquotte Delahaye (pirate); Shai, Brenda Chapman (director); Layla, Christina, Queen of Sweden; Marlies, Cleopatra.

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