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WEST SEATTLE SNOW: Friday night updates, Saturday previews, power outage…

9:02 PM: Launching the Friday mid-evening updates, with Saturday previews:

(Photo contributed by Andy)

LATEST FORECAST/ALERTS: National Weather Service‘s Seattle site
METRO UPDATES: Here’s the winter-weather page
METRO ‘EMERGENCY SNOW NETWORK’: Service reduced to these routes as of 4 am Sat.
SOUND TRANSIT ALERTS: See left side of this page
SDOT WINTER-RESPONSE MAP: Here’s where SDOT has treated/plowed.
TRAFFIC CAMS PAGE: Our compilation of local cameras.
SDOT CITYWIDE CAMS ETC. PAGE: Year-round “travelers” map with cams/more.
SEATTLE PARKS & RECREATION: Saturday plan here
SEATTLE PUBLIC LIBRARIES: Watch for Saturday plan.
BUSINESS NOTES: Open, closed, changed – adding as received

The snow has resumed. Updates ahead.

9:36 PM: Cass just sent the photo of a stuck bus on westbound Roxbury at 35th:

Since the photo, Cass reports, a second bus has gotten stuck by that one. … Again, as mentioned in the afternoon coverage and linked above, Metro plans to reduce service to its Emergency Snow Network as of 4 am. Meantime, SDOT is out on the roads – we just photographed this plow truck here in Upper Fauntleroy:

We have also just finished the first take of the cancellations/postponements/non-business closures list – any additions to that, or business notes for tomorrow, 206-293-6302 or – thank you.

10:53 PM: Now’s the time when you REALLY don’t want to be out driving. Via scanner, we’re hearing police planning to block the 35th SW hill in the SW Edmunds vicinity. “It’s pretty bad,” one officer warned.

11:05 PM: Also from the scanner, tree trouble at 46th/Holgate. … The National Weather Service’s Winter Storm Warning is still in effect through 4 pm Saturday, and in a late-night update, the NWS says the heaviest snowfall is overnight tonight, after midnight.

11:33 PM: Bus stuck at Delridge/Kenyon per scanner. Even arterials are getting snowed over – below are two framegrabs of cameras you can check “live” on our cams page:

11:59 PM: Kevin tweeted photos of the scene near 35th and Alaska:

12:12 AM: Continuing to update the two info pages linked in the list above – business info (who’s open, who’s not) and other (non-business) cancellations/postponements/etc.

12:50 AM: Especially for those who are sleeping through all this new snow and won’t see this until morning – Benjamin Evans says it is quiet on 8th SW:

Tamsen Spengler sent the next photo, saying Morgan Junction now has a half-foot:

Still snowing!

1:20 AM: Thanks for the messages – we only flickered here but that meant somebody was losing power somewhere, and we’re hearing from Highland Park for starters.

1:29 AM: Now mapped. 3,428 homes/businesses. (Update) Added a screengrab from the outage map. Cause still under investigation but multiple people report seeing flashes, which usually means a transformer/wire type problem. Also a reminder – though a restoration estimate of 3:50 am is currently mentioned, could be sooner, could be later, that’s really only a guess.

4:36 AM: Back on as of minutes ago.

8:10 AM: Saturday coverage is launched here.

Driver crashes into Delridge bus shelter

Police are investigating that crash on Delridge at Myrtle. An 18-year-old was reported to be driving the car when he hit the bus shelter. He was not reported to have been seriously hurt. (Thanks to the person who sent the photo!)

WEST SEATTLE SNOW: Friday PM updates

12:15 PM: The snow is here. Afternoon updates start now:

(West Seattle Junction – photo by Jason Grotelueschen)

LATEST FORECAST/ALERTS: National Weather Service‘s Seattle site
METRO UPDATES: Here’s the winter-weather page; snow routing @ 2 pm
METRO ROUTE 55: no 3:56 run from downtown; 4:28 & 5:12 pm runs canceled
METRO ROUTE 56: 4:54 pm run from downtown canceled, also 5:31 pm
METRO ROUTE 57: 4:15 run from downtown canceled
METRO ROUTE 113: 5:07 pm run from downtown canceled
WATER TAXI: Some changes.
RIDE2: Canceled for the rest of the day
SOUND TRANSIT ALERT: See left side of this page
SDOT WINTER-RESPONSE MAP: Here’s where SDOT has treated/plowed.
SCHOOL CHANGES: The Friday list of early dismissals (etc.)..
TRAFFIC CAMS PAGE: Our compilation of local cameras.
SDOT CITYWIDE CAMS ETC. PAGE: The year-round “travelers” map with cams/more.
SEATTLE PARKS & RECREATION: Friday weather-impact updates here; Saturday plan here
BUSINESS NOTES: Open, closed, changed – adding as received

If you have changes/closures/etc. to report, 206-293-6302 text or voice – thanks!

1:03 PM: Steady snow for going on an hour now. Just added to our school-changes list for today: Our Lady of Guadalupe, which is near the highest-elevation point in the city, is closing early – but, the school stresses, don’t rush to get there, be safe. Meantime, a live look at 35th/Fauntleroy, followed by the high bridge at midspan:

1:29 PM: In comments and via email, we’re hearing that traffic on streets around West Seattle is slow going, so please be safe and patient! Also a commenter reminds us that the East Marginal/Nevada scene – now in its 8th hour – hasn’t fully cleared yet. … Just heard via scanner, tree down at Highland Park Way/West Marginal Way …

1:57 PM: As discussed in comments – King County is stepping up Water Taxi frequency for “the next hour or so” due to high demand for getting back to WS. (Added) Doc Maynard is temporarily out for maintenance, we’re told, and that’s why smaller Spirit of Kingston is running along with Doc Maynard.

2:05 PM: Metro is now on snow routes, and just sent the map above – here’s a PDF version – saying, “We heard from West Seattle customers who were seeking a better map for C line snow routing … this map better shows the stops. We hope this makes it easier for people who absolutely must ride transit during this snowstorm, but we’d feel better if most folks could ride this one out warm and safe at home.”

2:25 PM: Per scanner – jackknifed semitruck on SW Genesee just east of Avalon. … SDOT says (updated 2:37 pm) TWO southbound lanes are now open at scene of 5:50 am truck-vs.-wires incident at East Marginal/Nevada … Metro has just announced Ride2 is canceled for the rest of today.

2:43 PM: SFD fireboat is out looking for a possible paddleboarder in distress off Alki, per scanner … If you’re waiting for somebody to come home, be aware that many city streets are gridlocked or close to it (even some WS arterials – see the red lines on the city map) … Gov. Inslee has just declared a statewide state of emergency because of the storm.

3:01 PM: Thanks to Robert Duffy for that photo of the truck stuck on SW Genesee east of Avalon. Nancy tweets that the hill is now closed. … As specific bus-route alerts come in, we’re adding to the list above, next to the transit links already there…

3:50 PM: Sitting next to a window, we’ve been able to observe the ebb and flow of the storm. The snow lightened up for a while but now it’s intensified again. Here’s a “live” look at Admiral/California:

We’ve started the business-info page here, linked in the list above too. … Traffic note: Stalled vehicle blocking a SB lane on 1st Ave. S. at Spokane.

4:44 PM: That’s clear. Plus, all but one NB lane now reopened at the East Marginal/Nevada truck-vs.-wires scene (11 hours later). Monitoring regional reports, the general consensus is that everyone’s finally gotten out of downtown.

5:11 PM: Just in from Metro – they’ll activate the Emergency Snow Network starting tomorrow morning:

The Emergency Snow Network (ESN) will be effective at 4 a.m. Saturday, Feb. 9, until further notice.

Customers will be able to board service only on 60 core bus routes and shuttles primarily serving key arterials and transit centers. The network was prioritized based on high ridership routes and to serve areas to avoid steep hills. The routes were developed in coordination and collaboration with jurisdictions and taking advantage of designated snow plow plans, including the City of Seattle.

Routes operating as part of the ESN will serve core centers around King County, via routes 3, 4, 5, 7, 10, 21, 24, 24 shuttle, 31, 32, 36, 40, 41, 44, 45, 48, 62, 62 shuttle, 65, 70, 75, 90 shuttle, 101, 102 shuttle, 106, 106 shuttle, 120, 124, 128, 150, 166, 168, 169, 180, 181, 235, 245, 248, 252/255 shuttle, 255, 255 shuttle, 271, 331, 345, 348, 348 shuttle, 372 Woodinville and 372 Lake City, ST 522, ST 545, ST 550, ST 554, ST 554 shuttle, RapidRide A, B, C, D, E and F lines.

Metro will be monitoring performance of this network and make adjustments as needed to improve operations. Customers in outlying areas and neighborhoods should prepare for reduced or temporarily unavailable bus service on Saturday and for several days due to inclement weather, difficult travel conditions and topography.

More details on the ESN here.

5:28 PM: Power outage near 42nd/Andover, where a texter describes what sounds like a transformer problem preceding it. Not on the map yet but the texter says it seems to be a small neighborhood pocket.

6:10 PM: 6 customers affected by that outage, according to the SCL map … Update on the stuck truck on SW Genesee, it’s been towed after almost four hours:

Thanks to Regina for the update and photo. … Also thanks to Al, for this pre-dusk photo of California Way:

And a note from C & P Coffee (WSB sponsor) – tonight’s songwriter showcase is canceled.

6:41 PM: The 42nd/Andover outage is down to 1 customer. Meanwhile, Seattle Parks is out with its plan for tomorrow – also adding to the list above.

7:32 PM: Thanks to the person who mentioned that the comment function on this story had broken – unfortunately a glitch we have had every so often with too many updates on the same story. Time to start an evening update anyway; stand by for that link.

HELPING OTHERS STAY WARM: West Seattle Eagles’ coat/blanket drive announced; results of Dave Newman State Farm’s holiday drive

Just as the snow begins – two notes about helping others stay safe and warm:

WEST SEATTLE EAGLES’ DRIVE: The West Seattle Eagles are starting a donation drive to collect coats and blankets for those in need. Drop donations off any time they’re open, 4426 California SW. (But not until you can get there safely!)

DAVE NEWMAN STATE FARM AGENCY DRIVE RESULTS: Gratitude for holiday-season donors:

That’s Jannylee from the Dave Newman State Farm Insurance Agency (WSB sponsor) office, which sent this update:

Thanks, West Seattle!

The West Seattle Helpline annual clothing drive has once again been a big success! This year’s donations from generous friends and neighbors allow the West Seattle Helpline to assist local citizens at a critical time of year.

The clothing drive at Dave Newman State Farm Agency happens every year in December and January. This year marked the most donations we have ever received – THANKS, FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS. And thanks to volunteers like lifelong West Seattle resident Rodger Tanner, who not only volunteers with the clothing drive every year but also assists the Helpline with facilities, maintenance and equipment.

Watch for the clothing drive at the end of this year – December and January are hard cold months for many citizens.

CRIME WATCH FOLLOWUP: 88-year-old charged in deadly bus shooting, 5 years after his arrest in another shooting; police seeking ERPO

(1/26/2019 SDOT cam framegrab showing investigation scene)

ORIGINAL REPORT, 10:12 AM: A reader asked what ever happened in the case of the deadly shooting aboard a C Line bus while it was stopped in SODO two weeks ago. We found that the victim had been identified – 51-year-old Ronnie Tyler – but the status of the 88-year-old man accused of shooting him hadn’t been reported. So we checked with the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office and discovered that they have filed a charge of first-degree manslaughter, with use of a deadly weapon, against Roger Mize. Here’s what the court documents allege happened:

… (At 11:12 am Saturday, January 26) suspect Roger Mize and victim Ronnie Tyler boarded a northbound King County Metro bus at 4th Ave. S. and S. Walker … The bus was equipped with multiple video cameras. A review of the video recording shows the following:

Suspect Mize boarded the bus first, while victim Tyler was behind him. Tyler stood behind Mize, and began to walk up the stairs of the bus to board, as Mize put money into the pay box. Mize then proceeded to walk back past the driver, as Tyler stood behind him. Mize continued to walk toward the seating area, and was approximately three feet or so past the driver’s seat. At that point, Tyler attempted to move around, to the right of Mize.

As Tyler moved past Mize, Mize pushed Tyler with his right hand and stated “get away from me, you dumb m—– f—–.” Tyler turned his attention to Mize, as Mize began to back up toward the front of the bus. Tyler replied to Mize, “What’d you call me?” Tyler started to nudge and push Mize backward with his left forearm. As that was happening, Mize turned his back to Tyler while he reached inside his front left jacket pocket and retrieved his pistol. Tyler then gave Mize a harder push, which jolted Mize forward and toward the front steps of the bus. It should be noted that this occurred simultaneous to the bus moving forward. Mize did not fall or lose his footing, but stumbled forward. Mize turned around and faced Tyler and then there was an approximate 2- to 3-second pause where both men simply stared at each other.

Without further provocation from Tyler and without warning, Mize forcefully struck Tyler twice in the face and head with the pistol (pistol whipped). The bus stopped at this point and the bus driver attempted to verbally stop the altercation. After absorbing the second blow by Mize, Tyler began to reach toward Mize, in what appears to be an attempt to stop him from hitting him. At that time, Mize delivers a third blow with his pistol to Tyler’s face/head. After the third strike, Mize fired his pistol, striking Tyler in the lower right abdomen. Tyler continued toward Mize, and pushed him out of the front doors of the bus. As Mize fell backward out of the bus, he fired a second shot (a fired bullet was later recovered by police from the pay box of the bus). Tyler collapsed onto the stairs of the bus and onto the ground.

Tyler died at Harborview Medical Center, which is also where Mize was taken. Detectives interviewed him there the next day. The court documents say he alleged that the victim had been hostile toward someone else at the bus stop, and that once they clashed on the bus, he felt he had to shoot Tyler because he was much younger and bigger. After that, the court document notes that Mize was arrested in another shooting incident five years ago in which he shot another man in the abdomen after some kind of altercation. No charges were filed because of a lack of witnesses and “objective evidence”; the man he shot survived. (We found this Seattle Times report about the case.) As for this case, Mize is scheduled to be arraigned on February 14th; as of the filing earlier this week, he was described as “receiving inpatient rehabilitation services at a care facility”; prosecutors wrote that they were not requesting bail “(g)iven the defendant’s current physical condition and his age.”

7:46 PM: Since publishing the story this morning, we’ve learned that Seattle Police are seeking an Extreme Risk Protection Order to temporarily prevent Mize from possessing guns. (ERPOs were explained at last month’s West Seattle Crime Prevention Council meeting.) In the document seeking the order, police say he has a valid concealed-pistol license and at least one gun, a .38-caliber revolver bought last April. Besides the two cases mentioned above, they say that he was arrested in Everett – where he lives, according to what’s listed as his “last known address” – for pulling a gun on a man last November. A temporary ERPO was granted at a hearing this week and a permanent one will be considered at a hearing later this month.

Snow changes Black Lives Matter at School Week schedule

February 8, 2019 9:57 am
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 |   West Seattle news | West Seattle schools

With two full and two partial snow days for Seattle Public Schools this week, many plans have had to change, including some Black Lives Matter at School Week lessons and activities. But this morning at Louisa Boren STEM K-8, the PTA was able to go ahead with sticker distribution:

That’s Trixie, whose mom was among the parents handing out the stickers. STEM’s visit from Hella Black BooksJoy Sparks has been rescheduled to next week – weather permitting! – along with the BLM@School assembly.


(SCHOOLS: Friday changes are here)

(SDOT MAP with travel times / WS-relevant traffic cams / Water Taxi schedule HERE)

5:01 AM: Good morning. Updates:

FORECAST: Snow still expected to start around noon. Possibly 6″-8″ here. (added) Flurries/showers are starting earlier.

BUSES: As announced last night (updated 9:04 am):
Route 37 – Canceled today
Route 125 – Canceled today
Route 55 – 6:31 am, 6:48 am, 7:30 am, 8:34 am canceled
Route 56 – 6:43 am, 7:33 am, 8:41 am canceled
Route 57 – 7:20 am canceled
Route 116 – 6:33 am, 7:13 am, 8:00 am canceled
Snow routes – Starting 2 pm

We’ll update that list if anything more is added.

5:56 AM: First incident of the morning. Shortly after a text reporting “green flashes,” SFD has dispatched to a report of wires down in SB lanes of East Marginal/Spokane, possibly hit/snagged by passing semitruck.

6:04 AM: This is blocking East Marginal at Nevada, south of Spokane. [map]

6:22 AM: Northbound traffic is being stopped at E. Marginal/Hudson, per radio communication.

6:55 AM: First reports of flurries (thank you!). (Photo added – from Ben in Highland Park, new snow atop car:)

But the NWS says this is NOT the main event – that’s still not expected to start until noon.

7:19 AM: Some school changes still coming in – we’re continuing to update the Friday list here.

7:42 AM: East Marginal closure continues, just in case you’re wondering. Could continue another hour-plus.

8:10 AM: Lines at Junction True Value, as reported by a shopper. And empty shelves at more than one supermarket. Continued reports of flurries but barely visible through our window, so getting around is still OK.

8:38 AM: East Marginal remains closed (SDOT image above); also, Metro has rerouted Routes 113, 121, 122, 123, and 154 off East Marginal. That’s still the only area incident of note this morning. The snow flurries are still very light, and forecasters continue saying the start of the main snow event remains a few hours away.

8:56 AM: Metro just sent a retroactive alert that three Route 116 trips did not run this morning. Adding to the list above. … Our plan is to continue updating this report until the expected snow starts in earnest, plus we’ll be publishing some other (non-storm) stories we’re working on; when the “real” snow arrives, we’ll start a new storm report. Thanks yet again to everyone who’s helping keep West Seattle neighbors informed by sharing info/pics – 206-293-6302 text or voice is great and so is – thank you!

9:36 AM: Still adding to the school-changes list. … Alice Enevoldsen (trivia point: 10 years ago, before there was an SDOT winter-weather-response map, there was Alice!) reports that TrueValue is now out of de-icer and shovels, and that she saw a bus go by with “Snowmageddon” written in the dirt on its window … Yes, the East Marginal closure continues.

11:20 AM: We just went out for a bit, quick look around before the storm. City/county/state authorities are having a briefing right now – watch it live here. New SDOT director Sam Zimbabwe just warned that they “plow to the right” so if you are parked along a “green or gold route” – your vehicle might get a little swamped.

11:47 AM: We’ve been watching that briefing and will add the embedded video when it’s over and available. (Added: Here it is)

Meantime, one thing of note – SPU general manager Mami Hara said they’re still on the one-day-delayed solid-waste pickup plan BUT if things worsen as forecast, all bets are off. … Metro said it hasn’t finalized the “emergency snow network” plan yet but they ARE still going ahead with chaining coaches: “We have outstanding mechanics who can put chains on pretty damn quick!”

12:17 PM: The snow has begun – we’ve started the afternoon update here.