If you see an injured raccoon on Genesee Hill …

Mike e-mailed to say he’s called it in, and he advises that people and pets keep their distance. He saw the raccoon, appearing “severely injured” as he described it, on SW Dakota between 47th and 49th SW. Here’s what the Seattle Animal Shelter (aka “animal control”) says about injured/ill wildlife. Other animal-involved situations? Info here.

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  • Miki Joe February 25, 2018 (2:02 pm)

    I saw what I believe is the same raccoon yesterday.  It was hanging around on my back patio. Between 50th & 51st Edmunds . Very old looking, missing it’s tail, injury to back foot, And large wound on its back.

  • waikikigirl February 25, 2018 (3:15 pm)

    Oh no this is so sad…Animal Control needs to catch it and put it out of his/her misery.

  • AS February 25, 2018 (3:29 pm)

    A guy in the junction last night around 11p told us he saw it.  He was trying to find out where it went.  This was in parking lot behind Bellevue rare coins.  Poor thing.

  • Mike February 25, 2018 (3:30 pm)

    This had it’s tail, but missing part of the back of it’s neck.  It walked slowly and I’d be surprised if it lasts the rest of the day if not caught first.  I’d assume it had a fight with a coyote or dog, possible another racoon.

  • ERIK JADERQUIST February 25, 2018 (7:17 pm)

    I’ve seen two beat up raccoons lately, one was old with half a tail, tattered ears and torn up skin on its head.  Also blind in one eye.  You can shine a flashlight on it and one eye shines and the other won’t.

    2ND raccoon…both ears chewed off, heavy damage to its head and back.  I believe raccoons are their own worst enemy..this is raccoon on raccoon violence.  Approx 47th and Alaska.

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