DAY WITHOUT IMMIGRANTS: White Center, South Delridge closures

Thanks to Jen Calleja for the tip – multiple White Center businesses are closed today for the Day Without Immigrants protest against the federal crackdown on immigrants. We stopped by some of the businesses she mentioned – above, the sign at Greenbridge Café; below, the signs at Salvadorean Bakery and Best Roasted Corn:

And Jen sent this collage of other businesses she found closed, including Deli Garcia in South Delridge:

We haven’t seen/heard of any other West Seattle closures – if you have, please let us know – or 206-293-6302.

Meantime, there’s news about the court fight over the presidential order on immigration – according to a news release from state Attorney General Bob Ferguson, saying a federal appeals court was notified that “the President intends in the near future to rescind the Order and replace it with a new, substantially revised Executive Order” to eliminate constitutional concerns. Ferguson’s reaction: “Let’s be clear: Today’s court filing by the federal government recognizes the obvious — the President’s current Executive Order violates the Constitution.”

33 Replies to "DAY WITHOUT IMMIGRANTS: White Center, South Delridge closures"

  • S February 16, 2017 (1:58 pm)

    No I don’t understand and I hope they get a new order in place. Also how does it violate the Constitution he has a Constitutional right to do what he did. 

  • Double Dub Resident February 16, 2017 (2:42 pm)

    Crackdown on immigrants or illegal immigrants?  There’s a difference 

  • Anne February 16, 2017 (3:00 pm)

    Just wondered why the Guadeloupe store on 128th was closed.

    Thanks for the story.   Stand strong.   Such a sad time in our country.

  • Jon February 16, 2017 (3:26 pm)

    I support the White Center restaurants that are closed today.  I’m glad to see some coverage of this. Eater Seattle lists several other restaurants throughout the city that are participating as well.

  • newnative February 16, 2017 (4:17 pm)

    I know at least one place in Belltown that is open half the day tomorrow and donating half their revenue to the ACLU.  Any other places participating tomorrow? (2/17)

  • JRR February 16, 2017 (4:44 pm)

    Let’s all go out to eat in White Center /South Delridge tomorrow! 

  • KD February 16, 2017 (7:26 pm)

    I plan on patronizing these brave ‘real’ Americans businesses, to help make up for lost business of today. Awesome. Thankyou for being strong and brave! (I already go into a few of these businesses already.. worth the trip again!)

  • Dave February 16, 2017 (9:42 pm)

    Trump is doing what Democrats have talked about doing for decades. Look at immigration talks on yt by Hillary Clinton, Obama, and Schumer. When it’s politically expedient, the above do a 180. So, Trump’s a racist? He’s been in the public eye for decades and we’re just hearing about it now? Huh.

    • Mike February 16, 2017 (11:10 pm)

      His racism and abuse of undocumented labor at his own businesses has been known for decades, you only paid attention this year.  He has personally cost you more than all undocumented immigrants combined.  The real problem IS TRUMP.

  • T Rex February 17, 2017 (7:29 am)

    No Mike the real problem is the Democrats LOST THE ELECTION. And for some reason you guys just cannot get over it. Now your party is doing nothing but enticing riots, calling people racists and watching your left wing media slowly erode into the abyss.

    If I were in your party, I would be looking within to understand how your party and candidate blew it.  If I had to guess it was simple arrogance that Hillary was a shoe in. She was not. I would also start questioning why so many Democrats voted for Trump and why. Maybe its the party? Nah, it was Russia’s interference, it could never be the Democrats fault. Good Lord.

    The fact that Trump won and won big is a statement that the American people stood up this time and voted for whom they trusted, whom they thought  would actually do what they say they are going to do instead of yelling at rally’s about how great they are and then hiding behind their arrogance for the last eight years.

     And please don’t tell me she won the popular vote, she should be President. That is why we have the electoral college, its worked for over 241 years.  


    • Mike February 17, 2017 (9:31 am)

      I realize most Trump supporters can’t count, but realize the popular vote went to Hillary by MILLIONS of votes.  It amazes me how completely ignorant and idiotic zealots of Trump are.  Top Republicans are against Trump now, they’re even blocking his agenda.  A retired Republican judge is seeking to have Trump impeached.  It’s not liberals or Democrats, it’s the majority of Americans that want Trump OUT.

      • Double Dub Resident February 17, 2017 (11:05 am)

        Actually both sides are the problem,  there’s no more common sense and middle ground anymore,  just an extreme dichotomy and shameless pandering.  It just seems to be either hyper liberal to the point of stupidity or hyper conservative to the point of stupidity 

    • S February 17, 2017 (2:53 pm)

      I have voted Dem every year except for my first time voting, which was Ross Perot.  This time around I was tired of career politicians and there agendas.  I’m tired of senators being senators for a life time and getting paid for it also.  Three terms should be the max and time to move on. 

  • realWS February 17, 2017 (9:43 am)

    I for one am in complete support of legal immigration. It is what makes our country so unique and special. But entering the country illegally is a crime and both representative parties have spoken out against it and taken steps to protect our borders. Why are these businesses shuttering their doors in apparent support of illegal immigration, and therefore criminal activity? Who’d support that and therefore who’d support them?

    • Mike February 17, 2017 (3:33 pm)

      Trump supports using non documented immigrants for labor when it’s benefiting his income.  Just like almost all reasons you see non documented immigrants, people hire them to get cheap labor.  The biggest offenders are those that are crying to deport them.  The agriculture industry is hands down the biggest offender.

    • Double Dub Resident February 17, 2017 (3:39 pm)

      My wife is a legal  immigrant,  so yes,  we’re also  supportive of legal immigration.  But neither of us support illegal immigration.  My wife went through the right channels,  spent thousands of dollars and the hassle of it all to be here and be given a legitimate social security number. 

      Interestingly there seems to be an agenda with a false narrative with the removal of the word illegal and the attempt to fuse the two to mean the same thing.  They are not and my wife will attest to that 

      • Jon February 17, 2017 (5:01 pm)

        Let’s not forget that Trump’s travel ban targeted legal immigrants until the courts put a stop to that nonsense.

        DHS spokesperson Gillian Christensen specified about the ban “It will bar green card holders.”  Green card holders are, very obviously, legal immigrants.  Trump’s anti-immigrant sentiment has been proven to apply to legal immigrants.  People who are supportive of legal immigration need to be vigilant about the administration’s attacks on legal immigration.

        • Double Dub Resident February 17, 2017 (6:15 pm)

          I am not a Trump supporter and think his travel ban is asinine (though under the Obama administration I believe there was the exact same type of ban with a 6 month travel ban against Iraq)  considering that by his very own reasoning it is to protect against terrorists but he leaves out the very  country (Saudi Arabia) in which it has been shown  many terrorists have come from.  So his reasoning falls flat in my opinion 

          That being said,  I am discussing the issue of illegal immigrants and this false narrative of removing the word illegal and melding illegal immigrants as being synonymous with just immigrant. 

          • Mike February 18, 2017 (11:57 am)

            You simplify the term to easily.  Kids that had parents bring them here should not be labeled as illegal, they didn’t chose to come here, their parents did.  They are not the ones that broke the law and should not be punished because of what their parents did decades before Trump took office.  I’d prefer millions of undocumented hard working people that give back to society than a bunch of racist welfare abusing citizens that illegally fake injuries to collect government paychecks and yet still get to live here continuing their lifestyle costing me and you money.

          • Double Dub Resident February 19, 2017 (4:01 am)

            What a hyperbole example .  What did you take a page out of council member  O’Brien’s book when he stated that it was being brave just crossing the street?

    • newnative February 17, 2017 (4:41 pm)

      I would think describing these local businesses as “in apparent support of illegal immigration” and “support(ing) criminal activity” could be considered libel. I don’t understand why people keep hammering on that false representation of this event.  

  • Julia February 17, 2017 (5:23 pm)

    “Day Without Immigrants”.  I think I missed the part where it said “illegal Immigrants”. Y’all know that they aren’t synonymous, right?


  • Steven S February 17, 2017 (7:23 pm)

    Illegal aliens are not immigrants.

  • Jon February 18, 2017 (1:08 am)

    That’s an odd idea.  Where did you hear that? According to a typical English language dictionary, they are:

    Noun: A person who migrates to another country, usually for permanent residence.

    • Double Dub Resident February 18, 2017 (7:49 am)

      Definition of illegal alien : a foreign national who is living without authorization in a country of which they are not a citizen.

    • Here2Stay February 18, 2017 (12:32 pm)

      Thank you for the common sense, Jon. Even the Courts, Library of Congress and most mainstream newsmedia stopped using the term ilegal alien in recent years, as it is racially charged with hatred. Duble Dub Resident’s choice to use the ilegal alien term at this time and age, is offensive and takes the humanity out of people who sustain the food system in the US.

      Also, the purpose of the Day Without Immigrants is to recognize the contributions of all immigrants into our culture. It’s not to create divisiveness about good immigrants vs. bad immigrants.

      • Double Dub Resident February 18, 2017 (12:58 pm)

        OMG,  give me a break.  Now I’m really beginning to understand the term snowflakes

        • JC February 18, 2017 (3:27 pm)

          Tell me about it Double Dub resident. 

        • Jon February 18, 2017 (3:38 pm)

          Strange how common it is these days to hear fragile nativists use the term snowflake to insult the very brave people fighting for human rights.  Try looking in the mirror if you want to understand what a snowflake is.

          • Double Dub Resident February 18, 2017 (4:37 pm)

            It’s funny how tough people talk safely hiding behind their computer.  I wonder how many people would say some of the things if they were face to face with the person.  I know I would. 

            If being brave is trying to re label illegal immigrants as just merely immigrants,  that’s not brave, just dishonest .  

            My wife is an (non white) immigrant and is completely against illegal immigration.  She went through the process,  paid her money that the forms cost and received her LEGITIMATE social security number and did it LEGALLY.  

            Is being  brave  also the idea of opening up public parks to let the homeless essentially camp for long periods of time?

            Or maybe setting up safe spaces for Heroin addicts to do their smack.

            Because this seems to be the trend here. 

            Hint : saying something in which the majority of the immediate  surrounding population agrees with is not brave.  It’s safe.  Disagreeing and speaking up about it on the other hand is a bit different.     

          • Mike February 20, 2017 (10:20 am)

            I’d say my opinion right in your face.  I have no fear of other people with differing opinions.  My wife too is an immigrant, both she and I agree that illegal immigration needs to be stopped.  However, unlike your wife, my wife’s family fought in actual war alongside US CIA and special forces to get a chance to come to the USA and eventually become citizens.  They still had to pay fees with money earned as janitors here to pass a simple history test after proving they are good people living in the USA for years.  The difference is what they had to do to prove their worth here, vs people floating in with cash, paying a fee and passing a history question exam.  We would never blame kids of illegal immigrants, this is why we use the term undocumented.  You seem to live in a small world view of how reality exists outside of middle class King County.

          • Double Dub Resident February 20, 2017 (2:02 pm)

            Right in my face Mike?  Sounds like you’re trying to be intimidating.  Whether your wife’s family fought in some war doesn’t exalt your opinion as you’re trying to imply with the sanctimonious statement,  “unlike your wife’s family”.  

            And also contrary to your implication,  my wife didn’t just simply  stroll in,  throw her money down and boom done.  She worked hard saved her money,  came here to go to school through a visa,  then later  applied for a working visa and then her green card.  It was a long and tedious process of having to fill out form after form and continually have to go to the immigration office to explain herself.  

            It’s unfortunate about the kids because their parents came here illegally and then selfishly had children which is now creating a loophole.  

            The question is,  these “undocumented immigrants” that you speak of,  where are they then getting social security numbers to go to school or work? 

            This might explain that 


          • Mike February 23, 2017 (12:51 pm)

            Quote from Double Dub Resident “I wonder how many people would say some of the things if they were face to face with the person.  I know I would.”

            Intimidating, nah, just calling it how it is after you called for the challenge.

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